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2020 Census PL 94.171 Data
Joshua Schriver
Move these (2) Oxford Twp Precincts with the rest of Oxford and Addison Twp in MI46. They share one non-partisan community of interest in their single, shared school system.
Jennifer Austin
I am not too concerned one way or another what our state house district looks like. This meets some of the map criteria and is a decent district based on compactness and geography. But it is imperative that we keep partisan fairness in the center of our minds. You have had a lot of practice mapping on compactness, COI's, not splitting more than is necessary, and I see that you are mapping based on VRA and partisan fairness issues. Let's keep that up. We must have a map that has as close to zero political bias as possible. The map must reflect the voters of the state and not give undue advantage to a party that receives fewer votes. Let's make our legislature work for us by making it so they have to work for our votes. Legislatures in safe districts don't have to work for votes. They know they will win by virtue of the D or R by their name in certain districts. I'm so tired of that. If the maps aren't compact, so be it. Give us a map that works for the people of Michigan. That's what we need.
Paul Kittinger
Royal Oak falls into how many districts? Looks like at least 3. And how many other communities fall in the 18th and 21st? Seems like Royal Oak should be contained within a single district since Royal Oak has more in common with the rest of Royal Oak than other communities it's packed with. And 9 districts cross the Wayne/Oakland county line? Doesn't seem like this adequately prioritizes consideration of county, city, and township boundaries or communities of interest.
This suggest isn't too bad but it would be better if you included all of Gladwin County and exclude that chunk of District 94.
Kristine McLonis
Half of West Bloomfield should be with Waterford; the other half with Commerce Township. Put Pontiac with Auburn Hills.
Lake Orion belongs with Oxford, Brandon and Leonard, not Auburn Hills and Bloomfield. Pontiac belongs with Auburn Hills and Bloomfield. This change would put all the affected communities back into their actual COIs, clean up the maps and preserve the VRA.
Andrea Johanson
Novi goes a lot further North than this map! Currently Novi and Walled Lake share schools. Lumping Walled Lake and Wixom with South Lyon all the way across to Whitmore Lake makes no sense. The Walled Lake community and the Washtenaw county communities share nothing in common.
Andrea Johanson
I really don't understand why you would want to split Northville and Northville Township in this way. Why would they not be together? Combining Novi and Northville is also unnecessary. The current split at 8 mile road makes sense because it's on the line between Wayne and Oakland Counties. This grabbing of half of Northville and combining it with Novi makes no sense at all.
Brittany Pinnock
I'm extremely disappointed to see that this map has split Novi in half. Novi extends from 8 Mile Rd to 14 Mile Rd. NOVI SHOULD BE KEPT WHOLE. Novi is not 2 separate entities and it should not be divided. The proposed North Novi district stretches to rural parts of Washtenaw County. Southwest Oakland County doesn't have any similarities to rural Washtenaw County. There are no shared services nor similar demographics. Novi is a growing city with a significant AAPI community similar to Troy. Dividing Novi in half diminishes the voting power of the AAPI community and other communities of color. Novi shares school districts with Northville and Walled Lake and works with Farmington and Farmington Hills. Do not divide Novi into multiple districts. Keep Novi together in one district and include the areas that border it.
Karen Lynne Bolsen
Please reconsider the map for the region including Farmington and Farmington Hills. It is inconceivable that you would split communities unless you were intentionally trying to divide the electorate. Farmington sits inside the borders of Farmington Hills. We share a school district, a library system, and many civic functions. We were once a city that grew into a surrounding twp. It is one community. Splitting us up as a community and placing half of us with Southfield and another half with Franklin and Beverly Hills and Southfield makes no sense.
Jonathan Warshay
This is a district that severs municipalities and ties the remaining parts together. The remaining pieces are not a community of interest. It is a set of (partial) communities that have little to do with one another.
Jonathan Warshay
This creates a district that has no shared interests with the different communities that would be a part of it. Much of the proposed district has nothing to do with other parts.
Jonathan Warshay
I live next to Farmington Hills. This map severs the city, combines part with Franklin, with which is does not share common interests, and the southern part creeps along the south side of the county into Detroit, again not really sharing interests. Perhaps this is someone's idea of creating a majority-minority district, but it does not create a district of shared community.
Jack Bengtsson
Map #193
Elizabeth Morris
I am a long time resident of Novi and was very upset and disturbed to see a small section of Novi notched out of our district. This just happens to be the location of the home of our newly elected State Representative! Is this the result of deliberate rigging on the part of some Commissioners? Novi is a very cohesive community with strong ties among residents. It should remain intact, especially since this map seems to have partisan bias built into it, the very opposite of the goal of the Commission. Also, West Bloomfield should be divided in a north and south manner and paired with Waterford and Commerce Township respectively. They are similar and geographically aligned. Pontiac and Auburn Hills should be similarly paired.
Daniel Harris
One modest suggestion for the Upper Peninsula. it would be more compact and cleaner looking if Baraga County stays with the rest of the western UP just like it has in previous maps. Then your district number 108 can take in more of Dickinson County and both districts won't stretch so far from west to east.
Additionally, the commission deliberately shorted the population in the district to concentrate the Pontiac vote, when the same effect is easily achieved using the communities that actually have connections with Pontiac (such as Auburn Hills) without artificially under-populating the district.
Kent Douglas
I think that if you are to divide up Waterford, if you must, that it's much a better idea to do along a north/south divide as opposed to east/west. Most of the time the east side of Waterford has much more in common, economically with Pontiac and the Lakes communities than the west side, which is often more like communities like White Lake.
lori A Boyce
I live in Farmington Hills and I view Farmington as part of our community. We share school district, library system and focus on economic development together. Personally - I view supporting our Farmington businesses as the same as supporting Farmington HIlls. It makes no sense having these parts of our community in 2 different districts.
This is a terrible map. Auburn Hills, Lake Angelus and Sylvan Lake have infrastructure, schools and COIs with Pontiac. Pontiac students also attend W Bloomfield Schools in large numbers, but somehow a small section of Waterford, which has no such connections is put in this district, which is unrepresentative of the communities and creates these very oddly shaped districts.
lori A Boyce
Splitting up Farmington and Farmington Hills makes no sense - we operate together - same school system; library and work together in approach to market. Us residents frankly view ourselves as one community and we support each other's businesses throughout Farmington and Farmington Hills.
Catherine A Macomber
I support this map with reservations. I believe keeping the northern part of Bay county with the rest of the Watershed is an important consideration given that the threat of flooding, power outages, and road maintenance are items which concern the entirety of the community of interest related to the Watershed.
B Anness
Auburn Hills should be partnered with Rochester/Rochester Hills. Oakland Twp. should stay with northern Oakland Co.
B Anness
Seriously? This map isn’t any different than the original HD 45. You’ve only flipped the carve out from the west to the east side of Oakland Twp. Oakland Twp. Should stay whole and so should Auburn Hills. The attached map shows how this can be achieved.
Marci W
As someone who lives in West Bloomfield, it makes more sense to unpack this district and put half of West Bloomfield with Commerce and half with Waterford
Dana Fortier
Splitting up Farmington Hills into 2 separate Senate Districts is splitting up an area that should be kept together. Farmington Hill should be together with Farmington, as well. Those two cities share resources, share a school district, share a library system. They should be contained within the same districts - State Senate, State House, and Congressional.
Sharon Baseman
District 21 makes no sense. Splitting Oak Park in half is ridiculous. This district should have a horizontal configuration, not a long vertical one. Oak Park, Huntington Woods and Royal Oak Township should be kept with other inner ring suburbs, especially Ferndale and Pleasant Ridge. We have much more in common with those communities than we do with Detroit.
There are many COI submissions to guide what this area should look like but none of them ask for anything like this.
include Harper woods with the Grosse Pointes, all of the COI submissions request this and they share a school district
Holly Armstrong
Genesee County is a strong democrat county. always has been. with this map it is currently cut into 8 different Representative. looking at the map 5 of those would be republicans and 3 would be dems. this is a bad map. it is not representative of the people and the voting trends of people. It also packs majority minority communities into 2 districts. I understand that we are looking to make it non-partisan however, you have to look at the previous voting trends because if the people are 60% dem and 40% republican but the map is 40% dem and 60% republican it is a bad map.