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2020 Census PL 94.171 Data
Denise Tanguay
I think the Ann Arbor - Ypsi link up is good, but as Matthaei Farm development is in Ann Arbor schools etc., this makes less sense for where we live. Superior township is linked to Ypsi and Ann Arbor rather than South Lyon and Novi - very unrelated with different issues.
Aimee Ergas
Farmington and Farmington Hills are one community that share history, a school district, library system, community center and senior programs, as well as social, sports and cultural activities. We are the very definition of a COI. Keep us together in one district.
Kathleen Boettcher
Farmington and Farmington Hills are inseparable. One is located within the other and services and schools, libraries and many goals are inseparable. They must not be split.
Dan Wholihan
There's no reason to split Unadilla Township, a one precinct Twp in SW Livingston County. It belongs with either Putnam or Iosco Twp, not Ann Arbor.
Alan P
This is clearly a Democratic gerrymander. How else do you explain cutting up Ann Arbor to include with - get this - Marshall????? This completely disrespects communities of interest. The commission said they would respect the public's COIs (unless of course for VRA compliance). But this is beyond that, and beyond ridiculous. Thanks for your efforts, commissioners, but pay attention to the constitution please and pay attention to our COIs.
Karen Lynne Bolsen
Here again Farmington Hills is split in two. Please keep Farmington Hills together and then Farmington is in the middle of Farmington Hills, so it would be beneficial to keep Farmington and Farmington Hills. together. We share one school district, one library system, and many community events. For elected representation, it makes sense to keep them together.
Noah Walker
The Ann Arbor-Ypsilanti area has nothing in common with Calhoun County. I appreciate trying to make these districts competitive, but Marshall, Albion, and the rest of SE Calhoun County have more in common with Battle Creek than Ann Arbor and Jackson.
Elena Ruth Fracassa
This redraw is exactly the opposite of what we are hoping to achieve. Our eastside Detroit neighborhood's have been working together extensively, along with sections of Grosse Pointe Park, to achieve a more accurate representation of our common interests in our district. Your proposed Districts 6 and 7 here destroy all of our hard work and go against our goals.
Robert Dindoffer
This map and the Detroit neighborhoods' responses to it demonstrate why Communities of Interest are so much more important than partisanship. LOCAL REPRESENTATION MATTERS AND COMMUNITY-BASED ISSUES MATTER. WE ARE MORE THAN JUST STATISTICS, WE ARE PEOPLE WITH COMMUNITY NEEDS THAT TRANSCEND PARTY BOUNDRIES. The residents of East English Village are rightly outraged at being ignored (despite numerous public comments) and split-up from the Cornerstone and Morningside neighborhoods in this map. The residents of those neighborhoods want to be together in Detroit-based districts. The residents of the Grosse Pointes want to be together along with the northern suburbs and the rest of the Lake St. Clair shoreline. Why not give us all what we want, here? Is the fraction of a percent gained on an "efficiency gap" analysis (without any change to the seats/votes ratio) really worth disenfranchising and eliminating local representation for both the Detroit neighborhoods and the Lake St. Clair COI? No, no it isn't. In fact, breaking-up our respective communities for some partisan statistic is the very definition of gerrymandering.
Soh Suzuki
I'm concerned that this map splits my neighborhood (East English Village) into two districts (6 & 7). Many of my fellow neighbors have expressed our interests in keeping the three neighborhoods on the East side of Detroit in the same district, as we share similar interests. My major concern is that not only the our neighborhood is split into two, the whole city of Detroit appears to be cut and stretched out into areas that don't seem to share interests. Can the commission please respect the municipal and county borders and try to keep distrcits aligned with municipal boundaries.
Merlin Steffes
Keep the whole of Ann Arbor in the same State Senate district. Do not split Ann Arbor!
Carla Meier
New Senate District # 16 Map – I have lived in Troy since the early 70s, yet most of my work experience has been in Macomb County. There is NO WAY that Oakland/Macomb are communities with common interests. By including Macomb with Troy, it weighs heavily republican. Troy affiliates with the rest of Oakland County in Oakland Schools, library affiliation, scouts and sports teams but I can’t think of any affiliation with Macomb County. Here’s a funny difference: Troy’s/Oakland County’s E-W streets have names, but change to different names once you cross from Oakland to Macomb. The speed limits even change! Troy needs to be with Oakland County and Sterling Heights needs to be with Macomb County. These communities share interests and political fairness; as currently mapped, they do not. Please put Troy and Rochester Hills back in Oakland County. Thank you.
Charles D Teeter
It was my understanding the redistricting commission would represent the interests of the people. The proposed State Senate districts for 6 and 7 do not make any sense for residents of the East English Village, Morningside and Cornerstone neighborhoods. Combining us with suburbs to the north does not represent our interests, and in fact this would drastically reduce our effectiveness as neighborhoods. This appears to be more gerrymandering. Please keep our neighborhoods together, we have more in common with other Detroit neighborhoods, Harper Woods and the Grosse Pointes than we do with Mt. Clemens or Sterling Heights.
Janice M Sovak
Appreciate that Ann Arbor has been split, thank you, it's an improvement. However, can't tell if district 27 meets the partisan fairness criteria.
Barbara Tuohey
this map does not work for the issues affecting communities along the lake and the efforts of the East English Village, Morningside and Cornerstone communities. Please keep us together so we can continue to help our neighbors.
Nancy Brigham
I am shocked to see that the latest plans for state senate completely ignore the input our Detroit neighborhood gave the Commission. The earlier drafts of the State Senate districts kept our neighborhood intact. But this version chops us up, despite our strong identity as a neighborhood, . It would split East English Village (EEV)  up into Districts 6 and 7. Yet EEV has been a United neighborhood for decades, with a strong neighborhood association, newsletter, web site, and activities. Many of us submitted maps that showed how EEV should be kept intact, and should also be in the same district with the neighborhoods on both sides, Cornerstone and Morningside.  We work together in Restorin' East Warren ( to revitalize our shared commercial strip, for example. We are also united in  the MECCA development corporation. Neighbors submitted several maps showing how we should be kept together, and also be linked with waterfront communities, where we shop and gather. Please don't throw us under the bus. We  need to be in the same district!
Gregory E Spangler
Please keep all five Grosse Pointes together in one district, with Harper Woods, All Five Pointes and Harper Woods belong in District 7, thank you for taking input
Jennifer F
I appreciate that the commissioners have apparently heard the requests to unpack Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti. However, creating a Senate seat that combines Ypsi with all of the rural townships running all the way to Calhoun County does a great disservice to the people of Ypsi. Stretching that Senate district that far does not make sense, when there are ways to create fair maps that take into account communities of interest and compactness that work just as well to ensure fairness and numerical parity. Maps such as those presented by the AFL-CIO are good examples. This is a good start, but doesn't quite hit the mark.
Cynthia L Zorn
The cities/towns, villages in this district do NOT all have incommon personalities and needs. They are NOT Good match ups. They would be very hard for someone to properly serve and represent. You NEED to fix it closer to what is currently is.
Alexander McKay
I'm seeing a lot of praise for splitting Ann Arbor, but it seems to be coming at the cost of a lot of communities of interest in rural areas and is resulting is the bizarre, stretched out districts we were hoping to avoid with this new system.
Heather Hunnell
Splitting Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti is more fair, but these districts still includes portions of other counties that don't make sense. I prefer the option that is a Ypsilanti seat and then a Greater Ann Arbor one. I think o6326 does a better job of handling Jackson and Calhoun. Although I know that municipal boundaries aren't the highest priority, crossing 4 county lines for a single state senate districts along the I-94 corridor seems unnecessary.
Brenden Boudreau
This district is nonsensical.
Daniel G
This is a ridiculous partisan gerrymander of 27 and 29 specifically drawn to benefit Democrats.
Brenden Boudreau
How is this not a gerrymander?
Splitting Ann Arbor is a huge step toward partisan fairness, but this could be improved by doing an east/west split instead of a north-south one. This is very possible without throwing off the overall map, and would be in line with dozens of - if not over 100 - public comments from May through this morning. Some good Portal comments about this include c4631, o6062, c5502, p3122, w6195, etc. Thank you!
Robert Dindoffer
I respectfully oppose this map. This map needlessly splits Grosse Pointe Park from the other Grosse Pointes and from the Lake St. Clair lakeshore. This map also splits-up the Lake St. Clair Community of Interest (A-9 from the MGGG report) into 3. This will limit our ability to advocate for our lakefront infrastructure issues, address water levels, and stand-up against other communities dumping sewage in our lake during rain events. The reasoning behind splitting-up the lakeshore is unclear here. If it was done for partisan reasons then I have two points to make: (1) COIs are higher in priority than partisan outcomes; and (2) the original District 7 could be more easily modified with minor alterations, rather than by breaking it up completely.
Dan Wholihan
There's no reason to put part of Livingston County (or Stockbridge) into the 29th. In addition, Unadilla Twp is one precinct and this splits the precinct for no good reason. I also think doublecross of the districts to Jackson and Calhoun is bad for Jackson and Calhoun Counties and takes their voice away giving it to the Big City.
Timothy Talbert
District 16 does not maintain county contiguity. Troy does not belong with Macomb County.