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John Michael Elsen
Although I like parts of the map as we do have a legacy with Bay City and Saginaw, we must include all and Midland County along with Gladwin. We share too much our commitment to ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) to be broken up. Midland has it future pointing to the North and South.
Eric Jutila
This map as a whole seems to pack democrats together too much. I don't think that it will produce an accurate party distribution for our state. Please check to make sure an appropriate number districts that lean republican and democrat are created. Ideally, I would like to see all of the districts be as competitive as possible as well. As of right now, the Detroit area seems to have too much of a concentration of democrats in each district.
This map removes the City of Midland from the rest of Midland County. It puts the City of Midland with other counties down state that have nothing in common. We need to stay with Gladwin and Isabella counties and the County of Midland should not be broken up.
jane scott
Do not like at all that Midland County is cut in half. Our watershed exists and drawing artificial lines cutting it up won't change that. We need representation for the whole watershed to fix this multi million dollar, multi year problem.
Alexander Gavulic
As a resident of northern Oakland County, I don't personally have any issue with being combined with Flint and Genesee County, but the bigger issue with the proposed District 10 is that it also draws in the very rural Lapeer County (which my community does not share any mutual interests with), to create the equivalent of a Republican gerrymander, diluting the Democratic votes in Flint to create a decently red seat out of what could otherwise be a competitive district. This state map as a whole could easily create an inadvertent 9R-4D split, in large part because of dilutions like the one found in District 10 and the packing of Democratic voters in districts in the Detroit Metro. I'd personally like to see a map that creates more competitive seats rather than R-leaning ones outside of Oakland, Wayne, and Washtenaw Counties.
Christopher Khorey
Response to Yousif - I agree on Troy/Rochester Hills/Sterling Heights. What I don't understand is why Warren would not be included in that group, but Saint Clair Shores would be?
Christopher Khorey
Flint belongs with Saginaw, Bay City, and (I think) Midland, though there seems to be some disagreement among Midlanders on that point? Either way, Flint should not be placed with rural areas in Lapeer County or Oakland County exurbs.
Joey Segal
Battle Creek is closely intertwined with Kalamazoo and the two cities should be kept together. We share an airport, watershed council, and several economic development initiatives. It would be absurd to split us up.
David Barnosky
I am an old white guy but I agree with several people with pins near mine who I feel are likely not. I feel a connection to parts of Muskegon County but that connection is barely different in any district created around me headed in any direction from West Central Ottawa County. I believe the African American communities in Kent and Muskegon Counties should be merged together, should be the first district created and should have the highest priority in West Michigan on the Congressional Level, then build districts out from there. They are the group with the highest need for having their community respected since history has done anything but. I am not black, but I am “blue” and it could create a COMPETITIVE DISTRICT in West Michigan to give voices like mine, of whatever color, the power and resonance they should have. Do not treat all voices in this as being equal. Thank you.
Anthony Scannell
I don't understand why group cities like Melvindale, Allen Park, Lincoln Park, Rouge & Ecorse with . . . .the Grosse Pointes, Harper Woods, Madison Heights, and parts of Warren... There is not much affiliation between those far-flung areas nor COI that I can conceive.
Latasha Boland
I live in Norton Shores and work in Muskegon public schools. Our school district is a majority students of color including one third Black and 10% Latinx. Nearly 90% of our students receive free or reduced lunch and 25% don't have internet at home. This is the reality of living in a community faced with historical racism and disinvestment. Our kids face real challenges that students in white, more affluent schools generally do not. It is essential that we be grouped with other diverse communities facing similar challenges so that we will have a representative who is fighting for our kids and making sure we have the funding we need to give them the same opportunities their white peers have. #BlackKidsMatter
Richard Cesaretti
Truly dislike this map as it splits my community (Midland) in half. Currently there is no physical barrier splitting this well-knit community, why would you drive a political wedge between us.
Carl L Hamann
The City of Midland and Midland County need to remain in the same district. After last years disaster we are all working together to rebuild our community. Gladwin County should also remain the the same district as Midland County.
Keisha Highland
Muskegon doesn't belong in this 90% white, very rural district. Please place us with other African American communities so our vote won't be diluted.
Tina Anganis
Midland needs to stay together with Sanford and rural areas
Shannon Moore
Muskegon should be in district 4 and Battle Creek should be in district 9. This will better enfranchise voters of color.
Jennifer Austin
I like that this map keeps the Tri-Cites together in a congressional district but they should really be with Flint.
Carol Heron
Bay County is not in the Thumb. There is no reason to put us in a district with the Thumb, which assures us of no representation.