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Not impressed. The irregularly shaped districts presented so far look like they could be used for an ad to create a redistricting commission. Keep counties and communities together and create orderly and compact districts.
Yalcin Yanikoglu
How can we download these maps. Downloadable shape files are missing components. Please provide guidance.
Garrett Brown
I'm a former mayor of the City of Albion. Albion historically has been in an awkward space in terms of political geography ( But separating Albion from Battle Creek in a state house district would do serious harm to the political power of Albion’s racial minorities. Albion is approximately 30% Black or African American. Severing Albion’s political ties with Battle Creek would do major damage to this community of interest of Great Migration-era Black family transplants. FIRST, most important is to keep Albion and Battle Creek in the same state house district—a district that could also possibly include the City of Marshall because Albion and Marshall now share the same school district after a historic school district annexation in 2016. SECOND, as I mentioned in another comment on the senate map, Albion, rather than Vicksburg or Schoolcraft, should be included with the proposed 3rd senate district (i.e. the I-94 corridor with Kalamazoo, Battle Creek, and Marshall). Albion's demographic mix could make possible the election of a person of color eventually if the city is included with Kalamazoo and Battle Creek, which also have sizable populations of racial minorities.
Dominic Restuccia
Splitting Livonia up into pizza slices doesn't make any sense. The same goes for Redford. Stacking these districts like pancakes looks like gerrymandering in another form.
Noah Walker
While I get the intent of not wanting to racially pack districts near Detroit, I would not split Redford Township into 4 separate districts. The township is better off being left whole and there is a way to include both precincts in NW Detroit and precincts in Livonia to have it remain racially balanced.
Daniel Grams
Greetings. The small triangle of Royal Oak boarding Beverly Hills is called "The Beverly Hills neighborhood of Royal Oak." It makes sense to include it in District 21. That should make it possible for you to include more or all Clawson in 23.