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2020 Census PL 94.171 Data
Robert Dindoffer
This map breaks up the Lake St. Clair COI (A-9 from the MGGG report) across 3 districts and the Grosse Pointes across 2 districts. My hometown of Grosse Pointe Park has been removed from the lakeshore district. Please restore the Lake St. Clair State Senate District 7. If you need to "flip" a district for partisan reasons, then please just shave a couple of points, rather than breaking up the whole COI. Or, better yet, look at a different district that is based on a clear COI. Thanks.
Robert C
I agree with Patrick Quist. Why are these districts so convoluted in boundaries, sprawled across vast areas instead of being more geographically compact? It just gives the impression of more gerrymandering and special interests.
Robert C
Why not make District 21 the entire county of Kalamazoo, instead of carving out and adding a part of Van Buren county and removing a portion of Kalamazoo county and adding it District 3?
Robert C
What rational can be given to carve this section out and attach it to district 21? District lines should be more mindful of geographical proximity and county lines. It makes me wonder what special interest is pressuring the commission to carve these special sections out from one county and to attach them to another?
Robert C
Why are there so many districts on this map that have contorted shapes that divide up counties and are not more compact? Carving out parts to put in other districts gives the appearance of gerrymandering and erodes the trust of the commission. The only areas where this should occur are in and around larger cities, not less populated regions.
Patrick Quist
I do not understand the commissions obsession with putting south kent county with south haven and/or benton harbor. I do not like this arrangement. I'd much rather be part of a Kent County district. Ottawa/Barry/Allegan county is okay too.
Catherine A Macomber
I cannot support this map. This map puts northern Bay county into a northern district. Northern Bay county hugs the shore of Saginaw Bay. We have flooding, power outage, and road impediment concerns that are similar to the rest of the Watershed. Our community of interest aligns with the southern half of Bay county. Do not split the county in this manner.
Kent Douglas
You can't have a district that cuts Farmington away form Farmington Hills, Farmington is effectively the downtown for Farmington Hills
Dana Fortier
Splitting up Farmington Hills into 2 separate Senate Districts is splitting up an area that should be kept together. Farmington Hill should be together with Farmington, as well. Those two cities share resources, share a school district, share a library system. They should be contained within the same districts - State Senate, State House, and Congressional.