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This map is atrocious. Why would you remove Pontiac's COIs of Auburn Hills and Bloomfield Hills, nor include Sylvan Lake and Lake Angelus with whom they share school districts or even West Bloomfield where a large portion of the Pontiac children go to school, but instead include the southern Lakes portion of Waterford? These areas do not have a COI and have disparate social and economic interests. This is unfair to the residents of Pontiac and dilutes their voices. It is also unfair to the residents of Waterford who have their community unnecessarily divided.
Carol Heron
I have just figured out that House District 54 as drawn, lops off Southend Bay City from the House District. Not only is the Southend in Bay County, It is in Bay City! It is in the Bay City Public Schools School District! It has far more in common with Bay City (as part of it!) than Mt. Forest which is miles from Bay City. It makes sense to draw lines for House District 54 that encompass Bay City and the immediate townships adjacent to it, Moving out from there. People would understand that. Also following suit with the shoreline and the Saginaw River. I write this as a resident of Essexville which is on the Eastern edge of Bay City, The Southern edge of Saginaw Bay, at the mouth of the Saginaw river. It was a stroke of luck that my house/street were included in House District 54. At first it had not been. Thank you for your efforts and if you must remove some Bay County residents due to population requirements, please consider looking at farther north communities outside of Bay City and it's close environs. Also please
John Caron
On a Senate Map, St Clair Shores is joined with other lake front communities since there is a shared interest. This map splits St Clair Shores with the southern portion being combined with Detroit where needs and issues are far different than southern St Clair Shores. This dilutes the power of the voters to split the City into 2 when it does not need to be split.
Daniel Harris
This map is terrible. It divides cities and counties all over the place for no good reason. Lapeer County has the population to be one district and has been so for decades but is split three ways. Livonia is similarly chopped up between 4 seats despite having to population for exactly 1 seat. Nine different districts cross 8 Mile Road. Please start over from scratch.
Neil J. Lehto
I think this piece is part of Utica. It should not be excluded.
Neil J. Lehto
Huntington Woods shares a lot of services and schools with Berkley. They should not be separated.