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2020 Census PL 94.171 Data
Joshua Schriver
Keep Oxford Twp in MI46 with Addison. They have the same school system and are a non-partisan community of interest.
Sharon Baseman
I thought the last version of this map was bad, but this may be even worse. A number of the inner ring suburbs that have always been together should have been kept together -- Huntington Woods, Oak Park, Ferndale, Pleasant Ridge, etc. We have nothing in common with the part of Detroit that this map puts us with. And splitting Oak Park makes no sense whatsoever. It should be kept together. This House map should not be combining Oakland County and Wayne County. It should be a totally Oakland County seat made up of a group of the inner ring suburbs.
Ben McLeod
It must be challenging for the commission to determine what exactly the COI Delton and Mason have with each other...
Why is this very small (Elizabeth Lake Road to Cass Elizabeth Lake Road) area of Union Lake and Waterford in a district with Pontiac and removed from the rest of their community? Auburn Hills and Lake Angelus actually have ties to Pontiac, but you choose to include communities that do not? The shapes of these districts make it obvious that this is splitting of these voters communities. These are terrible maps.
Why is a tiny slice of Waterford and Union Lake separated from their communities and shoved into a Pontiac district with whom they share no COIs, economic, educational or social interests? Auburn Hills, Lake Angelus (share COIs, schools, social and economic interests) and even Sylvan Lake (shares school district) are better aligned to Pontiac than the area of Waterford/Union Lake in this map.
Vicki Barnett
As Mayor of Farmington Hills and a former State Representative, I strongly object to splitting Farmington and Farmington Hills into 3 separate districts. During the last 40 or more years, these 2 communities have always been in the same district! To break them up is a disservice to the residents of these municipalities that share a common public school district, joint programs and joint citizens commissions are truly ONE COMMUNITY!
Amanda Klein
Several communities in southeast Oakland County along the 9 mile corridor should be kept together. In Hazel Park we share all of our park services with Ferndale and Oak Park. Our local governments also work together with grant applications and what not. Why- why would we be linked up to Clawson and a small part of Troy? We literally have nothing in common with those communities. Not surprised- you've cut off Hazel Park and Madison Heights from the rest of the county in every other version of your maps. And Highland Park up to Clawson? The district as drawn currently would leave the southern portion of the district with little to no representation-the bulk of voters in a primary would come from Troy and Clawson, which again are places that have zero in common with a Hazel Park or even a Highland Park.
Jeff Ridsdale
The districts in south Oakland county just keep getting worse. It seems like trying to make them racially diverse, which I generally support, they are sacrificing all other priorities. As they are they look very gerrymandered and don't represent any coherent COI.
cheryl scales
Why would you put a small area of Kent County in 100? Move them to 99. You have split up Kent county so many ways, please try to keep more if it together.
cheryl scales
This is better, but it still splits Plainfield Township. If you squared off the line on the south you would included Plainfield in 98 it would work.
Scott Stewart
The entire southern portion of Oakland County is wild in this iteration. Strongly believe it should be changed to reflect the real communities of interest. This definitely just looks randomly thrown together.
Scott Stewart
Adding Pontiac and Auburn Hills would make way more sense than the sliver of Waterford currently included.
Still terrible with oddly shaped districts. Livonia is a little better, but look at districts 5,9,16, 21, 29 and 38. A razor thin slice of Waterford and Union Lake are still separated from the rest of their community to be shoved in a Pontiac district, when Auburn Hills is much more closely aligned to Pontiac and would correct the absurdly shaped district 29. Fix it!
Sonja Marie Patrick
The commissioners are still not listening to Calhoun County. You eliminated the hearing for Kalamazoo, and took away any chance I had to speak. You separated the military establishments, which shows very little respect for me and the other Veterans living here. Calhoun County does not need or want to be with Kalamazoo County. Kalamazoo County does not NEED Calhoun County. Kalamazoo County has the population for 3 house Districts without splitting in multiple ways keeping the residents from electing a representative focused solely on Kalamazoo. This makes no sense