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John Michael Elsen
This map does not represent the values or culture Midland has for ESG. We have a legacy with Bay City and Saginaw, but none with Flint. The future of Midland is to the North and West. Midland need to continue its focus on the environment and not have it diluted by communities to the South.
Stefanie Sedlar
Gratiot and Isabella Counties share an RESD. Please do not split them across 2 different Congressional Districts.
Greg Donahoe
What is the purpose of this tail on Dist 11? That almost seems blatant gerrymandering. It strikes me that adjustments could be made to 10 and 11 to avoid this if the rationale is population consistency.
Mike Scott
I see comments from people from Midland saying we are similar to Saginaw and Flint. This can't be farther from the truth. We have no similarities with these two cities. Their big issues are poor schools and high crime rates. Midland has some of the best schools and a very low crime rate. People in Midland do not typically go shopping in Flint or Saginaw. This is just not accurate at all. We have much more in common with the rural counties of Gladwin, Isabella and Arenac counties especially because of the ongoing issues with the dams and flooding.
jane scott
I have lived in Midland for over 30 years. I strongly dislike dividing Midland County up. We share our watershed issues with Gladwin county and our city has much more in common with our rural neighbors than Saginaw and Flint. Combining the city of Midland with Flint and Saginaw will hurt all involved. Saginaw and Flint need representatives to deal with inner city urban issues and the lead issue. Midland needs help with watershed and flooding issues. Don't dilute our representative's efforts by asking them to deal with completely different issues.
Dave Cooksey
Standish is a whole other world, its not the same as the rest of the counties on this map. With all due respect has the commission traveled our region? Keep us north of 55 if possible.
Joey Segal
Battle Creek and Kalamazoo are closely intertwined and should be kept together. We share an airport, watershed council, and several economic development initiatives. It would be absurd to split us up.
Latasha Boland
I live in Norton Shores and work in Muskegon public schools. Our school district is a majority students of color including one third Black and 10% Latinx. Nearly 90% of our students receive free or reduced lunch and 25% don't have internet at home. This is the reality of living in a community faced with historical racism and disinvestment. Our kids face real challenges that students in white, more affluent schools generally do not. It is essential that we be grouped with other diverse communities facing similar challenges so that we will have a representative who is fighting for our kids and making sure we have the funding we need to give them the same opportunities their white peers have. #BlackKidsMatter
Darius Boyles
I live in Muskegon Heights. Don't put us in a 90% White district
Keisha Highland
Please don't put Muskegon and Muskegon Heights in a 90% White district
Elizabeth Deerdrik
Battle Creek belongs with Kalamazoo
Shannon Moore
This is a good start for Western MI, but more can be done to unite communities of color. I think district 3 needs to absorb Muskegon, which can be done in a compact way. District 6 should then take more of Southern Ottawa county. District 6 should also take Battle Creek. District 2 can then absorb Barry. District 7 can absorb rest of Cass and southern Berrien (south of St. Joseph). This should get you pretty close but you'll need to shift some things for population still. Please try to minimize the diluting of communities of color here and draw a plan that doesn't crack our major population centers in Western MI across 4 districts.
Mary Warkowski
I live in Hastings, the seat of Barry county. Barry is a very rural district and we don't fit well with district 6 here which includes mostly urban and suburban areas like Kalamazoo, St. Joseph, and Holland. I think we'd make more sense in district 2 or 7 which are more rural.
Ryan T.
It seems like districts 12 and 13 unfairly pack a large amount of Dem leaning voters into two districts. While I understand it's unavoidable to a certain extent, I hope the the the final map fairly represents the even partisan split in our state.
Ryan T.
Regarding districts 1 and 2 - I think that the North East and North Central portion of the lower peninsula align much more with the upper peninsula than the Lake Michigan shoreline. I'd suggest a district with the UP and NE Lower Penn. and a District that covers Lake Michigan from the Bridge down to Muskegon and including the chain of lakes. Thanks!
Anne Putnam
Midland Should not be separated from Gladwin and the rest of the watershed. The City of Midland greatly affected by the flood and has different issues/interests than Saginaw and Bay City.
Rachel Millard
I feel this map doesn't adequately enfranchise the people of the Upper Peninsula like our current district does. Please keep our district to the Upper Peninsula and the Northern Lower Peninsula. This map is taking up too much of central Michigan, and in doing so it wrongly carves up some of the central counties. Please try to keep more to county lines
Margaret Schankler
This map (as others) fails the partisan fairness test. Jackson should be with Ann Arbor. Battle Creek with Kalamazoo. Dem voters are either packed or divided. Not what Prop 2 was all about. We need purple districts.
Teresa Quintana
The City of Midland should not be separated from the rest of Midland County. The City of Midland also has significantly different issues and interests than Saginaw and Bay City. Additionally, Midland and Gladwin Counties should be kept together as we share extremely important interests in our infrastructure and watershed, as we learned in the 2020 dam failures. These communities need to be represented together.
Walter Rupprecht
Splits Midland County
Carol Jean Cushman
Dislike. Don't divide Midland
Ian Sandler-Bowen
While I appreciate the 11th District's general shape, I am not a fan of the way Southeast Oakland is split up. I believe that this district would work better if Ferndale, Berkley, Pleasant Ridge, Royal Oak, and Huntington Woods were kept together with Madison Heights and Hazel Park, and then this allow more rural areas in Northern Macomb to be better represented.
Justin Scott
We cannot let the Democrats become Big Brother.
Mary Quehl
I strongly oppose linking Midland with Flint in this map. I am concerned with this map even being suggested as there is no way proper representation for the citizens in Midland to be represented by the same interests that would be seen in Flint. Two totally different communities with totally different dynamics that need representation
Dennis Quehl
I strongly disagree with this map. This map puts Midland in with Flint. I have no understanding why anyone would present this map in good conscience. Not sure what commissioner Eid was thinking. Maybe someone on the commission should ask.There is nothing that Midland and Flint have in common, other than we are both located in Michigan. Unfortunately I think that simply covers the reason why not to approve this map.
Deborah Plaver & Frank Michael Plaver
This makes no sense to separate the city of Midland from the County of Midland
David Kepler
Any redistricting that separates Gladwin County from Midland County or separates the City of Midland from the County of Midland; separates the environmental, social and economic interest of Midland and Gladwin Counties. Speaking, as a resident of Edenville township, that touches both Wixom and Sanford Lake, with family businesses in the City of Midland, a redistricting map, that doesn’t keep Gladwin and Midland connected fails to understand the amount of employment interconnection that exists in these counties, as well the social structure of the community and their historical links. Also, the linkage of the environmental drivers of the Tittabawassee watershed and the importance of its management for the environment, recreation, and public safety, an importance that was highlighted last year, with the 2020 flood, which many of us will be focusing on for the next several years in the recovery and restoration of this watershed and the economic and environmental value it can bring.
This map does not make sense. I agree it makes no sense to split up Midland County. Also it does not go enough west or north into the watershed areas that will now need lots of congressional attention and help with local oversite.
Adam Kroczaleski
This is a very bad map. It does not recognize the civic, social, and economic ties of Arenac County or the Great Lakes Bay Region. Arenac and Bay county share a lot in common - they even used to be the same county. Please keep out communities of interest together and do not split us from the Great Lakes Bay Region. Also, why would the City of Midland be carved out from its county? That is separating very obvious communities of interest.
Laura Norcutt
I agree with the others. Midland County should not be spit up. We are one governing body. Thanks
Carl L Hamann
This map does not represent the positions and views of the residence of Midland county
Tina Anganis
This map is not make sense for Midland Co
Elizabeth Scott
I dislike this map very much. No one from Midland County will benefit from this. Taking a third of the county from us? Who would benefit? Not the citizens of that area.
William Schuette
I do not like this map. It makes no sense to split up Midland county. Our county is a community of interest that should be maintained.
Strongly dislike. Midland County should not be split up. Our watershed with our rural communities is one of our top issues and should not be broken apart. City of Midland is aligned with our rural neighbors not big cities.
The district labeled "5" is not acceptable - chopping off a third of Midland County? No.