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Daniel Harris
Splitting Ingham County like this makes no sense. Ingham minus about 19,000 people is the target district size. Keep almost all of Ingham together and drop the remainder to another district rather than split up Lansing/East Lansing.
Daniel Harris
Stop splitting Grand Rapids! The City of Grand Rapids plus East Grand Rapids plus Kentwood is almost exactly the target population for one district and is a clear community of interest. Please redraw districts 23 and 24 to fix this.
Vernon Butler
I grew up on on the Northeast side of Detroit. Please keep the northeast together. Our neighborhoods have too much in common to be cut up into 4 or 5 districts. Especially the part of Regent park that is cut up into the Eastpointe district. Our community extends between 6 and 8 mile going East. This area have the same schools bus routes and church community. the proposed map cuts my community up for no reason.
Carla Butler
Please keep the Northend together. The Northend is a neighborhood bounded by highland park to the north, Hamtramck to the West and grand Blvd to the south, and Woodward to the West. It's a neighborhood that was one of the first integrated neighborhoods for affluent black professionals. It has a vibrant neighborhood planning efforts and CDC that organize communities. Please keep the neighborhood together with Hamtramck and all of Boston Edison.
Ted Dyson
This map, while better than 247 still has it's flaws. You are cutting out too much of Muskegon County and chopping up several of the northern counties. Map 244 does a much cleaner job of keeping counties intact.
Julie Wuerfel
4 partial counties = no representation. This Senate map is awful. Berrien county should be whole. Our community of interest is with other border communities, so Berrien, Cass and St. Joseph Counties share services, out of state tourism, and out of state media. We share Nothing with Allegan or Kent counties. This district runs 90 miles and has little in common.
Jennifer Austin
I disapprove of this senate district. The majority of the comments in the portal have asked for a Tri-Cities Senate district. This is not what the majority of people have asked for. The Tri-Cities are closely aligned for so many reasons and despite what a handful of Republicans try to tell you, we are not closely aligned with northern counties.
Janice Sovak
Proposed district 27 cannot possibly meet the partisan fairness criteria, as it packs a lot of Dem voters into one district. Go back to previous versions where Ann Arbor was split into multiple districts, it was a better map.
Constance Lippert
Partisan Fairness in my area needs to be the priority. In my district, the opposing party hardly runs because the other party is so entrenched. Voters are disenfranchised and don't vote because the odds are so skewed. Please apply partisan fairness to all maps.
Cheri Fields
The river makes a great border on the west, but why is this patch and a few other blocks along this line being lumped in with East GR and Kentwood?
Noah Walker
While this is an improvement, I would still like Eid's version of the 29th better. Washtenaw County and Calhoun have absolutely nothing in common with each other.
Merlin Steffes
State Senate District 27 is an improvement. You are respecting the municipal boundaries of the City of Ann Arbor, you need to follow suit with other city municipal boundaries.. The people living in eastern Calhoun, western Washtenaw, and Jackson County, the 29th, can at least select their representation instead of the City of Ann Arbor dictating who will represent the people in eastern Calhoun, western Washtenaw, and Jackson County Counties.