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John Michael Elsen
This map does not represent Midlands commitment to ESG. We need to protect our environment and not have it be diluted. We have a legacy with Bay City and Saginaw, but not Flint. Midlands future is to the North and West as our values are closely aligned.
Jonathan Matthews
This map doesn't group communities appropriately - notably around where I live in Sterling Heights. Neighboring Warren shares much more in common with us. Many of Warren's residents work in Sterling Heights and vice versa. I and a number of other people also serve in the Warren Concert band despite being from elsewhere in Macomb. In my experience as a resident of the area in question for many years, this may as proposed divides communities of interest instead of uniting them.
Carol Margaret Hogan
I think it would be unfair to put Warren, Roseville, and Eastpointe in separate Congressional Districts when they're neighboring Macomb County communities. I'm an attorney in private practice, in Warren. Many of my clients live and work in Eastpointe, Roseville, and Warren. My gynecologist and rheumatologist, I see in Roseville. I shop in these cities; at Costco for gas, groceries, clothes, and many other things and other stores. I use the libraries in Eastpointe, Roseville, and Warren. I go to restaurants and entertainment opportunities in Eastpointe, Roseville, and Warren. My personal sense of community is in these three cities together.
Carmela Finn
Why is Warren separated from Macomb County? This looks as gerrymandered as the partisan maps previously drawn by politicians. Warren is the largest city in Macomb County and should share representation with nearby Macomb cities like Sterling Heights and Roseville, with whom we share industries, school systems, cultures. There is a big difference between the needs of the City of Detroit in Wayne County and the needs of Macomb County cities. Also, you shouldn't pack the most populous city in Macomb County with the most populous city in Wayne County. This map does not work for either Detroit or Warren or Macomb County.
Jeremy Fisher
This map is inappropriate for several reasons. First, you break up Warren, Macomb County's largest city, for no reason. We are the third largest city in Michigan, but we are treated as after thought in this mapping. Second, from my home I will practically be able to hit the 6 Congressional District by throwing a foot ball north or west. Yet somehow I am in a district with Detroit? I love the city of Detroit. However, I live in Macomb. Warren's connections are with Macomb. Third, both Warren and Sterling Heights have significant minority populations that straddle the border. The Chaldean community is large in both Warren and Sterling Heights. The Asian-American community is large in both communities. The Arab-American community is large in both communities. Finally, Warren has a large African-American population and so does southern Sterling Heights. By separating these communities you are cracking these minority communities, silencing their voices. Finally, Warren and Sterling Heights has the Mound Vandyke Corridor which houses our defense industry and our auto industry. Army Tacomb and GM Tech Center are in Warren. Many of their suppliers and related businesses are in Sterling Heights. These important industries deserve to have representation in the form of a single congressional district.
Ryan D Bennett
Muskegon and Midland can't be in the same Congressional District. Muskegon has more in common with Grand Rapids.
I see comments from people from Midland saying we are similar to Saginaw and Flint. This can't be farther from the truth. We have no similarities with these two cities. Their big issues are poor schools and high crime rates. Midland has some of the best schools and a very low crime rate. People in Midland do not typically go shopping in Flint or Saginaw. This is just not accurate at all. We have much more in common with the rural counties of Gladwin, Isabella and Arenac counties especially because of the ongoing issues with the dams and flooding. The way this pulls the City of Midland out looks like gerrymandering!
jane scott
This map cuts the city of Midland away artificially from Midland county and the other watershed communities. Our geographical reality is we have been devastated by the flood and need to remain together with the other watershed counties/communities to solve this huge problem. We need the same representation to get us through.
Alexander Gavulic
District 3 can be better drawn to unite the Detroit exurbs in northern and western Oakland County rather than combining them with the thumb. As someone from Independence Township, I do not have any mutual interests (economic, political, or otherwise) with communities in the thumb, but rather those in Oakland County like Rochester Hills, Novi, Wixom, West Bloomfield, and Pontiac. The population loss in District 10 can be offset by adding Utica, Washington Township, Clinton Township, etc. to 10 and uniting Warren in 6. The new District 3 would unite the Oakland County exurban areas of metro Detroit and would be highly competitive on a partisan level, while still allowing a VRA district to unite Southfield and Detroit. An image of such a proposed district is attached.
Aaron Majorana
It makes no sense to cut out the city of Midland from the rest of Midland county to put it with Saginaw and Bay County. This is not partisan fairness, it's gerrymandering. Midland was devastated by the flooding in 2020 along with the rest of Midland County and Gladwin County. Splitting the City of Midland away from the rest of the county will divide the voice and hinder flood recovery.
Kevin Sellnow
I am a resident of Midland and I want the city of Midland to remain with the rest of the county. Midland is not a suburban city and we don't have a lot in common with Saginaw or Bay City.
Joey Segal
Battle Creek is closely intertwined with Kalamazoo and the two should be kept together. We share an airport, watershed council, and several economic development initiatives. It would be absurd to split us up.
Zach Geyer
Please just completely redo the Detroit metro districts. It does not meet VRA requirements and is basically a 4 district Democratic pack. The macomb district should also include grosse pointe, and should be made more competitive. The inclusion of parts of warren and madison heights in district 1 makes no sense at all, and southfield should be in district 2.
Zach Geyer
Tuscola county is very rural and should be included with the rest of the thumb, I'm not sure why the commission insists on putting it with Flint/Tri-Cities but it does not belong.
Anne Putnam
This is not good for Midland. Midland needs to stay with Gladwin and Isabella County due to watershed issues.
Anthony Scannell
I don't understand why group cities like Melvindale, Allen Park, Lincoln Park, Rouge & Ecorse with . . . . the Grosse Pointes, Harper Woods, Madison Heights, and parts of Warren. .. There is not much affiliation between those far-flung areas nor COI that I can conceive.
Laura Gray
As a resident of Midland I do not consider the interests and values of many who choose to live in this small town represented in this map (#180). To carve out the city of Midland from the rest of Midland County in this way feels very "gerrymandered" to me.
Latasha Boland
I live in Norton Shores and work in Muskegon public schools. Our school district is a majority students of color including one third Black and 10% Latinx. Nearly 90% of our students receive free or reduced lunch and 25% don't have internet at home. This is the reality of living in a community faced with historical racism and disinvestment. Our kids face real challenges that students in white, more affluent schools generally do not. It is essential that we be grouped with other diverse communities facing similar challenges so that we will have a representative who is fighting for our kids and making sure we have the funding we need to give them the same opportunities their white peers have. #BlackKidsMatter
Carl L Hamann
This map does not represent the positions and views of the people of the City of Midland and the residences of Midland County.
Keisha Highland
Muskegon and Muskegon Heights don't belong in a 90% White and very rural district. We are a mostly Black community and are very connected to Grand Rapids
Ethan Edward Fick
I prefer this map over the other proposed maps. I really like that the Tri-Cities and Flint are grouped together in one district, also that the Greater Lansing Area is properly placed in the same district. However, I really hope that the Committee considers the map proposed in a comment by Jennifer Austin on the 09-20-21 V4 map. I have been looking it over and, in my opinion, looks better than any map proposed by the Committee.
Elizabeth Deerdrik
Battle Creek belongs with Kalamazoo in district 9.
Christine Sellnow
I am a resident of Midland, and I am very concerned about being separated from the rest of Midland County. Just because the term "Tri-Cities" was once used (long ago at this point) to refer to Midland, Bay City and Saginaw, doesn't mean we have much in common. Midland is not suburban. Our "community" stretches north and west, not east and south.
Tina Anganis
Need to keep Midland together
Shannon Moore
I think Muskegon needs to be in District 4 and Battle Creek needs to be in 9 to better enfranchise voters of color.