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Adam Kroczaleski
I want to thank the commissioners for recognizing that Arenac County is part of the Great Lakes Bay Region and is closing aligned to Bay County in their Congressional Map #187. Please consider recognizing and keeping our communities of interest together in the senate maps as well.
Ted Dyson
Map is generally reasonable. Muskegon is grouped well with other shoreline communities with shared interests. It would be nice however if the remaining three townships of our county could be included in the same district.
Sonja Marie Patrick
This map puts Calhoun County into 4 separate districts. This would be detrimental to all the residents here.
Sonja Marie Patrick
This map completely ignores the 100+ comments asking the commission to not include Battle Creek with Kalamazoo. Emmett Township and Marshall have absolutely nothing in common with Kalamazoo and Portage. Comments that are claiming Battle Creek and Kalamazoo should be put together are because of Andy Helmboldt, a local candidate who keeps losing elections for various political positions. He put out a call to action and had his supporters try to persuade the district lines to get rid of some of his competition. I do not know him personally and I don't have any political experience. I only found out what he is trying to do because of his blatant disregard for for where I live in Emmett Township. This map also splits up Battle Creek and pushes me away from the Veteran Community. I worked tirelessly to get the Veteran Community under the same representative and I (a Veteran) won't be included in that district. I don't care what political party a person is affiliated with. It is wrong on so many levels to push these lines to allow a landslide victory for one of the parties just so he can win election. Please change this.