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2020 Census PL 94.171 Data
Joshua Schriver
Move these (2) Oxford Twp Precincts with the rest of Oxford and Addison Twp in MI46. They share one non-partisan community of interest in their single, shared school system.
Why after many, many displeased comments on all the previous maps, have you not corrected these egregious districts that serve to dilute the voices of Pontiac voters and other communities as well? The residents of these communities will not accept the "it's too much work" answer. Commenters from Lake Orion, Oxford, Clarkston, Independence Township, Waterford, Auburn Hills, Bloomfield and Pontiac have all stated that these districts do not preserve COIs and do not represent the communities involved in any way. Fix this!
This map unnecessarily splits multiple communities and townships. There is no VRA, COI or population requirement that necessitates this. This is pure gerrymandering.
Jason Besley
Instead of elongating district 76 so far east, why not extend east just to the natural boundary of the Grand River, then include Talmadge Township and my home of Grandville. Then northern G.R., Grand Rapids Twp and East G.R. can comprise District 75 instead of spilling over into part of Plainfield Twp.
This is definitely better. But why not include all of Gladwin County and remove the sliver of Clare County and put them in District 94
Catherine A Macomber
I support this map with reservations. I believe northern Bay county has more in common with the rest of the Watershed. The Saginaw Bay, fed by the associated rivers, has the potential to create flooding, power outages, and access barriers similar to those in southern Bay county. I think this should be taken into consideration.
Daniel Grams
I can't believe you are actually going to present this map to the public. The configurations of districts make no logical sense, even with VRA considerations. The reality is that you've created ugly looking districts that would have voted the same whether packed or not. At least a person would be representing a defined community. Now you have these narrow strips of district encompassing several communities...divided communities all over the place. For what please the social scientists and their ivory tower gobbly gook?? I hope the 2nd round of public comments will lead you to make significant changes to this map. You've taken what should be simple and made it unnecessarily complex. I don't think this is the product that voters had in mind in 2018 when they created this commission.
Daniel Harris
Well, all of the State House maps have been extremely messy but especially compared to Versions 4, 5, and 6 released today, this one is the least bad.
This map is absurd; Metro Detroit looks like a jigsaw puzzle. Will look worse after the changes today; such as Taylor and Monroe in a district. Start over and do things correctly please. I note that commenters from Detroit were also highly unhappy with the maps during the public comments at today's meeting. There are ways to get VRA compliance without destroying everyone's community representation. Local Reps for local communities!