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2020 Census PL 94.171 Data
Janet Armil
Pontiac & Auburn Hills should be together Rochester & Rochester Hills should be together without any part of Oakland Township
Lewis Okun
It is a fundamental principal to me that the maps should make it very unlikely (indeed, ideally impossible) for one party to win a majority while obtaining a minority of the votes lawfully cast. I have no idea if this map has been checked against the above, most important, criterion. What are the odds that Dems or Reps could win the Senate with 49.9% or less of the vote, as drawn in these maps?
Douglas Floto
This is a big improvement over previous maps that placed Commerce with more rural communities. I'm still concerned about partisan fairness, though. This map looks much like the current state house map that was gerrymandered to favor Republicans. It's no secret that Republicans are trying to subvert democracy in Michigan. Don't assist them by skewing maps in their favor.
Adam Kroczaleski
This map ignores the commission's own COI data as it relates to mid and northern Michigan. Bay-Arenac ISD. Bay-Arenac Behavioral Health. EMCOG. Region 7b Michigan Works. Central Michigan District Health. Bay & Arenac Community Foundation. Ascension Hospital System. Where residents live/work/play. You have ignored almost every civic and social tie that binds Arenac County to Bay County and the rest of Mid-Michigan. Our voices have been silenced by unelected bureaucrats who choose to put their partisan interests above those of our community.
N. Staron
I would have expected to see a bit more splits based on the target of 265,193. Wondering what the reason is for some districts to be over the target over and others under.
August R Gitschlag
As the City Clerk of Clawson....WHY WOULD YOU SPLIT A TINY 2.1 SQUARE MILE CITY IN HALF!?!?! This makes no sense at all. Just keep our small town in ONE district please. What are you thinking? Honoring geographic boundaries is supposed to be a guiding principal of this process, which you clearly ignore.
merlin steffes
The republicans should not have a majority in any district, only democrats should have a majority. It is the only way to create fairness. This is why the "Independent Commission" was created. "This is what democracy looks like" in a socialist run society.
Susan Shink
With 59% Republican votes in District 31, my vote does not count. Partisan fairness could be possible in this district and across the state. Please keep trying.
Barbara Lucier
Thank you for your continuing efforts to make the legislative and congressional districts competitive. When I have talked with other voters, this has been their highest concern.
Dorothy Munson
During the 10/22 Redistricting Commission meeting in Grand Rapids, several suggestions were made to improve the north Grand Rapids district 24 to much improve the Communities of Interest aspect. ( The suggestions were to remove the four Ottawa County townships included in the district that have no commonality with Kent County Grand Rapids and suburbs and add Cascade Township adjacent to Ada Township because of its close relationship with the core six cities. The map supplied showing these suggestions ( has been expanded show how to integrate this map with the Elm 199, Cherry 220, Spruce 226 and this 249 map configurations without changing the remainder of the state Senate districts outside this region. Map ( details slight reconfigurations of the adjacent three out of six districts to integrate this configuration without disturbing the remainder of the state map. The four Ottawa County townships were moved from district 24 to district 33. They could not be incorporated into Ottawa County district 22 because Ottawa has too large a population to have a complete Senate district unless Holland City is removed. Thus, District 22 (Ottawa County) was not changed. Also, District 34 (Muskegon County) was not changed and the South side Grand Rapids district 23 remains as is. Cascade and Algoma townships that are closely tied to the six city Grand Rapids core in Kent County were added to district 24, District 20 was changed to incorporate more townships south of Kent County and District 3 was changed to include some parts of Ionia County that were previously in District 33. Changes to these districts maintain or improve their commonality of culture and characteristics. In summary, the improved Community of Interest configuration of district 24 on the north side of Grand Rapids was implemented with minimal changes to the surrounding districts and maintains the remainder of the state Senate map as is.
Margaret Schankler
This appears to be the only senate district where the black population is higher than the white population. Please restore former majority-minority districts to at least 51%.
merlin steffes
The whole city of Ann Arbor along with the city of Ypsilanti, Salem, Superior, Ypsilanti, and Pittsfield Township should form a State Senate district. This district would contain 265,813 people which is close to the ideal senate district population of 265,193 and this district would be compact and not split any municipal boundaries.
Drew Jones
Please make additional changes to West Michigan. I have yet to see any changes that were expressed during your recent public hearing in GR. I've seen the commission really get into the details for Detroit and Metro Detroit, but make very little changes to West Michigan. Several of the existing districts just need to be re-done. District 33 is spread all over and it encompasses 7 different counties. District 20's stair step from Byron Township to Benton Harbor makes no sense. District 3 is grabbing parts of Kent and connecting it down to Battle Creek is another head scratcher. I think Commissioner Lange's map V1 does a good job for this part of the state. She also still includes this pseudo coalition district.
Dan Wholihan
I have mixed views overall about the map collectively, but I can accept my district as it is keeping Livingston County whole and not with the City of Ann Arbor. I preferred the map before today's changes, overall from a partisan fairness standpoint going by the seats won metric.