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2020 Census PL 94.171 Data
John Michael Elsen
I like this map better than the ones that include Flint, but I think we need to include all of Midland County as wells as Gladwin. Midland is focused on ESG and out future is to the North and West, but we do have a legacy with Bay City and Saginaw.
Stefanie Sedlar
Gratiot and Isabella Counties share an RESD. Please do not split them across 2 different Congressional Districts.
Nicholas Pellegrino
I believe Midland City has more in common with the cities and counties of Bay City and Saginaw than that of the towns in our county like Sanford that feel more similarly connected to Gladwin and Clare when it comes to shared resources.
Sandra L Dyl
This federal Congressional map for District 10 is an improvement over the previous map, but I would still prefer to see Rochester Hills and Troy remain with the rest of northern Oakland County while removing the portions that are in Macomb. Although I am not sure how to compensate for keeping the large population centers with Oakland county's northern townships, those communities north of Lapeer and Goodrich have more in common with Flint and the rural communities north of them than they do with the the northern townships of Oakland County. I think it may make more sense to keep northern Oakland County together and split southern Genesee, if necessary. Or split eastern Livingston and add it to District 10 while keeping Genesee and Lapeer counties more intact. Brighton and Hartland both have ties economically to western Oakland County. Although I believe in keeping diversity, I also believe in keeping economic areas and communities with common interests together.
This separates the City of Midland from the rest of the County and puts us with Counties downstate of which we have nothing in common.
Maureen Cirocco
I lived in the City of Livonia my entire life, plan on moving back. It is my understanding you have it mapped into 5 districts , thats ridiculous. Very large City yes but people mapping this that dont know what they are doing . Someone trying to create unfair partisan edge.
Lori Roach
Map as drawn puts the City of Troy inexplicably in with multiple cities on the eastside. These are not communities of shared interests. Troy has great diversity and shares much more in common with cities to the south and to the west. From a perspective of representation, placing Troy outside it's county and with areas that have different priorities, effectively silences the voices of a majority of Troy citizens.
Patrick Snabes
Northern Michigan (which is a single cultural entity) is divided in a strange way. Although the existence of two Northern Michigan districts is absolutely necessary, the county split in this map is a snakelike, nonsensical disarray . The current gerrymandered map does a better job in Northern Michigan.
Margaret Schankler
This map provides only 1 majority black district when there should be two. A single district creates packing of minority voters which is a violation of the VRA. Please adjust to make 2 majority black districts from the Detroit area. Thank you.
Joey Segal
Battle Creek and Kalamazoo are closely intertwined and should be kept together. We share an airport, watershed council, and several economic development initiatives. It would be absurd to split us up.
Latasha Boland
I live in Norton Shores and work in Muskegon public schools. Our school district is a majority students of color including one third Black and 10% Latinx. Nearly 90% of our students receive free or reduced lunch and 25% don't have internet at home. This is the reality of living in a community faced with historical racism and disinvestment. Our kids face real challenges that students in white, more affluent schools generally do not. It is essential that we be grouped with other diverse communities facing similar challenges so that we will have a representative who is fighting for our kids and making sure we have the funding we need to give them the same opportunities their white peers have. #BlackKidsMatter
Richard Cesaretti
I too understand the need to split counties to make these maps work but in this case, it is splitting a COMMUNITY. Map 179 shows that Midland County does not have to be split to make this work. I truly dislike this map as it splits my community (Midland) in half. Currently there is no physical barrier splitting this well-knit community, why would you drive a political wedge between us.
Darius Boyles
Don't put Muskegon Heights in a 90% White district like this. Black voices need to be heard.
Carl L Hamann
I disapprove of this district map. The city of Midland , Midland county and the county of Gladwin should be in the same district. We experienced a catastrophic disaster last year in our community. We have been working together to rebuild our region of the State. This map would not be conducive to these endeavors.
Keisha Highland
Muskegon doesn't belong in a 90% White district. This will disadvantage our African American community. Please don't do this to us.
Elizabeth Deerdrik
Battle Creek belongs with Kalamazoo
Tina Anganis
Dina Shargabian Stuber
The lack of consideration for county lines makes this feel gerrymandered. Troy doesn’t belong with Macomb County. By lumping us in Macomb you are effectively canceling our votes.
Anthony Pennock
In what world did you take into account communities of interest in this map? Battle Creek has more in common with Kalamazoo than ANY of the border counties. Not only the fact that there is a major military base straddling both Calhoun and Kalamazoo Counties, but also the shared workforce and I-94 corridor. It almost feels like our concerns were NOT taken into consideration.
Anne Putnam
Midland Should not be separated from Gladwin County. The City of Midland greatly affected by the flood and has different issues/interests than Saginaw and Bay City.
Teresa Quintana
The City of Midland should not be separated from the rest of Midland County. The City of Midland also has significantly different issues and interests than Saginaw and Bay City. Additionally, Midland and Gladwin Counties should be kept together as we share extremely important interests in our infrastructure and watershed, as we learned in the 2020 dam failures. These communities need to be represented together.
Carol Jean Cushman
Dislike. Don't divide Midland
Justin Scott
We cannot let the Democrats become Big Brother.
David Kepler
Any redistricting that separates Gladwin County from Midland County or separates the City of Midland from the County of Midland; separates the environmental, social and economic interest of Midland and Gladwin Counties. Speaking, as a resident of Edenville township, that touches both Wixom and Sanford Lake, with family businesses in the City of Midland, a redistricting map, that doesn’t keep Gladwin and Midland connected fails to understand the amount of employment interconnection that exists in these counties, as well the social structure of the community and their historical links. Also, the linkage of the environmental drivers of the Tittabawassee watershed and the importance of its management for the environment, recreation, and public safety, an importance that was highlighted last year, with the 2020 flood, which many of us will be focusing on for the next several years in the recovery and restoration of this watershed and the economic and environmental value it can bring.
Again this is a messy suggestion. Midland is now linked together with the watershed disaster. We need to stay together so those many problems can be solved. This is a horrible suggestion. Why would we, Midland County, Central Michigan be clumped with the Thumb? We are central Michigan. Seriously all counties throughout the state should be kept in tack for simpler governing needs and monies. Follow county lines. Quit making it an impossible zigsaw puzzle. Keep it simple.
Timothy Smith
This is a total disregard for the fastest-growing county in the state. No way should Ottawa county be divide into as many as four (4) districts and being piecemealed in with other counties. I can't believe this is even a consideration. My recommendation to the commission - Just Say No!
Carol Heron
I dislike this map as much as any other map that aligns Bay County with the Thumb and with St. Clair Shores. Bay COunty is not in the Thumb. Their interests are different from those of the tri-Cities and Flint. I oppose this map for District 5.
Carol Heron
I oppose this map. It ignores requests by residents of the tri-Cities and Flint/Genesee to be kept together. In Bay County we have no common interest of which I am aware with St. Claire County as well as counties in the Thumb.
Laura Norcutt
I have 2 issues with this map. Midland County should be kept whole as a governing body. Midland County has more in common with Central Michigan communities, not the bay or the thumb or even the UP. Develop a central Michigan district. Thanks
Tina Anganis
No community should be split up!
William Schuette
I do not understand or support this map. Midland County is one community of interest that should be maintained. Maps that split up our county will make it more difficult to coordinate our flood mitigation efforts.
Mary Quehl
Why would you want to split Midland county. I oppose this map. Splitting a county would be similar to splitting a household or next door neighbors who have similar interests. Keep Midland and its county whole.
Dennis Quehl
I oppose this map. Why would you want to split up Midland County. This would be similar to splitting up the state of Michigan on a senatorial seat and connecting us with another state such as Ohio, only impacting us at a local level. Keep counties whole and together.
jane scott
Strongly dislike. Splits Midland County from City. Our city and county work closely together on many issues. Our city is small and more closely aligned with our rural communities.
Midland County should *not* be split.