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Betty Jo Nelson
I don't understand why you would divide Ovid and Elsie into different districts. They share the same school systems, Ovid -Elsie school. The students as well as families are entwined in shared life issues. How confusing to put them in different districts that would give them different representation. This confusion is not necessary.
Yalcin Yanikoglu
According to both 2016 as well as 2020 Elections this map gives 8 seats to Republicans, and 5 to Democratic party. At least it is consistently gerrymandered. No district is a close call.
Debbie Miller
you need to keep Rose Township and Holly together in Oakland County. We do not have any to do with up north and this is where you have mapped us. We are next to Milford and Highland.
Madison Heights was once part of Royal Oak Township. It's schooling, housing stock, education levels, racial diversity--especially significant East Asian and Chaldean communities--tie the city politically, culturally, historically to Royal Oak and its other SE Oakland County neighbors. This design makes it appear that Madison Heights was considered a marginal community that could be allocated to a neighboring district based on convenience of borders and population side without consideration to history or present reality.
Alexander Gavulic
No part of Oakland County should be paired with the thumb. As a resident of Independence Township, I can say we share no communities of interest (economically, politically, or otherwise), with Lapeer, Sanilac, Huron, or Tuscola Counties. Instead, a much more reasonable map would put most of Oakland County (the northern townships, Rochester, Pontiac, Waterford, West Bloomfield, Farmington & Farmington Hills, Novi, and the western townships), into a single district that represents all of the Detroit exurbs. Troy and Royal Oak could then be paired with Sterling Heights and Warren, with Southfield going into a VRA district in Wayne County. I have attached an image of such a proposed district. It's important to people of Oakland County that we retain as much of a unified say as possible. We've spent the last 10 years split into four districts - we don't want that again.
Adam Kroczaleski
This map is atrocious. I respect that this process is difficult but you are going backwards on the progress you were making with communities of interest and respecting county boundaries. This map breaks not only townships, but individual precincts! That kind of gerrymandering puts a huge burden on election officials, volunteers, and voters. Please scrap this map and return to a better one.
Kent Douglas
I still not liking the shapes of these maps, it feels like there is way too much packing and odd choices for balancing districts. This district alone would likely be considered a pack job. Is this really the best map for the State, for the next decade?
Why are Clarkston, Highland and Milford from Oakland County in a district with Port Austin in the Thumb? Please explain the COIs, educational, economic, social interests and geographical interests these areas share. This is absurd.
It is ridiculous that Oakland County is in 5 of 13 districts statewide. This is gerrymandering.
Kelly Correy
These districts are horrible. Why would you split up downriver we share so much in common with our downriver areas.
Aristotle Economon
I am a Warren resident, but work in Sterling Heights and have many family members and friends in Roseville, Madison Heights, and greater Macomb county. Warren has a lot in common with its neighbors, and I do not think a district that bundles Warren with Detroit could adequately represent both disparate communities.
Bonnie Jill Haver-Crissman
I agree with the many voices that have called and are calling for Midland to be with Bay City, and Saginaw for the Senate and with Flint for the Congressional maps as you have drawn in a number of previous drafts. This map disconnects us from our sister cities with our myriad connections and our watershed. Please reconsider.
Jennifer Austin
The City of Midland is part of the Tri-Cities and should be with Saginaw and Bay City in a Congressional and Senate District. The three of them together should be with Flint for a congressional district. Just look at the hundreds of comment son the portal that put the Tri-Cities together to see that this is a necessary ask.
Michael O'Donnell
I concur with Trenton Berry, namely that Midland is part of the Tri-Cities. It belongs with Bay City, Saginaw, and Flint and not with a district that ends at the shores of Lake Michigan. His solution to attach the western townships of Saginaw County to the Central Michigan District makes sense.
Brenden Boudreau
This district is not sensible. This completely ignores COI which is a higher priority than partisan fairness. Breaking out GR from Kent County does a serious disservice to the Great GR region.
Benjamin Timpf
Do not like the breaking up of downriver communities, particularly Southgate & Taylor - makes more sense to include Dearborn and Allen park versus Dearborn and Taylor
Jack Bengtsson
No thanks. Plan #188 9-29-21 EID V2A CD comes closer to the mark.
Daniel G
You are ignoring all the public input you got before you started drawing maps re: putting all of Kent County in 1 Congressional District. That's a Community of Interest. The only COI represented by the GR and Kzoo district is the DEMOCRATIC PARTY.
District 10 appears to be draw to pack Republican voters into a vote-sink. Hard to imagine what SW Oakland County has to do with the tip of the thumb!
Jeff Ridsdale
I appreciate all the different options that are being presented and the many priorities, but this one makes even less sense than including GR with Muskegon. Greater Grand Rapids should be its own district without being chopped up
Trenton Berry
Midland is a part of the Tri-Cities, so it should be included with Bay City, Saginaw, and Flint. The population of the 4 counties is almost exact for a congressional district and only a few townships needs to be taken off one of the counties. My thoughts are to keep Midland, Bay, and Genesee whole while taking the western townships of Saginaw County and putting it with the Central Michigan District.
cheryl scales
Why in the world would you separate Kent County and include Grand Rapids with Kalamazoo? There is never any connection with Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo Cities, they do no planning together, and are very separate. The City of Rockford is a bedroom community for Grand Rapids, over 80% of our residents work in Grand Rapids. Keep Kent County with Grand Rapids.
cheryl scales
Why are you seperating Kent County? It makes no sense to to that and include Grand Rapids with Kalamazoo. The City of Rockford and our surrounding area are part of Kent County and we need to be conencted to them We are not rural like the other areas in this district, we are a bedroom community to Grand Rapids. Over 80% of our residents work in Grand Rapids. This makes no sense. Keep Kent County whole, you did it for Muskegon and Ottawa.
Luke Dornon
There isn't really a good way to argue for these maps that try to tie grand rapids with another urban area except as a partisan gerrymander. Just include enough of the suburbs and make greater GR its own district.
Highland and Milford should not be in a district with Port Austin in the Thumb. Rochester should not be in a district with Sterling Heights and Eastpointe. Troy, Southfield and Royal Oak are better aligned to the Warren and Sterling Heights area. Highland, Milford, Waterford, Commerce and Clarkston should be in a district. Rochester should be in a district with Oakland Township, Romeo, Lake Orion and Oxford. Of course, that is if you are respecting the COIs, educational, economic, social and environmental interests of the communities.
Scott Stewart
Cutting Madison Heights off from the rest of Oakland County, particularly when they are strongly connected to both Troy to its north and its neighbors to the west is quite ill-sighted.
Casey Lewis
Instead of giving the 11th a sliver of Shiawassee County you can keep the entire county in the 5th, add a little more of Gratiot County to the 11th, and a little more of Clinton county to the 13th. Doing this little shift will help follow Communities of Interest better. You can also do a very similar thing around Kalamazoo to get rid of a county split there.
Casey Lewis
Instead of giving the 7th a tiny slice of Lenawee, just give it a little more of Jackson
Certainly better than map 195. Still needs some work, but making progress.