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2020 Census PL 94.171 Data
Why after many, many displeased comments on all the previous maps, have you not corrected these egregious districts that serve to dilute the voices of Pontiac voters and other communities as well? The residents of these communities will not accept the "it's too much work" answer. Commenters from Lake Orion, Oxford, Clarkston, Independence Township, Waterford, Auburn Hills, Bloomfield and Pontiac have all stated that these districts do not preserve COIs and do not represent the communities involved in any way. Fix this!
Dignesha P
Please keep Novi together. It should not split.
Rekha Dutta
Why is Northville being split from Northville Township? They should be kept together. We're not part of Plymouth.
Chandra G
I am not happy with Novi splitting. Please keep Novi together. Especially Please keep Liberty Park as part of Novi.
vijay G
Please keep Novi together. Taking a densely populated part of Liberty park from precinct (14) and lumping it into a rural district (with Salem, South Lyon and Worden) seems like a deliberate attempt to dilute the voice of a diverse community.
Shola Salako
Please let's keep Novi intact. Please keep Liberty Park in Precinct 14. Thank you for listening!
Ramesh Iyer
Novi should not split and requesting not to move the liberty park subdivision where we live and to Keep the subdivision as it remains in Novi. This change will not bring in many business and residents living in this subdivision.
Swetha Bomi
Liberty Park has to be part of Novi. The precinct has a large Asian population similar to the rest of Novi, these communities all must be kept together.
Abhay B
Please keep Novi together. Taking a densely populated part of Liberty park from precinct (14) and lumping it into a rural district (with Salem, South Lyon and Worden) seems like a deliberate attempt to dilute the voice of a diverse community.
Danial Hyder
Why is Liberty Park paired with Lyon Township? It is part of Novi. It should stay with Novi. This is plain and clear gerrymandering.
Sampath Paturi
Please keep Novi together.
Kanira Jain
Novi should not be split up!
Aditi Bagchi
Please keep Novi together. Taking the most heavily AAPI precinct (14) and lumping it into a rural district (with Salem, South Lyon and Worden) seems like a deliberate attempt to quiet the voices of the AAPI community.
Atasi Bagchi
All of Novi should be kept together. Separating current Pct 14 from the rest of the city segregates the AAPI population in that area from other communities with similar interests.
William Asher
I'm not thrilled with district 18. Lumping part of Royal Oak and most of Ferndale with a part of north central Detroit splits south Royal Oak from its northern neighbors, and dilutes the minority vote for constituents in Detroit. Under the Voting Rights Act you really need to provide opportunities for representation for the Detroit residents. Meanwhile Royal Oak has common concerns with other southeastern Oakland communities like Berkley, Huntington Woods, and Madison Heights (not to mention Hazel Park!); a legislator representing those communities would have a fairly unified docket.
Julia L Galliker
Pontiac and Auburn Hill are effectively one community and should not be divided between two districtions.
Vinit Gupta
It is absurd to separate Liberty Park area from Novi as almost 100% of population there is Asian. It should stay with Rest of Novi.
Karen Zyczynski
The city of Novi is already divided between four different school districts. To divide it again between two state house districts does a huge disservice to the cohesiveness and interests of the community. The more ways we divide up an area the less people see themselves as part of that community and their interests become divided in multiple directions. As someone who lives in Novi but within the boundaries of another school district, I find that many of my neighbors become more aligned with the school district and community where their children attend school and less so with the community in which they live. Minimally, I believe we need to keep the city within one district.
Nina Dodge Abrams
Making Districts 10, 21,18, and 16 verticle from South Oakland into half of Detroit makes no sense. There is enough space among these 4 districts to make sensible groupings. South Oakland county shares schools, security, libraries, infra structure and community of interests. Detroit has its own combinations of shared community needs. Also, the ethnic, religious, and race interests are so split up that the likelyhood of diverse and fair respresentation of COI in the legislature is nil. These are need to be re-drawn and horozontally to be fair and meet constitutional requirements. Detroit deserves its own representative.
Julie A Argonis
just to add a few thoughts. My concern is that Novi has been cut in half, but that 's not exactly true. By separating the northern part of the city and lopping it in with rural parts of Washtenaw county, I fear that those voices will be drowned out. that area has a significant AAPI population and without the connectivity back to their own city, school district, economic base and interests, they will be disenfranchised as members of a growing city, and without representation for a signigicant and valued minority population. If "communities of interest" are a priority, city boundaries and school districts must be kept whole as much as possible. Please keep trying.
Kathleen Roderick
Why would you divide a city in half. This is ludicrous and defies common sense!
Michael L McEvoy
I do not appreciate the map splitting my home city of Novi into 2 districts. This is unacceptable. We are Novi. Overall, the map doesn't appear to end gerrymandering at all, and instead, piecemeals the ideas of gerrymandering into smaller chunks to make it seem fairer... but it's not. Please do better.
Manoharprasad K. Rao
Breaking Novi precinct 14 from the rest of Novi makes no sense. The precinct has a large Asian population similar to the rest of Novi, these communities of interest must be kept together.
Aaron Martinez
This current state house map fails to reflect the cohesion between communities in Southwest Oakland County. The two Novi districts (36 and 110) will divide the City and place each district with the interests of a different county. Proposed District 36 puts suburban Oakland County with very rural parts of Washtenaw County where there are virtually no shared interests. Proposed District 110 places Novi with an oddly drawn portion of Northville in Wayne County which separates a neighborhood. It quite literally divides a neighborhood's representation. The interests of Oakland County's growing suburban communities are vastly different from those of small villages and townships in rural areas. The City of Novi is a crossroads for many communities in Southwest Oakland County. Novi alone has 4 school districts: Novi Schools, South Lyon, Walled Lake, and Northville. That history has allowed this are to flourish and be connected to one another. Lastly, Proposed Districts 36 and 110 will divide Novi in a way which separates Novi's Asian American and Pacific Islander communities from the majority of the rest of the city. There could be serious Voting Rights Acts problems with the map for that reason. It is currently drawn in a way which detaches and disenfranchises the AAPI communities from their geographic Novi community.
Asha Vinod
I am Novi resident for past 12 years. Liberty Park has been in Novi precinct 14. I see that it has been taken out from that precinct now. It is divided and put in some other precinct. I strongly urge the commission to please not divide Indian American community
Hirak Chanda
Novi needs to be kept together and not divided.
Shuvra Das
With every iteration the State House map gets worse and worse. There is really no reason to split Novi and put a piece of it with rural area such as Wixom. There is no link between these two areas as COI. All parts of Novi belong together. Similar things are being seen in other districts of SE Michigan. On top of this, this map gives distinct advantage to one party. Refer to for a Fair map. It is much more logical and fair.
Mary Ann Fontana
I live in Huntington Woods which is included in District 21. Looking at how this district has been drawn and many surrounding districts I don't understand the rationale for splitting cities in a district. Also why would you split the district between the 2 largest counties in Michigan? We would be much better served if you kept the south Oakland County cities of Huntington Woods, Royal Oak Township, Oak Park, Ferndale, and Berkley together. Our children attend school in either the Berkley, Ferndale, or Oak Park system. We are all small cities that share services and have always been represented together. Also by drawing our district in with part of Detroit, I feel you are doing a disservice to the people of Detroit who deserve their own representative to speak to their issues.
Ratna Rao
This is ridiculous! Why has Novi P 14 been chopped off from rest of the city? This precinct is heavily Asian/Indian American and an integral part of rest of the community. It belongs in Novi!
Thomas Heck
I would recommend moving Brownstown Twp and Flat Rock from this proposals for District 60 into the District 22 Proposal to maintain county lines and because they have more common interests. I would propose adding the Monroe County portions of District 40 over to to District 60 add population with common interests (versus moving those to District 65).
Thomas Heck
This proposal for District 65 should include the areas of Monroe County currently proposed for District 40 (Ash Twp, Carleton, Steiner). If population is needed to fill the District proposal keep Milan and York Twp as they have more in common with the sections of Monroe County than Belleville and the area in Wayne County between Huron and Romulus. I would move those areas into District 40 proposal.
Thomas Heck
This proposal for District 40 makes absolutely no sense from a Community of Interest perspective. The City of Taylor has no common interests with the Villages of Carleton or Waltz or the section in Ash Twp of Monroe County. I dont believe it even has any common interests with New Boston in Wayne County. The areas in Monroe County should be included in the proposal for District 65.
Adrienne Elliot
We know this is hard - but please don’t stop until this is made right. The city of Novi extends from 8 mile to 14 Mile. This map cuts north Novi off from our city resources and community that we have grown to love over the last 25 years. The area has been trending blue for years and finally have achieved a decent partisan balance. Instead of putting our area back with the rest of our city, you have added in Farmington Hills which makes no sense. This map places us with other areas that we have NOTHING in common with. Novi shares school districts with other OAKLAND county cities of Northville, Walled Lake and South Lyon. We have absolutely nothing in common with Washtenaw County. Extending our district south of 8 Mile or west of our county line puts us with areas we share nothing with. Our growing AAPI community in north Novi has been disassociated with the rest of Novi and Northville. Please keep us with our neighbors, schools and community and put us back in with our city of Novi.
David Morgan
First I would like to say thank you for your service while serving on this commission. I have been quietly watching the commissions on line meeting and wanted to see how things would turn out. I know the reason this commission was formed was to attempt to eliminate gerrymandering and it is safe to say few Districts in the state were gerrymandered more than the 62nd District which now is even worse in your District 74. I am a life long resident of Pennfield Charter Township and served as the Township Supervisor for 4 of those years. As I have watched our "New" District evolve during your meetings it has been disheartening to see that once again the main concern has become to make sure it is a Democratic seat and not a seat that truly represents the people. The commission went from a district that made perfect sense where the townships of Pennfield, Bedford, and Emmett together with the City of Springfield and Battle Creek were together. The numbers were very close and as you pointed out gave the Republicans about a 1% edge which makes it about as competitive as it could get. These communities also share Law Enforcement and Fire Services with mutual aid agreements, they all use the same libraries, the same court system, the same sewer and water systems in some cases. By putting this district together as you original had I was very impressed thinking that the new system was working. Then a man obviously partisan man from Albion saying that Battle Creek and Albion must stay together and things started to change back to gerrymandering a district for the Democrats instead of a District that represents the people. How in any way is Pennfield Charter Township (almost an hour drive) more inline with the City of Albion than Albion Twp? There are families who have members living in both the City of Albion and Albion Twp the same police and fire respond to both the City of Albion and Albion Twp. To stretch this district that far and clearly gerrymander it for only one reason, and that is too elect a Democrat not to represent the communities, is exactly what this commission was voted in to prevent. This commission has the opportunity to show the people of Michigan that this idea of a Citizens Redistricting Commission can work but this will be a district if not fixed will be one of focus that it does not. Pennfield, Emmett, Bedford, Battle Creek, Springfield creates a very competitive seat and would be a great example of fixing a clearly stretched and gerrymandered district. Thank you, Dave Morgan
This version of the map gives republicans up to a 6 point advantage as well as really drowning out the voices of our Asian population. Novi is a very diverse community with an large and exemplary school district. Splitting the representation of our school community will negatively impact the cohesiveness of our community. Hacking a small chunk of our city off on the North side will create problems as that is one of the few areas in Novi with Multi family housing options. This area also includes a large percentage of the lower incomes in Novi. Hacking them off of our city will disenfranchise these voters by putting them in with a large group of rural voters, with whom, they have nothing in common. As this project's goal is to create a fair map, I would urge you reconsider this set up and look at keeping Novi together, regardless of their finances.
Rachel Sines
Please keep Novi together! Novi extends up to 14 Mile and this proposal is separating my community from the rest of the city and putting us in an entirely different county of Washtenaw. This makes no sense! You are grouping a heavily populated area into a rural area where we have little in common. Traditionally we have worked closely with Walled Lake, South Lyon, and Northville and would like to continue to do so.
Brittany Pinnock
I'm extremely disappointed to see that this map has split Novi in half. Novi extends from 8 Mile Rd to 14 Mile Rd. NOVI SHOULD BE KEPT WHOLE. Novi is not 2 separate entities and it should not be divided. The proposed North Novi district stretches to rural parts of Washtenaw County. Southwest Oakland County doesn't have any similarities to rural Washtenaw County. There are no shared services nor similar demographics. Novi is a growing city with a significant AAPI community similar to Troy. Dividing Novi in half diminishes the voting power of the AAPI community and other communities of color. Novi shares school districts with Northville and Walled Lake and works with Farmington and Farmington Hills. Do not divide Novi into multiple districts. Keep Novi together in one district and include the areas that border it.
Katherine Dooley
The current proposal for Novi makes zero sense to how we operate as a city and community. We consistently share resources with neighboring cities such has Northville, Walled Lake/Wixom, Farmington Hills and Farmington. We even had a consortium for Novi, FH, and Farmington at one point. We have zero in common with the rural communities outside of our area and share no commonality in operations. You are also marginalizing our growing diverse population here with how you cut this map. You are cutting up school districts, and including counties that have nothing to do with our area and our neighbors. Novi to the north needs to be whole with the rest of our community. I voted on redistricting to make people's voices better heard and the cutting up of communities come to an end. Why is this being perpetuated? People's voices need to be heard - not parties. Make this make sense.
John Fitzgerald
This is a disappointing result for Wyoming, a city of 76,500 persons, to have a split representation in house districts. A singular, unified voice for residents of the city is of the utmost importance, but the arbitrary extension into Byron Township seems unnecessary when many draft maps to this point created a suitable, strong district with Grandville and Wyoming together in their entirety. Wyoming/Grandville or Wyoming/Grand Rapids are much better suited to the residents and are representative of the communities of interest in the metro-Grand Rapids area.
Julie A Argonis
why on earth would you cut Novi in half and separate key elements of its economic base across two districts? Not sure that carving up school districts across legislative distric lines is a good idea at all, and lobbing in a rapidly expanding subruban community in with a rural communities across county lines really stretches the notion of "communities of interest." School districts are the backbone of any community and should be kept intact across legislative district lines. This is not happening in this map, not just for Novi, but for several districts in the surrounding area. Busting up school districts, crossing county lines, miss-matched suburban and rural 'communities of interest' with very little in common from housing stock to population density to infrastructure needs to population diversity. "north novi" needs to be reunited with the rest of novi. Carving it up waters down the rich multi-cultural makeup of Novi and tamps down the diverse voices of this community
There are a huge number of COI submissions asking for this district to go north, none asking for this.
Harper Woods should be included with the Pointes, they share a school system, newspaper, etc. It's a terrible idea to have the same representative for the Grosse Pointe's and downtown Detroit
Nessa Feller
Baffled how Birmingham and areas near 8 mile have much in common. The economy, schools, social events etc... are totally different. Not even close! This looks very gerrymandered (in shape too) given how many different communities are all lumped together.
Brad Ellens
South West Kent County could really use another look, these areas are cut up based on some very interesting dividing lines. I think areas are better served diving them by things such as County and township lines, rather than using things like highways or subdivisions. Byron township and school district are now represented by 4 different representatives, while the Gaines township and City of Wyoming areas all fall into multiple districts as well. I understand trying to make each district about the same amount of voters, but by splitting up some communities so much you take away all of their voices and give them to the larger areas around them.
Nessa Feller
When I looked to buy a house, I looked in Birmingham, Beverly Hills and Franklin. Those are all communities of interest and similar enough where people don't differentiate between the areas. We share schools. There is a huge focus on schools. The kids from the area all come to Birmingham to hang out. Those are the kids my kids hang out with - they are similar and shouldn't be split off from Birmingham.
Jeff Ridsdale
These districts have been shaped to get the right demographic blend instead of keeping together COI which is the wrong priority. These maps are supposed to serve us for a decade. People move, politics change, demographics can change over 10 years. The boundaries of the cities, counties, and school districts will not.
Drew Jones
I'm sorry but this map is poorly done. The fact that Byron Township is split up 3 different ways doesn't make sense at all. This area needs to be kept whole. Can you imagine being a Rep. that helps this school district? Oh there's a event at the high school, well that's a different rep...
Shuvra Das
This map is turing out to be more of a map tilted towards one party. It is necessary to make to map more fair. Michigan's AFL-CIO has proposed a very Fair map in their Fair maps project ( Their map has not made wierd shaped districts in the Detroit Area and have kept communities of interest together in a much better way than these State House maps being proposed. Also, they are much less partisan leaning and fair.
Sharon Baseman
This map for District 21 is still awful. This should be an all-south Oakland County district. Oak Park should not be split in half. As I’ve mentioned on earlier maps, the configuration of this district should be horizontal and end at 8 Mile. The Detroit part of this district should be kept with Detroit and it should extend east to include Ferndale, Pleasant Ridge, possibly Hazel Park and Madison Heights.
Walter Sorg
The most recent House map splits up the greater Lansing area, effectively packing two districts with one party so that the partisan splits do not reflect the political views of the entire area. Ingham County, with a population of 285,000 (3.1 House districts) is carved into pieces of 6 districts; Eaton County (110,000, 1.2 districts) is divided into 3 districts. An improvement would provide better partisan balance. The two counties voted 61.7% Democratic in 2020; the current maps would pack that vote into 2 districts, resulting in a significant partisan advantage for the minority party. A fairer map would produce 3 Democratic leaning districts and 2 Republican leaning districts.
There is so much wrong here that I almost don't know where to start. 1) on districts 38 and 29 - they were originally changed because the 29 district was "c" shaped and "looked weird" - somehow during the discussion Comm. Eid removed Auburn Hills from Pontiac, turned it into an ] (inverted c), then disenfranchised a very small portion of Waterford/Union Lake by separating them from the rest of their community (and basically wasting all their votes), and lastly deliberately underpopulated the district to concentrate the Pontiac vote. He did this while saying that Pontiac had more in common with Waterford than Auburn Hills, Lake Angelus or Sylvan Lake? Umm, no. Auburn Hills and Lake Angelus share schools, infrastructure and COIs with Pontiac, Sylvan Lake shares a school district and large numbers of Pontiac students go to school in W Bloomfield. Additionally Bloomfield Hills and Pontiac share a very large retail/office/condo (eventually) park on Telegraph (was annexed years ago). As other commenters have noted, these are better matches for Pontiac and using them would clean up the maps and get rid of the oddly shaped districts while preserving the VRA district. 2) You have separated Farmington and Farmington Hills which is really one community with shared schools and services. Not necessary or fair to that community. 3)You have Lake Orion in a district with Auburn Hills and Bloomfield Hills? Lake Orion belongs with Oxford, Brandon and Leonard, as many other commenters have noted. 4) Southfield should be in a district with Oak Park (not Farmington), in addition to the African American community in these districts, there are many Orthodox Jewish communities and the Jewish Community Center these communities share 4) Berkley, Royal Oak and Ferndale are a COI and should be in the same district 5) Clawson should be in a district with Troy 6) Lastly, clean up the strange meandering unrelated districts - these serve no one well, are NOT required for VRA purposes, destroy many COIs and cut up communities unnecessarily.
Amer Zahr
Maps like this that split Dearborn down Greenfield effectively split the Arab American community and dilute the vote of our community. This is clearly done to split the Arab American community (which makes up about 90% of the population of Dearborn east of Southfield Freeway). If a map like this were adopted, Arab Americans would be a minority bloc in both districts in which Dearborn is a part. The AFL Fair Maps draws a much more equitable map, keeping East Dearborn (E of Southfield Freeway) fully intact and grouping it with parts of West Dearborn to reach the requisite numbers of roughly 92,000 for a district. Please do not accept any maps that split up the Arab American center of Dearborn (East Dearborn). Thank you.
curious as to why information comparing D vs R voting numbers used to determine these maps isn't available to the public.. for example the comparrisons Mr. Adelson is there to enforce compliance with under the guise of VRA.