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2020 Census PL 94.171 Data
Margaret Schankler
Please move the prison population to an overpopulated district to address prison gerrymandering.
Naomi Siegel Morse
Texas Township and Portage are not rural and should not be part of a rural district (3). Both are suburbs of Kalamazoo and should not be broken up between 3 and 21. They should be entirely in 21.
Naomi Siegel Morse
Please don't take portions of Texas Township and Portage and put them in district 3. Keep all of Texas Township and Portage together and include them in district 21. Texas Township kids go to school in Portage and we have many other connections to Kalamazoo.
Cheryl Lynn Depner
None of these communities share commonalities. There are 3 counties and various school systems. Keep Superior Township with district 27.
Stephen Stackable
As an independent voter, this is a plan for Midland city and Midland county that I cannot support. Midland city and county should be in the same district. The city and county have the same flood issues and similar interests with the counties to the north and west.
Joshua Przygocki
Van Buren and Allegan should be kept whole and together for the Senate as a community of interest. They share many functions of government as well as a large Hispanic population. Both are rural, agriculture and tourism based economies with many similar small towns through the counties. Aside from being a community of interest, together, they fit nicely as about 2/3 of a Senate district and could take in other parts of similar rural or coastal counties. Holland would be a good fit, Barry County would be another. Van Buren and Allegan have much more in common with each other than they do with the "Michiana" border counties.
Margaret Schankler
Please move the prison population in Ionia to an overpopulated district to address prison gerrymandering.
Mary Whaley
Fenton and Linden and Holly share Lakes, the Shiawassee River and long associations. Why would Fenton be cut out like this?
jane scott
This map artificially cuts the city of Midland away from our county and watershed neighbors. It will be a massive effort to re-build the dams and lakes which directly flow into and affect the city of Midland. Please keep Midland whole and with our watershed partners who are our true community of interest. Tri City name is no longer valid. Midland has nothing in common with Saginaw. There are completely different challenges for each and their representative should be focused on the issues of their constituents and not running around working on huge completely different problems.
Dan Holowicki
Splitting up the Downriver communities is a bad idea. From Melvindale in the north to Flat Rock in the south and west towards Huron Township, the Downriver communities identify together with our own unique interests and needs.
Michelle Mormul
It makes no sense to split up Sterling Heights like this.
Joel Rutherford
I'm amazed at how cities like Warren and Sterling Heights are so chopped up and the voters in this along with the other nearby districts will have their voices diminished and increase confusion in who represents who and where. We need FAIR MAPS!
Scott Weston Rose
All of the 38 district proposals fail to minimize county breaks as much as possible. There is no reason for a county to be split into 3 districts. This is a clear gerrymander. Also, you are diluting the African American representation. Please see my proposal:
Carter Welch
I think this map falls to recognize the stark differences between coastal Berrien County and counties like Cass and St. Joseph which it is grouped with. Tourism, environmental protection, and strong economic development are the most vital factors in this part of the state, and these don't often align with the other counties.
Marian MAhoney
Please include Novi northern precincts - Please keep the City of Novi intact - this protects the voices of our growing Asian American community.
Christopher Khorey
Clarifying my other comment - I meant 5 and 7, not 6 and 7.
Christopher Khorey
Commissioner Eid is usually very conscientious with his map drawing, so I'm surprised he left this configuration of Districts 6 and 7 in tact. This was drawn haphazardly in an attempt to make both districts 51-49 D with little regard for any other considerations. The configuration of 6 and 7 on the Cherry map is the way to go.
Alan P
Eid gerrymandered for the Dems? Shocker. That's about what we can expect from the outspoken Bernie Bro that lied about his political affiliation, then continues to bully fellow commissioners. HIs maps are always a Democratic gerrymander. Ann Arbor split up and into Milford - are you kidding me?
Thomas Heck
I recommend keeping York Twp with the Saline district and instead adding either the Willis or Sumpter area to district 28
Caryn Rose
I'm writing to express my disapproval that the latest plans for for state senate completely ignore the input our Detroit neighborhood (East English Village) gave the Commission. The earlier drafts of the State Senate districts kept our neighborhood intact. It would split East English Village (EEV) up into Districts 6 and 7. Yet EEV has been a united neighborhood for decades, with a strong neighborhood association which works together for the good of the entire neighborhood, not just half of it. Furthermore, we believe we should be in the same district with the neighborhoods on either side of us (Cornerstone and Morningside) as we have been working together cohesively for years and share the same concerns regarding quality of life and city services. We pulled together a working group and submitted maps that provided specific examples, none of which ever suggested splitting the neighborhood in half. We work together with Cornerstone and Morningside on the Restorin' East Warren ( project to revitalize our shared commercial strip. We are also united in the MECCA development corporation. Additionally, we shop, dine, gather, worship, and use the parks of our adjacent waterfront communities. We have far more in common with Jefferson Chalmers than anyone in St. Clair Shores or Grosse Pointe. Having a narrow district going northward, as the current map displays, does a disservice to everyone in it. We have nothing in common with Warren and vice versa; we have different concerns. This is why neighbors submitted several maps showing how we should be kept together. This does not solve the redistricting problem this commission was created for; it just perpetuates the previous errors. Please keep Detroit neighborhoods together!
Angelo D Guarnieri
You can tell this is an Eid map because he gives his area it's own district making sure he has representation is our government while screwing over the minorities in Detroit by dragging them into the suburbs and making sure no Senator comes from the City. Eid's motives for his map aren't surprising. He even lied about his party affiliation, claiming to be an Independent, when he's a Socialist Bernie Bro.
Casey Lewis
I like this 29th district that connects Ypsilanti to Western Wayne, it is a good COI and is good for partisan fairness. However I think you should keep Ann Arbor whole and with the rest of Washtenaw County. I think that you made this split for partisan fairness reasons, but you can make a partisanly fair map without it. If you have to split Ann Arbor, the way you did it here is at least acceptable.