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Melinda Jean Graczyk
I think this iteration of the district map needs serious rethinking. Splitting a small community like Redford into 3 (!) different districts is ridiculous. We should all be represented by one Representative working for our best interests. Tacking little bits of us onto other larger communities all but guarantees our voices will not be heard.
These irregularly shaped districts are ridiculous and smack of serious gerrymandering. Districts 18, 22 and 39 are particularly bad. The districts should be compact and contain communities that have similar needs and concerns. Start over and use logic and reason in creating these maps.
Marie Adams
I know there are many things to consider, but are you serious about splitting Livonia into 5 (!) different districts, which really don’t align to school districts or school boundaries or anything else? And dividing Redford into 3 districts? I think this needs to be reconsidered.
Ian Sandler-Bowen
I am not at all a fan of splitting Ferndale from Southern Royal Oak. These regions are very similar demographically, both have major downtown areas, and are as a whole more "progressive," for lack of a better word, than some of the areas surrounding them.