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2020 Census PL 94.171 Data
Elaine Davis
Muskegon is diverse and urban, it doesn't belong in this district.
Peter Marsten
I am opposed to this map as a resident of Saugatuck
Alfonoso Jimenez
This map dilutes Latinos is Muskegon
Alfonoso Jimenez
This map dilutes Latinos in Muskegon
Christian Alvarez
North and south Ottawa county have very little in common and it would make more sense for it to be split. The northern half is more connected to Grand Rapids because of I96.
Eugene Foster
Muskegon is a very diverse area and should be in a diverse district. Thank you.
Kendall Goodwin
Black and Hispanic communities are opposed to this map.
Gia Welteroth
This is a bad map that disenfranchises our African American families in the Muskegon area. We have are distinct from other lakeshore cities which are mostly White. It makes much more sense to keep us connected to other African Americans in the Grand Rapids area like in Chestnut.
Drew Beckman
Do not adopt this map. The party that wins the greatest proportion of the votes in this map is likely to have a minority of seats during close general elections. That is not consistent with the spirit of representative democracy where the government is meant to carry out the will of the most people.
Sharon Houck
I do not like the Apple V2 congressional map because it does not keep Jackson County whole. It combines the eastern portion of Jackson County, including Waterloo Township, with Washtenaw county. Waterloo Township is a very rural community with no city water, no city sewer, no broadband, and no public transportation. Ann Arbor has all of these things. If this map were to be used, Waterloo Township would not have a voice in Congress. Please do not adopt this map. The Chestnut map is much better.
John Chapman
This map appears undesirable in that is does not generate seats proportional to voting
Stan Stek
I have lived in the Grand Rapids area for over 30 years and have been very active in community activities across the region. I have also been extensively involved in working with clients in the Kalamazoo area for much of that time and so have a pretty good understanding of the two distinct communities. Based on that I find it to be completely irrational to suggest these two communities are "communities of common interest" - anymore than Detroit and Traverse City are communities of common interest. Their economies are driven by different dynamics, they do not engage in common regional responses to workforce development, behavioral health, law enforcement, social dynamics, entertainment and cultural activities or frankly any significant dynamic of their respective communities. The only logic for this contorted district could be to assure a particular partisan result - that is by definition gerrymandering. This district not only separates the surrounding communities of Grand Rapids from the City of Grand Rapids with which they certainly do have extensive commonality of interests but it further will disenfranchise several communities most notably the residents of the City of Kalamazoo who will become an afterthought to the controlling population in Grand Rapids.
Marie Johansen
I prefer Chestnut map over this one-Apple V2. This map does keep the Tri-Cities and Flint together in one district. This is good, but then it includes-Tuscola County, perhaps to achieve population balance. But that could also have been achieved by including more of Midland County since it is geographically next to Midland and makes more sense than including Tuscola, which is not connected to Midland nor to Flint in any significant way
Chris Wingate
Obvious gerrymandering for partisan reasons.
Kim K Lindsey
this map has way too many county divisions and groups communities together in a way that does not best represent communities of interest.
Kristine S Detmers
Gerrymandering at its worse. This commission was supposed to be bi-partisan. The petition was Democrat backed. The commission is chaired by a Democrat and all the maps favor Democrat populations but this one is the worse.
Ginta McNally
I oppose the Apple plan. The Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo metropolitan areas are two different communities of interest and should not be combined in a congressional district. Grand Rapids has competing interests with Kalamazoo - both compete to attract businesses, airports compete for federal funding, etc. It does not make sense to create a long congressional district from the city of Grand Rapids to the City of Kalamazoo - two extremely different communities of interest. The Apple plan omits a large portion of the Kalamazoo metropolitan region and includes it in a separate congressional district - this does not make sense, and Kalamazoo should stay together a a community of interest. Also, inclusion of the northern suburbs of Grand Rapids in a congressional district drawn all the way to Midland County hurts constituents because a congressional district office would be very far away from many constituents.
Jay R Taylor
Totally unacceptable as it unfairly lumps so many smaller communities in SE MI with big Democrat strongholds.
Constance Lippert
This map is very skewed toward a Republican advantage. We need maps that are politically equal. Please use the Skelela map.
Michelle Schellenberg
The Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo metropolitan regions are two different communities of interest
Abigail Nobel
I'll say this - it will make an interesting GOP primary in the new CD 3!
Suzanne L Zavala
There isn't much difference in these maps. Splitting the whole of Downriver will negatively impact our representation. Taylor and Allen Park have more in common with Wyandotte and Southgate than Detroit. Wyandotte and Southgate have more in common with Taylor and Allen Park than Ann Arbor. Downriver communities often work together and splitting our representation will not be fair.
Elisa Tomaszewski Mantey
I've already posted a comment on the Birch map that speaks to all the maps generally, so I'll be brief. This map, like others, appears quite gerrymandered. Competitive districts instead of safe blue or red districts, would hopefully bring better candidates, whether incumbent or challenger, This map, like others, is extremely disappointing. It has a clear GOP tilt.
Jason Taylor
Again, these proposed maps are almost identical. Completely unfair representation. Gerrymandering at it's finest.
Michael Ciarkowski
This map is bizarre. It separates Shelby and Washington from Macomb. It also separates Washington from Romeo, and Bruce. Also the communities in the northwest end have little in common with the southeast end. It is a terrible map.
Sonja Marie Patrick
All maps clearly show how Democratic this process was intended to be. None of the maps give a chance to Republicans and this map is one of the worst. If you truly have an ounce of respect for bipartisanship, then you would pick the Birch map because at least it's closer to fair than this Apple map
Andrew Booms
This Map like the Birch map is clearly carving out the city of Midland from the surrounding communities of interest. If forced to choose something that seems wrong, this version is least repelling to me.
Andrew Booms
This map does not reflect the actual interest of Midland at all. My voice will be lost to Saginaw and Flint.
Wayne R Meulendyk
NO to this map. I looked only at Kent County. I think it is best to work geographically, ignoring political party and cultural heritage, keeping the district as geographically cohesive as possible.
This map gerrymanders Kalamazoo and Grand Rapids into a skinny district following US-131; these cities deserve individual representation; this map does not reflect the interests of surrounding areas
Dan Fox
Nope, there are better choices. Both Birch and Chestnut are superior to Apple.
Matthew D. Horwitt
The Apple map has more partisan bias. It breaks up the Lansing region, while the others do not. Chestnut, Birch and Szetala are all better statewide and for the Lansing region. Apple makes it more likely that Republicans win more seats even in Democratic years.
Sarah Brooks
Hemlock and Merril should remain in a district that includes a larger portion of Saginaw County and/or Midland County.
Zach Rudat
Please keep Clinton County whole
Sandy Larson
Troy should be included with communities in Oakland County as a clear community of interest. We share county government and some municipal services, and we need representation in Congress for the needs of the communities in Oakland county including Troy.
Allen Salyer
Troy, Michigan belongs in Oakland County, not Macomb County.
David R. Luther
Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo often have competing interests and views when it comes to politics and what's best for Michigan and the nation. It does not make sense to put these two municipal areas in the same Congressional District other than a blatant attempt to force one seat into one particular political party.
Margaret Chinoski
The interests of Troy have little commonality with Macomb county especially grouped with areas adjacent to lake st Clair. Their common industry, and local economy interests align with the rest of Oakland County.
Kelly Jones
This map does not properly represent our community. Oakland County and Macomb County have too many variables to be represented in the same district. Troy should remain in Oakland County. This map is drawn WAY to far to the east part of metro detroit.
Ashleigh Jennings
Troy should be drawn with other neighboring communities in Oakland County as a clear community of interest. Whether we are looking at recreation, commuting, shopping or entertainment, there is much more movement to and from Troy and other communities within Oakland County to our south and west. We share county government and some municipal services, and we need representation in Congress that will understand and be responsive to the needs of this whole, larger community.
James Kleiber
This map is not the best since Downriver Michigan is only in three districts. The Apple v2 and Birch v2 separate southern Dearborn Heights and Romulus from the northern downriver district. I recommend Romulus and southern Dearborn Heights to be in district 13. The Downriver cities are Allen Park, Brownstown, southern Dearborn Heights (south of Dartmouth street), Ecorse, Flat Rock, Gibraltar, Grosse Ile, Huron, Lincoln Park, Melvindale, River Rouge, Riverview, Rockwood, Romulus, Southgate, Taylor, Trenton, Woodhaven, and Wyandotte. Some people think that Dearborn Heights is Downriver Michigan, and some don't. Dearborn Heights is only 30 percent downriver since southern Dearborn Heights are only 30 percent. Southern Dearborn Heights is just south of Dearborn, north of Monroe county, west of Detroit river, and northeast of the metro airport, which meets all four commands for the Downriver Michigan area. This map indicates that Downriver, Michigan is in three districts. District 6 is all southern downriver cities (Brownstown, Flat Rock, Gibraltar, Grosse Ile, Huron, Riverview, Rockwood, Trenton, and Woodhaven) and two northern downriver cities (Southgate and Wyandotte). District 13 includes Allen Park, Ecorse, Lincoln Park, Melvindale, River Rouge. And district 12 is a western Wayne county district, where 1.3 downriver cities in district 12 (southern Dearborn Heights and Romulus).
Mayor Roslyn Grafstein
Madison Heights, the sliver of Royal Oak and the other Oakland cities should be part of an Oakland county district not the bump that has been created here. Please move us in a different direction
Carrie Hatcher-Kay
This map is terrible! It is not quite as bad as Lange, but still horrible. The party with the least votes would get the most seats. Does NOT achieve partisan fairness.
This splits the community of Romeo, Washington, Bruce & Ray are similar communities should be kept together. Washington has more in common with the thumb than Highland or white lake?
Kay Gable
Midland County should be kept together.
Thomas Smith
I thought this was suppose to stop gerrymandering. This obviously doesnt....the stagnant Michigan population is from SE michigan(dem area) yet you have gerrymandered 8 dem districts out of this map whne they should be losing one from their current 7
Hirak Chanda
Troy needs to be with Oakland County neighbors.
Cal Morton
I agree with Kristine S Detmers comment posted in Michigan State House Pine V5 map, "... All these maps should have been drawn with a color blind eye and based on population alone! Gerrymandering at its worse!". The data shown in these maps should have only provided the "Total Population" and the "Voting Age Population". All other numbers are injecting race and ethnicity which overlooks the most important fact, "We are ALL Americans"!
Cal Morton
My apologizes for repeating this comment as I had my district numbers incorrect. The 2nd and 4th District Maps are horrible. Especially the 4th District Map. To carve out Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo into its own district is gerrymandering at its best. These two communities do not share the same values. This map needs to be rejected!
Cal Morton
My apologizes for repeating this comment as I had my district numbers incorrect. The 2nd and 4th District Maps are horrible. Especially the 4th District Map. To carve out Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo into its own district is gerrymandering at its best. These two communities do not share the same values. This map needs to be rejected!
Cal Morton
The 2nd and 3rd District Maps are horrible. Especially the 4rd District Map. To carve out Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo into its own district is gerrymandering at its best. These two communities do not share the same values. This map needs to be rejected!
Cal Morton
The 2nd and 3rd District Maps are horrible. Especially the 3rd District Map. To carve out Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo into its own district is gerrymandering at its best. These two communities do not share the same values. This map needs to be rejected!
Chris Andrews
All of the maps have a partisan bias favoring Republicans, but this is the worst! It is also bad in how it splits up the Lansing region. Please approve Chestnut or Birch, which are much fairer.
Fred Hall
This map is less fair than Chestnut or Birch. This map makes it likely that Republicans will win the most seats even if Democrats get the most vote. Please do not vote for this map.
Kathleen Goodin
This is an unfair map with serious Republican bias. It breaks up communities of interest; this map should be voted down.
Nomi Joyrich
This map is awful. The only good thing I can say about this is that its not as bad as Lange. No partisan fairness at all. HORRIBLE!
Nomi Joyrich
This map is absolutely horrible. These map has no partisan fairness.
Carrie Hatcher-Kay
This map is horrible. This map makes it likely the party with the least votes wins the most seats. This is not fair.
Sue Macrellis
This map does not keep Jackson County whole. Rather it splits off the rural eastern portion of the county and joins it with Washtenaw county, specifically Ann Arbor. You could not pick two dissimilar areas to put together. It would definitely leave these people without a voice.
Elizabeth Harris
Troy should be joined with other Oakland County communities to the west and south with which it shares critical economic, educational and recreational interests. Lumping Troy with Macomb County communities to the east negates a reasonable opportunity for Troy voters to be fairly represented.
Carol Ingall
This is an unfair map with serious Republican bias. It breaks up communities of interest; this map should be voted down.
Don Bishop
This c.d. Map is a much more partisan Republican map and does not keep the Clinton-Eaton-Ingham area away community of interest . There are several fairer alternatives available .
I do not support the Apple map. It is a gerrymandered district that breaks apart communities of interest.
David Hopkinson
Strongly dislike this map. I don't like the way it divides the Capitol Region. Has a more Republican bias than Chestnut or Birch.
Rebecca J Stimson
I do not support this map as it splits Clinton county, and we are one unified region.
Jeff Padden
This map is problematic in several ways. Statewide, it includes much more partisan bias than other maps. Adopting this map would be an endorsement of partisan gerrymandering, rather than a remedy for it. Also, it misses the boat on other constitutional criteria, such as compactness. This map splits the Ingham/Eaton/Clinton community of interest, but there is not reason to do so except to create partisan bias. Chestnut and Birch are better choices for the commission.
Mary I Pollock
This map breaks up the Capitol Region and is less logically arranged than Chestnut or Pine v2. We want Clinton, Eaton, Ingham, Livingston together. This map goes too far west.
Bilky Joda-Miller
This map is not a fair map at all. This map is totally splitting the grater Lansing area and so unfair. The Chestnut & Birch are much fairer.
Naomi Ludman
This map is not drawn fairly and clearly favors one political party over the other. I worked hard for this ICRC process so that we would have fair maps. This map is not fair.
Dave Frey
Clearly with such large districts, many districts are going to capture a wide diversity of communities. Given all the maps I've looked at, and all the comments, I still like map 42172 the best - - chunky districts, follows county and municipal boundaries better than other maps I've seen
Mary Wilkie
I think chopping up Jackson County is wrong, Adding us to Washtenaw County is too far, over 30 miles. These communities are no alike in population so please leave our community alone. There is no reason to combine these areas.
Ruth A Kell
This map still does not reflect the distinctly different community of interest divisions east and west of the Oakland / Macomb County line. East is far more industrial, blue collar, and all about individual freedoms while West is more service and professional services, white collar, and more leaning toward cooperative for the greater good. One representative for this district would need to have a split-personality.
Helen Goyings
This map is a gerrymandered mess. As much as the 2 major cities in SW Michigan have common ground this map totally ignores the outlier areas that connect to these 2 separate cities as their lifeline to the activities that they value in their lives. This map is also a gerrymandered mess.
Douglas Hoek
A very bad proposal/idea. Surely suggested based upon political goals - not for the benefit of the people - for political gain. When, will they learn … when??
Do not split off the eastside communities of Jackson County. My COI includes family and activities in those areas.
Richard Michalski
Not a good choice, since it does not create as many competitive districts as Chestnut. Chestnut is much better choice.
A Bobrovetski
Adding Warren, part of Royal Oak and Ferndale to Detroit and the Grosse Pointes doesn't make sense. Why would you cut across two other counties to pool together? Definitely not in the best interest of any of those communities.
Anna Hicks
The Apple V2 map divides counties that should be kept whole. It instead combines the eastern parts of Jackson County with Washtenaw County. The Chestnut congressional map is a far better option since it is less disruptive of county lines. I implore you, please do not adopt this map.
Linda Burns Torp
This district includes populations with dissimilar needs.
Linda Burns Torp
The district should include more waterfront properties.
Linda Burns Torp
This district combines too many disparate populations.
Linda Burns Torp
This district does not protect minorities or communities of interest.
Linda Burns Torp
This district is too vast to protect communities of interest.
Marcy Jankovich
This map divides our county in two and pairs us with a community that does not share our interests. We have small colleges and Ann Arbor area has big Universities. Please keep Jackson County whole.
Laura Goos
We need to keep the lakeshore more together. We are too different from our inland neighbors.
Paul Hauglie
I dislike this map. It does keep Jackson county whole and needlessly divides it.
Jonathan Fisk
This is a poor choice. Unnecessarily partisan.
Jonathan Fisk
Not a good choice, unnecessarily partisan.
Thaddeus Hackworth
This map groups disparate communities and is inappropriately partisan.
Michelle Smith
Midland should be together with Midland County.
Tim Smith
I oppose the Apple v2 map because it doesn't take in account partisan fairness in it's current form. Please reject this map!
Pairing the diversity and business-orientation of Troy with such enclaves as St. Clair Shores seems to be very suspect, creating a District 10 that favors one party over the other. Communities with like family values and city infrastructures are better to administrate in Congress, having similar needs and expectations from government. That should be the primary premise. Not political considerations.
David J Houck
Defies logic. If anything, the district 5 line should be moved east to capture the west part of Washtenaw.
Lindsey Brayton
This map is not balanced and unfairly represents urban areas
Cynthia Richardson
I do not like the Apple V2 Congressional map because it does not keep Jackson County whole. It combines the eastern portion of Jackson County, including Waterloo Township, with Washtenaw County. Waterloo Township is a VERY rural community with no city water/sewer services, no broadband and no public transportation. Ann Arbor has all of these things. If this map was used, Waterloo Township would not have a voice in Congress. Please do NOT adopt this map. The CHESTNUT map better represents my community of interest. Thank you.
Brian Boyer
This proposed map unnecessarily divides up the eastern side of Jackson County splitting up our current Community of Interest.
Doug Swartz
The Apple V2 congressional map does not keep the counties whole. It instead combines the eastern portion of Jackson County with Washtenaw County. The alternate Chestnut congressional map keeps the counties more whole and as such is the best option. Please do not adopt this map. Thank you.
Patrice Johnson
I do not like the Apple V2 congressional map. It does not keep counties whole. It combines the eastern portion of Jackson County, including Waterloo Township, with Washtenaw county. Chestnut is a much fairer map.Please do not adopt this map. Thank you.
Laurie E.
This a very undesirable map for the city of Troy and the Oakland County cities that are also included in it. It pushes way too far east and north. It's even worse than Birch v2. Troy should not be divided across counties and it should be included with its Oakland County COIs to the west and south.
Jackie Leslie
This map is not good for farming areas.
Jennifer Biddinger
This map removes our valued Waterloo and Grass Lake communites.
Bernard Allore
City folks don't understand the issues and needs of farming communities. This map lumps urban and rural areas together and this will leave farmers without a voice because there is such a lack of ties to agriculture today. Please keep Jackson County together in one district. I am a senior citizen and I rely on services in my community of Jackson. Thank you.
Barbara Dame
This map splits up Jackson County and does not solve the issue of gerrymandering. Districts are not being shifted based on the communities of interest that each area serves.
Margaret Bayless
This map is less fair than other choices (Chestnut, Birch and Szetela)
Daniel Harris
Overall Apple is a better map than Birch or especially Chestnut but there are too many county splits between District 2 and District 8. Parts of Bay, Midland and Saginaw are split between the two districts. This can and should be cleaned up by putting two of them entirely in one district or the other and splitting just one. I would recommend keeping Saginaw and Bay whole within District 8 and Midland as much as possible within District 2.
Daniel Harris
Well at least this map is better than Chestnut in that it splits Oakland between just 4 districts rather than 6. Ideally district 10 should stay just in Macomb County while district 9 should take in more of Oakland.
Caron Maria Wootten
Once again this map is not in keeping with keeping our county intact. I can appreciate the inclusion of Lenawee County however pushing our Waterloo and Grass Lake school districts into Washtenaw is a disservice to our youth.
Shannon Moore
This is a bad plan for Muskegon and Muskegon Heights because it would give voters of color here little opportunity to influence the outcome by placing us in a district that is less than 20% people of color. Chestnut is a better plan that would not disenfranchise us.
Alexa Bush
I do not like this map at all because of the way it splits up parts of Washtenaw county. It also does not reflect partisan fairness, which is one of the most important elements of creating better maps that represent the people and needs of our state.
William Richardson
I do not like the Apple V2 congressional map because it does not keep Jackson County whole. It combines the eastern portion of Jackson County, including Waterloo Township, with Washtenaw county. Waterloo Township is a very rural community with no city water, no city sewer, no broadband, and no public transportation. Ann Arbor has all of these things. If this map were to be used, Waterloo Township would not have a voice in Congress. Please don't adopt this map. The Chestnut map is much better. Thank you.
Jordan Ballor
The idea that Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo should share representation is problematic especially when this narrow corridor excludes both cities from their surrounding areas so radically.
Micah Watson
The greater Grand Rapids area is its own unique community. Kalamazoo is also a wonderful city. But they are distinct from each other. Partitioning Grand Rapids so narrowly apart from its surrounding areas severs its future representation from the continuity of its past. Combining it with Kalamazoo diminishes the uniqueness of each distinct community.
Sarah Torres
The tri-cities are wonderfully diverse communities and should all be together to avoid gerrymandering. Please consider putting them all in one -- Hemlock included.
Sarah Torres
Hemlock needs to be with Saginaw, Midland, & Bay City.
Hirak Chanda
Troy should be with Oakland County Cities.
Western Washtenaw and Eastern Jackson county should not be lumped in with Ann Arbor and eastern Washtenaw county. These are communities of interest that do not support the policies of eastern Washtenaw county and belong in district 5 or 7.
Robert McManus
Grand Rapids, MI and Kalamazoo MI each need their own representatve.
Justin Menno
Given the boundaries of District 4, I worry that this map will not only entrench the polarization between urban and rural regions in Michigan, but will further exacerbate it.
Luke Dornon
Another gerrymander to try and tie together disparate urban areas for no apparent reason other than partisan advantage.
Richard Mikowski
This map seems to only allow Democratic candidates to win. It is not a far representation of the district.
Patrick Maguire
Salem Township should be associated with Lyon Twp and South Lyon, as opposed to Ann Arbor, Plymouth and Northville. The majority of Salem Twp is South Lyon Schools. Most residents of the township would consider themselves part of the South Lyon area (especially since most have a South Lyon address). They go to South Lyon/Lyon Township for shopping, dining, church, etc.
Mary J Quehl
It is noteworthy that most all the comments are dislike this map from Midland and around us and no like comments even from the metro areas around us. Please take note that this is definite sign that this map does not work for our district.
Jason Housley
District 11 seems to be drawn to follow party leanings more than anything else in this map. It's still an improvement over the last decade though.
Carol Heron
Thank you for hearing us in the Tri-Cities and keeping us together with Flint. Chestnut Map is a much better map for the Tri-Cities, though because it keeps more of the counties included and does not include Tuscola which more closely aligns with the Thumb. In particular, Chestnut Map keeps more of the Bay County shoreline together with Bay County in this District which makes a big difference to those residents who live along the Bay County shoreline. Please choose the Chestnut map.
Loida Tapia
This map is horrible, my community of the west side of Detroit is mapped with Romulus. This map should not be adopted and should not even be consider given partisan fairness.
Pamela G. Byrnes Brown
Why is Lyndon Township left out?? Lyndon's COI definitely lies within this proposed district. It is a member of the Chelsea Area Fire Authority, Chelsea Area Construction Agency, Chelsea District Library, WAVE, Chelsea Area Planning Team, Sylvan Township Water Sewer Authority and many other regional organizations. This is absurd.
Timothy Koschmann
Though the proposal seemingly makes other districts in the state more competitive, it does so by throwing Muskegon into a R+18 district. This is no improvement over the old, badly gerrymandered District 2!
Vicky Kay Gorsuch
Why did you chop off part of Jackson County and place it with Washtenaw County? Leave Jackson County whole. This is so ridiculous. Jackson County has NOTHING in common with (Ann Arbor). We are rural and they are urban. PUT Jackson County back as it should be, one county. Most of what I see here definitely does not show any equity for any voting party. Gerrymandering at it's worst, loud and proud!. Another shot at a no confidence vote for all involved. Definitely leaning towards the Democrats and definitely making sure that Jackson will never have a chance of getting anyone elected to represent our communities. Community Voices Suppressed with this current map set up. FIX it PLEASE. Get rid of the divide in Jackson County.
Jim Lax
I do not support the Apple Map; Apple makes no sense. I support the Birch Map for Grand Rapids/Kent County. Chestnut combines urban areas at the expense of outlying connected suburban and rural areas; Kent County is its own Community of Interest.
Joe Fresard
I think this district should be more compact and respect municipal boundaries more.
John V Permaloff
This is horrific. We have nothing in common with Wayne County. Why are you forcing us into Rashida Tlaib's district. I am listing my house next April if this passes
Why would a person from Hudsonville, MI place their like pin on Pittsfield township, unless they were trying to dishonestly sway the commissioner who is only making the most casual of observations into believing that people in district six like Lyndon township removed from the Chelsea community in our district. We do not. Dean’s love of the apple map is better documented in Ottawa county where he/she resides unless said individual wants to comment specifically on district six. Is this the new partisan, Astro-turf cheat on public feedback the commission considers?
Tim Eder
The map makes no sense for Lyndon Township. Please keep Lyndon township with the rest of Washtenaw County and keep it from being split down the middle. We prefer the Chestnut map
Peyton Ball
Hemlock should be part of the Saginaw district. We have very little connections to the communities in the district shown on this map. For going to work or shopping people in Hemlock lots of people consistently go towards Saginaw. For us to be not part of the Saginaw community doesn't make sense.
Rebecca S Smith
Please keep Midland County with counties that share similar issues (Sanford, Gladwin, Beaverton).
Mark Theobald
All three of the Congressional Maps have Ann Arbor and Downriver combined in the same district. As a Downriver resident, i would perfer to be combined with Monroe County and maybe Lenawee county if required for population count.
Chris Roosen
District 6 is very poorly drawn and seems to be only an afterthought made up of "what was left over," not taking any communities of interest into account. From Grosse Isle in the Detroit River in Wayne County, to Jackson County 66 miles away in the west, these communities have nothing in common. Please do better.
Mary J Quehl
I live in the city of Midland. Over half of OUR community voices have been completely dismissed. Please give the City of Midland a congressional district that puts Midland County back together and in a separate district than Flint. You have provided alternative maps in areas where you have received multiple competing comments. You have not done this for Midland. This commission has shown partisan bias by putting forth maps that local Democrats have asked for. Midland and Flint are vastly different communities. Midland's population is 40,000, Flint's is nearly 100,000. Midland is focused on dam repair and flood damage repair to homes, businesses, and infrastructure, Flint is on its water crisis. We have competing airports, MBS vs. Flint Bishop. We have different health care delivery systems, MidMichigan vs Hurley Medical, and/or McLaren Health. My husband and I both worked at MidMichigan Health. He worked there for over 43 years and saw how MidMichigan grew, serving patients in both Midland, Gladwin, and Gratiot counties with hospitals in those areas. - MidMichigan Health was the FIRST healthcare system approached by the prestigious University of Michigan to be affiliated with. I worked there for over 43 years. A large reason was that we have multiple hospitals in Clare, Gladwin, Alma -Gratiot County, which have worked together serving patients for decades. They saw the large area we serve with with commonality of practice. As healthcare is one of the top concerns of people in all the states, this is a huge community of interest. We don’t refer and/or send patients to the Flint hospitals. There are statements out there that state that our hospitals are something we have in common. We do have hospitals, but the communities they serve are totally different and we do not “work together” in any collaboratively effort that links us together as a community of interest. Different Industry - Chemical vs Auto and you talk about highway corridors, Midland is on US10 and Flint is part of the I75 corridor. The City of Midland should not be in a district with Flint. I ask you to not split up cities/counties and to provide a tweak to one of your 3 Congressional maps to keep the City of Midland and Midland County in a separate district from Flint.
Dennis Quehl
The City of Midland and Flint should not be in the same Congressional district. None of your maps provide an option that addresses this. Your maps simply cater to Democrat demands. Independents and Republicans live in these areas too and deserve to be heard in this process. Stop ignoring us. A city of 40,000 has vastly different needs than a city of 100,000. Please change one of your 3 congressional maps to separate Midland from Flint. Over half of our community voices have been completely dismissed – please give Midland a congressional district that puts Midland back together and in a separate district from Flint. Our communities are vastly different. Why is there no alternative map that provides this option for the public’s consideration?
Jennifer Hejduk
At least this map keep Rockford city with it surrounding neighbors. This one is better than the others.
merlin steffes
The apple map is badly gerrymandered- GR with Kalamazoo? Of the three maps, the birch map is best of the ugly pigs.
Michael Bedard
District 9 is extremely problematic for the portion of western Oakland County that gets sliced in with areas that have very little in common. Milford being split in two places it almost exclusively as an outlier. It has little in common with the Macomb County portion of rural areas. It has almost nothing in common with the St. Clair County portion and it absolutely as no relationship at all with the thumb region. Its a very odd alignment that appears more designed to keep partisanship high in one district while mellowing it a touch than it does providing this area with any sort of representation at all.
Terri McCormick
Agreeing with Thomas Mikulski - Troy and Rochester do not make sense to lump through Macomb County all the way to St. Clair Shores and Eastpointe, as well as up to Romeo. Troy has a large diverse population whose voices will be drowned out with this configuration. This is not a fair map for these voters.
District 9 is ridiculous. It is nothing more than packing a district with Republican votes. The various communities shoved into this district have little in common and would not have adequate representation for A DECADE under this map. Stop with the political gerrymandering and do your job!
Kristine S Detmers
It seems that race is the guiding factor in all this. That some favor dividing Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo from their respective counties and surrounding communities to form a larger minority voting block is unconscionable and gerrymandering at its worse. This process should have been color blind. This was supposed to be an "non- partisan" committee, but it seems the Democrat agenda is dominating. Since the ballot proposal that formed this committee was democrat backed and now chaired by a Democrat it's no wonder.
Bonnie Jill Haver-Crissman
Thank you for keeping Midland together with the Tri-Cities in this map. I like Chesnut's configuration for Midland the best but this still gives us hope for our voices to be heard for a change. 10,000 people applied to be on the MICRC and you are our dream team. 1000's of Michiganders worked for Proposal 2 and Millions voted for it's passage. We worked and voted for fair districts and the opportunity for all our voices to be heard. The metrics of your success are the measures of partisan fairness. The world is watching. Please give us the maps with the best measures of fairness to vote for. Maps drawn for partisan fairness are not gerrymandering. The world is watching.
Carl L Hamann
Midland city needs to stay with Midland county. These 2 areas work hand in hand with the issues of the area. We endured a national disaster a little over a year ago. This community has pulled together to rebuild thousands of home and business !! This realigning map would impede our continuing effort to rebuild.
Carl L Hamann
This map makes absolutely not sense for Midland City and Midland county we are a bound community. The city, county, townships and local governments all work together in our community. Don't take that away from us!!
cheryl scales
This is horrible, Rockford belongs with Grand Rapids. We have no relationships with the rural areas in this map. 80% of our residents work in the City of Grand Rapids. Keep Rockford with Grand Rapids
This one again is gerrymandering. Please stop and consider the population requirements for redistricting. This suggestion far exceeds that requirement and therefore only leaves one deduction, you are gerrymandering. We voted for the people by the people and I am very disappointed, except for Commissioners Clark, Lange and Wagner who seem to be contemplating why the people chose citizens to accomplish this process. The families in the City of Midland and the County of Midland have more shared concerns with education, employment, law enforcement, social welfare... than they do with the people in nearby cities. Keep Midland County together, please.
Sandra Dyson
Naked gerrymandering at it worst. This bipolar district connects two far away urban centers across a wide rural area is an obvious attempt to built a "safe" Democrat district, communities of interest be darned. Please reject this partisan power grab and APPROVE BIRCH map instead.
Kevin Dolin
Each of these proposed maps chestnut, birch, apple separates an L shaped bite from my own Community of Interest, which is Western Wayne county and removes my own suburban city of 100,000 from that COI and into an urban district, with urban needs.
merlin steffes
The democrat party hacks are coming out of their holes to support the apple map. Obviously they are being given marching orders with the repeating statements of 31% nonwhites. These hacks have no idea what the population situation is in GR and Kazoo. Well, districts aren't created by skin color. They are created based on geography and municipal boundaries. People that focus everything on skin color are racist at heart. These hacks were opposed to Grand Rapids and Battle Creek being in the same district, which I agree, but are thrilled that Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo are in the same district? Cheat to win by any means necessary. The Soviet Model.
Denise Weisbrodt
What is the point of separating the City of Midland from the rest of the county? Midland, Midland County and Gladwin County have strong ties and many, many common interests. I thought this new approach to redistricting was a move to reduce gerrymandering. Apparently it isn’t working.
Natalie Gingras Hazen
Midland and Gladwin must stay together in any version of mapping. The City of Midland is vastly different than Flint for a variety of reasons the main one being the watershed that Midland is a part of.
Adam Kroczaleski
This is the first citizen redistricting commission and it was hoped that you would set an important precedent of keeping similar communities together so that Michigan could have fair representation. Sadly, you have consistently ignored communities of interest data and have focused on gerrymandering districts for partisan reasons. Arenac and Bay counties could not be better examples of different communities who are strongly connected. They constitute a strong community of interest. But you consistently have kept us separate so that you can try to carve out Republican areas such as Midland and stretch them down to Flint in order to ensure a Democrat keeps his seat. You are failing the purpose of what this commission was supposed to be.
Brandon DuBois-Jones
Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo are not communities of interests.
Ben Lemley
As a resident of Kent County I'm very disappointed that the commission has chosen to carve Grand Rapids out of the rest of the county. The issues facing Kent County and Grand Rapids are the same and inextricably linked. Any map that separates the state's second largest city from the communities immediately surrounding it is unacceptable.
Thomas Mikulski
I really dislike the manner in which District 10 is drawn - it separates Troy and Rochester Hills from communities with which they have stronger economic and cultural ties, especially among the Asian and Indian communities. Troy should certainly be grouped with cities like Birmingham, Royal Oak, Clawson, etc. - I think there's a solid case that Rochester Hills should, as well. Steer clear of this map ...
Aaron Majorana
This map again looks like the very definition of gerrymandering. Carving out the City of Midland from the rest of Midland County to combine it with Flint makes absolutely no sense and is simply catering to Democrats. The City of Midland should not be in the same Congressional district as Flint. As someone who has lived and worked in both communities, these are two completely different communities with different interests. Separating Midland from the rest of the County divides the voice of the people across two separate districts when it comes to recovery from the flood. Midland County should be kept together.
Jennifer Majorana
Please, Commissioners: The City of Midland and Flint should not be in the same Congressional district. Anyone who lives in this area can tell you, these communities share little in common and deserve separate representation! My parents-in-law live in Genesee County and we drive almost an hour to visit them. It's a completely different community. Not one of your maps provide an option that addresses this! Your maps simply cater to Democrat demands. Independents and Republicans live in these areas too and deserve to be heard in this process. Please, we are begging you - stop ignoring us. A city of 40,000 has vastly different needs than a city of 100,000. This Apple Map is particularly bad in the way it carves out Midland in a clearly gerrymandering way and separates it from the rest of the county and Sanford and Gladwin. I personally voted for this MIRC commission a few years ago and you are making me regret my decision. Please listen to the voices of Independents and Republicans who want fair representation!
David Barnosky
Despite my repeated requests that keeping Ottawa County in one piece should not be a major consideration, I must reluctantly agree that this map is probably the most natural way to concentrate minority voters to a degree that gives them a chance to elect a representative of their own. Thank you for your efforts.
Chris Moultrup
This map continues to dismiss the comments from Midland community members that verify our Community of Interest is more aligned with Gladwin. Even the Federal Government just awarded $54mm to the "Midland, Gladwin Region" for flood mitigation and recovery. We are one region and need our voices heard. The consistent rhetoric from political activists trying to gerrymander our county needs to be dismissed. Keep Midland and Gladwin whole.
Cathy Leikhim
Over half of our community voices have been completely dismissed – please give Midland a congressional district that puts Midland back together and in a separate district from Flint. Our communities are vastly different. Why is there no alternative map that provides this option for the public’s consideration? Read this Detroit News article to see a great example of how unified voices and representation helps our community: ‘Feds award Midland, Gladwin region $54M to aid in flood recovery, mitigation’. After you read it, then tell me that Midland and Gladwin are not a Community of Interest!
jane scott
Leave the city of Midland with Midland county and our watershed partners of Gladwin and Isabella Counties! This is gerrymandering by cherry picking just the city of Midland!
merlin steffes
District 4 violates municipal and county boundaries. Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo don't belong in the same district. I have never heard people in Grand Rapids wish they could be in a district with Kalamazoo. The only people supporting this district configuration are democrat party hacks. The counties of Kent, Allegan, and Kalamazoo are being sliced up to create a guarantee seat for a democrat representative. This is called gerrymandering.
Nabil Chamra
I do not understand why the district lines for district 9 include this particular area, I live in this neighborhood and it is zoned into Rochester Community schools, yet the majority of my classmates are going to be zoned into district 10 while I am zoned into the thumb with rural people I have nothing in common with. What sense does it make that the neighborhood across the street from me will be zoned into a different district than I am in despite there being no differences between the people in my neighborhood and theirs? I am asking that this neighborhood be zoned into district 10 or 11 since I have much more in common with the constituents in those districts than district 9 which includes a vast majority of people that I have nothing in common with.
As others have said, Troy & Rochester really shouldn't be with District 10. Leave them with Farmington Hills, Royal Oak, Bloomfield, where their interests are much more aligned. Instead, include more of Macomb Township with District 10 as well as communities to the east, particularly along the Hall Road business corridor. Shelby, Utica, Macomb, Clinton Township, Sterling Heights... these all belong together. Thank you!
Brenden Boudreau
This district does not protect COIs. Having GR linked up with Kalamazoo while completely ignoring the metro areas that have more in common with each respective city is nonsensical.
Steven B
Ok we're going in the wrong direction expanding this Lyndon Township/Washtenaw Co cut out. Please remove it altogether and keep the county boundary intact. This divides the Chelsea community and is unnecessary.
Matthew Haupt
Birch V2 is better for this area. Troy/Rochester moving by themselves to mainly Macomb cities does not make sense, especially as you head farther north. Troy has more interests aligned with Royal Oak/Ferndale and Birmingham.
Rochester in a district with Eastpointe and Waterford in a district with Royal Oak & Ferndale? Does anyone there even consider that someone has to represent the very diverse interests and concerns of these areas? These maps are absurd.