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John Michael Elsen
A horrible map. This grouping does not reflect the values of Midland nor its future development. We should be part of Midland county and we are developing in that direction. We should also consider the ESG of our community. We need to be part of the watershed that flows through our city.
Carol Heron
This map includes Tuscola County with the Tri-Cities and Flint/Genesee. It should be with the Thumb. Please keep the Counties of Bay, Saginaw and Genesee together and include the City of Midland who are begging to be in a congressional district with the Tri-Cities.
Christine Kosmowski
As I stated on other similar versions for District 8, I strongly disapprove of any of the map versions that place Battle Creek with southern, rural counties. It has nothing in common with them and has stronger ties with Kalamazoo along the I-94 corridor, which includes economic, health, social, environmental, and educational interests. Please do not consider this or other versions that place Battle Creek with areas of little common interest. This worse than our current district of being included with Grand Rapids.
Jeremy Fisher
Warren is Michigan's most overlooked city. Despite being the third largest city in the state, we are treated like an appendage of Detroit. We have our own character, our own culture, our own economy, and our own interests. We deserve to be in a district with our neighboring Macomb county Communities. We are the heart of Macomb.
Marcie Paul
Many good aspects of this map. Although Oakland Co is split up at least Rochester and Troy stay with Royal Oak and Ferndale. However, Hazel Park and Madison Heights belong with them as well. Also Warren still belongs with Macomb in 6
Anthony Scannell
I don't know why this configuration of D1 has persisted throughout all drafts, but it seems bizarre. There is hardly any . . if any . . connection/affiliation between the upper & lower portions of D1.
Independence Township and Clarkston have nothing in common with the thumb. Should be in district 3.
Dina Shargabian Stuber
Representation will be much more effective and better able to serve constituents if they have cities that have similar values and priorities which is why Troy belongs with Oakland County not Macomb’s district 6. Additionally, this map appears to render Indian voices mute.
Clarkston belongs with District 3, if you have to move a district to 10, it should be Lake Orion; remove Northville from 3.
Rhonda Irish
I agree with Alexander Gavulic's comment. District 3 is a much better fit for Oakland County, but Independence Township is ALSO a part of the shared communities that district represents. Clarkston is made up of exurban Detroit suburbs and is very clearly a part of the I-75 corridor in Northern Oakland County, and should be combined with the communities it shares economic and personal interests to the south along that corridor, rather than the thumb. Note: This is the correct post. I forgot to click on the opinion button in my previous post. The button's default is set to "Like".
I like this proposal for District 8 as it uses current District 7 as a base and adds or subtracts from that for the most part to maintain reasonable Communities of Interest however I dont understand the reasons to add the small slice of Berrien County and removing the small slice of Jackson County. It makes more sense to maintain county lines especially with these relatively minor geographic additions and subtractions.
Marian Mahoney
Troy, Rochester and Rochester Hills belong in the Oakland county district. They are part of I696 corridor community of interest - which connects the Oakland county community - it make no sense to tie them to Macomb county - please revisit this.
Lets not dilute Asian and Middle Easterners voices! Royal Oak and Ferndale belongs to District 3. Please let's make those maps more competitive and not just one district for democrats and one district for republicans. Let both fight for our votes! I like Troy with Rochester Hills and Sterling Heights in District 6. Royal Oak and Ferndale in District 3.
Jennifer L Austin
Also, Tuscola county should be with the Thumb. That would give you room to add some of Midland County to this district and not grab so much from Macomb and Oakland for the Thumb district.
Anne Smith
Troy should stay with cities that border us to the west and share our county, economy, our common interests, our services, and our values. We have little in common with these cities in Macomb county that we are grouped with. Troy does not belong with Macomb county.
Rachel Sines
Please keep Novi together! Novi extends up to 14 Mile and this proposal is separating my community from the rest of the city and putting us in an entirely different county of Washtenaw. This makes no sense! You are grouping a heavily populated area into a rural area where we have little in common. Traditionally we have worked closely with Walled Lake, South Lyon, and Northville and would like to continue to do so.
Alexander Gavulic
This map is going in the right direction, but Independence Township needs to be in District 3, not District 10. It has a roughly equal population with Orion Township, which can be switched into 10 to maintain population balance. Northville City and Township could also be switched out for a roughly equal population balance, as they aren't even a part of Oakland County. Additionally, Independence Township is part of the I-75 corridor and maintains a shared community of interest with all of District 3. I still firmly believe none of Oakland County should be paired with the thumb, and that a unified exurban Oakland district (all of the county other than the southeast corner of Southfield, Bloomfield Hills, Troy, Rochester Hills, and Royal Oak), would represent this area much better. But if this is the direction the Commission wants to go, I implore it to move Independence Township into District 3.
Robert C
An unnecessary carveout that should be redrawn.
Robert C
Why does the commission want to carve up a single county into being represented by 5 different districts. The commission can do better than that!!! These carve out areas need to be reduced.
Robert C
Please leave county lines intact when dealing with less populated areas. As previously stated, why not leave the entire county of Jackson as part of district 8? Stop looking so much at numbers to make certain statistical goals and use more common sense in maintaining county lines, to avoid the appearance of gerrymandering or special interests.
Robert C
Born and raised in Berrien County. Why carve out this part of Berrien County and attach it District 8 that spreads across the entire base of Michigan. Leave county lines intact whenever dealing with less populated areas where there is already shared history, government and economic interests. Likewise, the east part of Jackson county is carved out of District 8 and attached to District 7, when it should remain as an intact county and left in District 8. Why are there so many odd carves out on this map???
Northville a carvout? Look at the traffic patterns and COI; this area is connected to M14 (Washtenaw) 275 (Western Wayne county) and i-96 to Detroit where residents here work. Active infrasture issues and activity is tied to Western Wayne/Washtenaw. This is a specific cutout - would like an explanation. This appears to be about pulling Southgate, etc.. into #7. They are not Western Wayne, and have completely different infrastructure and COI. This is about 10 years into the future. No-Northville carve out. Put with #7... #2 isn't a good fit, but it's better than #3 which will always get a rep from Auburn Hills/the lakes area of Central Oakland. This has to be a hard No. Either divide at the county line at 8 mile - or bring in Novi like the AE maps.
Why is Ottawa County divided into three congressional districts? this is ridiculous. It splits up an agricultural and economic community of interest. Ottawa should be kept whole. Jamestown, Georgetown, and Hudsonville belong with Ottawa County not cracked and given to Kent County. To me this looks like an effort to gerrymander Ottawa County to dilute a traditional republican area.
Brenden Boudreau
This seems like an odd carveout. Why not work to keep the county together?
Brenden Boudreau
This is a very odd carveout and will be a headache for this rural Northern district.
Julie A Argonis
The diverse communities of interest throughout Oakland county need better representation in DC. Many of these communities are tied together economically, and should be kept intact. Partisan balance can be obtained by grouping communities along the 696 corridor, which is a more reasonable solution for an "economic community of interest" than stretching the district nort to include more rural, sparsly populated populations with very different economic concerns. Ultimately, it ends up watering down both economic considerations. Pontiac and Waterford should be kept together. Troy and Rochester should be kept together, Farmington hills and Novi should be kept together... all of these similarly-minded communities should be kept together in a economically similar region
Deborah P Passmore
I support including Midland with the other Great Lakes Bay area cities of Bay City and Saginaw, since there are so may economic and employment opportunities and challenges we share. I am concerned that the rest of Midland County is excluded from this district. I realize that the western part of Midland county is more rural, but the Tittabawassee watershed area ties us together and requires support due to the potential impact downstream to Midland, Saginaw and Bay City. Also our Midland county school districts benefit from common legislative representation
Kent Douglas
This is much more uniform than the last map and definitely has more respect for COI in the counties than the last, but I still have no earthly idea as to why The M-59 corridor is bulked in with Macomb and why Warren is bulked in with Detroit.
Sharon Baseman
I also agree with Yousif that 10-05-21 is much better than this one. Thank you to the commissioners for trying to get this right. I know it’s difficult to please everyone. Hopefully we’ll wind up with maps that please the most people possible, while following the requirements.
Sharon Baseman
This map is awful for the SE Oakland part of District 6. The previous map was much better. The southeastern part of Oakland County belongs together — Oak Park, Huntington Woods, Berkley, Ferndale, Madison Heights, Hazel Park should definitely be kept with District 3. Oak Park and Huntington Woods, especially, have a significant Jewish population and should be kept with Southfield, West Bloomfield and Farmington Hills, which also have a strong Jewish population. If at all possible, Troy and the Rochesters should also be kept with Oakland County. Warren should be completely in Macomb County.
Robert C
Why is this corner of Ogemaw County being placed with District 13, instead of being preserved with the rest of the county to District 12? Carving out small portions like this makes no sense in less populated areas. There are several areas on this map which does so and is compromising the commission's integrity against special interest.
Robert C
I agree with Jennifer Fairfield. Carving out small portions of one county and lumping them into another district is questionable in less populated areas. This compromises the commission's integrity against special interests and gerrymandering. The only locations that should be divided outside of county lines are large city locations. This has been repeatedly mentioned.
Jennifer Fairfield
I own a business in Chelsea. I am finding it hard to understand why you would cut a portion of Lyndon Township out of the rest of Washtenaw County. It doesn't represent a voting precinct, a school district, or any real COI with the rest of the district you have included it in. On the other hand, the majority of the people who live in that area work in Washtenaw County, shop for their everyday needs in Washtenaw County, and send their kids to school in Washtenaw County. They very rarely do any of those in Livingston, Ingham, or any of the other counties you have randomly chosen to put them with. You cannot ignore the connection of that piece of Washtenaw County to the rest of the county in an effort to be precise with the numbers. It makes as much sense to carve out this piece of the county as it would to randomly take any other portion - including right out of the middle of the county. That is to say - it makes none. Please restore that small portion of the county to the entirety of the county. The portion of Oakland County that you have included in the 7th CD could be moved back out, where it belongs, to accommodate the added numbers. Or if you feel you can't adjust Oakland County's district by doing that, by all means, leave them in the 7th - the increase in numbers from adding back the small portion of Lyndon Township would not put the 7th CD very much over the target number - it's a very small population, but you are marginalizing them by separating them from everything they are connected to.
10-05-21 v1 CD is still the best map thus far for district 1, 3 and 6. Clawson, Ferndale and Royal Oak belongs to District 3. Please continue to keep Troy with Rochester Hills and Sterling Height. We are COI. Thank you for your hard work commissioner!
Joel A Sheltrown
Keep all of Ogemaw County in 12
Keep Midland County together with its west and north boundary counties. You have heard "all" the reasons for this decision.