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Joshua Schriver
Addison/Oxford share one single school system to create a non-partisan community of interest. Please keep Addison/Oxford Twp (all precincts) in the same State House District.
Christine DeRoque
I should be voting with my community. Our county is chopped up in this map in a way that completely drowns my vote under the weight of many more rural voters. The western areas of Monroe county belong more with Lenewee county as the eastern towns in Lenewee are also rural. The city of Monroe, with this map, is being buried by rural voters and rural needs.
Why after a myriad of comments on all the previous maps, have you not corrected these egregious districts that serve to dilute the voices of Pontiac voters and other communities as well? Commenters from Lake Orion, Oxford, Clarkston, Independence Township, Waterford, Auburn Hills, Bloomfield and Pontiac have all stated that these districts do not preserve COIs and do not represent the communities involved in any way. Fix this!
Scott Dean
Saugatuck, Saugatuck Township, and Douglas should be in District 87 with the other southwest Michigan lakeshore communities. All have common interests around Great Lakes issues and tourism. Fennville is also growing as tourism destination.
Steve Shafer
I oppose this map because City of Midland and county should be kept together.
Laurie Williams
Please redraw this district! Scio Twp is part of Ann Arbor, sharing the library district, school district, and university community. Scio Twp in no way resembles Brooklyn, Clarklake, Napolean, Grass Lake, etc., which are all heavily Republican-leaning and rural communities. Chelsea and Dexter are also communities which resemble Ann Arbor more than other communities in this proposed Dist. 66, as currently drawn. They (Chelsea, Dexter), too, should be removed from this district.
Al DuBruck
This district is terrible! How can you include Scio Township in this district? Scio is part of ANN ARBOR - School district, library district, college community, etc. This proposed district is as gerrymandered as our current State Senate District (22). Please redraw this district. Scio should be included with either the proposed 68th or 69th district!
Tina Kline
I do not agree with this map.
Jon Helmrich
As a member of the Board of Trustees of Saugatuck Township, I want to voice that we should be in House District 88 as we are a lakeshore resort area and should be included in the district that represents so many Lake Michigan towns. Please reconsider the placement of Saugatuck Township as you work through this tough process. Many thanks, Jon
Oh My!!!! This is really a bad suggestion. City of Midland is in Midland County. Keep it in Midland County. I am realizing how hard your job is reading through everybody's comments but please be reasonable and realistic. Ignore political line drawing. Our family has begun praying for you all. Hopefully you are seeking His wisdom also.
Deanna J Helmlinger
I dislike the Leavitt and Colfax townships are not with the 101 District. The businesses' Chamber of Commerce are Silver Lake Sand Dunes Area Chamber of Commerce for Leavitt and Pentwater Chamber of Commerce for Colfax. The businesses are therefore aligned with the Lake Shore interests. The Non-profits also divide by counties, for example: Love INC of Oceana and Love INC of Newago Counties. Also the Silver Lake Visitor Bureau is partnernered with the Silver Lake Chamber of Commerce they serve most most of Oceana County minus Pentwater. Our fire department aligns us with Oceana County. Walkerverville has a website called Walkerville Thrives and we consider our neighborhood: Leavitt, Colfax, Elbridge, Crystal from Oceana County and Troy and Beaver of Newago County. It is already confusing enough and this would delute us more and cause more confussion.
Joy Renee McClendon
Saugatuck/Douglas/Saugatuck Township should be included in district #88 not #87. This is far more representative of the residents there than to be lumped with a group that goes all the way South.
Andrew Allen Sebolt
The newly proposed 101st House District makes sense generally, and I support it. Having served in the military in the the southern portion (northern Muskegon Co) living in Oceana County, college and running a business in Mason and Manistee county, I fully appreciate the cultural, economic, and "family/social ties" of these areas as specifically outlined. This said, Oceana and/or Mason county SHOULD at least have their counties fully within the 101st district. As a past county commissioner, for instance, I represented Colfax and Leavitt Townships in North-eastern Oceana County and is where I attend church as a board member. That small community works/shops in Ludington but also in Hesperia and Hart. The fire department has half of its firemen from Elbridge township. Please include Leavitt and Colfax townships in the 101st District if at all possible, as well as the four eastern Mason county townships if at all possible. Smaller counties are more compact and uniform as communities of interest, and their voice shall only be diluted if spread so thin across two separate state house districts. Additionally, my friends and colleagues who will be living in the awkwardly long stick over to Midland to form a congressional district will be at a grave disadvantage. This spans nearly the breadth of Michigan with several distinct communities of interest. For that congressional district, I would ask that it becomes two separate districts of a more square or shape. Thank you for your continued work on this project.
Lisa McGaugh
I do not support this map.
Michael McGaugh
I oppose this map because the City of Midland and Midland County should be in the same district.
Jean G.
What the commission has done to Southwest Michigan is shameful. As a Lincoln Township resident, this map does not represent me, my family, or my community.
Dick G.
As you look to make edits to your work, please keep Berrien County as whole as possible. I attended the Benton Harbor meeting and was disappointed the people speaking were politicians, not voters and that one of your members seems to be advocating on behalf of them and not the people of our county. Berrien County has historically been divided by a North/South split. Creating a coastal district is not in the best interest of our County and wouldn't represent the people well in Lansing. Please keep our community together and listen to the people, not paid, failed politicians.
You're fracturing communities of interest in favor of creating gerrymandered districts for Democrats. At least we've gotten to the point where you'll finally admit it. What you're doing in Southwest Michigan violates the historical split of Berrien County, you've split school districts, media markets, and you've lumped in communities that have no business being together. Lincoln Township, Royalton Township, and St. Joseph Township are residential areas that have no similarities between New Buffalo, Saugatuck, and Douglas. You should be ashamed of what you've done to our community. Scrap this and throw it in the trash where it belongs!
What this commission has done to Southwest Michigan is simply terrible, and your lack of a West Michigan resident was incredibly apparent. 1) You've mutilated Berrien, Van Buren, and Allegan Counties. You've split county lines, you've shattered school districts, and you've completely disregarded communities of interest and have ignored the history of the areas. 2) You've shattered media markets, making it difficult for any future representative to communicate with their constituents. Berrien is in the South Bend market, not the Grand Rapids market like Van Buren and Allegan. 3) You've chosen to accept the North/South Berrien split in your senate map, yet you ignored it with this map. The commission has been inconsistent, choosing to follow public comments only when it fits the narrative of whoever is drawing the map. 4) At least we've gotten to the point where the commission is admitting their goal is to create a Democrat gerrymandered district in West Michigan. As a lifelong Berrien County resident, the district Eid drew doesn't represent any community of interest I'm familiar with in Southwest Michigan. I urge you to reject this terrible map and re-focus on drawing maps that benefit every resident of our state. Scrap this and do it over
You've cut off Bainbridge Township from its surrounding community! Bainbridge shares a school district with Watervliet. Bainbridge, Coloma, Watervliet, Hagar, Hartford all share a readership of one of the last small papers in the state. Don't fracture the readership of this paper into multiple districts. (Tri-City Record) This mapped community shatters a public safety unit, the North Berrien Fire/Rescue. This mapped community shatters a chamber of commerce This mapped community is not serviced by the North Berrien Historical museum This map represents a democrat gerrymander and you should reject it.
This map is an abomination and in no way represents Berrien County! Berrien County has a history of having a North/South split. As a lifelong resident, I worked and shopped in St. Joseph. We have much more in common with our fellow northern townships than we do with Niles or Buchanan. Please keep the North/South split that we've had for so long. Please protect our long developed natural communities of interest and reject this blatant gerrymander.
Jennifer Gurnee
I oppose this map because the city of Midland and Midland county should be one district.
Jim Gurnee
City of Midland and County of Midland should be in 1 district.
Richard Cesaretti
I oppose this map as the proposed 53rd district maybe the very definition of Gerrymandering by connecting Bay City and Midland county with a long narrow strip of land. This is the shameful type of politics that we were ensured this so-called "independent" commission was going to help us avoid.
Catherine A Macomber
I cannot support this map. The Watershed of the Saginaw Bay and the feeding waterways makes the entirety of Bay county a community of interest that should be considered. Splitting Bay county in this way discounts this natural community.
Jill Thill
Please keep our Midland county whole!
Glenna DeJong
I believe Saugatuck and Douglas and Saugatuck Township should be added to the Lakeshore district (#87). These communities are lakeshore communities with the most commonality with all the others in current district #87 and have way less in common than the current proposed district #88.
Dennis Quehl
I STRONGLY OPPOSE THIS MAP. It appears that you have attempted and are trying to achieve the splitting of Midland and Midland County who share such a strong community of interest. Examples of this are our kids attending the same schools, all utilizing the same healthcare system (we do not refer patients to McLaren, or the Saginaw hospitals, we refer to the U of M whom we are directly affilliated with), problems with damage from the 2020 flood, many similar community beliefs, and many other reasons. share. This is exactly what you have done in this map. The commission is recently in maps has taken apart cities and counties for what appears to be political purposes. This new map looks like what the mandate in 2018 said it was not going to do. You have made a sideways slice which makes no sense unless you have purposely tried to sneak this map in. Please represent us based on community of interest and be strong and DO NOT be influenced by others, even on the commission, that appear to have ulterior motives. I also believe that the commissioners need to take a good look at who has submitted some of these new maps. If any of these are submitted directly by a commissioner they should be reviewed for what the purpose and reasoning is. They can only be political in nature as they truly have no common sense in them. You need to do some house cleaning on your commission.
Jennifer Austin
I'm torn on this map. I would love to see districts more compact and square. I would love to see COIs kept together. And I would love to see House districts that aren't spread out so candidates don't have to travel as much to talk to voters and concerns are more centralized around an area. At the same time, partisan fairness is the most important factor as far as I am concerned. We have had maps that decided how our legislature was made up for decades. Republicans gerrymandered so badly that even though there were a majority of voters who voted for Democrats, the Republicans held minority rule. That has to end. We need maps that achieve as close to zero political bias as possible and if that means my district is shaped like a bone then so be it. We can't all have what we want. The most important thing right now is to have a legislature that works for the people, not the extreme portions of their party. If the state house and senate are evenly split, then maybe they will be forced to compromise in Lansing and we can have good governance in this state.
Anne Van Hulle
keep our communities of interest together. This is what the citizens commission said they would do but you are not. The counties of Midland, Gladwin and Central Michigan have more in common with our agricultural base than we do with Saginaw or Flint or Bay City for that matter. Midland alone has 500 farms and 88,000 acres. Then there is the flood of 2020. You are cutting Midland right out of the recovery process so that we can be restored as a whole with Gladwin county
Natalie Gingras Hazen
No connecting the City of Midland to Bay City
Aaron Majorana
Unfortunately, this map looks like the very definition of gerrymandering. It makes absolutely no sense to cut out Midland from the rest of Midland county. Likewise, it makes no sense to cut out Saginaw and Bay City from the rest of their counties. There is little no similarity in culture or people between the three cities and it's hard to imagine any "community of interest" between them. However, there is a far greater community between Midland, Midland County, and Gladwin Counties because they were all heavily affected by the flooding that occurred in 2020. By dividing up Midland, you are dividing up a unified voice for flood recovery. Keep Midland together with Midland and Gladwin counties.
Mary J Quehl
I STRONGLY OPPOSE THIS MAP. It is hard for me to believe that this map could even be allowed to be on this portal. There is NO WAY that this map fits the rules set out in the constitution. This appears to be someones attempt to meet an equal number of voters on each side which is not what redistricting is about. If this were true and 90% of an area/community of interest of the state was one party, would you then split this community apart and link it with another area not even in close proximetry to try to make it 50/50?? This is exactly what you have done in this map. The commission is recently in maps taken apart cities and counties for what appears to be political purposes. The commission needs to remember that they are supposed to be nonpartisen! It appears that partiesenship is driving this process, and that they are being innapropritely influenced by others away from their duties on hand. This new map looks like what the mandate in 2018 said it was not going to do. You have made a sideways wierd shaped ?shoulder and arm. Please represent us based on community of interest and be strong and DO NOT be influenced by others, even on the commission, that appear to have ulterior motives.
Brent Rhoads
This is absolute madness! Who's in charge of this mess? Our city deserves more respect than obvious political stunts like this redistricting. I strongly DISAGREE
Mike Scott
Strongly dislike. Cuts the City of Midland out of Midland County. Makes no sense.
Michelle Smith
Legislatures should represent our shared communities interest not portions of 3 or 4 communities who all have different needs. STRONGLY DISLIKE MAP
Matthew J Smith
The last few days, I have watched the commission rip cities and townships in half and cut them into thirds, for political purposes. Strongly dislike this map-
Jesseca Elza
The constitution requires The Commission use ‘communities of interest’ to draw fair maps. Slicing out the City of Midland and adding them into larger urban centers like Bay City dilutes the voices of the Midland community. Please discontinue political interests and follow the constitutional requirements that protect our community interests and needs.
Dawn Bartell
Strongly dislike
Dawn bartell
Keep city of Midland with our county
jane scott
Strongly dislike! Keep city of Midland with our county!
Lori Pranger
Why not keep Oceana County INTACT!? Colfax and Leavitt are SMALL areas to begin with. Out of four counties, why is not even ONE of the four actually a whole/unseparated county? Pertaining to Oceana County, Colfax and Leavitt should remain together with Oceana.
Voters Not Politicians chose to rank Communities of Interest higher than partisan fairness because they know that breaking our communities damages our voice and choice in representation. We URGE you to follow the requirements of the constitution when finishing your maps.
David Kepler
Creating a Barbell type Map for District 53, for connecting two cities, really does disservice two both and the communities and townships around those Cities
Doreen F Starner
Agree with Cathy L. and Daniel H. This attempt at creating representation that serves Midland or Bay counties does not service either one fairly. When the people voted on the creation of this commission they did not expect to see district lines drawn that do not let voters pick politicians that represent their communities. This map will give less voice to its citizens in both counties due to the gerrymandering proposed by this map.
Cathy Leikhim
This map is the definition of 'gerrymandering'! All of a sudden, this commission decided to take perfectly logical Statehouse maps based on communities of interest, and rip cities and townships into pieces, for political purposes. The Commission appears to be ignoring the constitution which requires that they use ‘communities of interest’ to draw fair maps. This ‘robot arm’ you drew to connect the cities of Midland and Bay City completely removes multiple communities of interest solely to hit a partisan quota. Our legislators should represent our shared community interests, not portions of three or four communities who all have different interests and needs.
Jennifer Majorana
This house map makes absolutely no sense. Please do not carve out Midland in this way and lump it in with Bay City. As a resident of Midland County, it makes the most sense to me to keep Midland in one, westward facing house district. Midland has more in common with Sanford and more rural western areas than Bay City.
Christopher Khorey
I think you guys forgot to clean up Districts 81, 88, and 95 after you created District 87. These boundaries could be much more organized and coherent messing up any of your metrics (partisan fairness, total population, VRA, etc).
So Emmett is no longer included with it's COI, the local tribe no longer has their COI honored (to be in a district with Athens, now they will have to deal with several reps to get anything passed) and several other townships got "reallocated", so that you could "reach" far enough to get the district % you wanted. The election of this commission was supposed to stop this behavior, not continue it.
Zach Rudat
Combining Westphalia with Pewamo makes sense considering their shared school district, but it may be worth considering adding Pewamo with Clinton County instead of adding Westphalia with Ionia. The precinct lines in Lyons township follow very closely with the school line so you could even send Pewamo East and Muir/Lyons west. The School district is in the Clinton County Regional Educational Service Agency, the district dips into neighboring Dallas and Lebanon Townships in Clinton County, and the two towns are very connected to the village of Fowler in neighboring Dallas township. All three towns were founded in the mid 1800s by German Catholic migrants. There are a lot of families connected through Westphalia Pewamo and Fowler that have live between here for generations, they even have a joint vfw chapter.
Daniel Harris
Bay County looks really ugly in this map, especially District 53. Bay is split between 4 different districts despite having a population only slightly more than 1 district. Meanwhile Midland has slightly less than the population for one district. Therefore it makes a lot of sense to draw the vast majority of Bay into one seat and give a small amount to all of Midland County for another seat.