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Joshua Schriver
These two Oxford Precincts should remain with the majority of Oxford and Addison Twps in MI46 as they share one non-partisan community of interest in their single, shared school system.
Why after many, many displeased comments on all the previous maps, have you not corrected these egregious districts that serve to dilute the voices of Pontiac voters and other communities as well? The residents of these communities will not accept the "it's too much work" answer. Commenters from Lake Orion, Oxford, Clarkston, Independence Township, Waterford, Auburn Hills, Bloomfield and Pontiac have all stated that these districts do not preserve COIs and do not represent the communities involved in any way. Fix this!
Steve Shafer
Midland city and county should be kept whole and separate from bay city.
This one also is ridiculous! City of Midland is in Midland County. Keep it in Midland County. I am realizing how hard your job is reading through everybody's comments but please be reasonable and realistic. Ignore political line drawing. I'm praying for you all. Hopefully you are also.
Lisa McGaugh
I strongly disagree with this map. Connecting Midland to Bay County is blatant gerrymandering and should not be considered.
Michael McGaugh
I oppose this map. Combining Midland with Bay County does not make sense, they are two different areas.
James H. Gurnee
I oppose this map! Our City/County has specific needs that align to our region. This map does not support our local needs!
Jennifer Gurnee
This map is ridiculous! Putting Midland with Bay County makes no sense. Strongly disagree with this.
Richard Cesaretti
I oppose this map as the proposed 53rd district maybe the very definition of Gerrymandering by connecting Bay City and Midland county with a long narrow strip of land. This is the shameful type of politics that we were ensured this so-called "independent" commission was going to help us avoid.
Jill Thill
I disagree with this map. Please keep the city of Midland with Midland County.
Jill Thill
I disagree with this map. Please keep the city of Midland with Midland County.
Jill Thill
I disagree with this map. Please keep the city of Midland with Midland County.
Catherine A Macomber
I cannot support this map. You have split Bay county away from Bay City. I believe the Watershed of Saginaw Bay and feeding waterways makes the entirety of the county a community of interest that should be considered.
Dennis Quehl
I STRONGLY OPPOSE THIS MAP. It appears that you have attempted and are trying to achieve the splitting of Midland and Midland County who share such a strong community of interest. Examples of this are our kids attending the same schools, all utilizing the same healthcare system (we do not refer patients to McLaren, or the Saginaw hospitals, we refer to the U of M whom we are directly affilliated with), problems with damage from the 2020 flood, many similar community beliefs, and many other reasons. share. This is exactly what you have done in this map. The commission is recently in maps has taken apart cities and counties for what appears to be political purposes. This new map looks like what the mandate in 2018 said it was not going to do. You have made a sideways slice which makes no sense unless you have purposely tried to sneak this map in. Please represent us based on community of interest and be strong and DO NOT be influenced by others, even on the commission, that appear to have ulterior motives. I also believe that the commissioners need to take a good look at who has submitted some of these new maps. If any of these are submitted directly by a commissioner they should be reviewed for what the purpose and reasoning is. They can only be political in nature as they truly have no common sense in them. You need to do some house cleaning on your commission.
Jennifer Austin
I'm torn on this map. I would love to see districts more compact and square. I would love to see COIs kept together. And I would love to see House districts that aren't spread out so candidates don't have to travel as much to talk to voters and concerns are more centralized around an area. At the same time, partisan fairness is the most important factor as far as I am concerned. We have had maps that decided how our legislature was made up for decades. Republicans gerrymandered so badly that even though there were a majority of voters who voted for Democrats, the Republicans held minority rule. That has to end. We need maps that achieve as close to zero political bias as possible and if that means my district is shaped like a bone then so be it. We can't all have what we want. The most important thing right now is to have a legislature that works for the people, not the extreme portions of their party. If the state house and senate are evenly split, then maybe they will be forced to compromise in Lansing and we can have good governance in this state.
Jennifer Austin
Natalie Gingras Hazen
No connecting the City of Midland to Bay City or Saginaw
Aaron Majorana
Unfortunately, this map looks like the very definition of gerrymandering. It makes absolutely no sense to cut out Midland from the rest of Midland county. Likewise, it makes no sense to cut out Saginaw and Bay City from the rest of their counties. There is little no similarity in culture or people between the three cities and it's hard to imagine any "community of interest" between them. However, there is a far greater community between Midland, Midland County, and Gladwin Counties because they were all heavily affected by the flooding that occurred in 2020. By dividing up Midland, you are dividing up a unified voice for flood recovery. Keep Midland together with Midland and Gladwin counties.
Mary J Quehl
I STRONGLY OPPOSE THIS MAP. Why would you split Midland County from Midland which has the same community of interest. I live in the city of Midland and 6 miles up the road is my cousin's 1000 acre farm. Their kids went to Midland public schools, were on the same sports teams, ... We have none of these things in common going east through Bay City. This appears to be someones attempt to meet an equal number of voters on each side which is not what redistricting is about. If this were true and 90% of an area/community of interest of the state was one party, would you then split this community apart and link it with another area not even in close proximetry to try to make it 50/50?? This is exactly what you have done in this map. The commission is recently in maps taken apart cities and counties for what appears to be political purposes. The commission needs to remember that they are supposed to be nonpartisen! It appears that partiesenship is driving this process, and that they are being innapropritely influenced by others away from their duties on hand. This new map looks like what the mandate in 2018 said it was not going to do. Please represent us based on community of interest and be strong and DO NOT be influenced by others, even on the commission, that appear to have ulterior motives.
Mike Scott
Strongly dislike. Cuts the City of Midland out of Midland County. Makes no sense.
Michelle Smith
DISLIKE MAP- - this map rips cities and townships into pieces and makes no sense
Matthew J Smith
The way you drew this map with the arm connecting Midland to Bay city removes alot of communities of interest to hit a parisan quota- STRONGLY DISLIKE MAP
Jesseca Elza
The constitution requires The Commission use ‘communities of interest’ to draw fair maps. Slicing out the City of Midland and adding them into larger urban centers like Bay City dilutes the voices of the Midland community. Please discontinue political interests and follow the constitutional requirements that protect our community interests and needs.
Dawn Bartell
Strongly dislike keep midland city with midland county
jane scott
Strongly dislike! Keep city of Midland with Midland County! We work closely with our Midland county neighbors! The county fairgrounds are in the city!
Voters Not Politicians chose to rank Communities of Interest higher than partisan fairness because they know that breaking our communities damages our voice and choice in representation. We URGE you to follow the requirements of the constitution when finishing your maps.
Dave Kepler
I cannot see any logic in this map, as reflects little of how these communities in what you have defined in what is defined as district 31 ,53,57. I think any maps that have these types of shapes need to be challenged
Doreen F Starner
What were you thinking? Why would you take the city from the county to join with a city in a neighboring county? This appears to be gerrymandering to meet political interests and justifying it by the statistics you list below the map. But statistics do not reflect community values and representation should try to be with those that have common shared purposes. We need to stay whole as a county and not be put in with Bay City --Midland city needs to be linked to the west and north to help with common interest of flood recovery. Please keep Midland County intact with Gladwin County.
Cathy Leikhim
This map is the definition of 'gerrymandering'! All of a sudden, this commission decided to take perfectly logical Statehouse maps based on communities of interest, and rip cities and townships into pieces, for political purposes. The Commission appears to be ignoring the constitution which requires that they use ‘communities of interest’ to draw fair maps. This ‘robot arm’ you drew to connect the cities of Midland and Bay City completely removes multiple communities of interest solely to hit a partisan quota. Our legislators should represent our shared community interests, not portions of three or four communities who all have different interests and needs.
Jennifer Majorana
This house map makes absolutely no sense. Most of the other districts in MidMichigan look like they follow county lines - Please do not carve out Midland in this way and lump it in with Bay City. As a resident of Midland County, it makes the most sense to me to keep Midland in one, westward facing house district. Midland has more in common with Sanford and more rural western areas than Bay City. The 2020 flooding affected multiple areas in Midland County and splitting up these areas into different districts will harm flood recovery. Please keep the city of Midland with Midland County and do not lump us in with Bay City!
This was an awful decision. While I am not from the Monroe area, I feel very badly that their community was sacrificed today.