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2020 Census PL 94.171 Data
Frances Walewski
The proposed boundary for District 35 includes parts of Plymouth, Plymouth Township, Livonia and Northville. I wish it could have been more in line with the PCCS boundaries, but understand that the school district is large and could not likely be included in just 1 voting district. This could pose a problem, as our school district is divided into two separate voting districts that could come to different decisions education wise. As drawn, voting district 35 is not very diverse, but it is a reflection of those communities that are upper-income suburbs.
Rachel Lipman
As a student at pcep canton, I believe that Plymouth Canton is highly republican. If we were to change the district lines, we could add more political diversity. This way not one city would have too many republican or democratic votes. I feel that this would balance the votes.
Madeleine White
Plymouth, zone 35, is a fairly divserve district. However it's school system could use improvement. Many highschoolers in plymouth attend pcep, which is in canton. They do not get direct education from their city. While it is not an unreasonable distance to get to pcep, some may benefit from redistricting.
Sarah Balfoul
The process of redistricting had occurred largely in private and led to some of the most Republican gerrymandered districts in the country, but now they are drawn taking communities of interest into account. However, people are still bringing up the fact that they are not being considered. The chair of the Michigan Democratic Party believes they spent a good deal of time drawing maps without considering partisan fairness. I think the redistricting committee should address the concerns that the Democratic Party has to ensure that the organization of the districts isn't more favorable to a political party. However, they did do a good job of taking votes from all citizens
Minh-Y Nguyen
As a student at PCEP and a resident just outside the border of the district, I regularly go to Canton. Canton is a fairly densely populated town with much diversity. Based on my knowledge of my school population and general perspective, I find these lines are fairly accurate to the diversity I see in the community. Furthermore, it is extremely close to the target population for a district, only deviating by 132 people less. Overall, I think these lines are well drawn.
Joel Arnold
I do like that this map does not group the entirety of the City of Flint into a single district, however it does not guarantee minority representation as the City currently has with the 34th District. Please continue to work on this, and reference submitted map P7273 as a good model of a map that allows for representation of minority communities without drawing all of Flint into a single district.
Brian Hakola
So District 6 is going to span 4 or 5 cities 2 counties? How stupid can you get, I thought the whole idea of this is to keep from gerrymandering yet this is exactly that. Simply combine Eastpointe 32,347 and St. Clair Shores 59,409 and you have a population size of 91,746 nice and simple 2 cities and one county HMMM
Jeffrey B Halter
This is a decent map which links my part of Ann Arbor with neighbors to the North and West. However, it does not meet partisan fairness so needs to be improved substantially.
Alexa Bush
This map does not do a good job of creating districts in metro Detroit and does not provide partisan fairness. It is too similar to the other House maps without providing any real choice. Please reconsider the House maps and provide the public with better options for which we can provide feedback.
Alexa Bush
This map does not do a good job of keeping together COIs in metro Detroit. It does not provide partisan fairness, please reconsider this map.
Alexa Bush
This map doesn't do a good job of providing partisan fairness. There are other maps that better support the VRA.
Ellen k Halter
This is the best of the House maps but is a far cry from nonpartisan fairness. IT STILL TOTALLY FAVORS THE REPUBLICANS. UNFAIR. WE CAN DO BETTER!
Madeleine Brugman
As someone from Plymouth and a student at PCEP, I believe that the new proposal for district 35 does not make the most logical sense. In district 35, there is not only Plymouth, but also parts of Livonia and most of Northville. This means that there are 3 different school systems in one district. Because Northville and Livonia’s school districts are reasonably funded, I am worried that if we elect someone who knows this information, they will gloss over the fact that Plymouth’s school district is poorly funded. I recognize that education is not the most important issue regarding re-districting, however the quality of education not only affects students but also the people around the town. I think that parts of Plymouth and Canton should be sorted together in the same district at the very least as we share a education district. District 35 is also not very diverse.
Nadia Halim
While I appreciate how evenly distributed the population and voting ability is between the Plymouth, Canton, Salem, and Northville districts, I would prefer that Plymouth and Canton be more interwoven than Plymouth and Northville. Plymouth, Canton, and Salem, after all, share a school district and are thought of generally as the Plymouth-Canton Community (hence the "Plymouth-Canton Community Schools" and the three public high schools on a single campus). A student in the Plymouth-Canton school district could find themselves attending Plymouth High School while living in Canton and vice versa. I feel as though it would be wiser to redraw the district lines with Plymouth and Salem as District 35 and draw the northern border where the Township of Northville begins. By doing this, even though it doesn't show the Plymouth-Canton community as interwoven as I would prefer, it still shows that Salem is a part of this said community (or in the school district at the very least) rather than the confusing Plymouth-Northville combination that is currently drawn.
Amandeep Singh Saini
I believe that the Canton borders should retain the same shape and a district vote ought not to be held for the following reasons. The Canton community is very well-knitted amongst its many people, and splitting borders & dividing communities not only creates confusion, but it also makes an artificial separation that should have never have existed. As such, I also believe that politics & Canton's interests are mostly the same. Thus, fears of gerrymandering and changing interests don't need to be taken into account, at least for now as our politics is relatively the same. This why I believe the Canton borders should not be changed.
Majed Ben-Kalefa
With what information I have on well-drawn district lines and the requirements needed for them to be well-drawn I believe that Canton has relatively well-drawn district lines, but modifications can be made to make it better. As to why the district line is well Canton almost meets its target population perfectly which is seen with the population deviation of -0.14. Not only this but the district's ability to comply with the Voting Rights Act and many other laws. What it can do to improve though is compact the district line as in the bottom right area the border is very unclean with some parts of canton protruding out into District 19 and parts of District 19 protruding into Canton.
Deepak Raju
As a resident of Canton, I believe that the district borders should stay as they are. This is because the population of Canton Township is similar to the populations of other districts in Michigan giving Canton Township similar representation to the other districts. In addition to that, the different ethnic and cultural groups within Canton are well represented. This is because out of the 91, 480 people in Canton Township, 65.21% of the population is white while other ethnic and cultural groups consist of 34.79% of the population resulting in them being well respresented.
Harjot Khalsa
I don't believe that there need to be any changes regarding the borders of Canton. The population is evenly distributed and our district shapes are reasonable. Changing our district shape and population would be an unnecessary inconvenience since our district is fine the way it is. It'd also put an emotional strain on students since being a part of a new district would mean having to leave the people in your previous one.
Prakash Aree
I am not for redistricting because I believe it is being done for political purposes. The way we are redistricted today, promotes pretty good diversity in the community. This will also cause a strain on the school systems as they will become overcrowded. We have well balanced teacher to children ratios and charter school options. This diversity of schools is enabled by the community we have and the growth in the last 10 years. I suggest leaving it the way it is, if not there is a danger of losing population.
Charvi Rayarapu
I believe that some change could be made to the district lines of Plymouth. There is a large voting population, but there is very little diversity, so minority groups are not being well-represented. I think the border of Plymouth could expand a little more into District 110 (Northville), which has a slightly more balanced population. However, because Plymouth is more closely tied with Canton than the other neighboring districts due the school system being connected, I don't think a huge change should be made. Redistricting could negatively impact both Northville and Canton, which both currently have good district lines.
Malini Aree
I do not support redistricting Canton. The boundaries that exist today are proportionately balanced. There has been tremendous growth in Canton and many diverse businesses and communities have significantly increased in the last 10 years. In fact, Canton is well spread and compact enough to self-sustain and promote its economic and infrastructure growth. Political affiliation should not be a motivation for redistricting, hopefully, that's not the intent. If we are increasing the boundary, there should be careful consideration to the impact on infrastructure, with the busy roads that are hard to traverse today.
Ravi Balla
I don't really have a preference on the redistricting. I see some areas of canton are confusing, with borders cutting right through some subdivisions. It would be nice have a clear division with major roads. Looks like the population is comparable to other districts and the diversity is really good. I am OK with the current zoning.
Tafheem Shaik
I believe the borders should change. I have lived in Canton for 16 years. I have observed that Canton's population is increasing at a rapid rate, which is serving as a major inconvenience for residents. One example is traffic- the crowdedness makes driving in Canton very difficult. Changing the borders will benefit all incoming and present residents.
Tanyeem Shaik
I believe the district borders should expand. Canton is already overpopulated, and the expansion will allow for people to spread out. Now that Canton is so populated, it is about time that we get a mall. I don't see how expanding the borders will change the diversity of the population.
Charvi Rayarapu
I believe that the district lines for Canton are good the way they are. This current district meets the federal requirements of equal population and the Voting Rights Act. The deviation from the target population is -0.14% and the population of POC is around 34.79%, which means that for the most part minority groups are being represented. Also, this number is much higher than most other districts. The shape of this district is contiguous and compact with very little contortions. Because these lines are currently good the way they are, redistricting could mess up these numbers and affect community relationships and diversity.
Elena Q
By looking at the map, District 43 is very nicely shaped. There are no legs sticking out, and most of the area covered fits inside of its square form. I think that if District 25 (containing Plymouth and parts of Livonia and Northville) had less of an irregular shape, it could include more nearby communities. Adding on to that, other districts sitting on its border would also benefit from its restructure since 35's new flat edges will evenly incorporate subdivisions on both sides without cutting anybody out. The even land distribution will provide stable diversity for those districts.
Sasha Qureshi
I think that the district of Canton is a model district for the surrounding areas. It is represented well with a higher diversity in the population. After analysis, I believe that District 43 should remain untouched. It provides the diversity and compact form that other districts in this state lack. No obvious outliers are left for other districts. These are all good signs.
Elizabeth Kelly
I believe the boundaries of Canton should stay the same primarily because the population is similar to other districts across the state, but also because of the diverse climate surrounding the region. In my opinion, It’s apparent that the current borders are organized and well placed. Modifying the district lines could spark inherent problems among School Districts. The diverse atmosphere of Canton also allows for equal representation among all political parties. For these reasons, I see no purpose in changing the boundaries to the City of Plymouth or Canton.
Aleena Jilani
I do not support the plan for redistricting Canton. This is because there would be less diversity. This is shown by the percentage of White Canton residents increasing, while the percentage of minorities, like Pacific Islanders, is decreasing. I think this is bad because all groups of people should be represented in Canton, and redistricting would decrease representation. I also think that the schools are overcrowded, and redistricting would overflow the schools even more.
Somer Q
The district of Plymouth is not as diverse as Canton. With that being said, I believe that from District 110, the slightly Southeast corner where the city of Northville sits should be added to District 35. District 110 has a great diversity with many present and voting Asians. With the little that may be added, this populous city will increase the diversity found in Plymouth and better the area.
Gabe Schuch
Without doing a lot of research, the district appears to be a fair representation of the area. It meets the “eye test” by including the majority of the city without including added areas to alter the voter makeup. Population also appears to be fair. It is disappointing that Plymouth is not joined with Canton as they share a school district but that doesn’t appear to take away from the districting.
Rowena Schuch
The district should be a representation of the community’s population. I think this districting is a good representation of the Canton community reflecting its diversity.
Aydaan Jilani
I believe this change in borders is unnecessary for two main reasons. One reason is that our current borders are fine, as we are already well diverse with non-whites making up 35% of the Canton population. The 2nd main reason that I think changing borders would complicate things further and create more issues, which is not what we need at this time when we are already dealing with multiple other larger ones such as the labor crisis, and we don't need more complication in our day to day lives. For these two reasons, I'm against the idea of the change in Canton's borders as it'd just cause unnecessary complications and is not needed to raise diversity in Canton.
Olivia Pincock
I think that the boundaries of Canton and Plymouth should stay the same. They should stay the same because they have been like that for a long time. Government, traditions, and locations are named and have meaning based on the location and name and people who lived in our communities. By changing the borders we change our community.
Chaoxuan Xiong
I believe the district of Canton qualifies as a decent district. The borders are succinct and the enclosed area is compact. This is a good sign that there is no gerrymandering in play. The demographics of Canton are pretty much in line with the national average with the exception of the Asian population around 20%. This would be excellent in allowing Asian Americans to effectively voice their opinions. One slight flaw of this map would be the exclusion of political affiliation in Canton. This statistic would effectively determine if there was any gerrymandered process in any district in Michigan
Rithi Aree
As a student of Canton, I do not support the plan for redistricting. Overall, Canton has very high diversity rates and is most compact, and according to the chart, the plan is to cut out some pieces of the township. Again, as a student, I enjoy living in a community where there is so much diversity around me, and cutting out pieces of canton will inevitably cut down the diversity. Also, this will move some students to other districts, and that can be a very hard change if redistricting causes them to need to change schools. Therefore, I do not support redistricting.
Tajammul Mulbagal
I believe that the borders of Canton are perfectly okay right now. The more we expand Canton, the more funding Canton would need, which should not become a main priority. Canton and Plymouth should be focusing on fixing their roads as soon as possible so traffic can decrease in the very populated intersections.
Sarah Khan
I think they should not if it is going to limit diversity and have negative impacts on schools.
Medha Aekka
As a Canton resident, I think the borders of the district are fine where they are. Based on my experience, I think all the needs for this district have been met. There is plenty of diversity, both economically and culturally, and there is enough similarity for no huge political conflicts. The borders are a reasonable shape, and the population isn't too big or too small. So, redrawing the borders would be unnecessary.
Alia Mulbagal
I believe these borders of Canton and Plymouth are just fine the way they are. The extent of the Canton community currently extends to Westland. As a resident of south Canton close to that border, I believe this line shouldn't be pushed any farther because of the drastic demographic changes. While Canton is a diverse area, the median household income is greater than Westland.
Kristin Adamski
I am curious why the district including Huron township is so narrow. Perhaps Taylor should belong with Allen Park - being more similar. Then, farther South, district 40 should expand West due to the affinity of the WIllow-Waltz area with Sumpter Township. Or how about Woodhaven-Taylor-Allen Park and also Flat Rock included in 40.
Raymond Adamski
I'm not sure why district 35 crosses I-275 well into Livonia. If you keep Northville and Plymouth together as a unit, you should include Salem township. Alternatively Plymouth could be attached to Canton and Northville to Novi.
Ellie Thai
As a Canton resident and Plymouth High School student, I believe the current borders meet the needed criteria for an effective and fair district. The population (both general and voting) seem to be similar to the other districts in Michigan. There is also a diverse range of people, something I know about from being a Canton resident for nearly all of my life and having grown up surrounded by different cultures and ethnicities. The border is also logically drawn and lacks any convoluted quality, leading me to believe that the district's boundaries does not need to be redrawn.
Gersi Zeqo
Hi my name is Gersi and I am not a fan of the changing of boundaries. As a kid, it is hard enough to go to school and teach myself the viable things I need in my life, including the city I live and the surrounding places. These types of things can get very difficult to remember if they are getting changed over and over. Each decade a new boundary system is set up, meaning each decade people have to forget what they have known about they're surrounding boundaries and start over. There are student drivers learning they're roads and cities and directions but it's hard for them, as beginners of driving, to forget what they knew about the boundaries and have to learn it all over again.
Serene Mohammad
As a student at Canton High School and a resident of Canton (District 43), I believe that the current state of the borders are more than fine and don't need to be changed. Creating new borders would mean that some students might have to swap schools if they were to be put in other school districts. As a student who has been moving her whole life and constantly moving between schools, it is extremely hard for young students to adjust especially during important periods of their life, such as high school. When people choose to live in certain areas they consider the education factor and take it into heavy account. If the district borders were to be moved, it might cause heavier congestion in the Canton district due to the size of the area compared to the influx and growth of people wanting to live here.
Chae Eun Park
I personally believe that the borders of district 43 are well drawn as it is. As a student of a high school in Canton, I feel that the borders have been well established and they are reasonably compact, meaning there are no eccentricities in terms of shape. In addition to this aspect, another point to make would be on the representation of diversity in Canton and of the communities of interest. All racial groups are noted and are simple to distinguish, with a clear depiction on the diversity of Canton.
Laura Parker
As a student who lives in plymouth township, I think the borders should be kept how they are. If you look at the statistics you might think canton is more diverse when it comes to population and how they are represented. However there is only a slight change in who is more diverse. I think by keeping the boarders the same you are giving different people chances to make their voice heard. I also think if we change the boarders many people would think that this would be unfair because it would be "favoring" one side or the other. However, I believe that overall the district outlines show mostly equal population and diversity in district 35 and 43.
Shruva Kambhammettu
I think that the current border of District 43 is adequate and should not be altered because it properly meets all the criteria considered when redrawing borders. For starters, the the population is approximately equal to the surrounding districts, at about 90,000. Also, the community is diverse and represents the needs of varying groups of people in compact borders. Thus, the District 43 borders do not need to be redrawn.
Alisha Cooper
As someone in the Canton Community, I feel the Border should be kept the way they are. If the borders were to have changed, it would be difficult redirecting students to different schools based off of their location. Voting can also be affected by the border change, and we don't want that happening. I love how diverse our community is, and I wouldn't want anything to change that. It also looks neat and geographically fit.
Alice Haidous
As a student at Plymouth-Canton Educational Park, I believe the borders should be kept how they are. One of the many reasons I think they should be kept where they are is because our community is very diverse and everyone can learn about different cultures, and ethnicities. Having a diverse community is very important and changing the borders can mess it up. Another thing that could be affected is voting.
Kristen Radwan
The plan for the Canton redistricting seems to cover the points that the commission was looking for. The breakdown seems to be inclusive. Shape is fairly contiguous. It appears that the proposed map meets the criteria.
The borders drawn for Canton seem fine. Overall it is a no win game to redraw the districts. It does not matter how much time and effort is put in to make things "fair". You will never get both major parties to completely agree.
Brett DeVliegher
I feel that Canton, Plymouth, and Westland should be rezoned due to several reasons. Firstly Westland’s zone shape is irregular, and districts should be reasonably shaped. Second, Canton’s population is growing at 0.8% year over year (YoY), while Plymouth is declining by 0.23% YoY. This growth in population relative to the growth of Plymouth should be balanced by an equal distribution of population in each district. This re-zoning would need to benefit all districts involved to promote a fair approach while promoting equality.
Elizabeth DeVliegher
I believe that the Canton borders are well-drawn and I do not believe that they should be rezoned. There is a diverse community in Canton. If they propose to rezone then some students that are currently attending the Plymouth/Canton Community schools may have to switch schools which would be a hardship for those students. Along with the growing population of Canton, I do believe that the Canton borders should increase in size to accommodate the growing population.
Robin Uranga
I don't think our district lines need to be changed. The population in the area is comparable to other districts. We have a diverse population. The district is compact and represents the Canton community well.
Ava DeVliegher
I personally think that the Canton Township borders should remain as they are. Currently, the borders have a great line-up with Canton-Plymouth Community Schools. In one of my elementary school years, a school redistricting had occurred and many of my close friends and children from my school had to be relocated, uplifting and changing many of our lives. It would be unwise to affect more children, older and younger, when our population is at a good level for the district size. Canton has so many people of different religions, cultures, races, and ethnicities in terms of diversity. It is important that our Canton borders include a diverse representation of people to better help us all benefit from our community and the different points of view that we all add to our community.
Claudia Patricia Zavala
Quiero agradecer el apoyo a nuestro mapa, pero en realidad yo se que falta mucho, ya que tambien hace falta mucho apoyo a las minorias, como los hispanos y las personas de color. Porque nuestras COI no estan completas (DHDC latin SW Detroit) El senado nos quito la cuarta parte de nuestro mapa El congreso nos quito la quinta parte Pedimos que nuestra comunidad hispana se mantenga unida para asi tener mas voz.
Ivan Diaz
hispanic community has to stay together, this means keeping roosevelt park, urbandale and burton heights should be together. either expand 78 west to include areas north of porter and east of grandville or expand 79 east to include before mentioned areas
Amelia Pan
As a resident of Canton and a student at PCEP, I personally believe the current borders of the township are fine as is. The newly proposed plan seems reasonable, but may not be ideal. Currently, there is a lot of sustainable diversity and population (roughly 90,000 residents). If intensive redistricting occurred in this region, the sense of community and belonging may be taken away from citizens, especially students in school districts. For example, it would be rough if a certain group of students had to switch schools; relocation would definitely have an effect on their well-being. From my point of view as a student, I wouldn't want to change anything major regarding our district size or diversity.
Kyle Zawacki
Combining the surrounding areas of Metro Airport in Romulus with rural Lenawee County is a combination of drastically different communities of interest (very agricultural in Lenawee County with a more suburban and urban area of Romulus). A better combination would be Romulus, Huron Township, Belleville/and Van Buren Township).
Kyle Zawacki
Combining parts of the City of Taylor and rural northern Monroe County is a combination of drastically different communities of interest (very agricultural in Northern Monroe County with a more suburban and urban area of Taylor). A better combination would be Taylor, Woodhaven, Brownstown, and Flat Rock (along US-24, or Telegraph Road).
Heather Gabor
Overall, I think the the current boundaries are well represented in terms of diversity and population. I would like to see the all of Canton absorbed into the boundaries.
Brooklyn Radwan
I do not believe that Canton’s district needs to be divided up, and it should stay as is. The population is roughly around the population of other Michigan districts (about 90,000), and has not shifted enough to require a redraw. It has a well drawn out border that has a logical shape and isn’t contorted, which makes an adequate boundary. Also, Canton has a diverse population with people from many different backgrounds, and changing the district could potentially harm the representation of minority groups. In addition, separating people from different cultures by splitting the district would prevent social interaction between groups, for example, making schools less diverse so students would have less interaction with people of different backgrounds.
Dan Gabor
As a previous resident of the southern part of Canton, I was always confused by the district border that sent my children to Westland schools. The same holds true for those that lived in the southwest part of Canton, but sent their children to Van Buren schools. I see from the proposed district lines that the Van Buren area has been absorbed into Canton, but the Westland district portion has not been included. It would be nice to see all of Canton included in the district.
Anna Vega
As a student and resident of the Canton Area, I do believe that the borders are drawn well and should be kept as they currently are. The division of population is pretty evenly spread out throughout the state and Canton fits this pattern. The population of Canton is pretty diverse as of now and by changing the border the (almost) 35% of minorities that live in Canton may be negatively affected. The borders also contain the right amount of land to fit Canton's population, therefore it would be unnecessary to change them.
Anna Vega
As a student and resident of the Canton Area, I do believe that the borders are drawn well and should be kept as they currently are. The division of population is pretty evenly spread out throughout the state and Canton fits this pattern. The population of Canton is pretty diverse as of now and by changing the border the (almost) 35% of minorities that live in Canton may be negatively affected. The borders also contain the right amount of land to fit Canton's population, therefore it would be unnecessary to change them.
Alexander Huey
I believe that the districting lines for district 43 are not done well compared to district 35. This is because while the population representation is about equal between the two districts, the land area is very different. In district 43, people are more densely populated and are more likely to be more similar with each other than if they were far apart due to interactions with each other, limiting the power of the individual voter in this district. While in district 35, it covers more land, and possibly more diversely thinking people, increasing the power of each voter because it makes it harder to get a majority of votes for that district.
According to, Michigan had a total population of 10,077,331 people in 2020, and as of now, Michigan has 110 districts. This means that on average, there should be around 91,613 people in each district. According to, Canton had a population of 95,202 in 2020. If the average district population should be around 91,613 people, then Canton meets (and even exceeds) these requirements. This means that Canton could and can stay the way it is, but a small portion of it could also split off and join another district with a population lesser than 91,613.
Ayla Green
I think that the drawn district lines for Canton are good. The district is drawn in a reasonable shape and size compared to other districts in the area and includes a good amount of populated cities and towns to keep a somewhat even ratio between it and its surrounding districts like Plymouth.
James Walewski
I believe the district boundary #35 is reasonable, but could be improved by dropping Northville Township and Livonia and adding more of Canton to better reflect what local voters are passionate about - local education issues.
Susan Sage
I feel district 35 is fair from a demographic standpoint as the demographics across those communities (Plymouth/Plymouth twsp/Northville twsp/Western Livonia) are reasonably similar and it is a contiguous geography. however, from a community standpoint, particularly school districts, the boundaries could reflect more local minded issues.
Louis Brugman
The proposed district 35 appears to provide better population distribution by placing growth areas of Northville in proposed district 110 and keeping proposed district 43 more contiguous with all of Canton. However, the proposed district 35 seems to include 3 separate school districts of Plymouth/Canton, Northville, and Livonia. This seems to dilute our ability to better represent Plymouth/Canton Schools.
Lori Brugman
Although I can see the reasoning behind proposed districts 35 and 43, I'm concerned about diluting the Plymouth Canton Community Schools vote. PCCS is funded at a lower rate than surrounding districts. A combined Plymouth-Canton voting bloc could elect a representative who would advocate for more equitable school funding statewide.
Zaynab Junaid
As a current student at Salem High School who resides in Canton Michigan, I believe that district boundaries are reasonable but not necessary. Our district is similar in population to other districts and has a diverse community. In addition, I believe that making modifications is not needed since our community is already diverse. The minorities in District 43 make up almost 40% of the population, which is much more compared to some districts in Michigan. In the end, I believe that the boundary isn't needed, but it is reasonable and makes sense.
Madeleine White
I am a Canton student, who currently resides in Plymouth. I have seen the cultural, ethnic, and racial diversity that Pcep has formed. This being said, the city of Plymouth itself is not incredibly diverse. My home town is Ypsilanti, zone 67 I believe. Ypsilanti has many more POC than Plymouth. While redistricting Plymouth may be beneficial for reasons down the line, I do not believe that it would help diversify the town itself. Thankfully the large campus gives diversity to the growing population.
Sarah Dabaja
I believe that the boundaries that Canton has settled right now do not need to change at all since I would consider them to be extremely fair and reasonable. The population of Canton is very similar in number to the other districts in Michigan. I also think that there is a variety of different religion and races that are represented in the Canton district and there is equal proportion throughout Canton.
Maria Balow
I think the boundaries of district 43 at the moment are good and do not need to be redrawn. The target population is only 132 (0.14%) more than the population of the district currently, which is very close, and a very reasonable gap. There also is a wide range of ethnicities that are represented (34.79% being Non-White), and so this most likely leads to a good range of parties, and doesn't lead to a majority of one party making most decisions. It also has a good, geometrical shape with few arms, so I think the current boundary of district 43 is perfectly suitable.
Arslaan Zahid
I don't think District 43 needs redistricting, even if redistricting is a good idea. The deviation for the population target is only 132 people, which is a very acceptable number. Disrict 43 is also one of the most diverse distecits, with only 34.79% of the people being Non-White, a much higher figure than other districts. District 43 is also not in a very weird shape, and combined with its diversity, means that the voting is likely fine, and that there's not much need to balance the partisan rivalries.
Ella Washnock
I believe that the boundaries of Canton should not be changed because many aspects of the community reflect a diverse population. As a PCEP student, I am constantly surrounded by people of different ethnicities, beliefs, cultures, opinions, and values, which is a positive thing. Everyone here has the opportunity to learn from and share experiences with people of very different backgrounds. The city has a high voter population, which accurately reflects the diversity it has. Changing the borders may interfere with many people's experiences with others, as well as cause voter representation to be inaccurate.
Carter Adamski
Wh is plymouth More connected to Northville than Canton? I have more people That I know and have similar lives to me in Canton than the Townshp of Northville. Plymouth and canton are reallly close to being one town, Why are they in difirrent districts? If you live in Plymouth, you can be part of Canton High school, then why are they in different districts?
Gautam Kiran
I don't think that the boundaries of District 43 should be changed as the diversity within the district gives it a unique characteristic that would change with new boundaries. Having great diversity in the district, in my opinion, creates more interactions between each other and getting to know one another, leading to a safer and brighter future within the district.
Carter Adamski
The fact that the pccs school district is split on education is crazy. How is a school supposed to educate people on their congressman and their area if the students have different representatives? School districts and district lines should be as similar as possible, this is because schools need to be under a unified voice. If they arent, then the schools boundaries or the district boundaries are useless.
Carter Adamski
I believe that Northville and Northville township should not be sepertated. This is because even though there is a difference between theTownship and the city, there are traditions in the city, that people in the township want to visit, and if there is a different congressperson in the township and in the city, then the people in the township would be left out of decisions. There is also the fact that in schools, the people who go to the northville township and city go to the same school, but if there is a different congressperson in each district, and if Northville high school is in the city, then the city will have more of a say in the schools. Overall, a city is a city, and that shouldnt change whether you are in the township or the main city.
Lynn Blasey
Please keep Banglatown together as a united voting block.
Theresa Mungioli
Keep Rochester Hills, Rochester and Oakland Twpshp together. Like the Senate maps, you continue to split up Oakland County into many different pieces and not with communities of interest. There are more House seats here than current. And each is a smaller portion of Oakland County further diluting the voters voices. Stop gerrymandering.
Patrese Griffin
The western part and eastern part of Kalamazoo county have different communities, with different interests and needs. The west Kalamazoo district can include the city, the college and the Kalamazoo suburbs to the west and north. People who live on the northern and eastern side of the City of Kalamazoo have similar socio-economic interests as people who live in the eastern part of the county in places like Comstock Township. In the interest of equity, these communities that have similar socio-economic needs should be represented by a state rep. of their own, who can speak to and for them since the western side of the city and county has different socioeconomic demographics and needs. Douglas as a dividing line seems very ideal.
Yash Kalani
The current border of district # 43 cuts of some parts of southeastern Canton. However, this is acceptable because Canton population increases rapidly and is currently bigger than that of the average district. I believe that the Communities of Interests are well represented as shown by the demographics of the district. I also believe that this district is quite compact. All in all I think that the Canton border should not be redistricted despite not including the full municipality of Canton.
Max Lin
I think the voting district for Plymouth is mediocre. The target population is met with minimal deviation and the boundary is compact and reasonable. However the population ratios for minorities seem to be an issue but this problem is also shared by many other districts so it does not seem feasible to solve. Something that can be solved is the division of Northville between Novi and Plymouth, I think something should be done about that.
Morgan Haynes
I feel as if we should keep the district as is. Canton has a very diverse community, which is pretty compacted in my opinion. Along with we have a high population that I would say roughly is around the same as fellow districts around it. Plus Canton is still an on-growing community which can help keep it more diverse and grows the population. The only side effect is who knows if the population will outgrow surrounding districts. Along with that with such diversity, I wouldn't say we pick directly/favor one party group. It is pretty mixed around the whole community.
Canton should not be divided into different districts. Causing taxes to rise in other districts. Also, it is relatively a big district itself, with its fellow districts themselves. It seems pretty compacted as well.
Linda Swisher
Each district should stay under its own. when branching out it always brings discontent because each district has its own guidelines that they follow whether it aligns or not with what is agreed upon.
Samantha Emery (for another friend)
I think that the Canton district is good as it is. Currently, this district includes many people that have similar experiences within their community. The choice should be to keep this area as it is. The community that is enclosed within this district has a population of diverse individuals voting on similar issues.
Kazamir Piotrowski
I think Canton should stay as is. I personally believe the district is properly representing the communities in Canton, and isn't favoring any political party unfairly.
Samantha Emery (for a friend)
I think districts 43 and 35 should be combined. The Plymouth-Canton community should remain unified in districts since it is unified in other areas. If these townships share a schooling district, then they should share a voting district as well.
Samantha Emery
I believe that the district of Canton should stay as it is. The population of its district is similar to the population of districts in its surrounding area. The population of Canton is a diverse community as it is and there are no necessary changes during this time.
Ashlyn Watson
As a new resident of Plymouth, I believe that the district does need change. Although there is a big voting turnout, diversity is lacking. Voices of those with a different background or way in life cannot be heard. Possibly having Northville as the same district as Plymouth could benefit and make it a more diverse community rather it is one voice. Northville is similar to Plymouth in how they do events and activities in the community.
Judah Piotrowski
The map of Canton correctly represents the diverse communities in the city and I don't think it needs to be changed. The boundaries of the district correctly represent the population without disproportionately supporting one political party. I think the current way of drawing borders also properly reflects the vital diversity of the city.
Vidhi Patel
I believe that district #43 or Canton should not be changed as it is a very well represented area. The population of district #43 is similar to that of the other districts surrounding it. District #43 is also very diverse in that there are many different races and people. This means there are many different opinions from district #43, making the map of this district perfectly fine.
James E. Perry
The proposed southern district (including Portage) makes sense, but the Commission should take a closer look at the city of Kalamazoo and consider dividing the proposed northern district into West and East Kalamazoo districts. Douglas street would be a good dividing line if the Commission is really working toward the best solution to a representative form of government.
Akalbir Pahal
I feel there should be no change in the map for canton. I say this because the races seem to be equally divided. The map has a diverse communities of interest. Also the diversity in the community is also represented accurately and correctly. The population of this district is similar to the population of the districts around it. Also the district lines are compact just like the youtube video was talking about. However, I believe that Plymouth and Canton should be separate, that way everyone gets a say within these boundaries. Overall the map is well written and needs no change. It should stay the same.
Akalbir Pahal
I feel there should be no change in the map for canton. I say this because the races seem to be equally divided. Also the map has a diverse communities of interest. Also the diversity in the community is also represented accurately and correctly. Also the population of this district is similar to the population of the districts around it. Also the district lines are compact just like the youtube video was talking about. However, I believe that Plymouth and Canton should be separate, that way everyone gets a say within these boundaries. Overall the map is well written and needs no change. It should stay the same.
Darren Tenka
I think that the district of Canton is good. It is quite compact as the borders do not have any long or awkward protrusions. It has a total population that is very close to the totals of other districts at around 90,000 people, and the population is relatively diverse in both the total population and voting age population. Overall, I think that the plans for the redistricting of Canton are fair to Canton and the other districts.
Amaan Rizvi
I believe that there should be some change in the Plymouth district. This is due to the fact that there is not much diversity in ethnic background and it seems to be very one-sided. The political viewpoints seems to be fine as there is a very big voting population in Plymouth. The Plymouth district has 90,000 people in a small area which shows that the district is quite compact. The only problem is the ethnic background and how it is not very diverse.
Sagarika Rai
As a student who is in the Plymouth Canton district I believe that our district need not have any drastic changes. It has a proper population of 95,202 at the moment (2021). We have a rational size for a district. We also have a diverse community with different ethnicity, cultures, and religions. Talking about the boundaries at Canton, I trust that they do not need to carry forward any additional changes and they are drawn out in a suitable manner. I personally believe that we also have a good relation with our neighboring districts.
Maysa Wasel
I believe residents in Plymouth and Northville would benefit more in the same district. The Township of Northville is in district #35, while Northville is in district #110. It would be more efficient and respectful of Northville boundaries to be represented in the same district as the Township of Northville (district #35). District #35 also has less diversity in voters than the surrounding areas. Therefore, the map boundaries should change to accommodate Northville.
Aarya Upadhyay
I believe that District 43, representing Canton, should stay as is. The boundary lines drawn meet the redistricting criteria in population, diversity, and compactness. Canton has a population of roughly 91,000, which is similar to other districts. Additionally, the boundaries are well placed in order to maintain the vast ethnic diversity that Canton houses. Therefore, the boundary lines drawn for Canton are optimal, and need no change.
Sydney Viloria
I personally think that it would be best if the line in which Canton is drawn in remains the same. The way the map and district lines are drawn currently, it looks geographically fit and compact as they all fit into each other like perfect puzzle pieces. If the districts were to change in any way, it could mean that children’s school districts would be moved as well which would be difficult for the younger students to adjust to. Another reason why the location is perfect is that of the diverse community that resides in Canton. In this community, each race is equally represented which is important for having a more developed and enriched society. The size of our current population ( being about 90,000) is also fairly equal to most of the other districts which further proves the point that the districts are all proportionate as they are. It is for these reasons that I believe there is no need for change in the district lines.
Eva Garza
I believe that district #43 of Canton should remain as it is. The district well represents the people and interests of the area and well encompasses the community and bonds in it. This district is compact and has good diversity. Although, through my knowledge and close relation to many in district #35, I believe that district #110 should not be the way that it is displayed on the map. For many years, the towns of Plymouth and Northville have developed many shared things and bonds through close proximity. Breaking up districts #35 and #110 in this way would not be beneficial to this community. There is no use dividing Northville and Township of Northville. The towns of Northville and Plymouth should be kept together. If not, it will only hurt the people.
Devansh Shende
I think the Canton district is well-placed to maintain the ethnic diversity of its region without watering it down. It seems to be slightly more diverse than districts 36 or 19 surrounding it, and much more diverse than district 35. This makes it in a good place. District 35's boundaries with districts 14 and 17, as well as district 110, are well placed in terms of diversity, which can frequently impact voting. This plan would allow the various communities of each district to be properly and adequately represented.
Jasmine Chalmers
I think that Canton should stay where it is. The current boundaries keep the population similar to the rest of the districts (around 90,000). Also, seeing the diversity percentages, I thought they seemed to be accurate in what I've observed in my life. I think that the people of Canton will have a very good chance of being fairly represented with this district boundary staying how it is.
Darryl Conliffe
Please avoid splitting Farmington and Farmington Hills into 3 House districts. The two cities share schools, libraries, and other services, and operate often as a united community. The long slivers of the districts do not advance interests of the F/FH community nor the few living within them.
Colin Bedolla
I believe that the lines for Canton create a well represented area. Canton's population is similar to the other districts but has a higher diversity compared to other districts in Michigan. I believe that the map for Canton is drawn in a way to include a good variety of opinions.
Peter Kim
I think it would be more beneficial to have the Plymouth and Northville cities in the same district. Relationships are close between the cities holding similar events and activities. The population between these cities are also tight knit and being in one district would better reflect the people. This could also keep district 110 more compact.
Casey Adams
I think that combining Marquette and Houghton into one district would make more sense than keeping the UP maps almost identical to what they are now. Two towns with hospitals, shipping, colleges, and tourism. I know they're trying not to pack cities in together, but cities have more in common with each other than nearby rural areas.
Julia L Galliker
I am a Bloomfield Hills resident and cannot image why the commission has drawn a backward C shape to link Bloomfield with Orion Township. The communities could not possibly be more different without shared interests. This is a ridiculous map. Put Orion Township where it belongs with Oakland Charter township and unify neighboring communities of interest.
Julia L Galliker
Rochester and Rochester Township should be together and should not include Oakland Township. The communities are entirely different.
Naomi Ludman
Please redo this map. Dowagiac is Cass County's only city. It anchors the county. Putting it with district 61 pits Dowagiac against Niles for resources and representation. Dowagiac is part and parcel of Cass County historically, economicially, culturally, and socially. It's like cutting the heart out of the county to put the city in a separate district.
Mary Combs
The City of South Haven affects the lives of all of the three townships that surround it in terms of livelihood, schools, and sense of community. Yet District 87 cuts in so close to the lake that Geneva Township is totally cut out. So my family who is four miles inland has no voting say in South Haven and now has no House legislator that also has our interests in our community. You have drawn the map having inclusive city areas in other towns, but not South Haven. Please include all three of its townships. Also please make sure that all maps passed have a close to zero partisan bias. The Commission was passed by the voters so that everyone had a chance to have their voice be heard. No district should be predetermined! Thank you for your time.
Maria Veda E Avila
Les agradecemos por apoyar nuestro mapa.Les pediment que maintenance a nuestra Comunidad hispana unida. La casa de representantes le cotton la quinta parte 20%. Nuestra Comunidad de interes (DHDC Latinx SW) debe de estar unida para que nuestro vote sea mas potential. Nuestra comunidad mejoro, pero puede estar mejor.
Anna Dziamski pt 3 (another submission, friends opinion, annomys)
I think this map is good. It starts to unravel the heavily Democratic votes. Even if you had several Republicans, the density of Democrats is so high it would not tend to matter in my opinion. If you jam pack an area with a specific kind of votes, the people don get the say they like and it becomes an issue. Letś ünstuff" Canton and other areas in Michigan.
Anna Dziamski pt 2 (another submission, friends opinion, annomys)
I do not think if we change the districts it will help. I think Canton is Canton and some people are proud to be from it. I also think, bringing Plymouth into this, that Plymouth and Canton should remain separated. Especially Canton and Plymouth township. Plymouth township/ Plymouth has a different racial and political spectrum that Canton does. It also houses (usually) higher class residents than Canton. Or, the average income is larger.
Anna B Dziamski
I believe we should keep the map as is shown. The races seem to be equally divided as well as they can be in this population in my opinion. Dividing Canton more than it already is would contribute to Bird to Isbister and back to Bird, moving schools can be hard, and I wouldn't wish that on anyone, especially a child. I also feel this map unpacks republican, democratic, and in between pretty well. There is not as much bias as I expected.
This map is too favorable to Republicans
Peter Bane
Move prison populations to overpopulated districts. End prison gerrymandering.
Peter Bane
PINE map is the best of MICRC's poor House maps. It has some good features, unpacking Ann Arbor, and making the Midland/Bay City district competitive, but it still distorts partisan fairness. Don't lose the forest for the trees. This needs much more work to deliver what the voters asked for.
Nancy Lynn Stier
The lines of State House District 83 should be changed. Fruitport Township and Fruitport Village should be added to the district to increase the percentage of Muskegon County residents somewhat.The rural Nunica area should be cut out and added to the more rural 85 district. Also the southern boundary of the district should end with the City of Grand Haven. Norton Shores and Fruitport have become more populated in the past decade and have different needs than rural areas. Also, because Muskegon County is being divided into so many house districts, its residents don't make up the majority of any House district it is part of. By chopping off rural area south of Grand Haven, Muskegon County residents would have a greater voice in District 83.
Gerald Tkach
This map extends the District towards Clio, which should not be attached to Lapeer County, while Imlay City is separated from this district. It does include Otisville which is part of the Lakeville school district. It could be modified by extending to Davison along M15.
Carrie Hatcher-Kay
PLEASE STOP prison gerrymandering!!
Antoniese Gant
Please stop prison gerrymandering!
Nomi Joyrich
Please move the prison population back to their home communities or to an overpopulated district.
Margaret Schankler
Please move the prison population to an overpopulated district to address prison gerrymandering.
Pei-Lan Tsou
As a minority living in West Michigan, this district does not give a voice to the largest minority population in West Michigan. Minority issues of equal opportunity, inclusion, and human rights are continuing issues to be overshadowed and not addressed in West Michigan.
Gary Stark
Hispanics in West Michigan need representation. This can be done by keeping Wyoming together in one district, and joining it with the neighboring 3 heavily Hispanic precincts of Grand Rapids. East Grand Rapids, Kentwood, and Cascade can and should be one house district
Thomas Vaughn
The Grosse Pointes were correctly mapped together with one exception. A section of Grosse Pointe Woods on its south end, Precinct 4, was omitted from the map for State Representative for District 4 where the rest of Grosse Pointe Woods was place and instead was put in District 6. It is critical that the entire City of Grosse Pointe Woods be in the same District, in this case District 4, with the rest of the Grosse Pointes. The absence of this one precinct in the same district as the rest of the city is counterproductive to the unity of interest of the city.
Janet-sue Strait
Cascade Township and Grand Rapids Township are interconnected to the Grand Rapids City transportation corridor inclusive of the airport, north/south & east/west highways, economy of prime supporting businesses and Frederick Meijer Botanical Gardens etc. that it needs to be included in the Grand Rapids City voting District as it's interrelated to the prime functions of the entire area and expansive growth expected, a coordinated efforts is imperative with Grand Rapids City.
Sarah Lally
Please look at map p7503 and keep Banglatown together! Please do not dilute the vote of this community of interest. The new lines being drawn by the Commission are racial gerrymandering and not representative of the people the Commission was appointed to serve. Please re-draw equitable maps and keep Banglatown together!
Christine Barsy-Eckman
Grand Rapids Township and Cascade Township are part of metro Grand Rapids and they should be linked in with District 75.
Lynn Blasey
I can't comprehend why Clawson and Highland Park would possibly be in the same district.
Mashal Zanib
Keep Banglatown together!
Louise Weller
In 2018 I was a Captain with Voters Not Politicians in order to change the gerrymandered mess of the districts in Michigan. My team collected thousands of signatures from people who wanted to end unfair gerrymandering by establishing this commission. Now what I see in SE Michigan is a new racial gerrymandering: dividing districts up by lines drawn to prevent racial minorities from electing their preferred representatives. Districts 8, 16 and 21 are a gerrymandered nightmare. In order to avoid majority minority districts, this commission is creating racial gerrymandering. The City of Livonia has been cut into three pieces to support this racial gerrymandering. I have testified in person to the commission that Livonia exemplifies a community of interest as well as partisan fairness. The elections of the past four years have been won only by very slight majorities. Livonia should be left intact as a city and one state house district. With the plan on Pine - and it is almost identical on the other two "tree" maps - the eastern half of Livonia will be cut into a north and south partition and those will then run east through Redford (cutting that city in half, as well) to the Brightmoor area of Detroit. This is one of the poorest and most blighted areas of Detroit. This section deserves appropriate representation by a legislator that will be dedicated to the needs of NW Detroit. With this racially gerrymandered map, that voice may be submerged. Please leave Livonia in a single state house district and do not racially gerrymander Detroit.
Patrice Vrona
Cascade is a natural fit with Grand Rapids area - it is more urban in nature than rural.
Amanda Jaczkowski
These blocks need to be moved from District 10 to District 2. Including these blocks in District 2 will keep the Bangladeshi community together - meeting the ethnic, economic, and cultural needs that create this Community of Interest. Leaving this sliver in District 10 does not make sense. There are areas in these maps that have very, very unusual units that are out-of-place, and seem to be arbitrarily included to meet other standards of numbers to the detriment of minority voices. Please do not dilute BIPOC votes!
John Considine
Cascade Township is linked to, Grand Rapids Metro region by economics, contiguous nature and cultural linkages. Cascade shouls be part of the Metro area.
Christy Mayo
Cascade township is part of the Grand Rapids metro region and should be linked in with a Grand Rapids house district. The airport in Cascade township should be linked to the Grand Rapids metro region, not a rural State House district.
Louise Weller
The proposed District 18 looks like the map of the original district from Massachusetts back in 1812 that gave us the term "gerrymander." This district and all of the others in the metro Detroit area are racially gerrymandered. This is "negative racial gerrymandering" which is designed to nullify the vote of minority residents. That may not be the intent of the commission, but that will be the result. These maps of SE Michigan are "cracking" the minority neighborhoods, which essentially inhibits their influence and cracks apart communities of interest.
Rahim Miah
Please make revisions to the State House plans (Pine, Oak, and Peach) to include Precinct 95 with State House District 2 (instead of District 10). This will place more of the Bangla community together so that they can have proper representation. You can reference map p7503 for details.
Mohammed Islam
Commissioners, I spoke at the public hearing last week expressing the needs of the Bangla town community. Please include Precinct 95 from District 10 into District 2. This will keep Banglatown while. Please look at map p7503 for details.
Yasif Rahman
Please revise State House District 2 in Pine, Oak, and Peach Plans to include Precinct 95. Give Banglatown its voice. We need fair representation for Detroit and Hamtramck.
Tanvir Rahman
I ask the commissioners to place Precinct 95 into State House District 2 instead of where it is currently located in District 10. We need equitable representation for the Bengali community and for all of Hamtramck and Detroit residents. Please reference p7503.
Tahmid Mustafa
Please make sure that our Bengali community is kept together as much as possible so that our collective voice isn't suppressed. You can do this by moving precinct 95 from State House District 10 to District 2. Please reference map p7503. Thank you.
Aisha Zanib
Please revise Pine, Oak, and Peach State House District 2 covering Detroit and Hamtramck. Specifically, please revise to include PRECINCT 95 into District 2 as suggested in P7503. Please ensure that the residents of Hamtramck and Detroit have their voices heard. I urge you to keep Banglatown whole.
Tina Olson
Why are you packing Democrats into three districts? Why are these not the fair maps that everyone-R and Ds-want? We want fair districts for our whole state.
Marunur R Choudhury
I ask the commission to please move precinct 95 from state house district 10 to district 2. We need to ensure that the Muslim community of Hamtramck and Detroit has their voices heard. Keep Banglatown whole. You can refer to map submission P7503. Thank you.
Annie Ahmed
We are requesting once again please bring Banglatown in one district. Please move Precinct 95 to District 2. For a modified map please visit
Lynn Blasey
As a Michigander with deep roots in our beautiful state, Hamtramck resident, and active community member/leader, I ask again that you please keep the Bangladeshi and Yemeni special interest groups united. Including Precinct 95 from Detroit merging into District 2 would support that goal. An example of a map I support (as presented by AIPA Vote - MI) may be found here:
Kurtis Fernandez
On behalf of APIA Vote-MI, I ask that precinct 95 in Detroit be included in District 2. Please check out our map at for details.
Rebeka Islam
Please consider Precinct 95 in Detroit be included in District 2. Please check out our modified map at
Rebecca McMahon
There is no reason to add parts of Oakland township to the Rochester-Rochester Hills district. Rochester/Rochester Hills has enough persons to fulfill the 77,000 requirement and is a unique community.
Bob Chunn
APIA Votes asks that Precinct 95 in Detroit be included in District 2. Please check APIA Votes modified map at
Christine Radze
The "arm" in district 35 is not contiguous.
Christine Radze
The "arm" in district 17 and is NOT contiguous.
Constance Lippert
Please make sure that partisan fairness is maintained in all your districts especially at the state legislature and state senate level. The majority party that the voters overall have decided needs to be reflected in the state houses. I prefer the maps that the AFL-CIO has drawn mostly because the partisan fairness at the state level is close to evenly matched. Partisan Fairness means Representative Fairness and the reason we voted for Proposition 2. Thank you
Christopher Cummins
Birmingham, Bloomfield Hills and Bloomfield Township form a Community of Interest. They share a Chamber of Commerce and Birmingham Schools go into all three municipalities. They should form the core of a State House District. They can be combined either with A) Auburn Hills or B) Southfield Township (Franklin, Beverly Hills and Bingham Farms), Sylvan Lake, Keego Harbor and Orchard Lake.
Stephen Stackable
As an independent voter , this is a plan for Midland city and Midland county that I cannot support. Midland city and county have serious flood issues and other interests more aligned with the counties to the north and west of city and county. Also this is prime example of gerrymandering.
Shardae Chambers
Oshtemo twp needs to be added in with city of Kalamazoo and Kalamazoo twp they should be pushed in portage and texas twp as they don't share the same interest as these areas. Portage and Texas Twp are more aligned with each other
Marilyn Daniels
This map is extremely concerning as it clearly violates Section 2 of the federal Voting Rights Act of 1965 that was established to protect the voting rights of African Americans and Hispanic voters. Further cutting the city of Flint in two, dilutes the minority votes of Flint.
Mark Payne
All three of the collaborative maps for House are basically the same for the Detroit and Detroit Metro area which means Detroiters did not get a choice during the public hearings. Please reconsider. In addition The Michigan Department of Civil Rights said in a statement that "The maps this body approved on Oct 11 fail that test. They dilute minority-majority districts and strip the ability for a minority voter to elect legislative representatives who reflect their community and affect any meaningful opportunity to impact public policy and lawmaking."
Zvonko Blazevski
We are writing to express my concerns over the various proposed versions of the State House map that have been presented for public feedback. As residents of the City of Roseville, we are especially troubled with the prospect of splitting of the city into multiple districts. In each of the proposed maps, Roseville, a city with just over 47,000 residents, is divided into two districts; which to our knowledge has never occurred previously. Generally, the proposed maps have several of our most northern precincts in a district that goes all the way to Anchor Bay, creating a significant socioeconomic and geographic disparities while the rest of Roseville in a district that encompasses Eastpointe and portions of northeastern Detroit. The division of Roseville as proposed in these maps would present a significant weakening of our representation in the Michigan Legislature. A district that divides Roseville would not be able to properly address the unique economic challenges, infrastructure needs and interests of our residents. Each proposed map dilutes and minimizes the importance Roseville has, as each district would be anchored in different municipalities with significantly different needs and interests. Roseville should be kept whole in any iteration of a State House map because it has a strong historical foundation and a strong working-class background that deserves fair representation by its state house member. Roseville is a city that is around 5 square miles and is a major transit area that is serviced by interstates, I-94 and I-696, and two major state highways (M-1 Gratiot/M-97 Grosebeck). It is a community that has a significant population of older residents, as well as similar demographical and socioeconomic characteristics with a strong sense of togetherness and community. These proposed maps do a disservice to the community by dividing our voice and placing us in districts where Roseville’s needs will not be addressed or be an afterthought. Roseville is connected closely to its neighbors in Macomb County. We share common school districts (for example, Fraser Public Schools and Roseville Community Schools) and shared common government services such as Parks and Recreation (Roseville and Eastpointe) and emergency dispatch services (Roseville, St. Clair Shores and Fraser). In addition, Roseville and Fraser both share the same District Court (and elect the judges), and shares the current county commission lines. Previous iterations of the state house district have had the entire city of Roseville as its anchor and has include parts of Fraser, St. Clair Shores, Warren and Eastpointe in Macomb County in various forms. The seat has always been in Macomb County. Each city shares common economic, social and political interests as inner ring suburban communities looking to continue their rebirth. To cross county lines into Wayne County would be a disservice to both counties as the needs are much different. As an older, built out suburban community to a major Midwestern city, we also have unique needs that can not be adequately met by dividing our city into multiple districts that will have very few common interests. Our water infrastructure is dated. Public safety is paramount and with a heavy older adult population, adequate housing and services for that population are required. The Groesbeck (M-97) corridor is an industrial hub that the City of Roseville (and surrounding communities) have worked hard to reinvigorate with the assistance of legislative representation that is based from the community who addresses the needs of our community. This industrial hub also extends through the cities of Warren, Fraser and Clinton Township. In addition, the Gratiot (M-1) coordinator is a thriving commercial center that the city is trying to continuously update and improve upon. The City of Roseville also boasts a successfully redeveloped Macomb Mall that is booming when so many shopping centers are not. It is imperative that these economic hubs also continue to be represented by a single representative to help further its redevelopment. Despite great strides, similar surrounding communities that contain Gratiot Avenue (including Eastpointe and Clinton Township), share the need for continued redevelopment of this commercial center that would be best served by a representative who understands these needs and can work in conjunction with the communities along that corridor. One of the major concerns is that in the current proposed maps, it will be very difficult for the City of Roseville to have the Representation it needs in Lansing to allow it to continue to thrive. We all understand the need for fairness in the new map, and it is compounded by population shifts with the need to comply with state and federal statutory requirements. However, if the commission decides to finalize the maps in which the City of Roseville is split in two; we believe that the commission not only fails in its requirement to keep communities of interest together, but that it deliberately breaks one apart. As such, it is critical that any legislative map includes Roseville as a community interest and maintains the entire city within one legislative district; as has been done for decades previously. Sincerely, Zvonko and Lisa Blazevski Roseville MI 48066
James S Rodgers
Please consider linking Emmet and Charlevoix counties with Antrim and part of Grand Traverse with which they have important common interests, tourism and small farming, as well as contiguity. They have very little in common with the eastern Upper Peninsula. Thanks for your efforts in undertaking this difficult task.
Karen B. Zyczynski
While I realize this is a difficult process, dividing smaller communities seems counterproductive to me. I urge you to find a way to keep Novi together in one State House District. The community shares many resources like fire, police, city government, library etc. We are already divided by the expressway and into four school districts. Dividing us up again will just create another division which is counterproductive to building a sense of community and unity.
Phillip Cave
According to the National Conference on State Legislatures, all states must comply with the federal constitutional requirements related to population and anti-discrimination. For congressional redistricting, the Apportionment Clause of Article I, Section 2, of the U.S. Constitution requires that all districts be as nearly equal in population as practicable, which essentially means exactly equal. For state legislative districts, the Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution requires that districts be substantially equal. Additionally, the state of Michigan has enacted legislation that requires that newly established districts are “Compact, Contiguous, Preserve Political Subdivisions, Preserve Communities of Interest and Preserve Cores of Prior Districts. Redefining districts that “Intentionally Favor or Disfavor an incumbent, Candidate or Party is prohibited (Mich. Const. Art. IV, § 6, as amended Nov. 6, 2018; Mich. Comp. Laws §§ 3.63, 4.261, 4.261a). In particular, redistricting maps currently under review for Flint and Burton violate the above principles and should be rejected.
Virginia Preuss
Thanks for your hard work creating our maps. The Pine map does seem the most fair of all house maps, but I still have concerns. Proposed House Districts 107 and 70 have such a large portion of their population incarcerated that they would be constitutionally too small were Michigan to reallocate incarcerated individuals to their home communities. I and many others spoke to the commission about this unfairness many times during the first round of comments, and also provided data and opportunities to speak to our organization, Voting Access for All Coalition, to find ways to address this problem. Many states have chosen to address this issue, since it syphons power away from our low income and black communities. I realize reallocating incarcerated population would impact all maps in Michigan, and would be challenging for you at this point. Given this fact, I appeal to you to consider using the promote the vote map (portal id 06250) which has taken this injustice into account, along with other factors.
Dan Luria
I appreciate the Commissioners' hard work on this. This map makes a fair amount of sense, recognizing that the southeast half of Livingston County is quite different, and more tied to Ann Arbor and less to southern Ingham County than is the northwest part of the County. With regard to Ann Arbor, however, the current maps fail to bring the required partisan fairness: by packing so much of Washtenaw County into so few State House and Senate districts, your maps make Democrats in less urban areas likely to be under-represented.
Lisa Marie Hock
Flint needs its own representative; the city should not be split.
Sandra J. Burgess
None of the three proposed maps works because in District 32, they carve off slivers of Bloomfield Hills and Birmingham rather than leaving those communities intact, potentially making the voters in those slivers feel disenfranchised because they would represent such a tiny portion of the district's electorate. The maps also place Clawson and Troy in separate districts, when placing those two communities in the same district would appear to make more sense geographically.
Lisa M Jevens
I gave testimony THREE TIMES (C973) and this map does exactly what I asked you NOT TO DO: split our Macatawa community along existing boundaries of 32nd Street, located south of Lake Macatawa. Our peninsula is just south of the channel and has been split in half for decades. You are doing it again. I submitted live testimony, written and maps. Please DO NOT USE 32ND STREET AS A BOUNDARY TO THE LAKEFRONT.
Cory King
This map could use some improvement. Kalamazoo County has grown over the last 10 years and will likely grow even more over the next 10 years. The county would be better split into 3 state House districts. Especially when it comes to the City of Kalamazoo. The western and eastern parts of the city and county should be divided to better represent the different communities within Kalamazoo. The northern and eastern sides of the city and county have different needs than the western side of the city and county. The southwestern part of the county is rapidly growing and more suburban than the rest of the county. All 3 sides of Kalamazoo County should be represented by a state representative of their own.
Judy Daubenmier
The commission has been working very hard on these maps, but as your consultant has told you, there is still work to be done regarding partisan fairness. You can address partisan fairness by unpacking the Democrats who live in small cities such as Ann Arbor and combining parts of Ann Arbor with suburban and exurban areas. One approach would be to expand districts north along the U.S. 23 corridor. Many people along that corridor extending into Brighton commute to Ann Arbor for school and work. They have much in common with their co-workers there but can't afford housing there so they have moved a little farther away. Combining these areas would make a lot of sense and help address partisan fairness.
Patrick McNeal
This Map along with the others all disenfranchise Flint from the possibility of having at least one and in some cases 2 people who have the cities best interest at heart. This map reduces us to potentially having no representative of color
Margaret Schankler
Please move the prison population in Ionia to an overpopulated district to address prison gerrymandering.
Why after many, many displeased comments on all the previous maps, have you not corrected these egregious districts that serve to dilute the voices of Pontiac voters and other communities as well? The residents of these communities will not accept the "it's too much work" answer. Commenters from Lake Orion, Oxford, Clarkston, Independence Township, Waterford, Auburn Hills, Bloomfield and Pontiac have all stated that these districts do not preserve COIs and do not represent the communities involved in any way. Fix this!
Stephen Case
The party that wins the most votes statewide, should win the most seats. Your maps don't do that.
Igor Vojnovic
In your redrawing of the state House maps, you have made three very safe Democratic districts and three Republican districts, despite the fact that we are overwhelmingly Democratic. Most of the Democratic voters are now packed in our region in three districts. Where is the partisan fairness here? The region is gerrymandered worse than with the 2011 maps. In your current drawing of the state House maps, there are NO competitive House districts in the Greater Lansing Region. This is one reason, and an important one, why when you look at your state House maps across Michigan, they are still not meeting criteria 4 (partisan fairness). Greater partisan fairness, with more competitive House districts within the Great Lansing Region can be ensured by doing three things: i) As you did with the City of Lansing, where the river was used to divide the city in the current House maps, East Lansing and Meridian Township north and south should also be split, using Grand River Avenue as the dividing line. ii) Continue the split of the city of Lansing along the river. iii) Return Delta Township into the Eaton County-based district. Your current maps favor Republican representation in the House by creating a 3 to 3 balance in representation, when our region, in fact, is overwhelmingly Democratic. Pursuing the above three steps will result in 3 Democratic districts, 1 Republican district and 2 competitive districts. This will ensure that your House maps meet the partisan fairness criteria across the state.
Naomi Ludman
This map has a glaring problem. It takes the city of Dowagiac and rips it out of Cass County. Dowagiac is the only city in Cass County--it anchors the county and is integral to the county. The city of Dowagiac has municipal, social, cultural, and recreational ties to the whole county. The city helps to administer grants for the county commission and Dowagiac has a commissioner on the County Board of Commissioners. The Cass County Council on Aging has two locations--one in Cassopolis and one in Dowagiac. Southwestern Michigan College is in the county and has historical, economic and educational ties to the city of Dowagiac. Dowagiac high school students attend SMC as dual enrolled students. Dowagiac is in proposed District 81 and the College along with the rest of the county is in proposed district 64. In this scenario, the county, the college and the city of Dowagiac will all suffer in terms of representation and allocation of resources for which they need to compete. Not only that, putting Dowagiac in district 64 puts it in the same district as the closest neighboring city, Niles. This means that the two cities will now be competing for grants and government resources, whereas if Dowagiac were in district 81, it would be competing by itself on behalf of Cass County. The county will suffer without those resources. ALL of Cass County must remain whole in one district, which would be proposed district 81.
Margaret Schankler
I believe this commission is working hard to ensure that all Michiganders have fair representation and to make racial gerrymandering a thing of the past. However, all of your draft maps accept the questionable premise that majority-minority districts can be reduced to 40% minority and still have a fair chance to elect minority representation. In fact, out of 148 total seats in Michigan’s House and Senate, only three majority-white districts are represented by Black legislators. In addition, Section 2 of the voting rights act requires that at least the same number of minority opportunity districts in a previous redistricting plan be drawn in a new redistricting plan. Please adjust this map to align with map o6250 which provides better minority opportunity for Detroit districts.
Margaret Schankler
I believe this commission is working hard to ensure that all Michiganders have fair representation and to make racial gerrymandering a thing of the past. However, all of your draft maps accept the questionable premise that majority-minority districts can be reduced to 40% minority and still have a fair chance to elect minority representation. In fact, out of 148 total seats in Michigan’s House and Senate, only three majority-white districts are represented by Black legislators. In addition, Section 2 of the voting rights act requires that at least the same number of minority opportunity districts in a previous redistricting plan be drawn in a new redistricting plan. Please adjust this map to align with map o6250 which provides better minority opportunity for Detroit districts.
Jack Bengtsson
Rich Thrush, I like what you've done with Grand Rapids and surrounding communities in map 63361. The problem is, as I'm sure you know, you move one district, you are certain to move more. It might be interesting for you to finish that map just to see how what you've done affects other surrounding districts and beyond. The truth is, I'm not particularly fond of any of the six State House maps thus far. And, I understand Detroiters are less than pleased with what they've seen so far as well. There was a map out there before that I thought had potential but I don't see it among these six. So, Mr. Thrush, I'd be curious to see what you can do with the rest of Michigan. Who knows, the Commission might even take an interest. Note to the Commission: Please don't take my lack of enthusiasm for the State House maps thus far as a major criticism. The members of the Commission have a thankless job. I appreciate all the hard work you have done and continue to do. Whatever you come up with in the end, I'm sure it will be an improvement over anything the politicians might have done. Keep at it kids! Mr. Thrush, I'll check back in a few days to see if you decided to expand your map. Note to Mr. Eid: I thought your US House and State Senate maps were close, with a couple tweaks. I'll be looking to see if you submit a State House map as well.
The city of Kalamazoo could be divided into two districts. A west Kalamazoo and an east Kalamazoo districts. Different communities there which would give them both an opportunity to elect a rep that will work for them.
Julie Wuerfel
This map does not represent our community of interest. Berrien County should not be divided. Much of these lakeshore communities are 2nd homes. People live and work between the two district you have divided. Berrien is the largest county in the southwest corner and should not be divided.
Steven Artt
City of Farmington and Farmington Hills share the library and school district in common. Separating these two cities will complicate our relationship.
Rich Thrush
Copy of my in-person testimony 10/22. My name is Rich Thrush from Grand Rapids. I am asking the Committee to please keep in mind that the main reason Proposition 2, which formed the Commission, was voted in by the people was to develop partisan fair maps rather than have the legislature draw biased maps. The current Commission maps are improving, but more work is needed to get partisan fairness correct. We are counting on you. The current house map divides up cities and complicates representation. I suggest reconfiguring the 6 cities Grand Rapids Area and related townships and simply divide by city lines to preserve Communities of Interest all within the same area. Combine Grandville and Walker Cities to form district 76 to keep the west side culture together. Keep Wyoming City whole and add a small slice of Grand Rapids to the north between Interstate 131 and the river as district 79 to represent the Hispanic population well. Combine Kentwood and East Grand Rapids Cities with Cascade Township in district 86 to put like areas of the Southwest side together. Use the South Grand Rapids City from Fulton street south in district 78 to represent underserved minorities. Then combine north Grand Rapids City from Fulton Street and include Grand Rapids, Ada and Plainfield Townships south of the Grand River in district 75. Representatives for these areas will be then able to focus on each district’s unique issues and needs. I will enter these written comments to the Pine map along with example 63361district map to better illustrate these suggestions
John Waffle
I think Grand Rapids should be a whole. It's starting to look like a jigsaw puzzle with huge parts wrapped around a shiny middle. I've lived in East Town for a little while and it's very different from the rest of Grand Rapids. Why you would group as you have puzzles me.
Lorena Aguayo-Marquez
A Wyoming district along with the 3 heavily Hispanic precincts of Grand Rapids makes a good State House district and keeps the Hispanic population together. Wyoming is the 2nd largest city in Kent County. It deserves to anchor its own State House district, not be split up.
William Curry Lodge
Due to multiple common interests (schools, library, community center) Farmington Hills and the City of Farmington should remain in one district. Splitting Farmington Hills itself makes no sense at all!
Chris Talwar
Please keep Farmington~Farmington Hills together ...Many reasons ...long family and cultural histories between these two regions and many longterm residents have much pride and committment to the well being collectively of our twin-cities ...the last gerrymander to separate the communities was never liked ... Farmington and Farmington Hills combined makes a pragmatically sensible district and should be together. We share a school district and library system and many community endeavors. Also please ensure Farmington Hills is not split in two in a future redraw. Thanks !
Marie Fox
: This map gives Midland and Bay City, two cities that have been closely aligned for a long time, a competitive district where a representative works for the voters, not the party or extreme base. This brings the overall map closer to a zero political bias, but please continue to correct the Republican lean. Michigan is a 54% Democratic state and its districts should reflect that.
Carolyn Lowe
Farmington and Farmington Hills should be together. They share a school district, library and many community services!
In 2020, in Michigan, Democratic voters had 53% of votes, it seems these maps should lean toward democrats having more representation than republicans. This map does not reflect that fact.
In 2020, in Michigan, Democratic voters had 53% of votes, it seems these maps should lean toward democrats having more representation than republicans. This map does not reflect that fact.
Jocelyne Romero
It is good that this district includes over 50% of people of color. We would encourage to expand it to include the NW side of Grand Rapids to better capture the Latinx community's voice.
Donna E Farris
Cascade Township and the Grand Rapids airport should be in the city of Grand Rapids as a common community of interest.
Rosalind J Cox
It appears to me that many cities and neighborhoods are divided and many communities that have no common interests are combined. I'm also very concerned that all of the maps are skewed to favor Republicans and particularly will dilute the voices of Detroit residents and other communities of color. The State Senate and House maps need to be redrawn for better representation. I urge you to please check for partisan fairness as our state needs and deserves balanced, unbiased, fair maps in compliance with the VRA.
Elizabeth Buckner
This map is terrible the way communities are put together. Some of it is drawn as if communities looked like ribbon farms.
Elizabeth Buckner
Highland Park and Clawson have nothing in common
Elizabeth Buckner
Splitting Farmington and Farmington Hills make no sense. The two communities share too much (such as school district and library) to have different legislative districts.
Alex Meyers
The communities of Farmington and Farmington Hills share culture, events, school districts, and more. Splitting them between multiple legislative districts does not make sense.
Nancy Hejna
EGR and Kentwood are similar suburban communities and should be linked. They have more in common with each other than with the city of Grand Rapids.
Dan Holowicki
The Downriver cities in Districts 13 and 22 need to be together, not divided as this map suggests
Randa Cain
Please keep Northville and Plymouth together. Our communities shared resources, such as fire departments. We have common concerns, especially when addressing the landfill nearby since it affects both of our communities. We are not a large community. Northville should not be divided and should remain with Plymouth. Our communities are similar, everything from our homes, walkable downtowns, and even our friends, neighbors and community events. I urge you to reconsider these maps and district lines.
Sue Macrellis
Four representatives for one county. That really focuses on communities of interest. Seriously?
Franklin P Crownover
Eastown should be with NE Grand Rapids, not the west side.
Franklin P Crownover
Ada should be included with a less rural district, such as District 75
Granville Hayworth
Portions of Jackson County linked to Ann Arbor have nothing in common. As Jackson County is mostly rural, it needs to stay with mostly rural areas. Populated areas will begin to dictate what happens in agricultural areas and harm family farms.
Todd D Ellis
It makes more sense to divide the city of Kalamazoo into two districts. One would contain the west side of the city, including the colleges, Oshtemo township and the western suburbs. The other would be the eastern part of the city with Parchment and Comstock included. These are very different populations with different representation needs. Portage, Texas Township, and Schoolcraft would make sense as their own district as well. However, it makes no sense to combine Oshtemo with Portage - Oshtemo has much more in common with Kalamazoo than it does with Portage.
Franklin P Crownover
Walker and Grandville share a school district and should be in the same district.
Franklin P Crownover
Cascade Township and the GR Airport should be in a Grand Rapids House District rather than a rural one.
Franklin P Crownover
Kentwood is large enough to anchor its own district.
Franklin P Crownover
East Grand Rapids and Kentwood are similar enough that they should be included in the same district. They are more similar to each other than East Grand Rapids is to Grand Rapids.
Franklin P Crownover
Please keep the Hispanic areas of Wyoming and Grand Rapids together in the same district.
Franklin P Crownover
Wyoming is a large enough city that it should not be split into 2 different districts.
Douglas Floto
Nope, my commerce neighborhood is more aligned with diverse suburban communities to the south and east. This map throws us in with more rural facets-leaning republicans. Strive for less partisan balance.
Suzanne Kinnen
The districts in South Oakland County are ridiculous. Splitting school districts and communities, looping in communities that have nothing in common with one another. Why is Berkley split from north to south?
Christine A Lyon
Again, why are we splitting Berrien County into lakeshore communities and separating the rest of the county? This is nonsensical and does not take into account the other assets and infrastructure.
Dinah R DeWald
Right now, there are 3 very safe Democratic districts and 3 Republican districts. This is worse in terms of partisan fairness than the 2011 maps. There are no competitive House districts in the Greater Lansing Region as you have currently drawn the state House maps, meeting they aren't meeting the partisan fairness criteria. To make the maps more fair: 1. Put Delta Township back in the Eaton County-based district. 2. Split East Lansing and Meridian Township north and south like you did with the city of Lansing. You used the river to help divide the city of Lansing in the current House maps. Use Grand River Ave to divide East Lansing and Meridian. 3. Keep splitting the city of Lansing as you have with the river. If you do this, you will end up with 2 competitive districts, 3 Democratic districts and 1 Republican District. Here is what fair districts in the Lansing region look like:
Rachel Cichon
Dear Commissioners, I am concerned that the Lansing maps do not accurately reflect the community, particularly on the issue of partisan fairness. Our current state House maps have 3 Dem districts, 2 Republican districts and 1 swing district (D71 - Eaton County area) in Greater Lansing. However, the new proposed maps have 3 Dem districts and 3 Republican districts because the vast majority of Dem voters in our region have been packed into 3 districts. This means there are no competitive House districts in Greater Lansing and violates criteria 4 (partisan fairness). This is an example of gerrymandering that goes even further than the 2011 maps. This is fixable. The Senate maps you have already produced used boundaries that make sense to Lansing residents and reflect partisan fairness and our communities of interest. We can apply similar parameters to the House maps to make it more fair. The three changes that would make all of the difference are: 1) Put Delta Township back in the Eaton County-based district (this helps keep the communities of interest in Eaton together). 2) Split East Lansing and Meridian Township north and south. You used the river to help divide the city of Lansing in the current House maps. Similarly, use Grand River Ave to divide East Lansing and Meridian in a similar manner. This is a boundary that residents know and can easily use to determine where they live, plus it keeps communities together because it separates the distinct East Lansing permanent resident community from the distinct EL student community and aligns with local school districts, which EL and Meridian Township residents are much more familiar with. 3) Keep splitting the city of Lansing as you have with the river. Just like with Grand River Ave, this makes it easy for residents to know which district they are in. This would leave two competitive districts, 3 Democratic districts, and 1 Republican districts in Greater Lansing, a better reflection of our partisan makeup. It would help shift maps across the state to reflect better partisan fairness as well. Thank you very much for your consideration, Rachel Cichon
Eric Ash
These maps still tilt Republican, in a state that tends to lean Democratic in its voting. The party that gets more votes should have more seats. Please work to correct the partisan bias.
Michelle Mormul
The city of St. Clair Shores is is 3 districts? How does this make sense?
Soh Suzuki
It makes no sense to slice up Detroit and join them with communities outside of Wayne County. Why not keep distrcits to exist within Detroit? Please also do not disassemble neighborhoods on the east side of Detroit (Cornerstone Village, Morningside, East English Village) - keep them in the same district.
Ratna Rao
Please do not break up Novi into two district. This is particularly harmful to the APIA community in P14.
Scott Weston Rose
There is no reason to have so many county boundaries crossed by districts of this size. Please consider my map which minimized county and city cross overs and also has a very low population deviation of 1.37% max.
Bonnie VanKeersbilck
This is an improvement over the other House maps but still needs work. The party with the most votes should win. You need to unpack districts. All votes should count.
Neill StacY Lankford
Back to the drawing board!. These maps favor republicans
tim golding
Grass Lake, Blackman Twp, Jackson, Michigan Center attached to Chelsea?? This is not a community of interest. Please redraw this entire map based on the community of interest comments given in Jackson earlier this year
Audrey Lester’s
What happened to the Lakeshore CoI map? I and many others made positive comments last week regarding that map. The lake shore is unified naturally but when interrupted lines exist one area can allow things another doesn’t. The ecological, tourist and climate issues are unique to this natural formation. Rural areas share realities with other rural areas. Please bring back the coastal plan.
tim golding
how can you possibly connect Waterloo with the east side of Ann Arbor? that in no way represents any of the majority of community of interest comments given over the last several months. this map clearly favors on party over the other. please redraw this map per directive #3 in the constitution
tim goldign
Poorly drawn; this map is does not conform at all to the community of interest comments given in jackson so many months ago. how can you possibly connect Napoleon, Summit Twp, Novell etc to Ann Arbor. These population centers/demographics couldnt be more dissimilar.
Sharon Trumpy
The city of Novi needs to be kept in one district. To do otherwise disempowers our AAPI community and creates unnecessary complexity.
Kim Bergs
Keep Wyoming together! A wyoming district along with the 3 heavily Hispanic districts of Grand Rapids keeps Hispanic population together.
Eastown community of interest is with the North East Grand Rapids not the Westside please change this district.
Ada is part of the Grand Rapids metro community of interest and should be kept together
Walker and Grandville are the same school district and should be kept together as a community of interest
Cascade township is a community of interest with Metro Grand Rapids so they should be kept together
East Grand Rapids and Kentwood are two similar communities of interest so should be kept together
Kentwood is a community of interest and should not be split up
Please keep the Hispanic community of interest in Wyoming and Grand Rapids together
Wyoming is a community of interest and should not be split up
Katie Sun
I would suggest that Grand Rapids township and Ada township be included in District 75. We are much more closely associated with this district. Now we are included in a district 96 which includes a weird mix of our two suburban townships in Kent county with two eastern rural townships in Kent county and very rural communities in Barry and Allegan counties to the south. We have nothing in common with them. Can’t imagine a single representative servicing all of the needs of these townships
Jeffrey Padden
There is only one reason for the existence of the ICRC: end partisan advantage in districts. Whether that advantage is created deliberately or inadvertently is of no consequence. The result either way is to thwart the expressed will of the voters. The Lansing area districts will contribute to the gerrymandering problem, not solve it. Please ensure that you fix the Lansing area and the overall skew toward Republicans that is the clear result of the current draft House map. This is at the core of your mission as members of the ICRC.
Katie Sun
Don’t understand why Walker/Grand Rapids Ward 1 residential northwest 76 district would be combined with the Grand Rapids city area that is east of the river in Ward 2-totally different type of downtown city area. This is a much better fit with the northwest 75 district. Just add similar area Grandville city to 76 to get the population.
Sam Chu
All the areas in the six cities (Grand Rapids, Kentwood, Wyoming, Grandville, Walker and East Grand Rapids) along with the townships of Grand Rapids, Cascade, Ada and South Plainfield should be kept together when drawing the State House maps. These are the core of the Greater Grand Rapids city and suburban area. Population in this area makes 5 districts.
Sam Chu
I have no idea why the district 76 extends east across the river into the city. City east of the river is downtown businesses, hospital and restaurants/entertainment-completely different from the west. Better to combine Walker City with Grandville City and put the area east of the river above Fulton avenue in 75 and south of Fulton in 78
Sam Chu
Districts 86/96Southwest side We have a Chinese restaurant in Kentwood. Most of our customers come from East Grand Rapids and Cascade as well as Kentwood. The people are all similar in middle class economics and lifestyles. Looking forward to Have a State Representative in district 86 that services all my customers.
Miriam Boelen
The map should be slightly adjusted to keep East Grand Rapids, Kentwood and Cascade Township together as all three share school districts, shopping districts, business districts, medical facilities and the airport.
Cary Fleischer
Easton and Wilcox Park in the eastern finger of district 76 do not fit. These areas probably fit better in 78 or 75. They are not related to the west side district 76 in many ways.
Cary Fleischer
Why is Ada residential township included in district 96 with rural townships in Kent county and other townships outside the county in Barry and Allegan townships? No common Community of Interest whatsoever. Better to put Ada township in District 75 with like communities
Cary Fleischer
General comment – Kent county is the 4th largest county in the state (658,000 residents) and the greater Grand Rapids area is most of the population. Please keep State House districts in the Greater Grand Rapids area including Ada, Cascade and Plainfield townships together.
Mark Brandt
The commission needs to unpack Lansing to create fair districts. There are many ways to do this, but one would be to recognize the Lansing five. The commission could move Delta TWP into Eaton County and let it anchor its own district. The city of Lansing could anchor its own. East Lansing could anchor its own district, Delhi TWP, its own, and then Meridian TWP, its own district. This would do two things. First, it keeps communities of interest together and puts communities with different interests apart. Second, it increases partisan fairness. Both of these are requirements and should be addressed.
Susan Anderson
Not politically balanced
Susan Anderson
The maps of the Lansing area are unfair and favor Republicans. Put Delta Township back in Eaton County.
David Neubauer
Rutledge Township should be included with City of Hastings, we are one community and should not be split up.
Joel Ombry
I don't think Eastown fits with the western part of GR. It should be part of a NE district.
Joel Ombry
Cascade is a suburb of Grand Rapids metro area and has more in common with other suburbs like Kentwood and East Grand Rapids than it does with rural areas to the east and south.
Joel Ombry
Please don't divide Wyoming up. It's a significant population center in Kent County. Dividing it will also dilute the voice of a significant Hispanic population.
Richard Thrush
What a complicated map and divides up cities to further complicate representation. Very simple to keep the 6 cities Grand Rapids area and related townships together and divide by City lines to preserve the Communities of Interest. Combine Grandville City with Walker City to keep the west side culture together. Keep Wyoming City whole and add some of Grand Rapids City west of the freeway to represent the Hispanic population well. Combine Kentwood City, East Grand Rapids City, and Cascade Township to combine like areas of the Southwest side. Keep the South Central Grand Rapids City whole from Fulton street south to represent the underserved minorities and combine the North Grand Rapids City from Fulton Street north and include Grand Rapids Township, Ada Township and Plainfield Township south of the Grand River. Map shows this proposal all within the same area of current Grand Rapids State House districts drawn by the Commission.
Jamie Ombry
Cascade Township and the airport are more a part of the GR metro area (than the rural area) and should be linked in with a GR House District.
Jamie Ombry
Wyoming deserves to have its own State House district and not be split up.
Ashton Shortridge
thank you for your hard work developing independent redistricting maps. They improve greatly on the current maps and promise a more representative process for all of Michigan. As a resident of Greater Lansing, I do have concerns with the state House maps for my region. The six districts in Greater Lansing all appear to be uncompetitive, with Democratic voters and Republican voters packed into three districts apiece. Further, the locations of the splits result in districts that don't clearly reflect boundaries between communities of interest. I suggest that you split East Lansing and Meridian Township along Grand River Avenue. This major highway divides Michigan State University from most of the established neighborhoods in East Lansing and is a widely recognized landmark in the area. Further, it would connect the suburb of Okemos with the nearby towns of Williamston and Mason. On the west side, I suggest that you include Delta Township, which is in Eaton County, with much of the rest of Eaton County - including the towns of Dimondale, Potterville and Charlotte - rather than merging it with northern Lansing, as it is in the proposed plan. That would require the northern suburbs of Lansing to be merged with the northern city of Lansing, which seems preferable. I do like the north-south division of the City of Lansing itself, and hope that you include that in any revisions. This scheme is logical and easy to justify. If you work with these modifications, you will find it possible to develop more competitive districts that have logical divisions and better link communities of interest in the Greater Lansing region. Any partitioning plan has advantages and disadvantages, but I hope that you consider these suggestions. Thanks again for your hard work.
Cindy Krieg
Eastown belongs with NE Grand Rapids.
Naomi Ludman
This map appears to put the city of Dowagiac in a separate district from Southwestern Michigan College. This is insane! SMC has a Dowagiac address and is integrally connected to the city. Most of the college's employees come from Dowagiac, the two plan many events together, people in the city support the college financially and the residents of Dowagiac pay taxes to support the college. Dowagiac high school students attend SMC as dual enrolled students. I could go on and on. I live in Dowagiac and worked at the college for 35 years. The college and Dowagiac must be in the same district
Nancy Mroczkowski
I'm asking this committee to create State House Districts largely composed of the metro six cities. They have Common Community of Interest: Shared water, sewer, transit, waste management, economy, and culture. If you have to add townships, make sure they are near largely residential and commercial suburban townships like Cascade, Ada, Plainfield, and Grand Rapids Township. Try to keep the greater Grand Rapids cities and townships in Kent County together. Avoid putting suburban townships in other counties. Kent County is the 4th largest county in Michigan and deserves to have representatives from the County as much as possible Please see this linked map which achieves these goals.
Nancy Mroczkowski
Plainfield and Northeastern Grand Rapids share a common school district: Northview School District
Nancy Mroczkowski
GR Township is fully commercial and residential suburban, it has only 2 farms. It is a township that has much in common with the surrounding cities
Nancy Mroczkowski
The Ward system has a long standing value to Grand Rapids residents, it’s important to keep the non-downtown areas of Ward 2 together
Nancy Mroczkowski
Grandville, Walker and Westside GR are all Metro Six Cities. Southern Walker and Grandville share the Grandville School District
Nancy Mroczkowski
Walker and Westside GR share common interest: West Catholic High School, Catholic heritage, commercial districts. Walker, Westside GR, and Grandville are both Metro Six Cities. Southern Walker and Grandville share the Grandville School District
Nancy Mroczkowski
Westside is the home to long-standing Polish and Catholic neighborhoods. Westside GR and Walker share common interest: West Catholic High School, Catholic heritage, commercial districts. Westside GR and Walker are both Metro Six Cities
Nancy Mroczkowski
Eastown should not be placed in with areas like Grandville and Walker, but rather in a district within Grand Rapids to the south with Ward 3 or the North with Ward 2
Nancy Mroczkowski
Cascade should be added together with its neighbor Kentwood. The Ford Airport, which is an island that belongs to the City of Grand Rapids, should be represented by someone who lives in a Metro Six city. Kentwood and Cascade share a common 28th Street Corridor. Cascade is a suburban township that should not be put in with predominantly rural, agricultural townships like Vergennes and Caledonia or townships in Barry and Allegan County
Nancy Mroczkowski
East Grand Rapids is a City and Should be placed with a fellow Six City, ideally with neighboring Kentwood. East Grand Rapids is suburban and should be placed with Kentwood rather than Grand Rapids
Nancy Mroczkowski
Kentwood is a city of 55,000 people and should make up the core of a State House District. Add Kentwood’s fellow Metro Six City of East Grand Rapids since they share water, waste, and transit services and have the same system of government. Add the most similar nearby township -- Cascade Township -- because it shares the 28th Street Commercial Corridor and has the Ford Airport
Nancy Mroczkowski
Thank you for drawing a Southern Grand Rapids District with a strong African-American and People of Color population. It is possible to create a State House District that is around 50% non-white. African-Americans have not had a Black State Representative from Grand Rapids for over a decade. They deserve a chance to elect a non-white Representative to focus on their unique issues: housing, policing, justice, economic opportunity, etc.
George Moroz
Keep the cities of Northville, Plymouth and Northville Township in the same district.
Nancy Mroczkowski
Wyoming is a city of 77,000 people and is a Community of Interest that deserves to be kept together as a core part of a State House District. Do not split up Wyoming into two State House Districts. State House District population levels can be reached by adding the three main Hispanic precincts in Grand Rapids into a Wyoming district. This creates an opportunity for Hispanic representation from Kent County in the State House since population of this district would 32% Hispanic, the largest, most concentrated Hispanic district possible in Kent County. The current MICRC maps divide Wyoming unnecessarily The current MICRC map splits the Hispanic communities living in southwest Grand Rapids and Wyoming.
Linda Kristensen
District 76 should include Walker, Grandville, Wyoming, Grand Rapids Township and Ada since they are suburb cities/township to Grand Rapids
Linda Kristensen
District 86 should include East Grand Rapids and Cascade since they are also cities bordering Grand Rapids and include the international airport.
Herbert Seamons
Districts drawn should do more than follow units of government lines. These districts do not take into account the history of development and the major transportation routes that the community has developed around. This district has distinct areas: M-6 in the south; 44th St in the middle, 28th Street/Chicago Drive in the north. Districts should be drawn more along east/west configuration, unless the area is along the Division/US 131 area which goes north/south, or Kalamazoo Ave.
Herbert Seamons
Districts drawn should do more than follow units of government lines. These districts do not take into account the history of development and the major transportation routes that the community has developed around. This district has distinct areas: M-6 in the south; 44th St in the middle, 28th Street/Chicago Drive in the north. Districts should be drawn more along east/west configuration, unless the area is along the Division/US 131 area which goes north/south, or Kalamazoo Ave.
Kaneesa Tooson
Flint needs its own representative; the city should not be split. Genesee County will not have minority representation with the current maps because of the split of the City of Flint and the African American Population. Flint is and has historically been faced with unique challenges specific to the City and Flint needs its own Representative. Based on the current maps, Flint may not have its own Representative.
Herbert Seamons
The way Southwest Grand Rapids area is configured, you are gerrymandering the Hispanic community out of representation. The history of development for Grand Rapids was growth to the Southwest towards Grandville and the establishment of Wyoming. That area is now home to a thriving Hispanic community but everyone drawing maps is more focused on the traditional gerrymandering of seats to the South Grand Rapids African-American community and the Southwest White suburban community.
Jared Boot
Your maps unfairly benefit Republicans. Your job isn’t done until you fix that. The state house maps are worse relative to the state senate and congressional maps!
Daniel Opsommer
The way you drew the state House maps, there are 3 VERY safe Democratic districts and 2 Republican districts. You packed most of the Democratic voters in our region into 3 districts, gerrymandering the region worse than the 2011 maps. There are NO competitive House districts in the Greater Lansing Region as you have currently drawn the state House maps. This is a big reason why your state House maps are still not meeting criteria 4 (partisan fairness) when you look at them statewide. You can fix this by doing three things in the Great Lansing Region: 1. Put Delta Township back in the Eaton County-based district. 2. Split East Lansing and Meridian Township north and south like you did with the city of Lansing. You used the river to help divide the city of Lansing in the current House maps. Use Grand River Ave to divide East Lansing and Meridian in a similar manner. 3. Keep splitting the city of Lansing as you have with the river. If you do this, you will end up with 4 competitive districts and 1 Democratic district. Here is what fair districts in the Lansing region look like: This will also help your House maps meet the partisan fairness criteria statewide.
Frank Lynn
Combine Wyoming and the adjoining 3 Hispanic Districts from Grand Rapids would would make a nice Hispanic State House District.
Marsha Wheaton
This would be a better map if Delta Township were removed.
Marsha Wheaton
A fairer map would divide Kalamazoo between the college/west side and the more diverse district on the east.
Walker and Grandville would align better in a single district as they share School Districts, Commercial districts, and common size and make up in their population.
I live in Cascade Twp and this map would be much better if it keeps East Grand Rapids, Kentwood, and Cascade Twp together as they share common interest in the Airport, Schools, Shopping, and Healthcare facilities.
Marian Mahoney
The city of Novi should not be divided into 2 districts. This dilutes the Asian-American voices. Our city already has 4 different school districts - splitting our city into different districts further adds undue complexity. Please keep Novi together.
Amy Teare
I don't like this map - eliminate Delta Township and it would be better.
Sheila Martin
Eastown doesn't really belong with the west side of Grand Rapids. It's more similar to the northeast part of the city. Their interests would be better served being grouped with NE Grand Rapids.
Sheila Martin
Cascade Township is really part of the Grand Rapids metro region; link it with a Grand Rapids House district.
Sheila Martin
It would make more sense for the airport to be linked to the Grand Rapids metro region, rather than a rural district.
Sheila Martin
Given its size, Kentwood should anchor a State House district. Link it with East Grand Rapids since the two areas are more like each other than they are Grand Rapids itself.
Sheila Martin
The city of Wyoming should anchor its own State House district, not be split up. It's the second largest city in Kent County with a large Hispanic population. Add in the three nearby Grand Rapids districts that are heavily Hispanic and that community of interest will be together.
Murray A Gorchow
I agree with Sharon Baseman. These north-south vertical housedistricts violate COI and will likely deprive Detroit of adequate representation contrary to the VRA.
Pei-Lan Tsou
Eastown should be in with a NE GR district, not the west side.
Pei-Lan Tsou
Please keep Northview and Grand Rapids township together. They share the Northview School district!
Max Gordon Aulbach
I think it's a mistake to divide Wyoming. They have a population of 77,000 and definitely make up a community of interest. I think it would be much better to keep the city all together in one district. This would also better represent our Hispanic population in Kent County. Under this map, hispanic communities are divided and risk being under represented.
Pei-Lan Tsou
Kentwood is the 3rd largest city in Kent County and should anchor a State House district. East Grand Rapids and Kentwood are similar suburban areas of Grand Rapids and should be linked together. They are more similar to each other than with the actual city of Grand Rapids. Cascade township is part of the Grand Rapids metro region. They also share a school district, it should be included with a Grand Rapids district.
Max Gordon Aulbach
I think it would be worthwhile to keep Ward 2 of Grand Rapids together. I'm a lifelong resident of Ward 2 and feel it would be better remain with my Ward 2 in terms of state house representation.
Frank Lynn
If this district was expanded slightly to the north it would make a great Hispanic District.
Frank Lynn
Wyoming should not be split up. It is the second biggest city in Kent County and should have it's own district. It also has a large Hispnaic population.
These maps divide too many communities and do not take COIs into consideration. Keep Waterford and other communities whole and with their COIs!
I agree with the other commenter that Pontiac and Auburn Hills should be in a district together, also keep Waterford whole. There is no need to divide these communities and deny them their voices.
James Green
Really at this point i am not sure what the difference in between the three maps. All of this maps are looking at going vertical and break up citys and combining them in with other multiple citys above or below them. This is going to result in areas not getting the representation they need. The current maps do a better job than this right now.
Shuvra Das
The most important thing we need these maps to be is partisan fairness. The commission is so far ussing voting data from 2012 to now with equal weightage. That should not be done. The electorate of ten years ago do not reflect how it will look over the nnext ten yeras. They should provide more weightage to the reecent elections and strive to create fairer maps. As an example the map proposed by AFL-CIO is mmuch fairer than any of the maps the commission has proposed.
Dorothy Munson
Why would cascade township be in district 96 when it is essentially an extension of Kentwood District 86. My husband works there.
Dorothy Munson
I am surprised that the 76 district where we live goes across the river to the east side. That’s a busy city area with offices and the hospital. The west side is strictly middle class residential.
Dorothy Munson
Suggest having a Grand Rapids south district East of interstate 131 north south freeway to form a great district to represent black people. There are many common issues and needs in that area.
Dorothy Munson
Wyoming should be kept together and some area along Grandville avenue to the north should be in one district to represent the Hispanic population well. I spend a lot of time supporting the people in that area.
Lisa K
Unevenly balanced -please do not use
Lisa Lamancusa
Cascade township where I live should be in with Grand Rapids metro areas – probably with Kentwood and East Grand Rapids city in 86. Don’t understand why would be in a district with townships south of us in Barry and Allegan counties. We are totally attached to Grand Rapids. The airport is nearby. I am also surprised that Ada township north of us is in the 96 district. It has the same close relationship with Grand Rapids six cities. It should be connected to the north side of Grand Rapids in a district there.
lori A Boyce
Farmington and Farmington Hills combined makes a state House district. Farmington Hills should not be split into 2 or 3 (can't tell on map). Farmington and Farmington Hills should be united in a district. We share a school district and library system and many community endeavors. Farmington Hills has a lot more in common with Farmington than Southfield. Farmington currently is drawn into Detroit (Wayne County).
Patricia Dawson
79 I would say Wyoming should be together as there are many Spanish people there. Maybe need to add some of grand rapids there to keep the Spanish together.
Patricia Dawson
Why is Eastown and Wilcox park in 76 northwest district-they are way east of the Grand River. We are west siders and have our own unique polish neighborhoods, churches and local businesses. 79 I can see us being with Grandville because my grandson lives in walker but goes to Grandville schools
Pei-Lan Tsou
The greater Grand Rapids area shares common community of Interest like water, sewer, transit, waste management. If you have to add townships, make sure they are nearby largely residential and commercial suburban townships like Cascade, Ada, Plainfield, and Grand Rapids Township. Kent County together! Avoid putting suburban townships in other counties like Ottawa county. Ottawa county are mostly agricultural areas and it is VERY DIFFERENT from Kent county. Kent County is the 4th largest county in Michigan and deserves to have representatives from the County as much as possible.
Elizabeth Anne Kaufman
The Lansing area map is a good example of vote-packing, giving an unfair advantage to one party (Republican) over the other (Democratic). It needs unpacking!
Marian Mahoney
Please keep the city of Novi intact - our Asian community of interest should not be sliced up across districts. Keep on this map.
Thomas Cook
This map of the 58th splits off the northern tier of township in Shiawassee County from the whole, diminishing this community of interest
William Ceasar
I believe the Lansing districts are unfair because Lansing is packed into 3 districts and Delta Township is placed into District 91. Delta Township relates to Eaton County and not Lansing. I volunteer in Delta Township and I know this to be true. This map needs to be fixed.
Charlie Close
Flint needs its own representative and should not be split. This map works against minority representation in the city of Flint, which is unacceptable because of the particular challenges the city has faced and is facing.
Nandita Jain
This map for Greater Lansing area gives unfair advantage to Republicans. Please do not pack all Democrats in to one area. Almost looks like gerrymandering.
Debbie Rosenman
Bloomfield Township is being divided up into at least three different House seats. This is NOT good for our community!
Ron Eggleston
It is not evident that the proposed districts result in competitive elections which allow results that reflect the partisan votes. In other words, if Democrats get 55% of votes statewide, they should get about 55% of the legislative seats. (Or conversely, if the Republicans get 55% of the vote, they should get about 55% of the seats). Currently, districts unfairly tilt toward Republicans.
David P Brausch
Talk about gerrymandering. This makes our current maps look good!
William Asher
Novi and South Lyon ought to be kept together, and tied to communities in Oakland County, and not in a district shared with Washtenaw.
William Asher
Pontiac and Auburn Hills should be in the same district.
Joe Fresard
The Grosse Pointes should not be grouped in with downtown Detroit
Joe Fresard
keep harper woods and the Grosse Pointes together with the east side.
Cheryl Hayes
Lansing area districts pack Democrats into three districts creating an advantage for Republicans. Please fix this issue to create a level playing field.
Heather Burnside
Novi should not be divided between two different districts. It needs to be returned to district 110. By separating the city, it works to silence the voices of the AAPI population. Beyond that, this map divides many school districts that should be kept together to best serve the needs of their communities, while at the same time lumping parts of communities that share very few common issues or concerns.
Telaina M Eriksen
The districts for the Lansing area are unfair because they pack Democrats from Eaton and Ingham County into three districts. This creates unfair partisan advantage and needs to be fixed
Charles Wilbur
The most important thing the Commission can do is give us maps that are fair. That's what the overwhelming majority of Michigan voters were voting for when they approved the Independent Commission. These maps for the Lansing area are anything but fair. They pack Democrats into three districts thereby limiting their political impact. This practice--packing--is one of the forms of gerrymandering we voted to eliminate. We will wonder what it was all for if we end up like the districts proposed for the Lansing area.
Ratna Rao
Don’t break up Novi! This particularly impacts the APIA community as P14 has the highest APIA population in Novi and it’s voice would be lost if dumped with other cities and county.
Ratna Rao
Don’t break up Novi! This particularly impacts the APIA community as P14 has the highest APIA population in Novi and it’s voice would be lost if dumped with other cities and county.
Karen Lynne Bolsen
Please put Farmington and Farmington Hills together and don't split up Farmington Hills. We have a joint school board and library system, and many community activities. Farmington sits in the middle of Farmington Hills. As a former school board member, being in touch with multiple legislative representatives would be a challenge to representation.
John P Veith
The Lansing area map gives an unfair advantage to Republicans. Please fix this. Put Delta Township back with the rest of Eaton County.
Rosalie Batchelor
Delta Township belongs with Eaton County, not the city of Lansing
Rosalie Batchelor
Delta Township belongs with Eaton County, not the city of Lansing
The Lansing Area map does not appear fair to me. I worked on getting this redistricting plan passed and hoped for a more balanced approach.
JoAnn Render
Please do not put Lansing and Delta Township in the same district. It creates unfairness due to packing and would advantage one party.
David Barnosky
My greatest concern is the overall fairness of the maps, but something seems wrong here. If you would, try to draw a boundary around this region using the boundaries of the districts you have here that is fair (a slight dem lean like the state total) then you could limit the cascading issues, you could set a “fire break” as I have mentioned before, and look at this region holistically. You might find one more step of the overall fairness I believe is lacking for the map as a whole. You can’t please everyone but DO NOT believe it is “good enough” that your party has a small advantage. There are champions of fairness within your group. Close ranks around them please. Good luck.
Cathy Kiernan
The Lansing area map is unfair and does not correct the problems that currently exist. It packs Democrats into 3 districts which gives an unfair advantage to Republicans. Please correct this.
Barb Matney
Again these maps make no sense. go back to the drawing board. This is not fair at all that you are sheading communities and communities who work closely with one another. obviously you know nothing about communities in Detroit as you are doing nothing but try and destroy them Please check the Cody Rouge Neighborhood Boundaries
Ruth E Linnemann
North Lansing & Lansing Township have economic and infrastructure in common with Lansing. They need to be in a district with Lansing, not Clinton County & St. Johns.
Kari Huss
The Lansing area map is very unfair. It gives an unfair advantage to Republicans. This map needs to be unpacked. Put Delta back with Eaton. Please fix this. Maps should be fair.
Allen R Wolf
Pontiac and Auburn Hills should be together Novi & South Lyon should be together without any part of Washtenaw County Rochester & Rochester Hills should be together without any part of Oakland Twp
Delta Township is in Eaton County and provides for a voting base that is equally balances the Republicans and Democrats. The whole point of this redistricting action is to equalize.
Kyle Jones
I live in Eaton County and Delta Township should be put back into Eaton County. Excluding Delta Township creates a republican district out of a swing district. To correct this Delta Township should be put back into Eaton County.
Linda D. Appling
My county residence is Eaton. The map does not serve the people of Eaton Co. It packs Dems into 3 districts. This makes Eaton co. which was a swing district into a Republican district. Put Delta Township back into Eaton CO.
Marci W
Novi and South Lyon should be together without any part of Washtenaw. These cities are both part of Oakland county and it would not make sense to group them with a different county.
Marci W
Rochester and Rochester Hills should be kept together without any part of Oakland Township. Rochester and Rochester Hills are completely intertwined and their communities are connected.
Susan Andrews
The Lansing region maps are unfair because they pack Democrats into 3 districts. Please fix this and create fair districts for the Lansing area and fair statewide maps.
Patrick Quist
I don't like any of the state house maps proposed. It is obvious the commission is purely guessing on what to do with West Michigan/Grand Rapids. I like district 75, but 79/86 are lacking. I live in proposed district 96 and while I don't think the district is perfect, Alaska/Middleville/Caledonia/Lowell are very similar as a community of interest.
Mary Ann Margaret Idzikowski
Re: the Lansing area map. I want maps to be fair and meet the criterion of not giving an unfair advantage to one party over the over. This map packs Democrats into three districts in an Ingham-Eaton district, but Delta township should have its own Mi state house district in Eaton county. That would be more more fair.
Julie A Argonis
If "communities of interest" are a chief concern of this commission, then splitting a single precinct off from its city, school district, and home county is not a defensible action. Please keep Novi whole, or risk diminishing one of the shining examples of exemplary districts in the state
Andrea Johanson
Keep Novi together as it was in previous versions of this map. This latest version makes no sense for the school districts and crosses 3 counties! The communities in these areas have nothing in common and do not share resources. It will also disenfranchise Novi's important AAPI community and threaten the diversity of our current district. Even putting together ballots for this proposed district would be a nightmare. All of Novi should be in 110.
Sujata Raman
Please keep Novi together! At the VERY least, Novi precinct 14 should be moved from 36 BACK to 110 as it was on previous maps. By separating P14 from the rest of Novi, the AAPI community is split up and our school district is split up and makes no sense. Please move Novi P14 back to 110!
Lisa Kulawczyk-Pringle
There are three maps, and there is no variety in this area at all. Reaching every district in these zip codes across 8 mile in slim, siloed districts, up several miles into communities that have little in common is a mistake. There is some positive to reaching across 8-mile, but doing so in these sliver-like districts it is only dividing Detroit neighborhoods and diluting the population's vote. Anywhere north of 696 has very different interests, challenges, and populations from Detroit. What does Birmingham have in common with Winship? Huntington Woods with Bagley? There's some good though in District 18 along the Woodward Corridor, but it separates University District and Palmer Woods from their most near neighbors.
elizabeth mae beaudoin
Put all of Novi in 110. This set up is muting the voices of our Asian community in that part of Novi. Please move it to join the rest of the City of Novi.
sean beaudoin
Please keep the city of Novi in one district so we can have better representation for our cities diverse population.
elizabeth mae beaudoin
All of Novi should be in one district. please move the balance of Novi into 110, instead of having a chunk of Novi in 38. Novi is a very diverse area on its own and needs to have all of our citizens represented by the same person to work for our mutual goals. We have one of the leading school districts in the state and need to have someone protecting the interest of the school system so it can continue to be a leader in the area. Additionally, this map has put a large section of our AAPI voters in 38 where their voices will be drown out by the rural voters they are sharing the district with. PLEASE KEEP NOVI VOTERS TOGETHER.
Andrew Mutch
Proposed House District 36 has been one of the fastest growing areas of the state over the past 10 years. It's expected to see a lot of additional population growth over the next 10 years. This district will quickly become overweighted population-wise as the population continues to grow. In fact, considering the population numbers are based on the 2020 Census, the current overweight is probably even higher than the numbers presented. Shifting at least one of the more built-out Novi precincts into the Proposed House District 110 will ensure that these districts better conform to the equal population requirement now and into the future.
James P. Whitacre
Please relocate Delta Township to a district that lies within the true boundaries of Eaton County. The proposed 91st district is mostly in the City of Lansing and Ingham County, which has a totally different makeup of all attributes that redistricting was supposed to correct. The proposed district that Delta lies in, does nothing to correct the issues that need to be fixed, financially, racially, or economically. Delta is the center of diversity in Eaton County... the remainder of the County needs more of the diversity that Delta has!!!
Linda Dow
The Delta Township democrats should not be packed in with Ingham County! Please redraw to make this fair.
Chris Andrews
The Lansing House districts are unfair and contribute to making the statewide map unfair. This needs to be fixed. One way is to move Delta Township back with other Eaton communities.
Jane Whitacre
Delta Township is in Eaton County and needs to stay in the same district as the rest of the county for optimal representation in the State House.
Dave Morgan
As I have watched this commission go from an original map that made perfect sense having the City of Battle Creek, Springfield, Townships of Pennfield, Bedford, Emmett all of which share a Library, Police and Fire Services, School Systems, Ambulance Service, have members on BCATS, AMASA boards together, and share many other services, to now a District that is clearly stretched and once again gerrymandered for political purposes only, and it is disappointing. To say that Battle Creek and Albion are these close communities is simply false. You can not even drive between the two without going through another proposed District. I also see that the City of Albion and Albion Township have been separated? So this commission is saying Battle Creek and the surrounding townships have more in common than the City of Albion and Albion Township? I also bring up the fact that the children of Albion attend Marshall schools not Battle Creek. When the proposal to merge the Albion students to Marshall members of both communities talked about everything they had in common and not one person brought up that Albion and Battle Creek should be together. Last I will say that the current 62nd District that you have turned into the 74th District minus Albion Township was one of the main examples that was used to point to gerrymandered and stretched districts. The people voted to eliminate exactly what is being done in the proposed 74th District.
Chris Herweyer
Wyoming should not be split up in this way. Nearly all public comment regarding Wyoming stated that it should be combined with Grandville at the state house level.
Judith S. Goodman
There are 3 State House maps being considered for advancement. Each and every one of these state House maps favors Republicans by a disproportionate amount. They all but guarantee Republican majorities for the next decade. The commissioners must apply partisan fairness standards.
Gwen Markham
The City of Novi is one of the most diverse cities in Michigan. It should be kept intact as many groups of interest are represented and our House seat should reflect that.
Ashley Prew
The City of Flint needs its own representative and should not be split. If this map stands, Genesee County will not have minority representation because of the split of the City of Flint and the African American population in this and the surrounding areas. Flint is and has historically been faced with unique challenges specific to the City and it needs its own Representative. Based on the current maps, Flint may not have its own Representative. Flint is a community of interest that should be within one State House district.
Barry Brickner
As a former Mayor of Farmington Hills, I worked closely with the City of Farmington for what was in the best interests of our citizens. Farmington and Farmington Hills have been in the same Representative District for the 38 years I have lived here. This map splits a very close knit community unnecessarily. Keep us together.
MaryAnn Halbeisen
We need an Eaton County-centered district that is anchored by Delta Township. I believe the districts should follow county boundaries as much as possible.
Bon Robinson
This map formEaton County would seriously alter the balance of the electorate. It packs Delta Township and Lansing leaving Eaton County split into disjointed fragments. It would not serve the people of Eaton County fairly.
Jacquelyn Tennis
This map divides Eaton County among 5 different districts, which likely will leave a lot of issues in limbo. With most of Eaton County in one district, ours has been a swing district which allows all voters a voice. This map would deprive Eaton County of the balance it now has. Please separate Delta Township from Lansing and keep it with the rest of Eaton County.
Rachel Sines
The City of Novi extends from 8 mile to 14 mile and yet this proposal divides the city and places us in areas that have nothing in common. Novi is a diversely rich city that finally achieved a decent partisan balance. However, this proposal tips the balance in the Republican favor and nearly eliminates the voice of the our minority, and specifically, AAPI communities in northern Novi. Please do not cut off this portion of Novi from the city resources that makes us the wonderful community we are today. Please move the portion of Novi in 36 to 110 and keep us together.
Joseph (Joe) D Davis
I do not like this District because it lumps Watertown Twp. in with St. Johns MI. This District should be redrawn, into a District that reflects Watertown as relationship with the city of Lansing. Greater Lansing should be a least four Districts maybe five. Watertown should be considered "Northwest" Lansing. My mailing address is Lansing, not St. Johns.
Jeanne Pearl-Wright
I agree with Carol, keep Dimondale area in Eaton county with Delta township district. The way the district of Charlotte, rural Eaton with Hasting area in Barry that is set up to always end up controlled by one party.
Julie A Argonis
I strongly oppose the splitting of Novi and lobbing the northern neighborhoods - which are of a strong AAPI makeup - with the rural Washtenaw communities of Superior Twp, Salem, etc. How that constitutes "communities of interest" is a mystery. Please consider putting the northern Novi sections of district 36 back into district 110. As well, each and every one of these state House maps favors Republicans by a disproportionate amount. The purpose of the ballot initiative was to make this process fair and to take partisan thumbs off the scales. The GOP has controled the legislature for decades and now is the time, and we have the opportunity to make truly fair and competitive districts in this state. These maps do not yet reflect that. We are a leans Democrat state, however our maps continue to favor republicans. More Michiganders vote Democrats with dems getting more votes statewide, and yet republicans continue to hold more seats. Please, make these maps fair and live up to the promise of the 2018 ballot initiative and let the voters pick their reps and not the other way around. The Commissioners must apply partisan fairness standards and live up to the spirit of the law that was passed by 2/3 or Michigan voters.
Carol D Wilson-Duffy
I should have explained that Delta Township's business center is where we in Dimondale/Eaton go to for our purchasing needs. Our community is Delta-not Lansing. Please keep us with Delta.
Carol D Wilson-Duffy
I live in Dimondale/Eaton County and know that we belong with Delta Township--not the city of Lansing.
Dan Wholihan
While my county was drawn well, I feel bad for the good people of rural Jackson County (and suburban Summit Township) who were thrown in to a partisan gerrymander with Ann Arbor, of which they have little in common.
Philip Martinez
By carving Delta Township out of Eaton County and packing it in with another Democratic-leaning area, you are diluting the votes of the residents of Delta Twp. It should be included in a district within Eaton County.
Emily Boyer
You've packed the Lansing area. Delta TWP should have its own state House district inside of Eaton County. Please change the lines.
Chris Andrews
This map and others creates disproportionate partisan advantage for Republicans in the Lansing Area by packing Democrats from Delta Twp in Eaton County in with Ingham. You create 3 massively Democratic districts (wasting votes) and spread out the rural votes (maximizing Republican votes. There are many solutions, but one is to put Delta back in Eaton County (and maybe bring over the Ingham portion of Waverly School District with it) Make an Eaton-centric district (including its biggest community Delta Twp.) like we have now.
John M. Helge
This map splits Manistee County into two different state house districts. It is extremely important to keep rural counties whole and represented by one representative. It should not be difficult to hit the populations target by keeping sparsely populated rural counties whole.
Lisa Peers
The current District 16 extends from Birmingham to Detroit at I-96, which makes no sense. It includes small pieces of too many very different different cities and towns across two counties. There is not enough common interests in terms of business, community programs, infrastructure, public health, or education. It looks randomly drawn and gerrymandered, and I worry it attempts to dilute the minority majority districts of Wayne County in the process. This must be redrawn.
Diane Young
This is a terrible map for Warren, Sterling Heights, and surrounding areas. It just slices and dices everyone up.
Nancy Bliss
I appreciate that Oakland, Wayne, and Macomb county leadership should be acting in a more regional way. I don't think cross-county districts is the way to do it, if that is the thinking behind these three maps. Southern Oakland and Northern Wayne districts as drawn, extend too far north-south, again assuring many citizens will not understand where their district begins or ends. Electors deserve clarity. Candidates must be able to reach out and listen.
Jeremy Fisher
Please give the residents of south Warren a voice in the legislature. This map does not do that. Merge the portions of south Warren in this map into a single district. That is the only fair way to draw Warren
Prashanth Balusu
Commissioners must apply partisan fairness standards
Heather Hunnell
I mostly like this map, but I do think that is better. As a resident of Chelsea, I'd like to see at least one other Western Washtenaw township included here.
Judy Robinson
All 3 maps currently favor Republicans. Also, Oakland County is a huge economic engine that needs to be together. Why would Detroit and Madison Heights be together? It makes no sense.
Spencer Gold
I have the biggest issues with the proposed house maps of the three maps being drawn. All of them would continue to heavily favor republicans and continue having gerrymandering determine the state house, despite there being more democratic voters in the state as shown by the most recent statewide elections. Greater effort should be taken to draw a fair map here that would more closely represent the Michigan populace.
Marcie Paul
This map divides cities, townships and schools districts unnecessarily, while combining communities without any common interests or socioeconomic demographics and seriously marginalizes Detroit residents. It favors Republicans despite the Commission's directive to ensure partisan fairness.
Theresa Rich
What this map does across Oakland County is a hot mess. The breaking up of the greater Farmington community, a diverse community in its own right that is presently represented by one member of the State House makes no sense. That district should have been left alone as it presently is. Instead, this map illogically carves it into three different districts. What is presented in District 9 basically slides together all the areas of more affluence, which is not a COI. District 5’s tortured drawing eleven miles across but only a mile wide in many places grabs the less affluent areas, dives across Southfield, and then reaches south three miles by one-half or one mile into Wayne County/Detroit. There is no commonality of interest here. Please help me understand the logic here, as it was not explained during the drawing. In District 110, the map pulls out much of greater Farmington’s AAPI community, negatively affecting diversity. Up until this past week or so, the commission kept the greater Farmington community intact. That made the most sense as we share a school district, a community library, a chamber of commerce, parks, festivals, and parades. We speak over 90 languages in our homes. Our residents elect a diverse city council and school board. These crazy lines look like more of a gerrymander than is there now and were only dropped on communities in the past week or so. It feels like a bait-and-switch is being performed by the commission to chop up communities, but to what end? PLEASE…keep the Greater Farmington Community intact and take a closer look at the value add of the chopping up happening across Oakland County.
Carole J Chi
Come on commissioners, just look at this district 19 and many more. Gerrymandered! Districts should be more compact...NOT look like salamanders again. Draw the district lines from east to west (horizontally). Stop creating districts from north to south (vertically) for you are including Wayne County with Oakland County cities/communities and Wayne County with Macomb County cities/communities. Many of the districts on this map in SE Michigan look like salamanders (gerrymandered). Back to the drawing board, Please! Thank you.
Andrew Hendra
I was brought here by an email from the Washtenaw County Democratic Party that instructed people exactly what to put in their comment as a buzzword. Email attached.
Andrew Hendra
It's absolutely absurd that the Ann Arbor area would be represented by 3 different representatives. This map is created solely to bolster democratic numbers at the state and national level as opposed to creating a map that allows for the people to be represented by someone who has their best interests in mind.
Katherine Dooley
The current proposal for Novi makes zero sense to how we operate as a city and community. We consistently share resources with neighboring cities such has Northville, Walled Lake/Wixom, Farmington Hills and Farmington. We even had a consortium for Novi, FH, and Farmington at one point. We have zero in common with the rural communities outside of our area and share no commonality in operations. You are also marginalizing our growing diverse population here with how you cut this map. You are cutting up school districts, and including counties that have nothing to do with our area and our neighbors. Novi to the north needs to be whole with the rest of our community. You are cutting Precinct 14 out of its own community. It is taking voters who are in Novi schools out of our community and right now that area also has the largest Asian demographic in our town. You will be marginalizing that demographic, which is very disturbing. I voted on redistricting to make people's voices better heard and the cutting up of communities come to an end. Why is this being perpetuated? People's voices need to be heard - not just two from parties. Make this make sense.
Allen R Wolf
This map heavily favors Republicans even though a majority of Michigan votes Democratic. I know the Commissioners are working very hard, but we need to go back to the drawing board to come up with a fair map.
Kurtis Fernandez
I urge the commission to please place Precinct 14 in Novi to District 110, instead of where it is currently in District 36. This precinct has a significant AAPI community, and there are fears that their voices may not be heard if they are kept with District 36. On the other hand, if the precinct is placed with 110, they can be part of a coalition/voting bloc so that their interests are better served. I hope that the commission considers this proposal so that we ensure that Precinct 14 has a voice and that voice is heard.
Natasha Abner
As a resident of Ann Arbor, I reject the current unfairness of forcing my political opinion on the residents of Ypsilanti. Ypsilanti deserves to anchor its won senate district and to have its own political voice in our state legislature. Separate Ypsi and Ann Arbor
Brittany Pinnock
I’m extremely disappointed to see that these proposed House District maps still have Novi split in half. Novi extends from 8 Mile Rd to 14 Mile Rd. NOVI SHOULD BE KEPT WHOLE. Novi is not 2 separate entities and it should not be divided. The proposed North Novi District stretches to rural parts of Washtenaw County. Southwest Oakland County doesn't have any similarities to rural Washtenaw County. There are no shared services nor similar demographics. Novi is a growing city with a significant AAPI community similar to Troy. Dividing Novi in half diminishes the voting power of the AAPI community and other communities of color and suppresses important voices in democracy. Novi shares school districts with Northville and Walled Lake and works with Farmington and Farmington Hills. The proposed State House maps have put precincts 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 and 14 in HD 36 and the rest of Novi’s precincts in HD 110. Novi Precinct 14 has the highest percentage of AAPI voters in the city but it will be separated from the rest of the local AAPI community according to these proposed maps. Also, Novi Precinct 14 is the only precinct in the Novi Community School District that is not included in HD 110. DO NOT DIVIDE NOVI INTO TWO DISTRICTS. KEEP NOVI TOGETHER IN ONE DISTRICT and include the areas that border it.
nina dodge abrams
Keep working. This map is also nonesense. Detroit does not belong in Oakland. It deserves it own representative. Verticle lines, dividing Oak Park and Southfield, not keeping community of interests together, and preferring Republicans is not what the Constitution requires or why we voted for a Re-Districting Committee. Foremost is the need for partisan fairness. Second, keep communities who already work together together. Third, give Detroit its due and let it stand alone. And 4th, do not splinter Oakland County one of Michigan's economic generators. We want a stronger better state not a 3rd world disaster.
Sharon Baseman
All of the districts in SE Oakland County are bad. State House districts should not split communities, and this splits Oak Park into two districts, as well as Southfield and other communities. These districts should not go into Detroit -- it dilutes the vote in Detroit and creates the possibility that Detroiters will not have representation. The SE corner of Oakland should remain together -- Huntington Woods, Oak Park, Ferndale, Pleasant Ridge, RO Township, Madison Heights and Hazel Park. These districts should have a more horizontal configuration than a vertical configuration as they currently are. This is also true of south Macomb County and Detroit -- they should be separate for many reasons, but the dilution of the Detroit vote and the possibility of Detroit having no representation makes this unviable. Also, as a whole, this map skews much more Republican and is not a fair map. This practically guarantees a Republican majority for the next 10 years. The redistricting of the Oakland/Macomb/Detroit area of the map needs to basically start over.
Joel Rutherford
It appears this map is too far drawn into Wayne county. It could be more east west to include Eastpointe and would help keep communities of Warren and Eastpointe together and not favor so much of Wayne County and leave Warren, Eastpointe and Centerline residents at a real disadvantage in having our voiced hears
Ratna Rao
NovI P 14 belongs in Novi’s State District! Do not split up the APIA community of our city!!
Unpacking Washtenaw County is great! There are many ways to do this that adequately address BOTH COI and partisan fairness. The AFL-CIO maps *AND* the Promote the Vote maps have articulated some good ways to do this, please take a look at those too!
Fix this to include Pontiac with Auburn Hills and Bloomfield, and keep Waterford whole, as it was before Eid messed this area all up. Entire map is bad as well. It appears that no thought has been given as to how an elected official is going to adequately advocate for all the disparate and fractured communities across the state (which is the entire point of this exercise).
Dmitri Nguyen
I strongly encourage the commissioners to consider putting Precinct 14 in Novi to District 110, instead of where it is currently in District 36. The precinct has a significant population of APIA but their influence and voices is diluted by being in the minority in 36. In 110, they can be part of a majority and form a voting bloc with similar interests. Thank you.