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I agree with the other commenters. Pontiac should be in a district with its COIs of Auburn Hills, Lake Angelus, Sylvan Lake and Bloomfield. Lake Orion should be in a district with its COIs of Oxford, Brandon and Leonard. Waterford belongs with its COIs Independence Township and Clarkston. This is unfair to all communities involved and does nothing to ensure that they will have adequate and effective representation.
Scott Stewart
Strongly believe that Auburn Hills and Pontiac have strong connections that would make sense to be together (including voting on schools) rather than using AH as a way to split the districts currently. It would make sense to add AH with Pontiac rather than include the random sliver of Waterford.
Jack Bengtsson
I'll limit my comments to the western half of the lower peninsula. First of all, I get it that you're trying to create some political balance across the state, and some competitive districts where you can, and I'm okay with that for the most part. That said, here are my comments. perfect - 80. Maybe perfect - 78, 83, 84, 86. Okay - 79, 87, 84, 86, 98, 99, 100, K-zoo/BC/Jackson. Kind of okay - 97, Lansing area, 76/77 GR (needs tweaking, in terms of commonality Eastown, East Hills, other hoods along Wealthy make more sense as part of the 76th, as do some hoods N of 196 just E of the river being part of the 77th. Splitting Plainfield may not be too popular with some, but I get it, it's probably the only option if you're going to split GR like that), also some inland districts seem okay. Questionable/Not okay - 65, 82, 88 St Joe/Cass/Berrien (you can make three slightly undersized districts out of those three counties without including part of VanBuren), 89, 96 Van Buren/Allegan (needs tweaking, I would keep VanBuren whole combined with parts of S. Allegan. Whatever is left of Allegan should be in the 96th), 85 Muskegon (okay, but I would remove Dalton in favor of some lakeshore townships.) 101 (Wexford to N Kent? I think you can do better), 102 (You might consider some rearranging to this one in conjunction with 101. Oceana in the same district as Newaygo and N Muskegon County, and perhaps part of N. Kent, seems to make more sense to me) 103/104 (I think I know what you're trying to do here, but I'm not sure it's the right thing. Leaving Grand Traverse, and the existing N. Lakeshore district might make more sense. The latter is still competitive as it currently exists, albeit with a slightly more Rep lean probably, but still better. In addition, a district that stretches from Antrim to part of Manistee and Benzie??? Something about that doesn't seem right) There you have it kids, tweak away.
Kenneth E Crider
So, in order to be fair and unbiased you took the 19th State house seat which was a 6 mile by 6 mile square where the rep for all of Livonia lived in Livonia and divided it into thee parts. The proposed 17th district runs from the middle of Livonia to McNichols and Ardmore in Detroit. This district is the true definition of gerrymandering. How does a Representative who Lives in Livonia Understand the struggles of Living in Brightmore? I would Hope that a Representative elected to represent an area would live in the area of the people they are fighting for. This map is shameful.
Why is a razor thin slice of Waterford and Union Lake (from Elizabeth Lake Road to Cass Elizabeth) inserted into a district (39) with Pontiac with whom it shares no COI, economic and social interests, nor any schools, etc. Why is this small portion of the township separated from their neighbors and the rest of the community? Why the big backward "C" shape carve-out for the District (30) containing Auburn Hills, which is much more closely tied to Pontiac in COI, social and economic interests? It appears that you are trying to dilute the conservative vote in proposed District 30 and entirely suppress the conservative voters in Union Lake/Waterford in District 39. This is also true in Districts 21 and 22. Completely unacceptable.
cheryl scales
Keep all of Plainfield township in one district. It should be in 99. The City of Rockford, Courtland twp, Plainfield Twp, Cannon and Algoma twps have common planning and infrastructure projects, we should all be together in district 99.
Renée Rapanotti
Thank you for your work & efforts. I do not think the current lines including the Township of Orion/Lake Orion represent communities of interest at all. We share school districts, churches, businesses & neighborhoods with our 'sister city' of Oxford (which should also have the entire Twp. in one district) as well as Oakland Twp. We should also be in the same district with our other urban neighbors of Oxford, Oakland, Brandon & Leonard. NORTH Auburn Hills could be called at best a borderline similar community but in NO WAY is Bloomfield or Bloomfield township similar to Orion or North Oakland County. We would do better to have the district go West into Village of Clarkston than south to these other communities. I urge you to take another look at these areas & re-draw these lines to better identify with these communities of interest who live, work, worship, and educate together.
Jeff Ridsdale
I appreciate that these are attempts to satisfy VRA compliance, but the way northern Detroit and Southeast Oakland county are chopped up doesn't make sense as communities of interest. Ferndale, Pleasant Ridge, Huntington Woods, Oak Park, Berkley, and Royal Oak Township belong together
This is atrocious. Look at districts 22, 30 and 39. This is an obvious attempt to shape a district to get the result you want. Exactly what we were supposed to be correcting.
Jake Putala
UP communities of interest are our counties. Please keep them together. Each county has its own sheriff, prosecutor, schools, hospital, and economic and historical identity. Moreover, given the already vast size of UP districts, unnecessarily splitting up counties to be in two separate house districts will decrease citizen access to their already overwhelmed representatives. The counties represented by two different reps will introduce confusion and lessen the ability of local officials to advocate for their citizens at the state level.
Reed Anderson
Splitting the city of Manistee from Manistee county doesn't align with industry and transportation. Manistee and Filer Township have common interests with Onekama and Frankfort in the growing tourism industry (i.e., establishment of major beach front hotels and Little River convention center). Manistee also differs from Mason county and others southward because it is not connected to a four lane highway that facilitates different kinds of economic growth.
This map is horrific. What is going on that Oakland County is diced and sliced in every map you create? Districts from north of Dearborn through Lake Orion are especially bad. How is a very small section of Waterford, from Elizabeth Lake Road to Cass Elizabeth Lake Road from the eastern side of Waterford through Union Lake, in a district with Pontiac (instead of with the rest of the Waterford community), and Lake Orion is in a district with Bloomfield Hills? Why is Southfield in a district with Beverley Hills, but Oak Park is in a district with Berkley, while Royal Oak is in a district with Highland Park? This is ridiculous and worse than any map we have had in the past.
Josh Vermaas
I have no idea if this is a fair map or not, since I can't evaluate partisanship. It was trivial for me to make a map where vote share and seat shares are very well correlated together. From this representation of the data, I can't tell if this is a fair map or not, and that's dumb.