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Dorothy Munson
During the 10/22 Redistricting Commission meeting in Grand Rapids, several suggestions were made to improve the north Grand Rapids district 24 to much improve the Communities of Interest aspect. The suggestions were to remove the four Ottawa County townships included in the district that have no commonality with Kent County Grand Rapids and suburbs and add Cascade Township adjacent to Ada Township because of its close relationship with the core six cities. The map supplied showing these suggestions ( has been expanded show how to integrate this map with the Elm 199, Cherry 220, Spruce 226 and 249/250 map configurations without changing the remainder of the state Senate districts outside this region. Map ( details slight reconfigurations of the adjacent three out of six districts to integrate this configuration without disturbing the remainder of the state map. The four Ottawa County townships were moved from district 24 to district 33. They could not be incorporated into Ottawa County district 22 because Ottawa has too large a population to have a complete Senate district unless Holland City is removed. Thus, District 22 (Ottawa County) was not changed. Also, District 34 (Muskegon County) was not changed and the South side Grand Rapids district 23 remains as is. Cascade and Algoma townships that are closely tied to the six city Grand Rapids core in Kent County were added to district 24, District 20 was changed to incorporate more townships south of Kent County and District 3 was changed to include some parts of Ionia County that were previously in District 33. Changes to these districts maintain or improve their commonality of culture and characteristics. In summary, the improved Community of Interest configuration of district 24 on the north side of Grand Rapids was implemented with minimal changes to the surrounding districts and maintains the remainder of the state Senate map as is.
Christopher Khorey
I don't understand why this map was uploaded to the comment portal? This is the half-finished map from Monday, which the Commission subsequently did more work on.
Zachary A Squires
What's up with the little texas shaped peninsula that cuts in to district 30 from district 32 along E. Cavanaugh Rd. and Dunckel Rd. right by Trappers cove Trail. This odd border makes it so people on one side of the road have to vote in district 32 will their neighbors on the other side of the road vote in district 30.
carla Butler
Regent Park and Mohican Regent do not belong in a macomb only district. They have a super active neighborhood association that is working on development and neighborhood identity projects with Harper woods. This community doesn't have anything in common with Macomb and shouldn't be isolated.
merlin steffes
"Independent Commission" , you are suppose to have open meetings to the public. Why are you having closed meetings? What information are you hiding. Should you be disbanded?
Drew Jones
I'm sorry, but this commission simply doesn't understand West Michigan. They will spend countless time getting every little detail of Detroit figured out and taking every comment to heart, but they don't treat the West side of the state the same. Looking at this map, they virtually changed nothing in West Michigan. All the public comments from the hearing in GR has gone unnoticed. Just look at how crazy the districts have become. I think it's district 33 that contains 7 different counties! The southern part of Kent county doesn't belong with a district that contains Benton Harbor. A Senate district that contains all of GR and Kentwood makes perfect sense, but they are hung up on this pseudo coalition district. Wholesale changes need to be made and stop ignoring all the public comments you've already heard.