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jane scott
Do not like Midland county broken up. "Waters" down our flood recovery issues which will be long term and needs focused representation on the watershed area.
Nathan Halder
I am from Battle Creek and am very concerned that my city will be drawn in with Kalamazoo. Kalamazoo has very different interests than my city and will dominate us if we are in the same district.
Alexander Karpinski
I think Eastern Michigan Border Town and Lakefront communities outside of Metro Detroit (around I-94 & M-25, between Harrison Township and Port Huron/Lexington) have mutual interests that should be represented together. Districts 7, 25, and 2 split these interests.
Alexander Karpinski
I think the Districts around and between Utica and 11 Mile Rd. (2, 5, 6, 8, and 16) split up too much of Oakland County and Macomb County communities that have interests in areas around Mound Rd., Van Dyke/M-53, and Hall Rd./M-59.
Margaret Schankler
I dislike this map because I feel that Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti should not share one district. Ann Arbor with the University overshadows Ypsilanti too much. When COVID happened our state senator had 1/2 of his district well-cared for and resourced, and the other half sick and dying. One person cannot adequately fight for two such economically and racially disparate communities. Move A2 district boundary to the west. Move Ypsi area district boundary to the east.
Aaron Majorana
It makes no sense to split up Midland County and put it with the cities of Saginaw and Bay City, splitting up Saginaw and Bay Counties as well. Midland should be kept whole and part of Gladwin county to aid in flood recovery. These communities were devastated by flooding in 2020 and they should be kept together to have a unified voice in recovery.
Kevin Sellnow
This needs to be corrected. I am a resident of Midland and I want the city of Midland to remain with the rest of the county. Midland is not a suburban city and we don't have a lot in common with Saginaw or Bay City.
Henry J Reinart
I am very concerned with the current layout of senate district 20. I am from a very rural area and I am afraid my concerns will not be shared by my senator who will be most likely from Benton Harbor or Southern Grand Rapids Metro Area.
Laura Gray
Carving out the city of Midland into a "Tri City" district does not create proper representation of the values and issues of those in Midland. Put Midland back together with the rest of Midland County and Gladwin County.
Christine Sellnow
Please do not split up Midland County! I am a resident of Midland, and we have much more in common with the rest of the rural parts of Midland County than with the suburban areas of Bay City and Saginaw. I am very concerned that our voices will not be heard if this map is used.