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To clarify, the justification for a 90% black VAP district in Detroit is that most neighborhoods in Detroit are over 90% black. Just by keeping neighborhoods together, you will end up with that result. As long as there are a sufficient number of opporunity districts (like 14 -15 total statewide), African American will win 13% of the seats. This is completely reasonable as they account for 13% of the population. There is no need to hack of communities as the out of state "experts" are demanding.
Bruce Adelson has done something that no one else has ever done. He has united Democrats, Republicans, Independents, Black, White, and Brown . . . and everyone else I haven't mentioned. Everyone who is paying attention despises these maps. These maps offend the conscience of ordinary people and experts alike. They hack communities to bits in the name of racial quotas. And, ironically, these maps will be highly unlikely to produce the intended results anyway. By that I mean a sizable number of these districts will be won by suburban white democrats, who are NOT candidates of choice in the primaries. We, the people of the state of Michigan, are universally offended by this out-of-state "expert" who is using the State of Michigan as the guinea pig for his untested and outlandish view of the Voting Rights Act. In decades past, Detroit had districts with 90% African American VAP and the maps never lost a voting rights act challenge. In fact, the African American state legislators from those areas universally approved those plans. In contrast, this map, which was only created on the advice of Mr. Adelson, is an abomination. I strongly advise that you get a second and a third opinion from voting rights act experts from both sides of the aisle and preferable from experts that actually know the State of Michigan.
I cannot believe that this map is being presented. Please explain how these districts are communities of interest and how they are connected via schools, social, infrastructure or economic issues. This process has gone from ridiculous to offensive.