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Janice M Sovak
Proposed district 27 is not fair from a partisan perspective. You need to split Ann Arbor - in addition to separating it from Ypsilanti - in order to spread heavily Dem population into multiple districts.
Robert Wolfer
This district is a vast improvement from previous drafts, but still is needlessly "snakes" through Allegan County to get to Kent. Not only does this district no respect existing county boundaries, it envelopes communities that have little or no common interest. Berrien County should be left wholly in one district, which would solve much of this problem.
Robert Wolfer
Kalamazoo County has enough population to be within the 10-percent deviation threshold of the ideal population for a Senate District. The district and the county should therefore be one in the same.
Heather Hunnell
The inclusion of portions of Hillsdale and Calhoun in this district don't really make sense and were not requested in my previous public comment or any other that I saw. I think that there are better configurations available. I personally like o6326. Chelsea, Dexter, Saline, and Pittsfield Twp had double-digit population growth driven by proximity to Ann Arbor and there's room for that to continue in the future. Let's have a senator for the greater Ann Arbor community and give Ypsilanti a chance to elect someone focused on their issues, which are different from Ann Arbor's issues and from the rest of the county.
Roger Rittenhouse
The more I look at District 3, the crazier it looks. Why did you cut off the Grand Rapids airport and the eastern Grand Rapids area from the rest of the Grand Rapids and put it in a district with absolutely no commonality of interest to Grand Rapids. District 3 is so gerrymandered that it looks illegal.