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Celeste Shimoura Goedert
Hello, my name is Celeste . I live in Ferndale; currently part of Senate District 11 and House District 27 and I am a racial justice voter. I am addressing the Commission today because I believe that voters should elect their leaders and not the other way around, and as a racial justice voter I believe our communities need more resources and opportunities for reflective representation. I am concerned about the draft State Senate map proposed by the Commission because of the way it condenses demographics, decreasing the opportunities for communities to have their voices heard. I recommend that the Commission follow the recommendations of the Fair Map Project and apply the map they have submitted. The Fair Maps Project rendering is a more accurate representation of our district’s communities of interest because the district lines presented in Fair Maps fits not only my community of interest but the values of intersectionality and equity across the board. Black and Asian American communities co-existed and continue to co-exist in this state, but have always sorely been overlooked in terms of representation. In thinking about this, I believe that the map here is the most equitable in terms of allowing Black Michiganders multiple opportunities to elect representatives who can best advocate for their interests in the state as a whole.
Adam Kroczaleski
I want to thank the commissioners for recognizing that Arenac County is part of the Great Lakes Bay Region and is closing aligned to Bay County in their Congressional Map #187. Please consider recognizing and keeping our communities of interest together in the senate maps as well.
Ted Dyson
Map is generally reasonable. Muskegon is grouped well with other shoreline communities with shared interests. It would be nice however if the remaining three townships of our county could be included in the same district.
Ben McLeod
This map is the compromised result of the horrible Stevensville to Caledonia map to the west. The commission's desire to draw a coast based district is admirable and makes sense, but deciding to keep the rest of Van Buren and Allegan counties apart seems to abandon reason, especially with the inclusion of several outlying Grand Rapids suburbs. A cleaner and more logical map would have been drawing the remainder of Calhoun County, Barry County and the remaining Kent County portions together. These areas share state highways and school districts and also are the "in-between" area that makes up the landmass between the relative metropolises surrounding it. (Kalamazoo, the greater Lansing area, Jackson...)
Kevin Sellnow
This needs to be corrected. I am a resident of Midland and I want the city of Midland to remain with the rest of the county. Midland is not a suburban city and we don't have a lot in common with Saginaw or Bay City.
Josh P
Van Buren and Allegan should be kept whole and together for the Senate as a community of interest. They share many functions of government as well as a large Hispanic population. Both are rural, agriculture and tourism based economies with many similar small towns through the counties. Aside from being a community of interest, together, they fit nicely as about 2/3 of a Senate district and could take in other parts of similar rural or coastal counties. Van Buren and Allegan have much more in common with each other than they do with inland rural areas like rural Calhoun or with the "Michiana" border counties.
Laura Gray
Dislike this map because grouping Midland into a "Tri City" area does not properly represent the unique issues and values of Midland. The 2 other cities of the "Tri City" grouping are too dissimilar as far as their issues and needs. Keep Midland with the rest of Midland County and Gladwin County.
Christine Sellnow
Please do not split up Midland County. I am a resident of Midland, and we have much more in common with the rest of the rural parts of Midland County than with the suburban areas of Bay City and Saginaw. I am very concerned that our voices will not be heard if this map is used.
Darren Kroczaleski
Arenac County is part of the Great Lakes Bay Area, which is Bay and Midland Counties. Our Schools are part of Bay Arenac Intermediate School District. Arenac County has a community of interest with Bay and Midland Counties.
John Caron
This map dilutes the power of the voters in Macomb County. The 3rd largest county in the state has 3 State Senators. This map would only guarantee only 1. You must respect county boarders when drawing maps. The Counties operate as their own community of interest and should not be diluted across county lines.