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2020 Census PL 94.171 Data
John Michael Elsen
This is another horrible map. Midland and its residents are more closely aligned with communities to the North and West. We have a legacy with Bay City and Saginaw but none with Flint. We need to consider ESG in making our choices.
Carla Meier
Congressional Districts – The proposed CD 6 is republican lopsided and is heavily partisian. If any boundaries should be changed to align with its respective county, it’s Oakland and Macomb. I moved to Troy in the early 70s, but my employment has always been in Macomb County. And believe me, Macomb and Oakland differences are significant. Troy affiliates with the rest of Oakland County in Oakland Schools, library affiliation, scouts and sports teams and regions; but I can’t think of any affiliations Troy has with Macomb County. Here’s a funny difference: Troy’s (and Oakland County) E-W streets have names, but change to different names once you cross from Oakland to Macomb. The speed limits even change! The proposed CD 6 boundary goes always over to Lake St Clair and the City of St Clair Shores (I’ve been there four times in my lifetime), a lake/boating community with nothing similar to Troy and Oakland County. A map with Warren moved from proposed CD 1 to CD 6 and Troy and Madison Heights moved from your CD 6 to CD 3 is much more suitable in keeping with your requirements of community interests, political fairness and proper borders. Thank you.
Jeremy Fisher
Warren = Heart of Macomb Warren = Diversity in Macomb Warren = GM Tech Center Warren = Army Tacom Warren = Macomb's Economic engine Please do not pack us in with Detroit. Please keep us with our Macomb neighbors.
Robert H mester
The Lyndon Township carvout for District 5 is absurd. Lyndon Township is a single entity, it has extensive political and economic ties to Washtenaw County and few to the North or West, it is part of the Southeast Michigan recreation system with its parks and trails, it is specialized in such rural recreational activities, supported in large part by Washtenaw County, and it has a population that commutes daily mainly to the south, not north. Lyndon township is a part of both the Washtenaw county recreation system, and the commuter based economic system. Please keep at least the township lines intact, if not the county lines. Do not detach a small part of a township from a greater economic and political community and attach it to a District with which it has few ties and little community of interest. One of Lyndon Township's premier trails, Border to Border along M-52, would be cut in half between two districts by this carve out.
Maureen Tobin
Thank you so much for all of your efforts on this incredibly important task. I know that you must look at a number of criteria for this process but it seems that your assignment of a section of Lyndon Township to the align with Livingston, Ingham, etc. counties is not a good choice. I am a resident of Lyndon Township and share no areas of economic or social interest with the above mentioned counties. I work in Chelsea, shop in Chelsea and Ann Arbor, have family members that attend Chelsea schools, patronize restaurants in Chelsea and Ann Arbor, etc. Please reconsider your choice regarding that portion of Lyndon Township.
Tara Master Hunter
I do not agree with this redrawing of the district lines. There is not good reason to carve this section out of washtenaw county.
Keep all of Midland County together including the City of Midland with its west and north boundary counties. You have supposedly spent the last two weeks reading through all the reasons expressed by the citizens therefore hearing "all" the very good reasons to keep Midland County intact with our northwest neighbors. Not sure why we have to say it over and over again and then not see any corrective actions implemented.
Michael McGaugh
The residents of Midland county want to and need to be kept together in one, westward facing congressional district. Please do not carve the City of Midland away from the rest of the county.
Jeff Vawter
Milford township and Highland township need to be included in district 5. Royal Oak and Ferndale should be in District 2. Thank you for moving Rochester Hills our of 5. It was an embarrassment when looking at the old map and seeing a line down M59 that then encompassed all of RH. They are 40 mins away and have more in common with Macomb county than Oakland.
Richard Cesaretti
all of Midland County needs to remain whole as it is one active and vibrant community. Please do not give into the gerrymandering approach proposed by this map. The "independent' commission was intended to not be as political as this map implies.
Holly Wetzel
The city of Midland has no business being separate from the rest of Midland County. As a young professional who lives and works in the city of Midland, I can attest that most of my colleagues and friends who also work in the city of Midland reside in the surrounding townships. By siphoning off the city from the rest of the county, this map neglects not only the community of interest that is Midland as a whole (which stretches far outside of the city limits), but also creates other problems when considering the continuing restoration efforts of the 2020 flood. It's worth noting that the city of Midland is also the county seat. Additionally, I spent most of my life split between Oakland County and Iosco County, and I can say with complete certainty that the city of Midland has very little in common with Genesee County. The culture and values align far closer to those of the surrounding "up north" counties of Gladwin, Clare, and Isabella. The appeal of Midland to young professionals such as myself is its "small town" feel and sense of deep community. While I could have chosen to live in a larger, more industrial city like Saginaw or Flint, I recognized that Midland offered something special. To disregard this community by amputating the city from the rest of the county and lumping it with areas that have little in common with it would go directly against the stated goals of this commission.
Max Milstein
I want to support Jennifer Austin's comment. I'm glad that this map keeps the mid-Michigan tri-Cities together.
Daniel P Dobbins
The municipality of Taylor should be paired with the 7th District instead. Taylor is a semi-rural town, and has more in common with the rural areas south and west of here.
Kent Douglas
No district worth its salt in this region divides the M-59 corridor in so many pieces. We should at least recognize that communities along it in Oakland deserve to be in the same district as many of the residents commute to places of work from the center of the county to the east of the county.
Catherine A Macomber
I cannot support this map. This map puts northern Bay county into a norther district. Northern Bay county hugs the shore of Saginaw Bay. We have flooding, power outage, and road impediment concerns that are similar to the rest of the Watershed. Our community of interest aligns with the southern half of Bay county. Do not split the county in this manner.
Mary J Quehl
This is a very HARD NO WAY!! Not sure how we get back to another map that separates Midland from Midland County and puts us in with Flint/Saginaw which we have proven that we have no community of interest or similarities of beliefs. Again this begs to have the question of who is putting together this map as it appears to be politically motivated, with the motive of diluting the representation of Midland by throwing us in these large metro cities.
Dennis Quehl
This is a definite NO. As previously stated by so many why would you separate Midland from Midland County which has a strong community of interest, such as sharing the same public schools, healthcare in Midland (nobody refers to McLaren, Saginaw, of Flint; we send to U of M that we are affiliated with, NOT and of the others), sports, community beliefs, as well as many similarities that others have eloquently stated in previous comments.
Robert C
District 8 spreads too far across the state to be reflective to regional differences. This would break up the current District 6 that includes Allegan, Berrien, Cass, St Jospeh, Van Buren and Kalamazoo. One of the tasks assigned to the commission is to create compact districts. District 8, as drawn, seems to contradict this edict. The eastern, central and western portions of District 8 should be divided and grouped in closer geographical proximity to neighboring counties.
Robert C
Why is Ottawa County divided into THREE districts that stretch half way across Michigan? Does it make any sense to group these portions of the county away from the more proximal district 4 that is centered around Grand Rapids? Preserving the area around Grand Rapids into one district seems more logical. Why not draw district 4 to cover both Ottawa and Kent counties and then group Ionia county into district 5? Following county lines in less populated areas best preserves the appearance of fairness.
Jacob Acker
I currently reside in northern Ottawa County, but was raised in Gratiot County where my family still resides. Grand Haven and Muskegon being in the same district as Ithaca and Clare makes very little sense to me. Lakeshore communities are unique in that they are "blue economies," the use of lake resources is well known and integral in the collaboration between other lakeshore municipalities. These communities have much more in common with each other, than landlocked counties in the middle of the state.
Robert C
Why is this section added to district 5? In fact, why is the entire west portion of Ionia county separated from the other half of Ionia county, given its distance from Grand Rapids? Why can't county lines be better preserved in creating districts when they involve less populated areas?
Robert C
Why is this section carved out of district 5 and put with district 11? Please be mindful of county lines when dealing with less populated areas, otherwise it looks suspicious.
Carl L Hamann
The City of Midland needs to stay with Midland county. Removing it makes no common sense!! Communities are formed and built around like interests, ideas, and purpose. midland county and the city of Midland have one huge common purpose, the rebuilding of the communities after the disaster of 2020!!!!!
Robert C
Here again is an oddly shaped sub-section that is being removed from its county lines and added to a different district. The only area that this should occur is the very populated city of Detroit and its suburbs. I see no justification for this to occur with smaller towns/cities. Please keep county lines clean to avoid the appearance of special interests that breach public trust.
Robert C
Why is this section carved out of its county lines? What compelling interest is there to do this, here and elsewhere on this map? There are several areas that are carving out odd shaped sections to include in a district. Whose special interest does this carving out reflect? How will this be justified to Michigan's voters when the final report is promulgated?
Shuvra Das
Troy and Novi have significant Asian American population and belong together in the same district because that keeps the COI together.
Carl L Hamann
I do not like this map! It removes the City of Midland from the rest of the county!! That makes NO COMMON SENSE!! The people of midland county the city of Midland and Gladwin county suffered a huge catastrophe a little more that a year ago. These communities have been working together to rebuild. This map would not assist in that effort to accomplish that goal.
Natalie Gingras Hazen
No way that the City of Midland should be added to Flint/Saginaw
Include more or all of Warren in with the rest of Macomb and put Troy and Rochester back with Oakland. People in Macomb County want Macomb County representation.
Aaron Majorana
Unfortunately, this map looks like the very definition of gerrymandering. It makes absolutely no sense to cut out Midland from the rest of Midland county. Likewise, it makes no sense to cut out Saginaw and Bay City from the rest of their counties. There is little no similarity in culture or people between the three cities and it's hard to imagine any "community of interest" between them. However, there is a far greater community between Midland, Midland County, and Gladwin Counties because they were all heavily affected by the flooding that occurred in 2020. By dividing up Midland, you are dividing up a unified voice for flood recovery. Keep Midland together with Midland and Gladwin counties.
James A Nowc Jr
Like so many of the later maps I have looked, this one does not have 2 minority-majority districts, as is demanded by the Voting Rights act. Unless I am reading the data wrong, or misinterpreting it.
Mike Scott
Dislike this map very much. Basically carved the City of Midland out of the Midland County and grouped it with Cities like Flint of which it has no connection or similarities.
Jesseca Elza
The residents of Midland County want to be kept together in one congressional district. The City of Midland had major flooding along with the flooding in Sanford and in Gladwin County. Midland County should remain in its entirety and Gladwin County should remain in the same district to ensure continuity and a united effort in our recovery. Your proposed map will result in a major setback in our flood recovery and flood management efforts.
jane scott
Strongly DISLIKE! City of Midland and County of Midland are communities of interest! City of Midland does not share a community with Flint!!! Our city received the historic flood in 2020 and needs to stay with our watershed partners upstream. Please don't artificially break us away! We work with our county neighbors on all sorts of community service campaigns! Fair grounds are in our backyard and are shared between city and county of Midland. We have nothing in common with Flint!
David Kepler
Given the Population Size of Midland County, and the connections the County has North and West, this map would simply disconnect communities that have common economic, social and environmental interest
Joseph Lunsford
Please do not put Midland in with Saginaw and Flint.
Doreen F Starner
Midland County should be whole - do not carve out the city and disagree with Jan B. as the community in the city of Midland identifies more with its citizens that live within the boundaries of Midland County than that of being joined with Flint which is not part of the Great Lakes Bay Region. Further Midland County needs to stay aligned with the counties that were impacted by the recent flood and the recovery efforts needed for the region.
Joseph Sova
This map combines us with cities and counties where we have very little in common. Our standards are different, our local governments operate differently, and we interactions are more to the west and north. We should be kept with out neighbors to the west and north.
Amanda Oster
The residents of Midland County want to be kept together in one, westward facing congressional district. Please do not carve out the City of Midland from the rest of the county.
Anthony Scannell
Not sure why District 1 crosses county line. The pairing of downriver with cities in Macomb county seems uncommon
Larry Isham
Why is farm county (Clinton county) in with Brighton??
These maps put Oakland County in 5 of 13 districts. This is ridiculous. Why is Warren with Detroit, Troy w/ Macomb County, Highland in the Thumb and New Hudson in a district with Ypsilanti. This is nothing more than splitting or "reach". These districts do not represent the COIs for Oakland County.
Diana Chirillo
Northville is not well represented by Central/Eastern Oakland County. Small Northville Public Schools will have THREE US Reps?! Just cut off Novi, or pull "Noville" to a Wayne/Washtenaw district. This is not fair to have one town isolated from it's neighbors.
Joel A Sheltrown
It doesn't make sense to have one twp, Edwards Twp, in one congressional district and all the rest of the Ogemaw in another. Ogemaw County is closely aligned with Northern MI and so is its Township of Edwards. Perhaps eliminating Missaukee County, and putting Roscommon County and Edwards Twp in would satisfy the population requirements. Thank you.
The arbitrary division of Macomb Township (at Hall and Hayes) doesn't make sense at all. You are literally cutting us off from our sister cities and communities -- Clinton Township, Sterling Heights, Shelby. This Commission is supposed to do away with gerrymandering. I'm tired of throwing away my vote. Please do not again stick us with the Thumb, with which we have nothing in common. Macomb Township should be kept with her sister cities. I've studied every single map and thusfar, map #144 is the best that I've seen. That one should be one of the final ones put out for comment. Thanks.
Jan Baumgras
I lived in Midland until recently and agree with Jennifer Austin. Others ask that the City of Midland not be separated from the rest of Midland County, but the city is not like the rest of the county which is rural, farm land. I also agree that it makes more sense to include areas surrounding Midland with the city, move Tuscola County which actually is largely rural, and carve out less of Oakland County to go with the Thumb. The Thumb is largely rural farm land while - like the City of Midland - Oakland County is becoming less farm land and more subdivisions.
I've lived in Macomb County all of my life and am really upset to see map after map drawing northern Macomb in with the thumb, as it's been for the last 20 years. We have nothing in common with the thumb area and for the last 20 years, my family, neighbors and I have felt that our votes have meant nothing. My neighborhood 23 and Romeo Plant has more in common with Shelby Township, Utica, Sterling Heights. We have zero in common with Bad Axe! You had a REALLY good map early on - #144 - that met all criteria. You even used it to fix some of the lines on your other maps, yet you otherwise seem to be discounting it. #144 is the most fair map that I've seen in every respect and it needs to receive more serious consideration. Honestly, the fact that you're discounting such a good map, that hits all the criteria, raises a lot of suspicion. What's the explanation?
Gloria Woods
I like most of this map. The Tri-Cities (Bay City, Saginaw, Midland) and Flint together feels like home. But why would Tuscola be added in? Nice County and all, but we don't have a shared history with them. I'd rather we had more of our communities from Saginaw, Bay Midland and Genesee counties added in, we have much more in common. Together we share common jobs history (from the Lumber Era to GM); even today, lots of people I know, family and friends, live in one of the 4 communities and work in another. I was born in Saginaw and worked in Saginaw, Bay, and Flint before I retired. For a while, I led the Tri-County Fair Housing Center that served Saginaw, Bay and Midland counties. Our waters and water issues are shared as are our cultural outlets. For instance, I live in Bay County and love attending Wednesdays in the Park downtown Bay City. My husband and I look forward to events at the Temple Theater in Saginaw and meet family in parks or restaurants for big get-togethers. We attend events at the Midland Center for the Arts and showings at the Sloan Museum and the FIA in Flint. Please let us stay together when you draw the maps! BTW, thank you so much for all you are doing to make our representation fair!
I believe the residents of Midland County should be kept together in one, westward facing congressional district. Please do not carve out the City of Midland from the rest of the county. The City of Midland had major flooding along with the flooding in Sanford and in Gladwin County. That is why it is so important that Midland County remain in its entirety and Gladwin County needs to remain in the same district to ensure continuity and a united effort in our recovery. Your proposed map will result in a major setback in our flood recovery and flood management efforts.
Donald Dale Milne
Overall, this plan is reasonable but could be improved. I agree with Robert C, that "All efforts should be made to align districts with county lines except for the most populated area of Detroit. Carving out small sections, cities and neighborhoods will breed skepticism and distrust in this process. This map is starting to again carve out small sections and group them in a variety of districts. Please keep lines simpler and clean." For example, while District 13 is fair overall, it has too many small carve-outs such as the City of Midland and the Holland area. More effort should be made to preserve whole counties with Districts, as counties represent a Community of Interest (all under the same government entity). The same can be said for most districts in the southern part of the state: keep more whole counties together.
Alexander Gavulic
This statewide map is overall better than most of the other draft maps, but what it's doing to north and west Oakland County is still a major issue. Northern and western Oakland County do not have any affiliation with the counties of the thumb. We are affiliated with other Detroit exurbs like Novi, Pontiac, West Bloomfield, and Farmington & Farmington Hills. Creating a single, unified exurban district like that would allow you to keep the Oakland portions of District 6 as-is while moving Southfield into a Detroit-based VRA district and splitting Oakland County only three times as opposed to five. Tuscola County and Shelby Township could offset the population loss in 10. I've attached what such an exurban district could look like here. Northern Oakland County is a community of Detroit exurbs, not farmland like most of the thumb. It deserves the same treatment and respect for its communities of interest that this map gives the rest of the state.
Robert C
All efforts should be made to align districts with county lines except for the most populated area of Detroit. Carving out small sections, cities and neighborhoods will breed skepticism and distrust in this process. This map is starting to again carve out small sections and group them in a variety of districts. Please keep lines simpler and clean.
David Kepler
This looks pretty strange. you take one city and pull it out of district 11 and put it in 13. The townships and villiages that surround Midland and the rural areas in Midland county and the surrounding counties like Gladwin deserve more than this
Birmingham and Troy belong in the same district as Bloomfield.
Birmingham and Clawson should be with district 3. Romeo and Macomb with District 6. Eastpoint with District 1.