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2020 Census PL 94.171 Data
John Leon
I live in Grosse Ile, District 7. Wyandotte and Southgate should be in District 7. We have been patients at Henry Ford of Wyandotte, we share police and Fire. When dining in Wyandotte, Grosse Ile is directly across the river. Keep downriver together in District 7.
Candy DeHaan
As a resident, I am pleased to be a part of the interconnected community known as Ottawa County, a unique Community of Interest whose smaller cities and townships share economic and agricultural ties. Keep Ottawa County whole.
ken tilp
I'm sorely disappointed that Wyandotte is not included in district 7. It has always been an integral part of our broader community and we have shared our mutual concerns and ways to work together for the greater good of our area. Quite simply, it makes no sense to delete it from our district.
Erica Chappuis
Wyandotte and Southgate need to be included with Grosse Ile and the other downriver communities. This makes no sense at all. Dislike!!
Laurent Chappuis
This is not right! Why split up Wyandotte and Southgate? Grosse Ile has more in common with Trenton, Wyandotte and Southgate than with Ypsilanti, Canton and the like. This makes no sense.
This map dilutes Pontiac's vote by splitting it from Southfield. This map does not recognize the COI with Sterling Heights and the Asian community with Troy.
As a resident of Grosse Ile (District 7), I urge the Commission to include Southgate and Wyandotte as Communities of Interest with Grosse Ile and other Downriver communities. As Judith Maiga very thoroughly describes, Downriver communities are obviously linked geographically, as well as economically (by sharing the same employers and retail establishments), medically (access to Wyandotte Hospital as our closest and only accessible emergency facility), environmentally (we all suffer the same pollution and seek the same redress of the McLouth site and other industrial sites), while using shared services. Please include Southgate and Wyandotte in District and delete some western communities which share nothing with Downriver. Thank you for your hard work.
Judy Maiga
I live in proposed district 7 on this map. Grosse Ile, Wyandotte and Southgate are definitely COI's and should be together in any configuration of downriver (as they are in most of the congressional maps.) Our cities share the services of Downriver Mutual Aid which is police and fire joint assistance and is funded through a congressional act/program, DRANO (Downriver Area Narcotics Organization), Downriver Swat Team, etc. Wyandotte shares the riverfront concerns of the clean up and future development of the abandoned McLouth Steel plant and Wyandotte's Beaumont Hospital services all emergencies from Grosse Ile as the only bridge that allows access to Grosse Ile lies where Wyandotte and Riverview meet - our Grosse Ile ambulances have literally met ambulances from Wyandotte or Trenton at the bridge to transport serious cases as Grosse has a volunteer fire department and is only basic life services, not advanced life services. Congressional reps in the past have held town halls on shared environmental concerns and they have been held in Wyandotte. Our communities are intertwined and the definition of a community of interest. I ask that you keep Wyandotte and Southgate with Grosse Ile on the map and perhaps remove some smaller communities that are so far to the west I have literally never heard of them. I thank you for your consideration. Ann Arbor has asked many times to be divided to avoid packing the vote. I don't live there but I agree that the area of Ann Arbor has long been a gerrymandered district.
Margaret Schankler
Please move the prison population to an overpopulated district to address prison gerrymandering.
Margaret Schankler
Please move the prison population to an overpopulated district to address prison gerrymandering.
Paul Wohlfarth
District 8 looks like it was drawn by the sitting Congressman Tim Walberg. Its totally safe and will subject the district to more of the same representation we have now which ignores 1/2 his constituents. I worry the current Congressman who will feel embolden to do whatever he wants without any voter controls.
Stephen Stackable
As an independent voter, this is a plan for Midland city and Midland county that I cannot support. Midland city and county should be in the same district. The city and county have the same flood issues and similar interests with the counties to the north and west.
Robert Dragan
Calendonia Twp should be added and remove the Ottawa CO areas which should not be part of any district with Kent CO.
Kim Gates
Please add Caledonia Township to district 4. All of our business and social dealings are with the areas north and west of us. Nothing is south and east.
Ted Dyson
Naked gerrymandering. To connect two disparate urban centers across a wide rural area does a disservice to both. Especially when one (Muskegon, in this case) is far smaller than the other (Grand Rapids) The smaller one will only get taken advantage of to sway an election, and otherwise ignored by the representative who will only focus on the bigger city. This may help a political party (which is obviously the intent here) but it will not help either community. Please keep Muskegon County intact and connected with other medium-sized communities up and down the lakeshore like Holland, Grand Haven and/or Ludington. NOT Grand Rapids.
I drafted a district maps that represents the Chaldean community. We stretch from Macomb all the way to the outskirts of Wixom! We are around 160,000 people in Metro detroit area alone and growing! Please use either district map: or Please do not dilute our Chaldean voices! We have lived and contributed to MI for over 100 years! Please give a voice! We are a community of interest! Thank you commissioners!
jane scott
This is a terrible map and a dis-service to the residents of Midland City and the county of Midland. Midland and Flint have NOTHING in common to warrant grouping them together in a congressional district. Midland County should remain whole including the city of Midland and be combined with our true community of interest in our watershed neighboring counties. The project to re-build the watershed region should be paramount in the consideration of this commission regarding this region. Hundreds of millions of dollars and several years will be required to complete this process. We need focused representation to see this thru well.
Robert Dragan
I agree with other people's comments about why we have to have Ada Township where I live which is east of Grand Rapids in the same district with Ottawa CO areas which go all the way to Lake Michigan. I wish there was some way for the Commission to explain why they need to do that. Is there not enough population in Ada Township, Cascade Township, East Grand Rapids, Grand Rapids, Kentwood, and other parts of Kent CO to make a congressional district?
Dan Holowicki
Another bad map for the Downriver communities. We need to be united as a region and a voice. From Melvindale in the north to Flat Rock in the south our needs do not reflect the needs of Detroit or the far western suburbs.
Max Hornick
I appreciate that Kalamazoo and Battle Creek are in the same district here. I'm not sure about the rest of it.
Doug Koopman
No, no, no in the Kent County area. The close in SE suburbs in Kent County belong in the Grand Rapids area district, not with farflung Manistee and Gladwin. And Muskegon has coastal interests like Manistee, Ludington, Grand Haven, etc., -- dredging dollars for example. Stop trying to "marry" west Michigan cities that have little in common, while ignoring close-commuter neighborhoods that have much in common.
Joseph Sova
There is no reason to split the City of Midland away from its county. We are connected via watershed to our neighbors to our west and north. The City of Midland is connected to the entire county, supplying municipal water, solid waste solutions, watershed management, and healthcare. Keep Midland County Whole.
Christine A Lyon
I am not in favor of splitting Berrien County into two separate districts. Berrien has always been a representative county on its own; rural and urban, political affiliations, genders and races. Many of the lakeshore communities share similar issues that would best be handled by one official. Berrien County as a whole is home to major routes of transportation and infrastructure, again best suited to be represented by one official. This proposed redistricting would put my residence in one, with my work in another, all within a matter of 20 miles. I would like to see the existing map remain in place, which places Berrien, Cass, and St. Joseph counties as one. We are considered Michiana and should remain as such.
Michelle Mormul
Southfield, Lathrup Village, and Beverly Hills should clearly be with Area 3. Anything else is racist Gerrymandering.
Sharon Baseman
District 3 isn't too bad on this map, but Southfield, Beverly Hills, Franklin and Lathrup Village should be kept with Oakland County and should not go into Wayne.
Mary O'Neill
As a collector of signatures for VNP. This has the lowest efficiency gap which makes this a map a Fair Map
Stefanie Sedlar
Gratiot County and Isabella Counties share an RESD. Please do not split them across 2 different Congressional Districts.
Dan Wholihan
This is better than the other individual maps, although I prefer the version Commissioner Eid drew for the collaborative map. It's not terrible though for my area.
All these maps are just terrible. It is like you started out well and then just kind of got lost in the numbers, forgetting the end goal is to give resident fair and responsive representation.
Max Ford
As other commenters have pointed out, I feel that Northern Oakland County should be incorporated into one of the surrounding districts (3, 5, or 11). For example, Milford has much more in common with Brighton than it does with Bad Axe. With that being said, I really appreciate how the commission has responded to the public feedback, and I feel that this map is an improvement over the existing districts.
Thomas Heck
For District 8 I prefer the previous version (10-10-21 V1 CD RAS) which follows county lines closer except for adding the small slice of Berrien and removing the small slice of Jackson.
Anthony Scannell
For what you achieve in BVAP, +0.2 &+ 0.6%, compared to a more conventional East-West split, this arrangement obscures COIs on that basis. Also a pretty uneven division of Detroit, with majority in D1 & that district having the entirety of Detroit River shoreline. I think East-West districts split up from downtown along Gd River, up around Meyers Rd. would be a better division than this.
Janice M Sovak
I live in proposed district 7 and I can't tell if it achieves the goal of partisan fairness.
Angelo D Guarnieri
No. Just no. This version would put my city in with the rest of Detroit and make it so I have anti-Semite Rashida Tlaib as my Rep. Hate has not place in our government and she is the amongst the most vile hateful people in Congress. She wishes death on many and supports a government that wants to see people like me exterminated from the planet.
Merlin G Steffes
The 4th is gerrymandered.
Ronald K Emaus
There's no way to tell if this map follows the guidelines without seeing the partisan balance. For Ann Arbor residents (I am one) it is much more important for our district to include the source of our drinking water to the North that directly impact our drinking water.