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2020 Census PL 94.171 Data
Dave Morgan
Why would a school district be split is two? Marshall and Albion share the same school district. Why would they not be kept together? Also Battle Creek, Emmett, Pennfield, Bedford, and Springfield share Police and Fire with Mutual Aid, they all are members of BCATS, and AMASA, share the same Library, Sewer system, Chamber of Commerce and on and on. Albion and Battle Creek share nothing in common including having separate Chambers of Commerce, Separate NAACP Branches, not to mention with this map you have to drive through another district to get from one side to the other. This map is obviously gerrymandered and stretched and is no different than what currently exist which says enough sing the district was one used as an example of a gerrymandered district and a reason why this commission was needed.
Joel Arnold
I do like that this map does not group the entirety of the City of Flint into a single district, however it does not guarantee minority representation as the City currently has with the 34th District. Please continue to work on this, and reference submitted map P7273 as a good model of a map that allows for representation of minority communities without drawing all of Flint into a single district.
Marian MAhoney
This map is an improvement over the Pine map. I encourage the commission to add Novi’s northern precincts into district 110 to keep our city whole and not dilute our minority voters voices.
Alex Meyers
The cities of Farmington and Farmington Hills share many things, including a school and library system. Splitting the communities up along an arbitrary line (I-696) does not make sense.
FIVE Districts for EATON COUNTY! REALLY? We are rural, and if we have to combine with another county, it should be another rural county IF you are even still doing Communities of Interest.
Margaret Schankler
Please move the prison population to an overpopulated district to address prison gerrymandering.
Margaret Schankler
Please move the prison population to an overpopulated district to address prison gerrymandering.
Stephen Stackable
As an independent voter , this is a plan for Midland city and Midland county that I cannot support. Midland city and county have serious flood issues and other interests more aligned with the counties to the north and west of city and county. This is prime example of gerrymandering.
Why after many, many displeased comments on all the previous maps (going back to the beginning of the drawing of this district), have you not corrected these egregious districts that serve to dilute the voices of Pontiac voters and other communities as well? The residents of these communities will not accept the "it's too much work" answer. Commenters from Lake Orion, Oxford, Clarkston, Independence Township, Waterford, Auburn Hills, Bloomfield and Pontiac have all stated that these districts do not preserve COIs and do not represent the communities involved in any way. Fix this!
Chuck Murphy
Commenting on the “Szetela State house plan” for district 56 which includes parts of Gratiot, Saginaw, Shiawassee and Genesee You have already split up Gratiot County and drew the balance with rural and suburban areas of four different counties although not happy with it it is acceptable. Now this plan takes all the rural parts of district 56 removes the suburban parts of the district and with blatant political gerrymandering breaks up the work of commissioner Curry of Detroit, splitting up the city of Saginaw into two districts, a violation of the 1965 voting rights act. Please do not allow this to go forward changing the hard work of Commissioner Curry of Detroit.
Sharon Buttry
The Detroit Hamtramck Coalition for Advancing Healthy Environments gave you a map clearly indicating we need a united voice for Hamtramck and East side of Detroit to address environmental justice concerns. District 2 needs to go all the way to Gratiot at the very least.
Daniel Buttry
8 districts in the Detroit and northern suburbs cross county lines creating Districts that don't have clear community centers. They could easily be done more of a box shape than long thin shapes.
Dan Holowicki
Traditionally aligned Downriver communities are split into 4 different districts in this map. Not a good idea for those of us who live in and care about the needs and interests of the Downriver communities.
Douglas Floto
District 33 lops of my region of commerce two from our communities if interest to th south and east. It dumps us in the fascist-leaning Republican insurrectionists and Covid deniers to the north and west. This is going to lead to marginalizing moderates and independents and tip the balance to a handful of extremists.
Suzanne Kinnen
This map splits Berkley and Oak Park to include half of Royal Oak. I'm not in favor of this.
Michelle Mormul
It makes no sense to have St. Clair Shores in 3 districts.
Scott Stewart
Agreed with the comments here. Pontiac has way more COI with Auburn Hills, so please keep that together.
Scott Weston Rose
There is no reason to have so many county boundaries crossed by districts of this size. Please consider my map which minimized county and city cross overs and also has a very low population deviation of 1.37% max.
Joel Rutherford
Ugh, why are so many of these maps just slicing up Warren and diminishing the voices of it's voters? There isn't much in common with the southern parts of this district. It only hurts voters everywhere in the district. We need FAIR MAPS!
Audrey Lester
What happened to the Lakeshore COI map? I and many others made positive comments last week regarding that map. The lakeshore is unified naturally but when interrupted lines exist one area can allow things another doesn't. It leads to confusion and harmful inconsistencies.
Carter Welch
I wholeheartedly agree with Andrew's comment. I don't understand why this map splits very similar communities like Sawyer, Bridgman, Stevensville, and St. Joe, while combing St. Joe with a very dissimilar place like Watervliet. Lakeshore communites hold the most similarities to one another, recognize this.
Sharon Trumpy
This proposal is an improvement over maps 227, 228, 229, 232, 239 and 248. I would still like to see ALL of the city of Novi in 110. Our diverse city's voice should not be disempowered.
Marian MAhoney
Please do not split up the city of Novi. We have a growing Asian American community and our northern precincts are quite diverse. By splitting up our community into separate districts, these voices are diluted.
elizabeth mae beaudoin
Please keep all of Novi's precincts in the 110. We need to ensure the voices or our AAPI community members are not watered down. This is much better, but please keep working on it to get all of Novi in the same district!
David Neubauer
Rutledge Township should be included with City of Hastings, we are one community and should not be split up.
Mary O'Neill
As a collector of VNP signatures for fair maps. This one has the lowest efficiency gap which is what we want.
Joe Fresard
Keep Harper woods with the Grosse Pointes, as so so many have requested they be considered as a COI
Joe Fresard
Don't ignore your mandate to incorporate COI's (above most other considerations) and maintaining municipal boundaries
Atasi Bagchi
Please continue to keep all of Novi together for all maps.
Rick Catherman
This HD map doesn't look like any of the other HD maps of the Commission. As proposed, these HD in SW MI would break-up the much needed lakeshore community of interest, and does not recognize the diversity of populations (African American, Hispanic.) Please consider all other HD maps, before this one.
Richard Olrich
Brighton area should not be in a district with any portion of Ann Arbor, as well as associated Livingston Townships. These areas have nothing in common with Ann Arbor.
Michael Hoadley
The way that Gladwin, Clare, and Lake (#59,#94) counties are divided gives the appearance of an agenda or no regard. Most rural counties and municipalities share interest as well as resources. Would make more sense to try to keep lines at county lines where possible and it surely appears that the sliver of Lake could be exchanged for the sliver of Clare counties to have #94 more sensible and by removing that sliver of Clare would exchange it for the southern sliver of Gladwin County to include in #59 to again keep it complete. Keeping the process simple and sensible will save it from controversy and future headaches or need to start from scratch again in another 10 years.
Merlin Steffes
If one studies the representative districts in Kent County, one will notice that the 75th, 76th, 78th, and 86th lean democrat while the 79th, 96th, and 98th lean republican. That is 4 to 3 advantage for the democrats in a county that leans republican. Democrat leaning municipal boundaries must be carved out to achieve this gerrymandering.
Andrew Graeber
This map splits up the lakeshore communities that have common cultures and economies. Residents often drive up and down the coast for work, shopping, and leisure resulting in the entire coast feeling like our community. Meanwhile rural residents in the east of the County choose to live there to get away from the busyness of the coast towns. The governance needed for maintaining the growing coast cities often seems like unnecessary oversteps for inland rural residents, and the hands off approach the inland residents like tends to leave the coast cities out to dry. These are conflicting needs that don’t need to be forced together, and each could be properly addressed with a different map.
Gretta Van Bree
Please consider mapping to include a lakeshore district. Thank you
There is no reason to separate a portion of Waterford from the rest of the community. Keep Waterford united!
The Waterford community should not divided. Pontiac should not be separated from their COIs of Auburn Hills and Bloomfield. This map divides too many communities. The House districts are supposed to be the most local part of our representation, yet you divide them all up. Keep communities intact.
Merlin Steffes
You need to respect municipal boundaries. Examples, Grand Rapids is split three ways and Ann Arbor is split 4 ways. Throw this map out. Redraw with minimization of splitting up municipalities.
Why slice a neighborhood out of Waterford unnecessarily and then have to slice up a neighboring township to make up the difference? KEEP WATERFORD UNITED!
Jack Ellis
This late in the process and there are still significant flaws in this district as proposed Split up the city? Community of interest.? As I will keep saying, KEEP working!
Heidi Schaetzl
The greater Lansing region should be broken up into 5 districts that are Dem majority. This will help make your maps more fair. You need to make the maps fair on a partisan basis. Your maps for our region are not fair.
Marie Colombo
As a resident of Royal Oak, I do NOT support dividing the city into two districts. Please find a way to remedy this while adhering to the criteria. Thank you.
Brittany Pinnock
This map is heading in the right direction regarding Novi. This map keeps the majority of the AAPI community in one state House district. However, Novi precincts 11 and 12 need to be included with the rest of Novi in HD 110. Novi precinct 12 is a very diverse community and will be extremely marginalized and ignored in HD 45. PLEASE KEEP ALL OF NOVI TOGETHER IN HD 110.
Thomas Heck
Still splitting up Monroe County and and merging some of Monroe County with southern Wayne and Washenaw. A better proposal would be to pt the city of Taylor into district 20 and Brownstown Twp into district 22 then move the Carleton and Steiner areas from 40 to district 60
Zach Geyer
It's great to see this map being pretty fair partisanly, but dividing Ann Arbor 4 ways is a little much. Rather it would be better to split Ann Arbor 2-3 ways and get another Democratic-leaning seat in the Lansing metro and the Flint area. This will provide a very fair map without destroying so many COI's around Washtenaw and Livingston.
Marian Mahoney
I appreciate the progress, but more work needs to be done to keep Novi intact. Our northern precincts belong in the Novi district 110 !
Casey Lewis
This map butchers COIs in Washtenaw County. Ann Arbor shouldn't be split 4 ways. You can make good districts by splitting it once and including Ann Arbor, Scio, and Pittsfield townships in those districts. I understand the desire to make fair maps, but you can do it without destroying communities of interest like this.
Ratna Rao
Getting closer! This looks much better for APIA but let’s go all the way and keep Novi together. Don’t orphan a few precincts please.
Dan Wholihan
This is a flat out partisan gerrymander that breaks up communities of interest. Ann Arbor shouldn't be split three ways. The Brighton area should not be split. Genoa Township and Hamburg Township belong with Brighton. In addition, a Brighton State House District shouldn't go all the way to Eastern Commerce Township, nor to Waterloo, nor to Ann Arbor. Ann Arbor will control everything in these three districts, and we will have no representation whatsoever in our communities.
Merlin Steffes
Why is the city Ann arbor split into three different State Representative districts. These districts are not communities of interest. Ann Arbor has 124,000 people. A rep. district is 91,000. Ann Arbor should have 1.36 districts. You did a similar split with the City of Grand Rapids, although not as expansive. Stop the gerrymandering