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2020 Census PL 94.171 Data
Sue Macrellis
Again we have a map dividing Jackson County and joining it with Ann Arbor. Why would you do this except to drown out the voices of Jackson ?
Theresa Mungioli
When will you follow communities of interest? This map is awful as well.
Margaret Schankler
Please move the prison population to an overpopulated district to address prison gerrymandering.
Robin Schuetz
Livonia and Brightmoor / Redford are not the same. Livonia belongs with Plymouth, Northville, Farmington, Canto.
Merlin Steffes
Why is part of Ann Arbor in a State Senate district with Monroe County? The whole city of Ann Arbor along with the city of Ypsilanti, Salem, Superior, Ypsilanti, and Pittsfield Township should form a State Senate district. This district would contain 265,813 people which is close to the ideal senate district population of 265,193 and this district would be compact and not split any municipal boundaries.
Joel A Sheltrown
Can't see any way that this map makes sense. Bad on many counts
Placing Maybee and Carleton in the same district as Plymouth and Canton is another terrible plan. These communities couldn't be any more different.
Kim Cousino
Combining rural communities in Monroe County with urban Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti to make up District 16 is a terrible idea. There are limited commonalities between them. The residents in Monroe County will be underrepresented, misrepresented, and overshadowed by those in Washtenaw County. Monroe County needs to remain in a separate district from Washtenaw County.
Lynn Pottenger
This map makes no sense as it puts the City of Midland, an urban/suburban city, in a Senate district with the very rural parts north and west. The City of Midland should be combined with the Tri-Cities area, including Bay City and Saginaw, with which there is a true community of interest. Folks keep writing that Midland needs to be kept with Gladwin due to the 2020 flood but the watershed is much bigger than that and much too big to be a single MI Senate district. We are not a single issue community and-by the way-Bay & Saginaw counties were also flooded! Please keep the Tri-Cities together and opt for the best map for political fairness.
David L Guizzetti
This proposed map for District 1 would be an absolute nightmare for the Upper Peninsula. The distance between the west end of the district and the east end is over 320 miles. Time to travel, for example, from Ironwood MI on the west end of the UP to Sault Ste. Marie, MI on the east end is nearly 5 hours and 20 minutes. That's in good weather conditions. In the winter it could easily take more than 6 to 7 hours. This is not acceptable in any way. The current 38th District is already quite large and expansive. The new map makes it unmanageable for senators and frankly, unacceptable to those living in these more rural communities up here. Senators will spend the majority of their time in the larger population areas and rural areas will certainly be underserved. I implore you to please make adjustments. Thank you.
Katie Zanotti
Bay City has more in common with the regions south and west to us than the north. Please return to the senate district drawn in the Cherry plan.
Ronald Emaus
District 16 makes no sense. A district along the US23 corridor down to Dundee and Tecumseh makes sense. Extending it all the way across Monroe is dissimilar from a community viewpoint. I think it better to see more of the east side of Ann Arbor in 16 and have 18 extend into Jackson. The partisanship data shows this is not as fair as the Eid plan. The efficiency gap is pretty large and it definitely gives an advantage to Republicans.
Merlin Steffes
I mapped out District 11 and 12 on Conveniently, District 2 gives the democrats a 3.26% advantage and District 12 gives the democrats a 6.8% advantage. The "Independent Commission" is gifting a senate seat to the democrats in Kent County by slicing into surrounding communities because those people don't vote "right". Here is a thought- place the cities of Grand Rapids, East Grand Rapids, and Kentwood into a senate district. The population of those three cities is 264,592 which is very close to the required 265,192 for a senate district. Bonus, no municipal boundaries will be split.
Joshua Przygocki
Van Buren and Allegan should be kept whole and together for the Senate as a community of interest. They share many functions of government as well as a large Hispanic population. Both are rural, agriculture and tourism based economies with many similar small towns through the counties. Aside from being a community of interest, together, they fit nicely as about 2/3 of a Senate district and could take in other parts of similar rural or coastal counties. Holland would be a good fit, Barry County would be another. Van Buren and Allegan have much more in common with each other than they do with the "Michiana" border counties.
Margaret Schankler
Please move the prison population in Ionia to an overpopulated district to address prison gerrymandering.
Patrick Quist
This is the least bad State Senate Map drawn by the commission. It respects Ada/Forest Hills being included with Grand Rapids metro and Cascade to Wyoming is a fine compromise. I am unhappy with the inclusion of anything south of M6 being lumped in with the vast rural communities of Lowell, Hastings, and Charlotte. I don't know why the commission insists on including anything south of M6 like it's in the middle of the state far away from GR. We deserve representation with our community.
Cassandra M Foley
This map does not respect the natural communities of interest that exist in the Tri-Cities of Bay City, Saginaw, and Midland. This area is recognized as the Saginaw Valley, and the shared interests include an international airport (MBS), Delta College and Saginaw Valley State University, hospital systems, and cultural and entertainment engagement. In addition, many people commute among these three mid-sized cities for jobs at the variety of industries in the area. The Cherry map is a much better plan and creates a fair district.
Apologies, the sheep pasture I was thinking of is over here, Ms. Richardson placed her pin on an entirely different farm with all the fictitious amenities of a large urban area. Incidentally, there is someone by the name of Cynthia Richardson in Waterloo Township who resides in an area serviced by the Chelsea School District. It must be a doppelgänger; the Ms. Richardson of this comment portal has nothing in common with any communities in Washtenaw County - Chelsea being one such community.
Ms. Richardson, I heard you speak at the public hearing in Lansing on Oct. 21. It might interest you to know that the random area you quite obviously do not know in Washtenaw County where you placed your dislike pin and mischaracterized the entirety of the County as some super-urban New York City look-alike has the following: Private wells and septic systems, not municipal water and sewerage Limited if any broadband options and extremely spotty cellular reception No public transportation whatsoever from Parker Rd and Scio Church, if your car breaks down you are out of luck. In fact you will have to travel many miles to even get to a place where you might be able to schedule public transportation if you are elderly or disabled only. We contract for law enforcement services from the Washtenaw county sheriff out here and our fire services are provided by the nearest local town and volunteer firefighters. There are lots of farms here as well, I believe you placed your pin on the sheep farm property on Waters Rd but you are also quite close to a Washtenaw County recreational hiking trail. If your goal was to be offensive to your Washtenaw County neighbors, you succeeded. If you were trying to make a case for Waterloo Township to be classed as something unique and special compared to the areas east in Washtenaw, you failed miserably. I truly hope this commission relegates your over-generalized pablum to the garbage where it belongs.
Jaime Greene
I agree with Christina Kacanowski. This district is not of likeness. Clinton township is absolutely nothing like the northern communities in the district. It would be ideal for the boundary to be north of 26 mile road and go into St. Clair County and even east. Also Oakland County is nothing like the communities in Northern Macomb County, which are still active farming rural communities. It would be best for the representation that the rural communities stay together and the urban/suburb communities are combined.
Chris Andrews
Bad old-fashioned Republican gerrymander for the Lansing region.
Marie Fox
I dislike this senate district. The Tri-Cities are a closely aligned COI and the majority of the comments on the portal reflect that. Please return to the senate district drawn in the Cherry plan.
Allison M Wilcox
I don't like that Midland is separated from the other tri-cities. We have more in common with them than with the rural counties to our north.
Ted Dyson
Gerrymander alert. Tight squiggly lines show all the red flags of an attempt to cherry pick certain demographics to engineer a partisan outcome. Please keep counties as whole as possible. Don't slice and dice us for partisan advantage like this. Muskegon County is a "community of interest" and shouldn't be divided. You had a map that did a much better job of this, combining nearly all of Muskegon county with intact counties to the north. Please use that one.
katrhleen curell
I certainly hope this map does not succeed in being approved. The city of Midland has virtually nothing in common with the rural communities of this draft.
Cindy Weir
Please go back to the Cherry map. The Cherry map draws a state Senate district that includes the cities of Midland, Bay City, and Saginaw… also known as the Tri Cities. These 3 cities are an obvious community of interest who all have industrial based businesses, a shared tri city airport, several shared media outlets, regional colleges and universities, and together we are considered the Great Lakes Bay Area. Please Continue to work on partisan fairness because the outcomes of the map should reflect the political make-up of the state. This will give the voters a more competitive district and a better representative. This is what the voters wanted when they passed Proposal 2.
Anne Wallin
The cities of Midland and Bay City have significantly different policy and economic interests from this very rural area going west and north. I much prefer maps that group urban/suburban communities together and rural areas together. I also urge you to keep districts as competitive as feasible. Thank you for your work.
I dislike this senate district. The Tri-Cities are a closely aligned COI and the majority of the comments on the portal reflect that. Please return to the senate district drawn in the Cherry plan.
Robert Youngs Jr
Eaton and Barry Counties have little in common, especially the fact that each county has a sheriff of differing parties (Dar Leaf is a Republican, Tom Reich is a Democrat). Also, I grew up in Calhoun County, and its district on this map is hacked up just as badly as its current district.
Jacqueline Stewart
I do not like that this map takes a piece of East Lansing and joins it to rural areas north. Other maps made a better effort to keep Lansing and East Lansing together. Also this map does not reflect the proportion voters Dem/Rep, and I beleive the other maps do.
Dan Holowicki
Of all the State Senate maps presented, this one includes most of the Downriver communities in one region. Taylor and Allen Park should also be included. They are traditionally considered Downriver and most of the people that I know living in those cities identify as being from Downriver.
Mary Hanser
The Village of Leonard and Addison Township belong with other Oakland County towns. This also breaks up school districts.
Cynthia Richardson
Please stop lumping Waterloo Township, Jackson County into Washtenaw County communities (proposed State Senate District 18). Please keep Waterloo Township within Jackson County rural communities. Our needs are VERY different from Washtenaw County communities. We do not have similar public services such as police/fire, public water/sewage (we have private wells and septic systems), and we do not have broadband. I spoke at the Redistricting public hearing event that was held in Jackson this past May. I spoke about how students in Waterloo Township do not have broadband available and are lumped in with commnities with broadband. I asked for the Commission to keep Waterloo Township with similar communities so our children can be taught using the same resources. Based on this map, you are clearly ignoring the rural needs of Waterloo Township.
Marie Johansen
Map 247 This map keeps Midland and Bay City together, BUT it does not include Saginaw with them as part of the TRI-CITIES. This is not reflective of the shared interest of cultural, economic, environmental and educational ties that these 3 urban areas share. Keep the Tri-Cities together so that the voices of the citizens of these urban communities have their concerns and needs represented.
Rebecca Younk
No map should split up the Tri-Cities of Bay City, Saginaw, and Midland. We share an airport, the economic development centers of these cities all work together, it's very common for someone to live in one city, work in another, and visit all of the cities for shopping and activities. They are the 3 urban centers in the region and should be kept together.
Christina Kacanowski
It's easy to see who will control this district. Addison, Bruce and Washington townships supply the money. Clinton Twp, Mt. Clemens, and Macomb Twp supply the population and the corruption. Ray, Lenox, Richmond and Armada ride along, irrelevant as always. This map shows how to destroy lives and homes under the guise of fairness.
Angie Kelleher
I dislike this senate district. The Tri-Cities are a closely aligned COI and the majority of the comments on the portal reflect that. Please return to the senate district drawn in the Cherry plan.
Michelle Mormul
This is clear Gerrymandering to include huge swathes of unrelated areas. To include St. Clair Shores with areas way up north does not make any sense.
Merlin Steffes
"Finally someone drew a map that actually takes in consideration the communities that belong together in West Michigan. Well done!" Does the City of Grand Rapids belong together?
Jim Morrissey
You have disassembled the Tri-Cities and this is wrong. We are called the Tri-Cities for many reasons. Our non-profits share one office, our cultural scene relies on people for all of these cities. Put us back together!
Molly Morrissey
This map does not keep the urban areas of MidMichigan together. The Tri-Cities of Midland, Bay City and Saginaw are a COI for many reasons. We live and work in each city, we shop in all of these cities, we play each other in sports and we share an economic interest wit all our Fortune 500 companies.
Joel Rutherford
This is a mess. It will only hurt the voters by not keeping communities together but creates districts that aren't in common by interests in any way, We need FAIR MAPS!
Scott Weston Rose
All of the 38 district proposals fail to minimize county breaks as much as possible. The districts 26-27, 28-30 should not overlap 2 counties. This is a clear gerrymander. Also, you are diluting the African American representation. Please see my proposal:
Steven Blum
When I voted in support of establishing this commission I did so in the hope (but also frankly the expectation) that I would see exactly what has been going on here – thoughtful dialog, civic engagement, and commitment to democratic process in re-working our political representation within our state. I’ve followed the process fairly closely and have found it interesting reading the comments and getting a chance to see where priorities and preferences are when establishing these lines. Some seem to prefer keeping current D/R voting blocks together, while others prefer joining communities of similar size, style or economic backgrounds together. I think any realist at the start of all this would accept that this wouldn’t be an easy process, but I hope we can all appreciate that ultimately the end result will have been made better for all the effort and engagement. From my perspective, first I want to say ‘thank you’ to the inaugural commission for your efforts. And also, to offer some encouragement - stay at it, keep working and engaging with all of us! I would also like to add in my support of several comments that have been posted in here encouraging commissioners to avoid drawing lines that would create “safe zones” for either political party. While tempting and easy to garner support in grouping like minds together, it would further harden political divisions, and encourage LESS dialog between those individuals who have differing political opinions. Big picture we are better served as a whole by keeping communities/counties/townships together, following natural boundaries, and as a general rule keeping in simple.
Sharon Baseman
I thought the earlier maps had problems, but this is far worse for what is now District 30. It splits apart communities in the SE corner of Oakland County that should be kept together. Oak Park and Huntington Woods should be kept with Ferndale and Pleasant Ridge, and possibly Hazel Park. The district still goes into Detroit, which was the problem with the earlier maps -- it's just a different part of Detroit. Taking this district all the way up to Troy makes no sense for a state senate district. We have much more in common with neighboring communities in the SE corner of the county.
Christopher Khorey
This configuration of Oakland and Macomb appears to create a bunch of Safe D and Safe R districts, which probably evens out in the overall partisan fairness metric, but won't produce a very responsive Senate - just one constantly locked in 19-19 gridlock. The collaborative maps have a number of competitive districts, which is the way it should be.
Christopher Khorey
What happened to the Tri-Cities district? That should be a fixture on all maps, given the highly positive response it has received.
Christopher Khorey
Not a fan of dividing Lansing like this at all. Two Lansing-area districts is perfect for partisan fairness. 1 packs Democrats, 3 cracks them. Go with two like many of the other maps have!
Matthew Petree
This is a terrible draw for district 16. The whole point of this effort is to make the district lines make more sense. Carving out part of northern Monroe county that is rural and including it with Ypsilanti and Ann Arbor makes no sense. The groups of people and communities are vastly different. This will serve nothing more than taking a group of rural voters and lumping them in to an urban area to dilute votes. This is worse than the currently drawn district lines!
Vedette J Cordes
Disagree with this redistricting. My thoughts are expressed in the attached letter. Thank You, Vedette Cordes
Jennifer Austin
I disapprove of this senate district. The majority of the comments in the portal have asked for a Tri-Cities Senate district. This is not what the majority of people have asked for. The Tri-Cities are closely aligned for so many reasons and despite what a handful of Republicans try to tell you, we are not closely aligned with northern counties.
Linda Pell
This section of the map has homes in Kalamazoo County ISD and the folks work primarily in either Battle Creek or Kalamazoo -- it would make more sense for this to be in the same State Senate District with either Battle Creek or Kalamazoo instead of in a district to the south.
Thomas Heck
This is a terrible proposal for District 16 - Monroe County has no commonality with Ypsilanti and northern Monroe County has no commonality with the area of Wayne county this proposal adds it to (District 17). This appears to be a gerrymandering attempt to dilute Monroe County with more left leaning Ypsilanti and Wayne County. Go back to the previous proposal with Monroe and Lenawee Counties together as senate district.
Dan Wholihan
Livingston County should not be split. Cohoctah and Conway Townships belong with Fowlerville, not Davison. In a State Senate district, Meridian Township belongs with Lansing and East Lansing, not Brighton.
Anthony Scannell
bad split
Merlin Steffes
Municipal boundaries are violated in this map. Throw it out. Gerrymandered again.