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2020 Census PL 94.171 Data
John Swanson
Ravenna township needs to be with Muskegon county Also Muskegon county needs to be with Newaygo county.
Jack Bengtsson
I don't like 20 at all, Van Buren to Cascade Twp? I think you can do some rearranging between 20, 21, & 3 to make that a little better. 23 is fine. 24, not too sure, however, assuming that is a competitive district, I can live with it. Other than that, it's a very interesting map. A nice district stretching from Muskegon to Benzie, Ottawa mostly intact, a good sized mid Lower Peninsula District, a lot of that seems to make pretty good sense. You might be close, but keep working on it.
jane scott
Do not like breaking city of Midland away from watershed. Tri cities is just a name. We are tied geographically to the watershed and is a major long term issue for our city.
Bob Wolfer
This map continues the practice from the Congressional map of packing as many southern border communities into as few districts as possible? What is the purpose for this? What do these communities all have in common apart from, by chance, being located on the state's border?
Bob Wolfer
Pretend you're elected to represent District 20 and a constituents asks you "where is you district?" How do you respond? This district needlessly, and inexcusably, crosses over four county lines. Why?
Scott Stewart
The inclusion of the Clarkston and Davisburg areas make sense for the Pontiac and Waterford areas and also grateful that Auburn Hills is included in the same district. However, the White Lake, Highland, and Milford areas do not have a strong connection here. They should be included in a district that is more related to their needs.
Christopher Khorey
I don't understand this leg down into Hillsdale County. These don't seem to be communities of interest with the Jackson/Albion/Dexter/etc. Maybe trade these townships for population in the Tecumseh area?
John Caron
This map dilutes the power of the voters in Macomb County. The 3rd largest county in the state has 3 State Senators. This map would only guarantee only 1. You must respect county boarders when drawing maps. The Counties operate as their own community of interest and should not be diluted across county lines.