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John Michael Elsen
This map does not reflect Midlands goal for ESG. We are the gateway to the North and West and our growth is in that direction. We do have a legacy with Bay City and Saginaw, but not Flint.
Carl L Hamann
I oppose of this map. It detaches Midland county from Gladwin county this counties have a common connection, the disaster of 2020. These counties have been working together to rebuild their communities,
Catherine A. Macomber
I cannot support this map for district 9 and 12. Please consider that Linwood and Pinconning affiliate as a part of Bay County and the Tri-Cities as opposed to "Up North". Please move the entirety of Bay County into District 9, rather than keeping the northern portion in District 12.
Madison Heights was once part of Royal Oak Township. It's schooling, housing stock, education levels, racial diversity--especially significant East Asian and Chaldean communities--tie the city politically, culturally, historically to Royal Oak and its other SE Oakland County neighbors. This design makes it appear that Madison Heights was considered a marginal community that could be allocated to a neighboring district based on convenience of borders and population size without consideration to history or present reality.
Alexander Gavulic
This map now splits Oakland County into SIX congressional districts. Residents of Oakland County spent the last ten years being split into 5, and want a unified voice. There is absolutely no reason Oakland should be split into more Congressional seats than Wayne. Additionally, this map STILL suffers from attempting to combine parts of Oakland with the thumb. As a resident of Independence Township, I can say that northern and western Oakland County share NO communities of interest with Lapeer, Sanilac, Huron, Saint Clair, and Tuscola Counties, economically, politically, or otherwise. A more reasonable map would combine the Detroit exurbs in Oakland County - the northern and western townships, along with Pontiac, Rochester, Auburn Hills, Waterford, West Bloomfield, Farmington & Farmington Hills, and Novi - into a single, competitive seat of exurban communities of interest. Then Rochester Hills, Troy, and Royal Oak could be paired with Sterling Heights and Warren while Southfield could go into a VRA district in Wayne County. I have attached an image of what such an exurban district could look like. There is a simple fix to this issue. Just looking at this map, you can see the Oakland County splits aren't reasonable. We spent the last ten years split into five congressional districts. Please don't make it six when it could be three.
Adam Kroczaleski
After all of the time, effort, and public input on communities of interest and attempting to draw fair districts is this commission creating maps that are now embracing gerrymandering? These maps are packing, cracking, and reaching in order to play partisan politics. This is unacceptable. Please uphold the public trust you were given and return to a previous map that doesn't draw lines based on political games.
Susan Rockwell
I see you have adjusted district 11. Muskegon MUST be separated from Grant Rapids! Muskegon has very little in common with Grand Rapids. Muskegon has everything in common with other lakeside counties! Please do not allow this gerrymandering to be in the final revision!
Luke Dornon
Chris Andrews, please justify your assertion. Why is it that trying to balance Republican/Democrat representation outweighs contiguous districts? Should we re-draw state lines to balance partisan representation in the Senate too?
Susan F Rockwell
Muskegon interests are aligned with the other lakeshore counties. This linking of Muskegon to Grand Rapids is an example of gerrymandering. Districts should be grouped with surrounding communities, not linked by a narrow stripe
Jack Bengtsson
No thanks. Plan #188 9-29-21 EID V2A CD comes closer to the mark.
Daniel Grams
This looks like a gerrymandered district. You are ignoring public comment from before you started drawing maps. Kent County said they want to be whole in one CD not split like it is now!
cheryl scales
I like that you put Rockford with Grand Rapids, but I still think it would be better to have all of Kent County together as one district.
Ted Dyson
This map would effectively disenfranchise Muskegon County. While other proposals keep us whole and align us with other shoreline cities, this map cut the heart out of our county and illogically throws it in with Grand Rapids where we will get lost in the shuffle. We share little in common with that massive city, and we would be doomed to forever be an afterthought to whoever represents this awkward pink district. The representative's attention would inevitably be on Grand Rapids with it's massive population, and not on the unique issues that a lakeshore community like us faces such as critical dune preservation, invasive species, water quality, shipping and water based tourism. Please trash this map and adopt on of the alternatives that keep Muskegon county whole, and connects us with other lakeshore communities that share our concerns.
Casey Lewis
Why are the 6th and 9th districts splitting Tuscola, Lapeer, AND Oakland counties. It makes no COI sense and just needlessly makes the maps messier. You can accomplish a very similar but cleaner map by giving more of one county to the 9th instead of parts of lots of counties
Why is Waterford Township in a district with Highland Park and Rochester is in a district with Eastpointe? None of these communities have any COI, economic, social, educational or other common concerns. Look at the horrible shapes of these districts - this is nothing more than gerrymandering and quite frankly, I am tired of this. Do your job.