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2020 Census PL 94.171 Data
Sue Macrellis
As with Apple map, this map does not keep Jackson county whole. Combining Waterloo Township with Ann Arbor, areas with no common community interests,. deprives the people in this rural area of their representation through shear numbers.
Candy DeHaan
Jamestown Charter Township is a mostly rural community, with barely 20% of the Township being serviced by Public Water and Sewer and about 2/3 of the Township is zoned Agricultural. As a resident, I am pleased to be a part of the interconnected community known as Ottawa County, a unique Community of Interest whose smaller cities and townships share economic and agricultural ties. Jamestown Charter Township should not be lumped in with Kent Count or the Grand Rapids area but remain with Ottawa County. Keep Jamestown Township as part of the Ottawa County Community when redistricting.
Sheila M Troxel
I'm not sure why Jackson continues to be lumped into the rural areas south of Jackson. We are a diverse, vibrant community that lies at the crossroads of US 127 and I-94. With our two largest employers catering to the medical and public utility sector, we would align more with Chelsea, Ann Arbor, and Mason or Lansing than we do with Coldwater, Hillsdale, or Jonesville. The rural community has different needs than we do living in the city of Jackson.
A. Shapiro
Warren and southern Macomb Township should be with District 6, instead of Rochester Hills and/or Troy. Macomb Township has seen an influx of black and brown communities over the last decade, all of whose voices will be completely diluted if you stick southern Macomb with the thumb! Why not give Macomb County its own district? I realize that this work is not easy. More power to you.
Margaret Schankler
Please move the prison population to an overpopulated district to address prison gerrymandering.
Margaret Schankler
Please move the prison population to an overpopulated district to address prison gerrymandering.
Paul Wohlfarth
District 8 looks like it was drawn by the sitting Congressman Tim Walberg. Its totally safe and will subject the district to more of the same representation we have now which ignores 1/2 his constituents. I worry the current Congressman who will feel embolden to do whatever he wants without any voter controls.
Stephen Stackable
As an independent voter, this is a plan for Midland city and Midland county that I cannot support. Midland city and county should be in the same district. The city and county have the same flood issues and similar interests with the counties to the north and west.
John Michael Elsen
This is a horrible map. I can understand the tri-cities, but there is little connection to Flint. Midland is developing North and West. We are closely connected to Midland county especially from and environmental and development point of view.
Carol Heron
This is not a bad map. You do have the Tri-Cities with Flint which is good. But the map could be improved by moving Tuscola County to other Thumb Districts, with whom they have something in common. Doing so would allow for more of Midland and more of Bay Counties to be included. Thank you for keeping Tri-Cities and Flint together though.
I drafted a district maps that represents the Chaldean community. We stretch from Macomb all the way to the outskirts of Wixom! We are around 160,000 people in Metro detroit area alone and growing! Please use either district map: or Please do not dilute our Chaldean voices! We have lived and contributed to MI for over 100 years! Please give a voice! We are a community of interest! Thank you commissioners!
This map dilutes the voice of Asians, Indians and Middle Easterns in District 6. Royal Oak, Oak Park and Ferndale belongs to district 3. Please do not use this map!
Merlin Steffes
It makes sense to have eastern Ottawa and western Ionia in a district with Kent. These areas have more in common than Kent with Shiawassee or Ottawa with Montcalm and Barry. This map is gerrymandered. I live in the part of Ottawa that would be in district with Kent according to map 240. That part of map 240 is okay, not the whole map.
jane scott
This is a terrible map and a dis-service to the residents of Midland City and the county of Midland. Midland and Flint have NOTHING in common to warrant grouping them together in a congressional district. Midland County should remain whole including the city of Midland and be combined with our true community of interest in our watershed neighboring counties. The project to re-build the watershed region should be paramount in the consideration of this commission regarding this region. Hundreds of millions of dollars and several years will be required to complete this process. We need focused representation to see this thru well.
Dan Holowicki
Splitting up the Downriver communities between at least 2 districts is wrong. From Melvindale in the north to Flat Rock in the south and possible as far west as Romulus, Downriver has always been a united region in needs and interests. Keep us that way and redo map.
Max Hornick
Kalamazoo should not be in a rural lakeshore district. It belongs with Battle Creek.
Douglas Floto
Not a fan of this map! I don't like the far northern areas included here. This would skew the population toward the rural and to be honest, I have nothing in common with those folks. The EID map is far more towards my liking. Though I do have to say this is a vast improvement over our current district map. Still overcompensating to the Republican party.
Joseph Sova
There is no reason to split the City of Midland away from its county. We are connected via watershed to our neighbors to our west and north. The City of Midland is connected to the entire county, supplying municipal water, solid waste solutions, watershed management, and healthcare. Keep Midland County Whole.
Julie Wuerfel
Berrien county is split in this map, yet it is the largest county in the two different districts. It needs to be whole and in one of these congressional districts (preferrably on the border as we share that community of interest).
Suzanne Kinnen
District 6 is a mess. Why is a chunk cut out in the center, separating adjacent communities and grouping Ferndale and Oak Park in with St. Clair Shores and Mount Clemens? It doesn't make sense.
Christine Kosmowski
I voted for Proposal 2 with the hope that political fairness and communities of interest would be considered when drawing the map. I don't see how that has been done for District 8. Battle Creek and Calhoun County has been included with southern, rural counties when they have more in common with Kalamazoo and counties to the north along the I-94 and I-69 corridors. This map is very disappointing. Please revise it.
Allison M Wilcox
I like that the city of Midland is included with the rest of the tri-cities, but I think it would be better to take off Tuscola county in the thumb and put it in district 10 and then include more of Midland county. The townships surrounding Midland are part of Midland's "micropolitan area" even though they are not inside the city limits.
Marie Johansen
Map 240: Regarding District 11, I generally like that you included Bay City, Saginaw and Flint together and also included parts of Midland, BUT the ENTIRE city of Midland needs to be kept in the same district. We are one community-one urban area. I do not understand why you would split up Midland. That does not seem proper nor reflective of the goals of this committee. Is there an address that is being protected???? This map has some good points, but it needs to be revised. Keep working at it.
Michelle Mormul
Warren and Centerline should be included with the Oakland and Macomb Counties.
Scott Weston Rose
Please keep Livingston county together. Expand the brown area west into Washtenaw and make Livingston yellow. Easy fix. Or try this
Scott Weston Rose
There is no reason to overlap 3 counties with 1 district here. Please minimize county cross overs. Also, this will keep the African American representation from being lost. Here is my proposal:
Joel Rutherford
This map isn't fair, especially to Warren and Centerline residents. You cannot possibly believe that our voices will matter in a district that is so heavily weighed towards Wayne county. A better way is to include Warren, Centerline, Sterling Heights and also Eastpointe and Roseville. If you included Madison Heights, then I could understand. We need FAIR MAPS!
Liam Feeney
I don't like my township being split up and grouped with a much larger and less likeminded district in the thumb.
Steven Blum
When I voted in support of establishing this commission I did so in the hope (but also frankly the expectation) that I would see exactly what has been going on here – thoughtful dialog, civic engagement, and commitment to democratic process in re-working our political representation within our state. I’ve followed the process fairly closely and have found it interesting reading the comments and getting a chance to see where priorities and preferences are when establishing these lines. Some seem to prefer keeping current D/R voting blocks together, while others prefer joining communities of similar size, style or economic backgrounds together. I think any realist at the start of all this would accept that this wouldn’t be an easy process, but I hope we can all appreciate that ultimately the end result will have been made better for all the effort and engagement. From my perspective, first I want to say ‘thank you’ to the inaugural commission for your efforts. And also, to offer some encouragement - stay at it, keep working and engaging with all of us! I would also like to add in my support of several comments that have been posted in here encouraging commissioners to avoid drawing lines that would create “safe zones” for either political party. While tempting and easy to garner support in grouping like minds together, it would further harden political divisions, and encourage LESS dialog between those individuals who have differing political opinions. Big picture we are better served as a whole by keeping communities/counties/townships together, following natural boundaries, and as a general rule keeping in simple.
Joe Fresard
(c) Districts shall reflect the state's diverse population and communities of interest. Communities of interest may include, but shall not be limited to, populations that share cultural or historical characteristics or economic interests. Communities of interest do not include relationships with political parties, incumbents, or political candidates. (f) Districts shall reflect consideration of county, city, and township boundaries. (g) Districts shall be reasonably compact.
Richard Olrich
The 5th and 7th seem like a mess or something fishy happening. Brighton should be in Livingston and not extending to Ann Arbor and out to Southgate.
Linda Pell
I can see no purpose for this map at all. Carving the northern section of Calhoun County out and moving them to a northerly district while leaving Battle Creek with a rural agricultural Republican gerrymander makes absolutely no sense at all.
Jillyn Schultz
District 7 in this map includes all of Milan, not just Washtenaw which is good. I don't think Ann Arbor belongs with anything in Livingston county. Chelsea and Dexter have much more in common with Ann Arbor than Livingston County.
the 5,3,6,and 7th districts are terrible. The 6th district has been completely gerrymandered. Please explain how Rochester is a COI with Eastpointe. Why are Brighton and Howell separated? This map is ridiculous and frankly insulting to those communities who have been decimated. Fix this!
Thomas Heck
Not a bad proposal for District 8 except it breaks up Calhoun and Jackson counties - I recommend moving the city of Jackson into district 7 as it has more in common with that district than with the southern border counties.
Emma Hintz
I am a bit confused by District 11 going into District 13 in Midland like this. Only covering half of East Wheeler Rd, covering a corn field part, and a portion of 10. It only covers a few houses. Do they matter that much to the other district?
Dan Wholihan
Brighton and Howell should not be split. Livingston should be kept whole. In addition, Dexter and Ann Arbor shouldn't be split, and Livingston and Washtenaw do not belong together. This butchers communities of interest and takes away a competitive 5th district that was worked on in the collaborative map. This map also has the non-competitive 6th district. This is a bad map based on communities of interest AND a bad map for actual partisan fairness.
Merlin Steffes
Keep all of Livingston County in the 5th. Keep Washtenaw County in the 7th.