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Stefanie Sedlar
Gratiot County and Isabella Counties share an RESD. Please do not split them across 2 different Congressional Districts.
Carving out Rochester and Rochester Hills into Macomb and removing it from Oakland County is not a smart way to redraw the Congressional lines for this community. Keeping school districts, and cities within the same county when looking at Representation at a federal level should be given more consideration.
Tom Heck
I prefer the ;ater proposal that does not include all of Berrien County - this proposal breaks up too many counties in District 8
Split Southfield Township from Southfield City. The Township (and components Beverly Hills, Bingham Farms, Franklin) have more in common with Birmingham than with Southfield, so should stay there.
Angelo D Guarnieri
Not a fan of this version. It puts the areas I want to move to next year into Rashida Tliab's domain and the thought of having an anti-Semite as my Representative in Congress makes me want to die.
Luke Dornon
This maintains better continuity, but still looks a lot like gerrymandering together GR and Muskegon regardless of the areas between.
Daniel Grams
Again, this map is drawn to give partisan advantage to Democrats in the metro-Detroit area. Macomb County is large enough to be its own congressional district. Dividing South Lyon from Oakland County is done specifically to dilute Republican votes in Oakland County...and District 10 is being drawn as a Republican vote sink. How about drawing a map with 3 competitive districts in 3,6, and that leans R, one that leans D, and one that is even. Also, if the commission is serious about giving the public alternatives, why not propose an alternative map that draws the thumb into a district that is centered around Bay City or Flint. Why does the thumb have to be drawn down into the Metro Detroit? I know why....because you are trying to benefit the Democrats the Flint area. It's a bad map from a very non-independent commissioner.
Robert Wolfer
I see so many problems with this map, it will just save me more time to write my general comment here. 1.) If there are so many counties that are not solely located in one Congressional District, you probably have not done this right. 2.) District 8, is an abomination as it groups together people from very distinct communities that have different interests. Someone in New Buffalo is not going to have the same day-to-day concerns as someone from Hillsdale, and neither will have similar interests to someone from Monroe. How is anyone elected member of Congress supposed to fairly represent all the interests of people in these communities? 3.) Great care is also being taken to cram as many population centers in to single districts as possible (Muskegon and Grand Rapids; Battle Creek and Kalamazoo; Flint and the Tri-cities). At best, this is simply gerrymandering. At worst, it is a violation of the federal VRA, as it "packs" minority populations together in the same district, thus marginalizing the voice of these very distinct communities. This map has a very long way to go.
Alexander McKay
I think this is great overall, but perhaps it would be beneficial to place the Washtenaw Townships around Manchester (or the area of the Manchester School District) with the 8th district while carving out the area south of Milan that is within Milan schools to be in the 7th.
Deborah K Benz
Grand Rapids and Kent County have a strong connection. Kent County has a large population of 657, 974 residents (2020 census). Map 233 breaks up the natural bond between Grand Rapids and Kent County, to instead connect Grand Rapids to the Lake Michigan shoreline counties. In so doing, Ottawa County has to be chopped up between 3 different districts. Why would that be done? Kent County has nearly enough residents to form its own district. Please eliminate Map 233 and keep both Kent County and Ottawa County intact.
I like Troy with District 6. Is this possible to make and still make it VRA Mr. Eid? I still need to take a look at the partisan advantage. Hope this is more competitive.
Dana Fortier
Rethink where you have Novi.