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2020 Census PL 94.171 Data
Stefanie Sedlar
Gratiot and Isabella Counties share an RESD. Please do not split them across 2 different Congressional Districts.
Judy Maiga
Grosse Ile does NOT belong in this map. We share ZERO interests with the cities/townships to the right. We have waterfront issues that need congressional attention - we are nothing like any of those rural communities. We are suburb of Detroit and share police force/ambulance support with Trenton, Southgate, Wyandotte etc. DOWNRIVER has asked many times to stay together as a community of interest. Please re do that portion of the map.
Jim Morrissey
Midland is urban just like Bay City, Saginaw and Flint and is a key part of MidMichigan. Midland is home to 3 Fortune 500 companies, a large cultural center, and a large hospital center. Midland is not rural and should be represented with other urban areas.
Molly Morrissey
Midland is a vital part of the Tri-Cities. It is not a rural community and should not be lumped together with the other rural parts of our county. Midland needs a representative that knows the needs of a city. And the rural parts of Midland County need a representative that has their interest at heart. You have put Midland in with the Tri-Cities in the State Senate map and it needs to stay the same for the US Congressional map.
Bonnie Jill Haver-Crissman
I do not agree with this configuration for Midland. This congressional map intentionally excludes the City of Midland from it's sister cities of Bay City, Saginaw and Flint. As so many have said, Midland is not a rural city. We are the City of Modern Explorers! I like the configurations for Midland in #188 that keeps the rural western Midland townships with the other more rural counties. I also like #191 that keeps Midland County intact with our sister cities but that may overly dilute the minority voices. I realize this is a challenging job thank you for listening. Good luck to us all!
Splitting Oakland county into 6 separate districts is absurd. Northern Oakland county, in particular, has nothing in common with the thumb.
Carol Heron
Oops my above suggestion is in error. There isn’t much of Tuscola included. I’ll leave balancing the population to the Commission.
Carol Heron
I am less in favor of this map compared to others that include the Tri-cities. It’s obvious that pains were taken to leave The city of Midland out of this map. I would prefer that Midland City is included. The tri-Cities is treated as a unit by many concerns, including commerce, religious communities, transportation, higher education, media, watershed, DHS. Please stick with one of the maps that includes the tri-cities, Flint, Genesee County, Bay and Saginaw Counties. Removing Tuscola County would enable the right population with minor tweaks of Shiawasee or even Arenac County.
Bill WIlson
While dipping the 11th over into Oakland does make sense, Macomb Twp and Chesterfield have very little to do with anything north of the 24-mile road (the border with Lennox Twp. you have a very Urban/Suburb area of single-family homes and shopping centers and that ends right at 24 where you hit farms. and there isn't anyone driving north unless it on 94 to Port Huron or taking 23 until it turns into dixie highway headed toward Algonac
steven sioma
Why is Muskegon being split?
Scott Stewart
As noted, I think the other map from this day (#187) would make more sense for this area of Oakland County. Southfield has a lot of connection to Southern Oakland County, particularly to its east. I think it should be added to District 9. Rochester and Troy are well connected. However, I do think Novi and Northville are good to be connected like it is here.
Theresa Nallamothu
Don't like how you separated north oakland county and cut it out of our old district. Lake Orion and Clarkston are nothing like all the farm towns in the thumb area. The design of the district is all over the place.
Bob Wolfer
Please revise this district as it makes no sense to group border communities together for the sole purpose that they are border communities. This district literally fits zero redistricting criteria that I am aware of.
Luke Dornon
If the commission insists on drawing districts apparently exclusively to include two urban areas (one can only see this as a partisan gerrymander) why maintain any pretense of geographical continuity? Cut out the rural 'bridge' and just make a district out of urban islands.
Gregory Spangler
Thank you again for taking comments. This map does keep most of the Lake Saint Clair communities in one district, but I would like the five Grosse Pointe (and perhaps harper woods) moved out of district 13 and into district 8, District 8 could give up some northern Oakland County areas (two complaints from there, and District 13 could include more of the City of Detroit, which is clearly a community of shared interest
Linda K Jackson
The proposed map to split Redford Township into 3 districts is ridiculous. Splitting such a small tight knit community into three districts would create an administrative nightmare to print and distribute ballots. The entire Township is 11.2 square miles. To split or this or any small township or city makes no sense. The division, confusion and administrative costs far outweigh any benefit.
Brian Burch
The absurdity of these EID maps are beyond belief. These two maps (V2A and V2B) carve up the Lakeshore in a way that appears strategic, which begs the question, "why?" They are structured and gerrymandered to ignore communities of interest, even neighborhoods! It appears to intentionally drive a wedge through Georgetown Township, the largest community in Ottawa County. District 3 appears to gerrymander a map that gives an unfair advantage to a political party.
Why, yet again, are you carving up Oakland County? Why are Holly & Highland Township in a district with the Thumb area? This makes no sense whatsoever. District 9, 10 & 11 (minimally) need to be redrawn. A better option is to start over.
Alexander Gavulic
District 9 can be better drawn to unite the Detroit exurbs in northern and western Oakland County rather than combining them with the thumb. As someone from Independence Township, I do not have any mutual interests (economic, political, or otherwise) with communities in the thumb, but rather those in Oakland County like Rochester Hills, Novi, Wixom, West Bloomfield, and Pontiac. The population loss in District 10 can be offset by adding Utica, Clinton Township, etc. to 10 and Troy to 11. The new District 9 would unite the Oakland County exurban areas of metro Detroit and would be highly competitive on a partisan level, while still allowing a VRA district to unite Southfield and Detroit. An image of such a proposed district is attached.
Deborah Lynn Baker
I do NOT like this map. I feel that my voice will not be heard if the district lines are drawn combining Kalamazoo and Battle Creek.
Carolyn Young
We associate more with the Rochester Area rather than the thumb.
Ted Dyson
This district 3 look like the gerrymandering of the "bad old days". This is not acceptable for Muskegon County. Our intact county is a "community of interest". We need to be all in one district and ideally joined with other lakeshore communities who have shared interests such as invasive species, shoreline erosion, water quality etc. Grand Rapids is a land-locked major metropolitan area, much bigger than us. Muskegon would get lost in the shuffle and ignored if a portion of our county is carved off to be "packed" with them.