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jane scott
Don't like because it breaks up Midland County. I have lived in City of Midland for over 30 years. Our city is at the bottom of the watershed and needs our representation to work with entire Midland, Gladwin and Arenac county to work on flood issues.
Jaynee Germond
Just simply chiming in to agree that Arenac shouldn't be included. That there needs to be another option. Having Standish in our Senate District doesn't makes sense. Having Wexford makes a bit more sense, barely.
Sue Fisher
The 36th Senate District is close, but could use a small change. I agree with the other comment that Arenac should not be included in the 36th. For many of the same reasons he listed, I would like you to consider adding the rural areas of Cheboygan County instead. Cheboygan, Otsego, and P resqe Isle are in the same ESD. Additionally, Cheboygan is in Heath Department District 4, along with Alpena, Montmorency, and Presque Isle counties. And, finally, the area is rural and it flows well into the surrounding areas, with the exception of Mackinaw City and the City of Cheboygan, the entirety of that county seems to have more in common with the rest of the surrounding counties in the proposed 36th district, than that of Arenac.
Rachel Millard
Why not just add the least amount needed to District 38? I would like my representative to have time to visit my area in the district more. As it stands the district is already rather large, it doesn't need to be that much larger. District 37 gets extremely undercut, why not expand that one more in the Upper Peninsula?
Adam Kroczaleski
Thank you for all of your work so far, but this is a very bad part of the senate map. Arenac County shares an ISD with Bay County, a Community Fund, a Rotary Club. We are part of EMCOG for economic development. When Arenac citizens want to go shopping or consume entertainment, they often go to Bay City, Saginaw, or Midland. We have very little in common with Cadillac or Alpena and should be included in a district that covers the Great Lakes Bay Region. Thank you for your consideration.