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honest broker
I believe Jason Bauer is happy about the gerrymandered map is because his democrat (marxist) party is going to steal the election from the will of the majority of the people in Michigan by packing rural/suburban districts with super majority for republicans by violating municipal/county boundaries and split up the democrat vote into narrow majority districts. A crook is a crook whether stealing money from a bank or stealing elections from the people.
Richard Gyolai
This is just another map that makes no sense. Living "downriver" and now being grouped with Ann Arbor and much of Washtenaw County seems a bit ridiculous. What do they see that is consistent from one end of 6 to the other?
Tom Rodgers
I just moved out of MAGAcomb and that loopy Q-wacko McClain's district, and now they put me back into it. I'm fine with it as long as the rest of the map is more sensible & competitive. No Republican can complain about this map after the map we've been living with the last 10 years....which was designed by one party solely to steal/invalidate the power of people's vote. If this means more competitive races, then it's good for the process. I believe in democracy, not a party.
Barbara Trollman
Finding myself to be in the 9th district, which currently has Lisa McLain as their rep., motivates me to put all my efforts into working for the campaign of whomever ends up running against her in the upcoming year. We will lose Elissa Slotkin to the 7th district. :( I hope she wins there, as our loss will be their gain, if she does.
critical thinker
Time to go to the courts. The democrat party redistricting committee is violating municipal and county boundaries to gerrymander for the democrat (marxist) party.
Luke S
One more note on districts 10-13. The VAPs of all four districts taken together provide an average VAP of 608,296 per district. D10 is 11,976 people above average ("PAA") and D11 is 15,796 PAA. Together D10 + D11 are 27,745 PAA. Compare this with D12, which is 12,185 people below average ("PBA"), and D13, which is 15,562 PBA. Together, D12 + D13 are 27,747 PBA. Coincidence or is there more to this?
Luke Stehney
Does SCOTUS have a nutcracker? Chestnut poses a problem to the VRA regarding Minority-Majority Districts ("MMDs"). Districts 13 and 12 have the lowest and third-lowest VAPs, respectively. Both districts have less than 50% minority VAPs while D12 has a white VAP exceeding 50%. Further complicating this issue are neighboring districts 10 and 11, with the second and third largest total VAPs, respectively. Only time will tell whether the Court will crack this Chestnut.
Tyler Dykstra
Northern Ottawa County is cut off from the rest of its rural farming community and will be permanently drowned out by the urban interests of Muskegon and Grand Rapids.
Thomas L
Rob Krett-- the 9th district should remain solidly red. Your new district which you indicate is R+6 will benefit more from your vote there.
Jenna Bragenzer
This map puts the city of Grand Rapids and most of its metropolitan region into a lakeshore congressional district – Grand Rapids is an urban community with different economic interests than those cities along the lakeshore. The northern suburbs of Grand Rapids would be included with a congressional district drawn all the way to Midland County – this would hurt constituents of the district when needing access to their congressional district’s office.
Rob Krett
I like the map overall, but I am mad I am not in the 9 th district. I live on 26 mile on the Shelby side, so I feel like I should be in the 9 th district. The other side of 26 for Washington township is in the 9 th. I want to be in a deep red district because I have been my whole life. My new district is R +6, but my old district was R +34. Not a bad map at all, but I wish I would be in the 9 th.
This is an absolute S#$% show map
Chad J Portenga
I am a current resident of Muskegon County, former resident of Ottawa Co and also own a business in Ottawa Co. It makes no sense to split Holland from the rest of Ottawa Co and connecting Muskegon & Grand Haven to Gr Rapids. It would have made more sense to include Holland with Muskegon and Gr Haven. Furthermore, Wayland, Dorr, and Sparta are not part of the Gr Rapids district, even though they are nearly an extension of the suburbs now. Reading other comments, especially for Oakland Co and the Detroit Metro areas, I suppose that the commission figured that if everyone was pissed off, they would consider it a booming success. Well, mission accomplished - you've managed to create such a mess that almost nobody is pleased.
Darrell Jarvis
I see ALOT of negative comments. It's impossible to please everyone. The goal of all this is to establish a district map that is better than what we had before. I, for one, think it accomplishes that. All your points are valid...but lets get this change done and move on to the next.
Tim Mauro-Vetter
Oakland County is divided into 6 DISTRICTS in Michigan. How is that helpful?
I am glad that Tuscola County has been kept with its community of interest in the thumb. Thank you.
Carolyn Mayne
Keep Midland County whole
Carolyn Mayne
Keep Midland County whole
shirley myers
Splitting Berrien County and putting it with the rural interior counties makes no sense whatsoever. There was community input to keep the lakeshore communities together. Now we will have NO representation at the congressional level.
Diane Bristol
District 8 looks like the definition of gerrymandering!
Barbara Trollman
I hope this makes a difference in the way we are represented in Lansing. It has been ridiculous that a majority blue state has been represented by a majority red in Lansing for all of these decades. I am unhappy that I suddenly ended up with a Republican representative. I have been very happy with Elissa Slotkin as my rep. She truly works on her constituents' behalf. I hope she wins the new district she'll be running in, District 7. Our loss would be their gain.
Catherine Daligga
This version of Congressional redistricting works well in several aspects for my own proposed district (new MI-06), as it keeps Washtenaw County intact, includes all of Milan and respects the connections between the communities of eastern Washtenaw and western Wayne County. Overall, however, it's not my favorite of the redistricting options. In particular, that single district stretching across the southern border of the lower peninsula is truly odd in terms of disregarding communities of interest. The ecology, economy, and other key elements of SW MI are better respected by keeping Berrien County in a US House district with others to the north, as Birch v2 does. For this reason and for some similarly arbitrary divisions in the eastern part of the Lower Peninsula this proposed map does not pass muster for me.
Christian & Jenee Velasquez
This is a terrible map for keeping like communities together. Putting Midland in with Flint & Saginaw is a blatantly partisan move. Independent and this commission should not ever be used in the same breath.
Ann Rozeveld
Keep Midland County whole.
Barbara A Conley
does not keep communities of interest in mind at all; Lakeside communities have different interests than interior ones.
Scott G Miller
Keep Midland County whole.
Katherine Miller
Keep Midland County whole.
Marie DeLuca
The communities are contiguous but don't share a commom interest.
Joan Miller
Keep Midland County whole…do not split.
David Johnson
Keep Midland and Gladwin counties together and whole.
Charlee Simanskey
Please keep Midland and Gladwin united by preserving and respecting current geographic boundaries and keeping the Tittabawassee watershed communities together.
Scott William Miller
Keep Midland County whole (connected to Gladwin). Keep the Tittabawassee watershed communities of Midland, Gladwin, Isabella, and Clare counties together.
A Strasser
The different communities shown in the separate halves of this map have hardly anything in common.
Airlie Strasser
The communities included in this proposed map have nothing in common. They represent opposite ends of the entire Wayne County and the huge area of the Detroit Metro area. The upper right half and the lower left half of this map should be divided into separate districts, with the lower left communities connected to the 'Downriver' cities which have so much in common. Any elected official would have a very difficult time representing the constituents that would be included in this entire map. Please look at the more natural division of communities, as are shown in the blue 'Birch' map, which joins Wyandotte, Allen Park and Southgate to the rest of the Downriver communities.
Marian Fitzgerald
Do NOT like chestnut
Dennis Quehl
I attended both the Midland and Flint meetings. I believe it was made clear in those meetings the stark differences between Midland and Flint. We have nothing in common. Do not split up Midland County.
Mary J Quehl
Fracturing Midland and sending half of the district to Flint makes no sense. Midland has nothing in common with Flint that meets any of the districting criteria given to the commissioners.
Anne Van Hulle
This map does not focus on the peoples needs in Midland and Gladwin counties. These counties should remain together.
Matt Smith
dislike this map! horrible way to draw lines
Matt Smith
strongly oppose this map
R & B Keenan
This map IS NOT keeping Midland city and county with like communities. Representation voices the community’s needs and isn’t about political correctness or political advantage. Use common sense. This is not a map which represents like communities.
R&B Keenan
Keep Midland city and county with like communities. Representation voices the community’s needs and isn’t about political correctness or political advantage. Use common sense. This is not a map which represents like communities
Johanna I Clarke
Terrible option
Todd Cassiday
No. A slice & dice of Midland County as in the Chestnut map (and other maps similarly splitting Midland from alignment with Clare & Gladwin) distorts representation of residents. With a century plus of family linkage & residencies & interface in both Midland & Gladwin, there is no support distorting local national representation as shown by the Chesnut map.
Please reject this map. It is not fair and does not represent my communities of interest.
Chris Moultrup
This map does not represent the community of interest for Midland. The City and County need to remain together.
John Blackson
This map has too much gerrymandering that splits of similar geographic regions and combines others that have little in common.
John Blackson
This map does not connect areas of interest and appears to intentionally chop the state up to satisfy some special interest.
This map does not appear fair and it does not represent my communities of interest.
Robert A Rankey
As with other comments, this map splits up portions of Midland Co with portions of other counties which I do not support,
E Manley
I do not support this map
wayne county cities should be grouped together not apart
Brenda Guest
No! This map is unacceptable to Midland and her people. Stop the Gerrymandering. The City of Midland and the townships of Midland County should always be together. The City of Midland is the county seat there is nothing about this that makes sense except the benefit of Gerrymandering to the democrats. The city and the townships MUST stay together.
Richard Cesaretti
I do not support this map. This map is the definition of “Gerrymandering” by adding a strange extension to split up Midland County. Please keep Midland County together.
Martha Magurno
Strongly opposed to the Chestnut map. The city of Midland must be connected to the Midland County and Midland County connected to Gladwin County as per the Lange map.
Richard Cesaretti
I DO NOT support this map! Keep Midland County together
Brad Blasy
Bad idea.
Susan M Zerull
Midland County should not be divided.
not working for us in this district
Brad Morse
Keep Midland City with midland County
Brian Kelly
The Downriver Community should stay together and have a representative knowledgeable about our shared issues. The Chestnut map fails to do this. The Birch map does a much better job.
Patrick Smith
This map is unacceptable
Tracy Draves
Midland county needs to stay whole.
Ronald Kumon
Novi should be kept in a district with other neighboring communities in Oakland County as these are the communities with which it has the most shared interests.
Tracy Draves
We do not belong with Genesse county.
Brian T Pankow
Puts Midland with Genesee county - there is no commonalities with those cities. Midland is more aligned with the northern towns as many workers in Midland reside there.
Diane Weinman
This is a terrible map, downriver communities need and want to be together not split apart as this is.
Cathy Leikhim
This comment and map portal vote is made on behalf of the 725 voices (and still growing) of ‘Gladwin-Midland United’. Since there are no collaborative map choices that reflect the needs of our community of interest, we support the Lange Congressional map; we do not support the Chestnut map; the Birch or the Apple maps. ‘Communities of Interest’ must be given higher weighting than ‘partisan fairness’, per the new constitutional amendment passed in 2018. Our Community of Interest requests that you keep the City of Midland connected to the county of Midland, and the entire county of Midland connected to Gladwin County.
Sakura Keast
I gathered signatures for this committee and I'm grateful for all involved and opinions gathered. This is a bad map because it separates most of Downriver, which should stay together for the sake of common interest. Thank you.
Kelly Correy
Poor map because we don't share any interest of some of the communities.
Robert Dvorak
This is a very poor choice of options as it disconnects the city of Midland from Midland County and also fractures common interests of the watershed, especially in light of the 2020 flood.
Lisa Beckman
This map is not the best option for the congressional plan. Better options are the Birch and Szetela plans because they have better partisan fairness scores than this map.
Deborah Bragenzer
Puts the city of Grand Rapids and most of its metropolitan region into a lakeshore congressional district – Grand Rapids is an urban community with different economic interests than those cities along the lakeshore.
Nicole Bragenzer
I oppose this plan for a number of reasons but mainly because Grand Rapids and Muskegon metropolitan regions form two different communities of interest. There are major competing economic interests between Grand Rapids and Muskegon that will hurt these unique communities.
Carole Murphy
Both Chestnut and Birch look good for partisan fairness and are compact. They are similar in meeting voting rights law requirements. Birch has less population deviation than Chestnut, so that may be a deciding factor. The handling of Lyndon Township in Birch is a little weird. Please do NOT choose Apple, it has poor partisan fairness.
Kevin S
Mike Scott
Not a good map because it splits up Midland County.
Justin Scott
Stop trying to tear Midland apart. We don't need anymore gerrymandering!
Jane Scott
Please keep Gladwin and Midland counties together and with the west.
Kathryn Anne Myers
I think this is probably the best of those proposed. I do question how much Midland & Flint have in common, but I also think we belong with Bay City & Saginaw. If more rural areas north & west of Midland are grouped with other more rural areas, that could give more voice to their communities of interest. I don't think the dam issues "holds water" because nothing has been done about it by either party in control for years.... I think the tri-cities have mutual interests through Dow, universities, etc, & because we DO have a great deal of semi-rural areas mixed throughout. There is NO perfect solution -- but I feel best about Chestnut.
Cathy Lunsford
Please keep Midland with Gladwin County and the counties to the west.
Kelly Schrubba
Thank you, this map has good partisan fairness, but PTV says this still gives more seats to the party that has the fewest votes. Please keep working but this is close and good in most areas.
Rebecca S Smith
Please keep Midland with counties to the west.
Robert A Rankey
As other comments have listed I do not like splitting Midland County or combining it with communities such as Flint which have very few similarities.
Kurt H Schindler
This is the worst. Any one of the other maps are an improvement. NW lower peninsula of Michigan (Michigan Region 2) should not be broken up. Each of the other maps respect this community of interest better than this map.
Randall J Clough
If you like gerry mandaring, this is it
Joseph Lunsford
This map fractures Midland County and makes the least sense. Almost 55 years in Midland County and I would like to continue to share interests with friends and family to the north and west.
Greg Rogers
It makes no sense to split Midland County.
James Cameron Hart
I don't believe this map follows the spirit of fairness and was designed with gerrymandering in mind. It appears this map promotes special interest groups rather than communities of interest. Please do not use this map.
John F Lynn
Terrible map. Midland County should not be divided. On top of that it is very partisan. Midland votes will always be overwhelmed by those from Flint and Saginaw.
Janine Iyer
No to this map that divides communities in Wayne and Oakland Counties.
Anne Van Hulle
This map does not represent the flood damaged areas of 2020 that are still recovering and restoring homes, businesses, multiple dams and bridges as well as two lakes and the Tittabawassee watershed and the importance of its combined management is crucial for the environment, recreation, public safety as well as having unified representation in Lansing and D.C., which will give these counties the support for their area's needs.
Linda Pruss
Jennifer Majorana
As a resident of Midland county and the city of Midland, I'm so disappointed and frustrated by these efforts to group our representation with urban areas like Saginaw and Flint. We have completely different interests and needs than these areas. Say no to Chestnut - it's NOT a fair map.
Christa Krohn
Please do not split Midland county.
J Michael Dizer
Splitting Midland County between two congressional districts makes no sense at all. If the Commission is serious about keeping communities together, it will reject this map as just another gerrymandering exercise.
Jon Lynch
Dividing Midland County makes no sense.
Mary Lou McEwan
The congressional map fractures Midland County; half of the county goes to the Flint District. Keep Midland City connected to Midland County and Gladwin County. No Gerrymandering.
Deborah Blair-Krosnicki
I don't like this map because it again divides downriver. Also, the district that I am in will extend all the way to Novi and all the way west to Washtenaw County. A congressional district with three counties included is not optimum. I would rather be grouped with Monroe County than this configuration.
Brad Morse
Keep Midland City with Midland County
Brad Morse
Keep Midland City with Midland County
Francis A McEwan
This congressional map fractures Midland County; half of the county goes to the Flint District. Keep Midland County whole and connected to Gladwin. No Gerrymandering.
Aaron Majorana
This is a bad map because it combines Midland with Bay City, Saginaw, and Flint. As someone who lives in Midland, travels to Saginaw for work, visits Bay City often, and grew up in Genesee County, there is absolutely nothing in common with these communities and Midland. It should be telling that all the comments approving this map care more about the fact that it does not favor Republicans (but favors Democrats) than about whether the communities at issue have anything in common.
Do not like. Midland County is fractured.
Rodney Kloha
Please do not place Midland with Flint. There is very little in common with these communities.
David E Kepler
This map makes no sense for Flint or Midland or the communities in between.
Laurence Richard Larson
This is a bad map. Midland shouldn’t be combined with Flint.
Daniel Kozakiewicz
This map is not fair.
Cindy Kallgren
Downriver/ Ann Arbor and Jackson County have no common ground. There will be no representation of Downriver or Jackson because AA will get all the attention. This is a big No. Worst Map yet
Cindy Kallgren
No, No No NO! This is the worst of the worst. Say no to Chestnut. Midland is an afterthought and will have no voice.
Amanda Oster
Midland does not belong with Flint!
So gerrymandered. Terrible map. Do not use.
Talman Wagenmaker
Bad map since it combines GR and Muskegon areas.
Carole J Chi
This map is less competitive for people living in Macomb County. And that's unfortunate for the 3rd largest county and the 3rd and 4th largest cities in the state of Michigan.
Rajiv B
Similar communities are divided in this map.
Larry Schuelke
Midland county doesn't have much in common with the cities of Bridgeport, Birch Run, Flint and Fenton but we sure do with Gladwin county and areas west of Midland as 2020 flood disaster showed. Keep people with a common interest and shared regional needs. Political majorities can easily shift around but not the area natural resource issues. The flooding and Dam failure ramifications will be with us for several years.
muskegon resident
This map is nuts. I don't want to be in a district with G.R., different city.
Drew Wagener
Not a chance! Chestnut map should be roasting on an open fire....
Susan Shapiro
This map is bad for the southernmost counties of the state. Berrien County on Lake Michigan has nothing in common with counties on the far eastern end of the state.
Daniel Schifko
John Leon
Vote NO on Chestnut. It divides Downriver. It splits Wyandotte, which is across from the North end Grosse Ile into another district. Wyandotte, Southgate should be included in this district.
Roberta Urbani
This map divides the Downriver communities of interest in an unfair way. Southgate and Wyandotte should be included with Trenton and Grosse Ile.
Muskegon resident
This map is unacceptable. Muskegon does not belong with Grand Rapids . Two totally different cities.
Laurence Funk
Berrien County needs to be kept whole on any congressional map. Forcing the south county to find similar urban interests in Jackson and Monroe, which are 120-150 miles away and not be allowed to keep ties with the county seat in St. Joseph, which is a mere 25 miles away, is ridiculous.
Dee J Maybee
This map should be rejected. It is not fair and does not represent the communities of interest.
Michael Melitz
Mahendra Kenkre
This map looks gerrymandered to create partisan advantages in districts 10 and 11. These districts are not competitive like in Birch. These are not fair districts.
Mahendra Kenkre
This looks like a gerrymandered map to create partisan advantages in districts 10 and 11. Both the districts have a strong partisan lean. They are not fairly created. Birch is a better map.
Mark E Reed
No, just no.
Richard Wochoski
While this map keeps Troy in one piece, it also gerrymanders other parts of the state to provide an unfair advantage to a single political party. A point many of the other comments drives home.
Kendall Hauer-Wochoski
While this map keeps Troy together, it splits up Oakland County in a weird way.
This is obvious gerrymandering. Do not use.
Stephen Stackable
This version continues to split up Midland county and the city of midland, and put Midland city in the same district with Flint and Saginaw. Midland city and county are more closely related to counties to the north and west.
Gail B McLeod
There is a complete and total lack of understanding about Downriver. None of the maps have taken that into account. You have separated communities that have worked together for decades; share infrastructure and other resources. This is NOT an improvement.
Alysia Condon
This map is not nearly as equitable as Birch. As a Troy resident, I appreciate that it's kept Troy in Oakland County, but the rest of it just isn't right. There's a chunk of Oakland county that's been removed for no reason I can see.
Chris Musich
While Troy is still in Oakland County (good), taking a chunk of Oakland County (Beverly Hills et al) out makes no sense.
Susan Gentry
This is a disastrous map. It will divide communities, townships and counties. This is a poor attempt and will not work towards holding communities together, but rather tear them apart. This would not represent me or others in my community. Please do not even consider this redistricting.
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Caitlin K.
I think this map unfairly divides several communities in Wayne County, diluting the voting power of some BIPOC communities and strangely combines some urban and rural areas in ways that could hurt fair representation for both.
lindy samantha anne marie ye
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lori A Boyce
The birch map appears to be the fairest from a partisan fairness perspective. This appears to have some issues around COIs - birch is much better.
Timothy J Quinn
Please do not use this map. It is not fair and does not represent the communities of interest.
Carl Beckman
I do not support this map Midland city is vastly different then the likes of Bay, Saginaw and Flint cities. We should not be lumped in together with them just because we all our cities. Midland City needs to stay with Midland County.
Margaret Weber
Szetela should be the choice over this map.
Margaret Weber
This map is pretty good, but not as fair as Szetela.
Catherine Kamil
I DO NOT SUPPORT THIS MAP! Of the 5 proposed congressional maps on this site, this is the only one that does not group my household with my school district (Chelsea). Also, the City of Chelsea is the center of our lives and represents our community of interest.
Richard Gyolai
On every map I've looked at, the "Downriver" area is cut apart. On this one you have Wyandotte with Harper Woods, but everyone knows that Wyandotte, Southgate , Riverview, Trenton and Woodhaven are virtually all the same...... What happened to the mandate to recognize “communities of interest” — communities like the Downriver area? Also, on many maps county lines have been crossed....... What's that all about? Is someone trying to make "gerrymandering of boundaries" legal. I wouldn't vote for any of these
Amani Johnson
Removing Southfield, Lathrup Village, Franklin, Bingham Farms and Beverly Hills from Oakland County - as this map has done - severely decreases the likelihood that Oakland County will see Black or POC representatives. Oakland ranks 6th of 83 counties in Michigan when it comes to how many Black residents there are - more than 170,000. Southfield makes up more than 50,000 of those residents and strategically removing us is essentially a "whitewash" of Oakland County. When it comes to our daily lives - where we live, play, work, and learn - the Oakland County communities you've placed into district 12 have much more in common with Farmington Hills, Oak Park, Birmingham, and Bloomfield Township than with communities in Western Wayne. I personally live at 12 Mile and Northwestern Highway, a stone's throw from both Farmington Hills and Bloomfield Township. My final qualm is that we aren't likely to have a representative from Southfield or Oakland County at all. Our issues are similar to those of the communities surrounding us, but we've been carved out. I'm concerned that with Wayne County voters making up most of the electorate, some of our concerns may get drowned out/overlooked. The "Birch" map does a much better job of keeping Oakland County communities together.
James Dowd Dunham Lake community dates back to the mid 1940s' The lake is split down the middle and on some level this community of interest should be made whole. Moreover the area around the lake identifies with the Hartland and Milford communities. These communities have nothing in common with the Michigan thumb a rural farming areal. The Dunham Lake community of interest should be included in district 9 (Lansing) or that area part of district 11 (Novi, Farmington, Bloomfield).
Carol Singer
I am opposed to the proposed Chestnut map as it removes Southfield and a few other Oakland County cities from my 'community of interest' in Oakland County . I am a Jewish resident of Southfield. Virtually all of my 'community' is in Oakland County. The "Birch" proposed map provides for a better representation for the citizens of Oakland County.
Karen Modell
I prefer this Birch V2's map to this one as it relates to the communities in Bingham Farms, Franklin, Beverly Hills and Lathrup Village. I believe these communities should be kept with other Oakland County communities where there is a better partisan balance rather than carved out to be included in a different district.
Jeffrey M Devries
I much prefer "Birch" over "Chestnut". Birch places Southfield, Franklin, Lathrup Village, Bingham Farms, and Beverly Hills with other Oakland County cities that are more like them.
David J Majors
This map is so wrong I find a difficult starting place. For one, countries should not be split among districts. That is unfair not only to the political candidate but more importantly to the citizens. This map would lead to voter confusion, frustration and loss of voter rights when they just give up over confusion as to whom their representative is. Another issue is the size of the district. Surly you could find suitable population in a more condensed area. For example, two or three counties wide and two or three countries high. Go back to the drawing table and redo this idiotic juvenile attempt.
Vaishnavi Tummala
I don't think it is fair that district one is so big compared to all the other districts
Elizabeth Bonner
I prefer Birch
Justin Smith
I don't really think this map is the best option for Macomb or the state at large. The partisan fairness of this map writ large is not what I envisioned when pushing for an Independent redistricting board
Russell V Christian
Midland & Gladwin counties need to be kept together. Including counties south of Midland county make little if no sense other than to remove our voice from state and federal affairs.
Melissa Mary Gutzwiller
Not Preferred. I prefer Birch V2.
Jeanette Gronda
I thought districts were to be representative of the geographic areas and not cross county lines. Please go back and put more thought into these districts.
Alyssa DeVecht
This map splits districts and is not fair.
Alyssa DeVecht
This map splits districts and is not fair.
Alyssa DeVecht
Not a fair map.
Colleen Quinn
This map should not be considered. It is not fair and does not properly depict communities of interest
Peter Bednekoff
Surely this is not the most contiguous option.
Lisa P LaGrou
I feel that this plan does not follow the constitutional requirement to be based on a Communities of Interest criteria and is gerrymandered based on partisan considerations in violation of the constitutional requirements and should be rejected.
Donna Farris
The western Michigan area contains the only other large city population besides Detroit in Michigan. By combining Grand Rapids and Muskegon, this district population contains many city residents, however, because of the smaller size of Muskegon compared to Kalamazoo, the percentage of rural population is such that the priority needs of the cities will be diminished greatly. All the other areas of Michigan are small town/rural so there is no other opportunity to represent city type areas. This is the second best map for Michigan and western Michigan compared to Apple V2.
Kenneth Peterson
I would rather see Berrien county as one vs two districts when voting..
Peter Trine
Berrien has more in common with Kent than it does with Monroe. People tend to work and travel a lot more to the north and south than to the east--there's little over in that direction.
Douglas Helzerman
l like district 7 but the overall map is not fair
Teri G Frantz
I doubt that all communities across the southern part and northern part of the state will have similar interests. Looks like areas should be divided down the middle of the state too.
Cary Fleischer
Putting Muskegon in the same district 3 with Grand Rapids creates a district with a significant urban population. This is good for representation, but the district does not have the concentration of business, medical and industrial activity like the Apple V2 district 4. Second best map for Michigan compared to Apple V2
Dorothy Munson
I see that this is an attempt to keep urban/suburban areas in one district because the remainder of west Michigan is primarily rural with some small towns, when compared to the Apple V2 map Muskegon is much smaller than Kalamazoo so the urban/suburban population percent is less. But for sure, this map provides for the urban/suburban population to be represented compared to all the other maps.
R H Wendt
The Chestnut map appears to be the best of the available choices. In any event, the project is a step in the right direction versus a map drawn solely by the party in power. I do wonder what a map drawn by completely "neutral" algorithms would look like.
Dr. Jack Holmes
This plan is all mixed up in terms of representing West Michigan. Rather it looks like a plan to dilute that representation by crating a few Gerrymandered districts lacking communities of interest in our area. It splits both Ottawa County which has not been split in recent years and Kent County which has been split. That could deny a voice to those who settled Michigan moving east from the east shore of West Michigan. Both Ottawa and Kent Counties are among the top ten population counties in Michigan. They are not divided in the Apple and Lange plans. The diversity of Michigan and the goals of the commission would be advanced by rejecting this plan.
Brian Baker
This map is grouping several communities of interest that should be separate. Grouping Lake Michigan shoreline communities with a big city like Grand Rapids will eliminate the voice of those smaller communities. Do not consider this map.
James Kopas
This map is not the best option for fair districts
Erin MacGregor
Whatever happened to keeping the districts as square as possible? Isn't that supposed to be a main goal when redistricting occurs? Why is it assumed that people have the same interests/opinions just because they are the same race or ethnicity? That's an offensive assumption. This map is a terrible mess.
John C. Greko
This map does not make any sense for my community or anywhere else that I look at. Unfair in so many respects.
Sue Hadden
I prefer Birch and Szetela overall but this map does a good job of COI with contiguous regions mostly.
Devin Steele
Novi's inclusion in the 6th district is absurd. Novi needs to be in a district that includes neighboring Oakland County communities. This map treats Novi as a leftover piece of geography randomly annexed by a district that shares no real communities of interest.
Jonathan Seyferth
It looks as though the line between the proposed 2nd and 3rd Districts on the Chestnut map in the City of North Muskegon (a city of fewer than 4,000 residents and primarily on a peninsula) might be an oversight/error? What's the rationale for splitting North Muskegon between two congressional districts? It would seem more logical to keep this small community together in one district as the interests and issues faced by the section of North Muskegon in the proposed 2nd District would aline well with those of the proposed 3rd District (where the rest of North Muskegon and Metro Muskegon are located).
Nathan Halder
Battle Creek has much stronger ties with the rest of Calhoun County than Kalamazoo/the Lake Michigan coast. Calhoun County's weight is being chopped up and diluted in this map.
Ginta McNally
In my opinion, the Grand Rapids and Muskegon metropolitan regions form two different communities of interest. Therefore, I oppose the Chestnut plan. Grand Rapids has competing economic interests with Muskegon - both compete to attract businesses, airports compete for federal funding, and so on. Additionally, the northern suburbs of Grand Rapids should not be included with a congressional district drawn all the way to Midland County - this is too far away and would hurt constituents who need to access the congressional district office. The plan breaks three counties each into multiple congressional districts - constituents will be confused when they need to contact a congressional office.
Jay R Taylor
This map makes no sense in my community or elsewhere I look at. Unfair in many respects.
Maureen Cirocco
I have same concern as another person , I believe Carlie . How does Southfield and Dearborn end up in same conversation? This makes no sense at at all I was a dispatcher in area for many years . Thank you for your time.
Ross Vander Jagt
Gerrymandering 101. There is no reason to drag our district into Grand Rapids other than to drown out the voices from our rural area. Bad idea.
Michelle Schellenberg
The Grand Rapids and Muskegon metropolitan regions form two different communities of interest
Abigail Nobel
Allegan, VanBuren, and Barry Counties as suburbs of Grand Rapids? I don't think so. Country/City is the biggest divide in the US. Let us vote with like-minded people!
Michael A Cox
The Thumb is again lumped with Macomb County, which means their voice is our voice. Relative to Detroit, my voice is half of theirs. 700k to 300k - not fair
Suzanne L Zavala
How is Wyandotte included with Detroit and not other Downriver communities where residence work together for the whole of the Downriver area. This divide our communities and will make it more difficult for us to get fair representation in Congress. Our Congress has routinely ignored Downriver in favor of Detroit for too long! This map will just continue to neglect the will of the Downriver people.
Lisa Lamancusa
Appreciate that the Commission has generated a Communities of Interest district centered around cities in West Michigan. Muskegon and Grand Rapids have many commonalities. However, the Apple V2 map has a higher percentage of city people in the district. Thanks for working to provide a voice to the urban areas in West Michigan.
Yim Kong
Reduces the voting influence of the Asian population in west Michigan compared to the Apple V2 district map. Seems generally good for west Michigan minorities. Please adopt the Apple map.
Elisa Tomaszewski Mantey
This map -- as well as all the others -- still looks quite gerrymandered. It's as if you're trying to create safe Democratic districts and safe Republican districts, instead of competitive districts. The whole point of voters approving establishment of the commission was to make the districts, at least overall, more fair. All the maps have a clear Republican tilt. A Democratic tilt wouldn't be fair either. A truly competitive map would help inspire candidates, whether incumbent or challenger, Democrat or Republican, to provide better ideas and better representation to their voters, not just their party. I'm sure this panel has worked hard, but every map I've seen is extremely disappointing. And I'm not just talking about the district in which I live; these maps need more work. They are clearly partisan.
Jason Taylor
This map is a complete 360 from what was proposed prior to the closed door meetings. What happened? The way these districts are divided here ensure unfair representation and seems to be by design. This is a complete joke.
Sonja Marie Patrick
Absolutely not this map. Birch is far better
Andrew Booms
This one looks better than the other two, but it still does not give the Tittabawassee watershed united representation. If you want to adopt a map that will pass the question, does this look like gerrymandering? This is your map, yet it disregards so many voices in an effort to redshift political party representation so it still sounds like gerrymandering.
Marunur R Choudhury
On behalf of APIA Vote-MI Birch and Chestnut are the best options for congressional maps with respect to fairness and protection of COIs.
Wayne R Meulendyk
NO to this map. I looked only at Kent County. I think it is best to work geographically, ignoring political party and cultural heritage, keeping the district as geographically cohesive as possible.
Sarah T
On behalf of APIA Vote-MI, although none of the congressional maps are perfect, I believe that Birch and Chestnut are the best options for protecting the power of BIPOC voters throughout Metro Detroit, especially the black and Asian communities in cities such as Detroit, Sterling Heights, Warren, Southfield, Novi, and Farmington Hills
Arend Gilligan
This map chops up Ottawa county and lumps too many far away cities with rural areas. What a mess, nothing in common! Of the last four, only the APPLE V2 works the for West Michigan.
Lori Boyce
In listening to the hearings - arguing that Midland should be included with Bay City etc. due to "watershed" is a poor argument for COI as the entire state has watershed issues.. The most important matter for maps is partisan fairness, followed by community of interest.
Pat Dawson
This map keeps the city areas together but Apple V2 keeps the larger Kalamazoo city with Grand Rapids rather that the much smaller Muskegon and less farming communities are involved with Apple V2. All the other maps divide the cities by surrounding them with farming communities.
Sue Ann Syoen
Argentine Township should remain where it currently is today, our concerns are similar to those around us not in a different county.
Sam Chu
This district map is in second place of all the maps, with Apple V2 being first. However, it does not represent the Asian population well. All the other maps reduce our voice further by combining the city areas with country areas.
Rithi Aree
Compared to the other proposed maps, this one is by far the most acceptable. For starters, there is no separation between Plymouth and Canton which will benefit the community and education systems way more compared to the other propositions. There is also only a 0.01% increase in deviation, as less is better in this case. The only thing that is still concerning is that the white population makes up 73.78% of the whole which will still lead to representation problems in the future. Overall though, compared to the other proposed maps, this one is the best in terms of borders.
Alisha Shaik
This map is significantly more acceptable and achieves fairness. The margin could be closer to zero but, again, it has a better cover of communities of interest. It also has two voting rights districts, another plus. The Native American group has a higher population in this area compared to other districts as well.
Salem Ben-Kalefa
District 6 and the nearby districts are drawn very well with very few discrepancies in borderline. The Districts also perfectly even out the population giving each district an equal amount which we can see in the incredibly low Population Deviation. The District borders also do not intrude on any city causing some of it to be in one district with other parts being in the next. One of the few things that need to be worked on in the District Map though is racial diversity. Most likely due to the priority taken to split the population, equally race wasn't heavily regarded causing many districts that have little racial diversity.
Anna Vega
As a resident in the community, I believe that District 6 is drawn out correctly and although it has some small changes that should be made to its design, no major ones. The district is diverse in its demographics and this allows for fair voting among the population as well. It also includes many major cities like Ann Arbour and schools for these areas. It does however have some issues regarding the downriver communities in the district who would get more of a say in a different district.
Minh-Y Nguyen
District 6 lines seem to be drawn relatively well. In terms of target population, there is practically no deviation. In terms of diversity, it seems fairly accurate when you take in account the towns and area in this district. It also is great that plymouth and canton is placed in the same district, seeing as they intertwine in many regards, such as education. I only have some hesitancy when it comes to the downriver communities as it does appear questionable. Nevertheless, I'd still say the lines are drawn fairly well and create a mostly accurate representation of this region.
Morgan Haynes
I feel in a way this is a very good drawn district. It definitley has many fields of interest and diversity. But also will give many different political views. My only issue is I feel as some places may have other concerns than others, such as places that are more country land-like. While the others are suburbs. Which could cause differences in needs and wants.
Sarah Balfoul
It's great that Northville, Plymouth, and Canton are kept together, but then Ann Arbor shouldn't also share a representative b/c Wayne county cannot be represented effectively if it is grouped with Ann Arbor because of their different needs and large population difference. The challenges district maps could include benefitting one political party over another for representatives.
Chae Eun Park
I think that the borders for district 6 are good for multiple reasons. The first is that the borders are contiguous, and they cover a reasonable amount of space in the townships included. Secondly, unlike the map of the state senate district, there is a connection between Canton and Plymouth, which makes sense as it is one school district. Lastly, I feel that the borders do not extend into other areas that are not of interest, which makes me support the congressional district lines.
Sasha Qureshi
Congressional District 6 seems to be fairly drawn, taking into account communities that are integrated in terms of people, education, and economic activity. It also takes into account diversity across a vast area with decent representation of African American, Asian, and Latino minorities. The only knock on this map is what seems as a random inclusion of Downriver towns such as Brownstown and Grosse Ile into District 6. Brownstown and Grosse Ile are closely connected with other downriver towns such as Southgate and Wyandotte. Residents of these towns have little in common with residents living in far-away towns of Chelsea and Dexter. Their needs are closely aligned with downriver district 13 and belong in that district.
Charvi Rayarapu
Overall, I think District 6 is well drawn out. It has a good shape and has a population deviation of 0.01%, meaning that it is a fair size. Also, a good amount of the population is able to vote, allowing the district to represent the interests of the population well. This district includes both Canton and Plymouth, so it isn't breaking up any closely-tied communities. While there isn't a lot of racial diversity, there is other social diversities like social status and way-of-life that create a mixed population. While not ultimately bad, this could cause problems with the specific interests of certain groups not being met.
Shlok Masurkar
I think the district map for Congress was drawn well here. There are a multitude of different communities, including the Hispanic, Native, Asian, and Black communities. This means people of all races and colors will have a say in important decisions being made. However, the Pacific Islander community is relatively small in this area, so they may be left out. This can be fixed by including more towns that have a substantial Pacific Islander population.
Maisy Schmitt
I think that this district has nicely drawn borders. First of all, the border is nicely drawn. Therefore specific lines aren't drawn around different kinds of political opinions to represent them more. Also, The Plymouth-Canton School District (Plymouth and Canton) is grouped together which is nice because of how much they interact. Although, it is relatively large and that may lead to drowning out some voices amongst others.
Rahul Nanwani
I believe that District 6 is very well-bounded and should stay this way. One reason for this opinion is just the shape of the district; it is very simple and does not create any weird shapes. Secondly, the population is almost exactly on point with the target, which is very hard to do and is a good sign. The diversity of this district is also very good because there are many different types of people from different ethnicities and races. All of this combined leads me to believe that District 6 is perfect at this time.
Kunal Patel
Overall, I think the map design of District 6 is designed really well in comparison to the other districts. Firstly, the population is almost exactly the same as the target population and has an extremely low deviation of (0.01%). To add on, a striking feature on the map is that it joins the Plymouth Canton community together. These communities are very similar in their diversity which allows for more representation of minority groups. Alongside, they both have similar socioeconomic structures and alike interests for the most part. The most important aspect, in my opinion, is that this connects the Plymouth-Canton educational system, which was not seen in the other maps. As a student in the community, I think that the educational system can be more effective and help support the interests of its students. Finally, the shape of the district is rather geometric which makes it much better than some of the other districts that have a contorted shape. The only issue with this district is that it also includes a few of the downriver communities which may cause problems because they have different opinions than most of the western part of the district due to the demography, geographical location, and different issues.
Karen Lawrence
This is the second-best choice for Michigan compared to Apple V2 being number one. Cities with minority populations make up the majority of the district population. Their unique needs can be addressed at the federal level. Keeping these areas together gives representation to the urban/suburban areas. Any other map divides this population by combining with the surrounding rural areas.
Kenneth Fistler
Overall this district is relatively well drawn. Canton and Plymouth are in the same district as well with Ann Arbor. Even with Saline and Dexter being in the same district, unlike what most people believe, we are mostly the same. The main problem with this district is that Canton is grouped in with cities south of Detroit. Canton and cities south of Detroit are almost nothing like each other. The only thing we have similar is the weather. We have different upbringings, income, and are almost an hour from each other. These districts are relatively big so people must be grouped with people that aren't exactly like them, but these areas are too different to be together.
David R. Luther
This map diminishes the voice of West Michigan in Washington by forcing Muskegon and Grand Rapids into the same congressional district. This is clearly a partisan push to devalue the voices of West Michigan by pushing together two competing areas of interest. Lakeshore communities deserve their own, independent voice.
Ella Washnock
I think District 6 is drawn relatively fair since it includes diverse communities like Canton and Plymouth which have always worked well together. However, it is questionable that cities as far as Saline and Dexter are also included since the two opposite sides of the map rarely interact with each other. The whole district is considerably large and almost includes two separate groups of cities that are intertwined. All of the communities on the map are very diverse, though, which is a positive thing because it gives different groups more equal representation.
Ariana Marie Faulkner
All in all I think this district map is a good one in terms of showing the cut offs between districts. In my opinion I think the two districts are good on their own. As I've stated before, although we would be more known by people in the government, we would also run the risk of more government control and some people don't want that. Also the difference in incomes between the two districts would be too big to combine.
Ava DeVliegher
Overall, District 6 has been drawn really well. When looking at the shape of the drawn district, it is the ideal shape for congressional districts which is angular and polygonal. In terms of the diversity of the population, District 6 has a very diverse and differentiating community, which can account for the fact that Canton, a prominently diverse community, has been districted with Plymouth, another diverse community. When we group together communities, it is important that we group together communities with many different people who have different needs and wants, allowing our representatives to represent the interests of more people within minority and majority groups. It is also important to note that the population percentage and the voting percentage have a little deviation, ensuring that everyone has an equal opportunity to vote and have a voice within our community, state, and country.
Ariana Marie Faulkner
I think it would be challenging to change the district mapping around because it would be hard to know where to cut the line. What I mean is where would we be able to stop as to how far the new Canton/ Plymouth city can reach? What if we cut into a little bit of westland? How much is too much? We would also have to do a lot of changing such as changing certain building names. For example: The Canton Public Library as well as the Plymouth Public Library.
Maddie Andrews
I think this map is better-drawn than previous maps I have seen. The districts are all in pretty rectangular shapes, they’re not drawn to cover certain random areas to allow gerrymandering to occur. I like how district 6 includes both Plymouth and Canton because the two communities interact and share a school district. District 6 does seem to expand pretty far going as west as Chelsea and as far east as Grosse Ile. The district does seem to have more diversity which allows a variety of people to be represented. I definitely think this district has more representation and is better drawn than previous models with the exception of the cities on the far edge of the district that don’t interact much with the cities in the central area.
Joseph Lemieux
I like that the western townships - Northville, Plymouth, and Canton - are kept together. However, as a 30 year resident of this area, there is a closer alignment with Livonia and Westland than Ann Arbor. As this is for our "representative", someone who represents down river and Ann Arbor will not be able to represent our needs as well. We have lived with this in Wayne County with not being properly represented in the county, and this (and the other maps) will only continue this under-representation.
Andrew Laesch
I like how the map keeps Plymouth and Canton in the same district. These 2 cities have a lot in common such as similar houses and schools. But, I do not like how the district is so large and some of the areas do not have much in common with each other. For example, Ann Arbor is a big city while Bridgewater is not.
Brandon Scott
I was born and raised in the city of Midland and believe it should not be seperated from the rest of Midland county.
Ken Neumann
This map dilutes the urban and communities of color in Niles and groups them largely with farming rural communities. The same is true for lakefront communities whose interests are similar to St Joe and communities along the north lakeshore. This give these communities little voice with the primarily rural farming interest along the southern border.
Kay Gable
Midland County should not be separated.
Chris Jiang
Overall, District 6 is well rounded in terms of how it incorporates the major diverse towns and cities, such as Ann Arbor, Canton, and Plymouth; this is especially prominent in Asian representation. Furthermore, the Plymouth-Canton schools are together, which is very reasonable and helpful for combining similar educational beliefs. However, I do not understand why District 6 stretches to the river coast as the coastal towns have a different perspective compared to the more western regions of the District. Ultimately, it is a clash between two different communities in one region; the more suburban and urban communities vs the river coast communities. There most likely needs to be a split in allowing the western region to be together and either the eastern region to be by themselves or join a closer region, allowing each side to maintain their own interests.
Summer Xiong
I think this map does a better job at dividing up COI, but there is still a pretty huge variation in diversity between districts. But in Distict 6, it does a good job at representing the huge Asian community there. Besides the race, I think the map represents COI of towns and cities in District 6 pretty well. As a resident of Canton, it is good to put Plymouth and Canton in the same district since they generally share the same interests. They are also pretty intertwined with each other. All in all, this map is pretty good.
Carol Domino
This map does not take into account the need for Grosse Ile and Trenton to be with our closest communities of shared interest, especially Wyandotte and Southgate. We need to address the issues of waterfront protection and usage as a community.
Alexander Huey
I believe the percentage of people based on ethnicity for this district is very similar to those of other districts for many groups. The Native American group though, has a significantly higher prevalence in this region compared to the other districts. It seems like some sort of packing is going on in this district because of the high percentage number. Even with this outlier, I believe the district lines overall are drawn pretty well.
Yash Kalani
I approve of the low deviation of District 6. District 6 also represents the Asian population more than that of all other districts. But, I also believe it’s unnecessary to expand this district up to Belle Isle as they have a different demographic than Washtenaw & Wayne county. I also believe that the district should be moved east and expand more toward Wetland and Wayne As they have similar demographics.
Cal Morton
I agree with Kristine S Detmers comment posted in Michigan State House Pine V5 map, "... All these maps should have been drawn with a color blind eye and based on population alone! Gerrymandering at its worse!". The data shown in these maps should have only provided the "Total Population" and the "Voting Age Population". All other numbers are injecting race and ethnicity which overlooks the most important fact, "We are ALL Americans"!
Deborah S. Walker
It is extremely important that Wyandotte and Southgate are included with Trenton and Grosse Ile due to the issues we share in common, particularly the waterfront.
Mariam Akanan
While this map connects a critical community of interest that has been underserved for decades (Arab/MENA American Community), some adjustments can be made to make this map more inclusive and just. For instance, the Melevindale area encompasses a COI that shares many historical experiences and needs. This area is predominately Arab/MENA (with majority Yemeni community) and exists at an intersection with the community that resides in the Southend of Dearborn. The city changed over the years in terms of demographic population as well as urban development. In order to ensure there is no minority vote dilution and fair representation, it would be best to include Melvindale with the rest of Dearborn/Dearborn Heights. Not only the communities that reside in these cities share cultural and historical backgrounds but they also share challenges environmental injustice, poor infrastructure and housing, as well as flooding, just to name a few. Therefore, and in my humble opinion the Melvindale community deserves to stay close to their COI and even more paramount the communities that reside between Melvindale, Dearborn (especially Southend), and Dearborn Heights have an ethical and constitutional right to elect representatives that will ensure their voice is being heard and their needs are being met.
Carlie Wood
Southfield and Dearborn should NOT have the same representative
Nomi Joyrich
Protects the COI in Detroit
Raj Patel
I think this district should be expanded to the Westland area. Places like Salem, which are more connected with the separated south Lyon schools are in the same district as us. Westland which is more connected to our district than Salem is is separated from us and has its own district.
Dan JC
Why isnt Troy with Sterling Heights? County lines do not matter! Please choose a map with Troy, Sterling Heights together. Apple V2 is the best map! Thank you for your hard work!
Qi Lou
As an Asian, this map doesnt represent Asian voices in Troy. We should be with the Asian communities of Rochester Hills and Sterling Heights. Please do not choose this map. Choose map Apple v2. Thank you for listening to our voices.
Kevin Shelter
I dont like this map because Troy, Rochester Hills share more COI than Royal Oak.
Diana Bosworth
Please reconsider the line drawn between District 2 and District 7 right through the middle of Kalamo Township, Eaton County. As an election administrator, I would ask that you keep this township whole. Splitting it as currently drawn appears to cut through 3 of their 4 school districts. This results in the jurisdiction having 7 school splits/ballot styles versus the 4 they already have to deal with. Thank you for your consideration of the difficulties this would cause.
Dave Frey
Clearly with such large districts, many districts are going to capture a wide diversity of communities - there is only so much you can do. Given all the maps I've looked at, and all the comments, I still like this map best - - chunky districts, follows county and municipal boundaries better than other maps I've seen
Carolyn Young
Please move Oakland Twp, particularly the southern part back to district 10. We share all of our services and the school district with Rochester, not with our neighbors to the north or east. It makes significantly more sense for us to have a representation and a voice with the Rochester community. The previous maps had us grouped in with Rochester. Our zip codes reflect this. Thank you for your consideration.
ken tilp
Where are Wyandotte and Southgate??? They are anintegral lpart of our
Sean M McCormick
the Village of Milford is a more swingy town in a district that is extremely one-sided. We have few similarites in voting patterns to the thumb and more with a competitive congressional district with a mix of the Lansing area and Livingston County, or other parts of Oakland County. I like many of the competitive districts, but PLEASE at least keep the Village of Milford together if you absolutely can't move it into the competitive fairer-fight 7th congressional district. I don't mind the border being next to us, but the Village itself is a tight-knit community and the last thing we need is a split in the middle of Main Street. I like the map, but please do two things: Increase representation for non-white communities in Detroit (i've heard a lot of complaints), and don't divide up the precincts smaller populated villages and towns with a lot in common (like Milford Village) regardless of what district the village is in. Also thank you for making the maps more proportional and competitive!
Camilla Kathlyn Mannino
We would like the entire Oakland Township to be included in the district 10 with Rochester and Rochester HIlls instead of district 9. A large majority of our township uses the Rochester Schools, the Rochester Hills Public Library and uses Rochester as our shopping area. The politics of these areas are conservative Republican but less extreme than the politics of those in Macomb, Lapeer, etc. Being included in district 9 means our vote may be completely lost in every election for the next 10 years. I appreciate your hard work and hope you'll consider this message.
Aaron Haury
This map is acceptable, however, Birch and Szetela better reflect statewide voting patterns and better cover communities of interest.
Jared Boot
This map is acceptable, however, Birch and Szetela better reflect statewide voting patterns and better cover communities of interest.
Justin Scott
Stop trying to tear apart Midland County. The gerrymandering going on is disgusting.
Kristine Yeutter
Our congressional district looks like a major gerrymander, that commission committed to doing away with. Voters voted for a commission to make fair regions representing communities of interest. This seems like dividing for partisan or simply to comply with numbers. Please be fair and hear our voices.
Camilla Kathlyn Mannino
My husband and I would like our entire township to be in the same district as Rochester and Rochester Hills where our school district is and within Oakland County. We object to Chesnut, Birch and Szetela maps where we are grouped with Macomb county where politics is much more extreme than the politics of Rochester and Rochester Hills. Our vote will be completely lost in this district.
Anthony Mazurek
This map separates the Downriver Region into three parts and attaches parts, like Grosse Ile to Jackson county. No attention to COI's.
Gregg A Hartsuff
This is not COMPETITIVE. To me, this is not about getting certain areas to have representation that they agree with, but about making politicians FIGHT FOR YOUR VOTE and WORK FOR EVERYONE. Split Ann Arbor and put part of them with Livingston County, Jackson, Ingham, etc. and the other part with Lenewee, Monroe, etc. so that there's a near equal chance of either a Democrat or Republican winning. I don't really see this approach on ANY of your maps. Right now, there are districts clearly Republican and clearly Democrat, and that's not good for anyone.
Kevin Smith
The west coast of Michigan should be kept together as much as possible so one representative can have the complete picture of the needs of the area.
Kevin Smith
Secord Twp should be with the same grouping as Midland. They are tied together by many interests.
Kevin Smith
You cannot put a Midland County, which is still recovering with the help of the Four Lakes Task Force, in with Flint. These are not communities of interest.
Judy Maiga
Wyandotte and Southgate belong with Trenton, Grosse Ile and other downriver communities. We share a river, police and fire, and concerns that our congressperson has always addressed together.
Laurent Chappuis
Southgate and Wyandotte are part of the downriver community, Grosse Ile has nothing in common with the Western part of the proposed district. We want to be together with Wyandotte, Southgate and the rest of the downriver area.
Karen Land
Of the 3 maps, I believe the Chestnut is the fairest for Ann Arbor and Washtenaw Co.
Macy Arnett
I think district 6 rightfully represents communities of interest within a 30-minute drive. I don't know why it cuts Detroit and branches all the way to the boarder, seems like it's more for population distribution rather than community.
Mike Scott
The City of Midland belongs with the rest of Midland County. There is no justification for pulling it out other than gerrymandering. Keep the watershed of Midland and Gladwin counties whole and together.
Michael S
I'm quite curious who lives on this one little loop here. It appears to have been excluded from District 2 in a way that I doubt will actually matter for voting purposes (I can't imagine a lot of people live in this little strip)
Daniel Harris
I don't care for the way this map splits Oakland County between 6 different districts. The alternative plans, despite their other flaws, are better than Chestnut.
Mathias Michaelis
The inclusion of Kalamazoo and Battle Creek in a district with Holland/Zeeland/Saugatuck is questionable.
Rebecca S Smith
Midland County and Flint do not share the same issues. Please use some common sense which appears to be lacking.
Alan F Robandt
This is absurd for the fifth district. Berrien and Van Buren counties are rapidly becoming outer suburbs of Chicago with few common interests to the east.
David Kepler
This has to be one of the worst maps I have seen as it relates to district 8. It completely ignores the dynamics and needs of the area, and isolates the Northern Region of Midland and pays no attention to the water issues being managed in Michigan, Gladwin and Flint.
Once again Muskegon is swallowed up by Grand Rapids influence ignoring the needs and resources of the lakeshore.
Deborah Plaver
Midland County needs different representation than Flint. They are vastly different communities and do not belong in the same district. I see this as an outright attempt to diminish the voting power of Independents and Republicans by lumping them in with a larger Democratic community.
Western Washtenaw and Eastern Jackson county should not be lumped in with Ann Arbor and eastern Washtenaw county. These are communities of interest that do not support the policies of eastern Washtenaw county and belong in district 5 or 7
Western Washtenaw county townships of Sylvan and Lyndon should not be lumped in with Ann Arbor and eastern Washtenaw county. These are communities of interest that do not support the policies of eastern Washtenaw county and belong in district 5 or 7, otherwise their representation will ignore the needs of the voters in these townships.
jane scott
This is a terrible map. It artificially cuts up the county of Midland from it's watershed neighbors. There is nothing more important to the county of Midland than having representation that is focused on this multi million dollar, multi year project just for the reconstruction. Then ongoing maintenance will be paramount. You can't have one representative on part of the watershed and another on the other end. Their efforts will be diluted and conflict and the watershed partners will be the ones who suffer after they have already suffered enough. Put the watershed back together!!!!!
Amanda Oster
The City of Midland and Flint should not be in the same Congressional district. None of your maps provide an option that addresses this. Your maps simply cater to Democrat demands. Independents and Republicans live in these areas too and deserve to be heard in this process. Stop ignoring us. A city of 40,000 has vastly different needs than a city of 100,000. Please change one of your 3 congressional maps to separate Midland from Flint.
Fredrick L Queary
Midland County should not be split in half and added to Saginaw and Bay. They need different representation.
Justin Voss
Clinton County is culturally much closer related to Montcalm, Gratiot, and Ionia counties than it is to the more urbanized counties to the southeast. This map really puts those citizens at risk of being unrepresented.
Luke Dornon
This is pretty obvious gerrymander. There is no reason to stretch a district from GR to include other urban areas except partisan cracking.
Linda Gruber
Although you will not please everyone, moving South Lyon to such a conservative and large district will be harmful to the balance of the South Lyon community. We shop and vote in South Lyon. We worship in South Lyon. Why move us?
Michael Izzo
Wyandotte and Southgate are very important part of the downriver community of interest. They should be included with Trenton, GRosse ile, etc. Wyandotte shares waterfront issues with all the communities to the south, not the north, and should be included in the district below.
Patrick Maguire
Salem Township should be associated with Lyon Twp and South Lyon, as opposed to Ann Arbor, Plymouth and Northville. The majority of Salem Twp is South Lyon Schools. Most residents of the township would consider themselves part of the South Lyon area (especially since most have a South Lyon address). They go to South Lyon/Lyon Township for shopping, dining, church, etc.
Md. Asif Hasan
Not a good one that protects our community of interest.
Anthony Scannell
Mary J Quehl
I keep seeing comments from citizens from Flint, Saginaw, and Bay City stating that they think this map is the most fair and that they believe that Midland should be included in with Flint. This could be no further from the truth. Flint has a population of 100K and Midland 40K. Flint has a totally different COI than Midland. They have issues that need representation totally different than Midland. They need drinking water fixed, while we need the ongoing 10 year project of dam, infrastructure, home and business property damage and repair which is ongoing and is in need of massive funding. The Detroit News just had an article that shows the COI of Midland and Gladwin on the flood of 2020 and funding that was just given. We are no where near the total that will be needed. Similarly Flint with their drinking water issue. We honestly have nothing in common with Flint other than both cities are located in Michigan. We do have much in common with Gladwin County and Midland County. So why would you split us apart. Especially from Midland County. Just not right.
Jason Housley
This seems like the sort of needlessly meandering district boundary that we want to avoid. Novi and Northville are pretty distinct socio-economically, and it makes more sense to group Novi with other Oakland County communities than to try to make it an extension of Northville, which seems to be the logic of this map.
David L Russcher
This is the worst map of them all, it separates multiple communities and does not follow any natural boundary's. I support the Apple map for our communities.
Dave S.
Apple V2 is the best map. Rochester Hills and Troy share COI together. Many Asians live here. Many people who live Rochester Hills also work in Troy and vice versa.
Jim Lax
I do not support the Chestnut Map; I support the Birch Map for Grand Rapids/Kent County. Chestnut combines urban areas at the expense of outlying connected suburban and rural areas; Kent County is its own Community of Interest. Apple makes no sense.
Jeremy Fisher
Hazel Park, Madison Heights, and Ferndale have more in common with Macomb County than Rochester/Rochester Hills. This would be an exceptional map if you would just swap those two areas.
While this is the best overall map out of the 3 considered, many of the districts in the West side of the state are just oddly shaped with very little respect to communities of interest. Kent county should be whole, the southwest districts should be more roughly continued, and the 2nd district should not be stringing together excess areas. Finally, within Metro Detroit, South Lyon should not be with Lansing, and there are better and cleaner ways to draw majority-minority districts without splitting up so many cities.
Rebecca S Smith
Please listen to the residents of Midland County. Please keep us whole so that we are included with counties that share like issues (Gladwin, Beaverton, Sanford)
This is not a natural community of interest. This map cuts through Ottawa County which is vastly different than the cities of Grand Rapids and Muskegon it attempts to connect. Ottawa County in this area is heavily agricultural communities where culture, concerns, and economies are vastly different. This also takes the lakeshore communities of Muskegon and grand Haven and rips them out of the lakeshore and places them with the Grand Rapids metropolitan area. These communities have significantly different interests and needs. This to me looks like an attempt to partisan gerrymander a congressional seat in favor of one specific political party. The commission should not do this.
Chris Roosen
District 6 in the Chestnut Map is the "least worst" of the three Dsitrict 6 maps, but only because it stops at the Jackson County line. This proposed district on all three maps seems to be only an afterthought made up of "what was left over," not taking any communities of interest into account. Please do better. Put Livonia back with the rest of Western Wayne County, keep Detroit whole, and then try again.
Lynn Peterson
In whose world does this make sense. Again not keeping communities together. An obvious attempt at partisanship, diluting concerned voices.
Clifford Trent Broussard
I am opposed to this proposal. It hurts Ottawa County.
Kevin Becker
I am not at all in favor of this districting proposal. It groups me with a large area that I have much less in common with, than I do with neighbors that are arbitrarily placed in a different district.
Sharon VanderBoon
This is a PARTISAN DEMOCRAT GERRYMANDER! Chestnut DOES NOT MAKE SENSE! Gerrymandering a district from Holland to Kalamazoo/Battle Creek and forcing Grand Rapids and Muskegon together is an intentional and deliberate attempt to gerrymander a Democrat district out of predominantly conservative West Michigan. This goes against the purpose of the redistricting to create fair maps. This is an UNFAIR and politically GERRYMANDERED MAP.
Dennis Quehl
I think it is interesting that we see comments that like this map because it keeps Midland with the tricities,... but yet they state that they like the fact that it keeps most of the other counties whole. If that is the case that is a perfect reason to keep Midland and Midland County whole for #2 geographic contiguity; for #3 in COI Midland has so much more in common with Midland County than Flint. Kids from Midland attend Midland Public Schools; as well the hospitals within the umbrella of MidMichigan Health are located in Clare ,Gladwin, and Alma (Gratiot county). and lastly #6 states that cities and their counties adjacent should not be split up. WOW that is 2 out of the top 3, as well as #6. HUH, maybe a map should be put together to represent that. Great idea for the commissioners. Why no map for us.
Ehsan Taqbeem
This map doesn't serve the COI
Dennis Quehl
I would encourage everyone to read the Detroit News article from Nov. 1 article that discusses yet more proog that Midland and Gladwin should be kept together. It is somewhat scary to me that even the democrats in our area want Midland and Gladwin's voice cut off to the point that they are willing to let their fellow residents not get the financial help that ids needed. They are willing to sell out their neighbors so that our vote can be diluted by adding us to Flint. It would be interesting to see If they were that bold that they would take out a page in the Midland Daily News and state this in a more public forum : ‘Feds award Midland, Gladwin region $54M to aid in flood recovery, mitigation’. Again per the top seven categories that the commission is supposed to be using we have #2 geographic contiguity (ps. Look at a map and you will see the City of Midland, Midland County and Gladwin County are neighbors, not Flint); #3 Community of Interest as we have the "realistically over 10 years" to see total recovery from the dams and damage; and #6 maps shall reflect consideration of city and county boundaries (ps. Midland and Midland County are right next to each other). Again, the only reason to put us in Flint is to take away and dilute our voice. Time to take us into consideration as has been done for the democrats in Detroit and other areas. We had a good map once in the beginning, then it got taken off and disappeared.
Daniel G
The Birchv2 map is the one that had less competitive seats. There are highly competitive seats drawn in this map. I like that aspect of it. Prefer still the Apple map with Kzoo and Grand Rapids fixed...each city deserves to anchor their own congressional district. Kent County wants to be kept whole. I'm not a commissioner and I heard gobs of comments to that effect before you ever drew a map.
Daniel G.
This map overall is bad. It's essentially a 6-6 map with one swing district. For the most part, no incumbent office holder will have to work for his/her selection. So much easier to draw a map that has 3 safe D seats 3 safe R seats and 4 highly competitive seats. Your other maps are better.
Steve Dohm
I agree with similar comments, this map unnecessarily divides counties. While I am personally ok with the split in Muskegon County; the splits in Kent and Ottawa make no sense to me. And I think this will lead to GR area having an unbalanced representation. To me it makes the most sense to start with the largest counties and add to them to have focused representation. Geographically the Barry County to the northwest approach is absurd.
merlin steffes
The chestnut map is badly gerrymandered- GR with Muskegon? Of the three maps, the birch map is best of the ugly pigs.
Shannon Schuiteboer-Blackman
This map is bad and not int the best interest of the citizens of Ottawa County! This map is nothing more then Partisan Democrat gerrymandering!!
John G Partyka
The Chestnut map makes no sense. Drawing a district from Holland to Kalamazoo/Battle Creek and forcing Grand Rapids and Muskegon together is an intentional and deliberate attempt to create a Democrat district out of predominantly conservative West Michigan. This goes against the purpose of the redistricting to create fair maps. This is an unfair and politically driven map.
Ann VanZalen
Chestnut Map Does NOT Make Sense! This map goes against the purpose of redistricting to create fair maps. This is an UNFAIR and politically GERRYMANDERED MAP.
Cindy Groene
Totally against Chestnut Congressional map. It removes my tiny SE area from Oakland county and District 11 to a rural district that encompasses 3 other counties. South Lyon is the fastest growing community in Oakland county. Nothing in common with this Congressional district. Don’t move us from Oakland county and district 11.
Mihai Craioveanu
Chestnut Map Does NOT Make Sense! Gerrymandering a district from Holland to Kalamazoo/Battle Creek and forcing Grand Rapids and Muskegon together is an intentional and deliberate attempt to create a Democrat district out of predominantly conservative West Michigan. This map goes against the purpose of redistricting to create fair maps. This is an UNFAIR and politically GERRYMANDERED MAP.
Cheryl A. Porter
Not a good map for Ottawa county.
Michael Bedard
Similar to Birch v2 this map puts areas of western Oakland County into a spot with the thumb that seeks only to jam a fairly 50/50 area into an extreme GOP district. There is little in the way of shared resources, shared need, or shared anything much for these areas. Its an invitation to basically shut out this area from having a voice.
District 9 is ridiculous. It is nothing more than packing a district with Republican votes. The various communities shoved into this district have little in common and would not have adequate representation for A DECADE under this map. Stop with the political gerrymandering and do your job!
Josh Veurink
This map seems to be politically motivated. Putting Grand Rapids and Muskegon together doesn't make sense from any other perspective.
Jim Wilson
Worst map of all, classic example of Gerrymandering. It totally carves out democrat Muskegon to move GR to the Dem side.
Kristine S Detmers
This map seems fairer to Kent and Kalamazoo counties but not so much to our neighboring lakeshore communities. To needlessly divide counties that may have unique needs or cooperation programs is puzzling.
Michael Beukema
This does not make sense to break up Ottawa county
Toni Wilson
Absolutely corrupt!
Dean E Clement
Chestnut DOES NOT MAKE SENSE! Gerrymandering a district from Holland to Kalamazoo/Battle Creek and forcing Grand Rapids and Muskegon together is an intentional and deliberate attempt to gerrymander a Democrat district out of predominantly conservative West Michigan. This goes against the purpose of the redistricting to create fair maps. This is an UNFAIR and politically GERRYMANDERED MAP.
Susan Clement
This chestnut map does not make sense at all!!! Gerymandering a district from Holland to Kalamazoo/Battle Creek and forcing Grand Rapids and Muskegon together is an intentional and deliberate attempt to gerrymander a Democrat district out of predominantly conservative west Michigan. This goes against the purpose of the redistricting to create fair maps. Not Fair.
Michelle Lee
NO to Chestnut map. Stay with AppleV2 map as it will respect the current county and municipal lines best so that our voices can be heard in Washington, D.C.
Michelle Lee
How does this Chestnut map create community UNITEDNESS?? doesn''t! This Chestnut map is bad for the citizens in Ottawa county and divides the west MI voices in obscure ways. Redistricting should occur with the intent strengthening communities INSTEAD of dividing communities to achieve political bias. We taxpayers have chosen to live in areas that fulfill our personal values. This Chestnut map ONLY seeks to DIVIDE so that business voices, personal conservative voices and tax dollars can be re-distributed INSTEAD of allowing TRUE values to remain expressed. This Chestnut map is the worst of the three maps [Apple V2; Birch V2 and Chestnut]. Stay with AppleV2 map as it will respect the current county and municipal lines so that our voices can be heard in Washington, D.C.
Mark Twiest
This is a partisan gerrymandered district map. When the commission was formed this map is what the commission was designed to avoid. I cannot see why this map should be approved at all.
jesse atwell
Putting Flint in with the Tri Cities district is absolutely ludicrous. This action is nothing more that politcal gerrymandering in the worst possible sense. Flint would negate Midland's voice in elections.
Paul Kittinger
Southern Oakland County Corridor should not be broken into 4 districts. Novi is packed with Brownstown instead of neighboring Farmington? Beverly Hills and Franklin get packed with Inkster and Dearborn instead of Birmingham and Farmington Hills? Driving 696/96 across Southern Oakland County would start you in the 11th, into the 10th for ~6 miles, back into the 11th, into the 6th for a couple miles, back into the 11th for a brief interval, and then finish in the 7th. So for this ~36 mile trip, you'd have to enter a new district 6 different times. Oakland County is split up amongst SIX different districts (of only 13 statewide!), yet the more populous Wayne County has only three. Why is Oakland County carved up so badly?
Carl L Hamann
I oppose this map that aligns midland county with the southern counties. Midland city and midland county should be aligned with Gladwin, Isabella county . We have suffered a huge disaster a year ago that we are still recovering from. We need representation that understands our plight and will represent us a a group!!!
Jerri e Teelander
This is by far the worst map!! Taking a district from Holland to Kzoo/Battle creek & putting GR & Muskegon together looks like someone is trying to stack the deck against conservatives & Republicans. This is political gerrymandering & very unfair to us in Ottawa county. I thought the purpose of redistricting was to create fair maps not to make sure the Democratic party had the majority. Please please do not accept this map.
Keith Immink
I do not like this map as it is a PARTISAN DEMOCRAT GERRYMANDER! Chestnut DOES NOT MAKE SENSE! Gerrymandering a district from Holland to Kalamazoo/Battle Creek and forcing Grand Rapids and Muskegon together is an intentional and deliberate attempt to gerrymander a Democrat district out of predominantly conservative West Michigan. This goes against the purpose of the redistricting to create fair maps. This is an UNFAIR and politically GERRYMANDERED MAP.
JoAnn Ford
Horrible! The worst of all in this elite scam to redistrict the state in order to manipulate - the usual. Counties should not be split up - ever!!!
Carol Rood
This map is such a hatchet job! Gerrymandering to the worst degree!
Eric Hartman
Are you guys serious? Quit playing game. Georgetown township with Kalamazoo? Allendale with Grand Rapids? Stop splitting up Ottawa County. GERRYMANDERING at the max here! Do what is right by the constitution!
Please stop and consider the population requirements for redistricting. This suggestion far exceeds that requirement and therefore only leaves one deduction, you are gerrymandering. We voted for the people by the people and I am very disappointed, except for Commissioners Clark, Lange and Wagner who seem to be contemplating why the people chose citizens to accomplish this process. The families in the City of Midland and the County of Midland have more shared concerns with education, employment, law enforcement, social welfare... than they do with the people in nearby cities. Keep Midland County together, please.
Sonja Patrick
You completely ignored me. I spent so much time asking you to please keep me separated from Kalamazoo. I have never been involved in politics or an activist, but this is so important to me. I spent hours, days, weeks showing people how to create a map and showcase their communities. I did these in one on one sessions. I drove people to far away locations so we could speak in public. I was terrified to walk up to that mic, but I knew that I needed to. I was starting to feel a little proud of myself when I saw that over 200 maps had been submitted asking for the same thing. I was relieved when I thought that the Commissioners were granting me this very small request. 200 people probably isn't a lot compared to the thousands of submissions from all these Democratic Organizations that can put out a call to action with a simple keyboard swipe.. I spent several years as a young child in Kalamazoo. It is a city that I wouldn't send my worst enemy to live in. I avoid going there. Battle Creek is not the same. I went to Lowe's one day in Kalamazoo. Most of the merchandise was locked down, 9r behind grates, saw blades were removed. I couldn't pick up a hammer to feel its weight. Lowes in Battle Creek is not like that. It's a much more welcoming experience and I can try something before I buy it. Kalamazoo and Battle Creek have been separated for a very long time and the people were just fine. Andy Helmboldt is pushing you to do this because he's tired of being defeated. The only reason anyone possibly wants this is to take away any chance we have for a competitive area and for Representation. I just started trying to work with my Legislators towards improving the quality of life our Veterans receive. I was injured from a mortar leaving me confined to a wheelchair for a very long time. I'm trying to use my experience with the military and the VA to help others. If you take away my voice, I don't know what to do. I can't stop crying over this. I can't compete with these large organizations or politicians trying to control this. I guess I should have listened to everyone who told me I was wasting my time. This is why people don't get involved, because it doesn't do a bit of good.
Sandra Dyson
Totally gerrymandered! Muskegon is chopped up in an obviously partisan attempt to benefit Democrats in Grand Rapids. Muskegon County is a lakeshore community of interest and our concerns will be totally overshadowed grouping us with a massive inland city like GR who greatly outnumber us and have very different concerns. Please REJECT this unfair map.
Kevin Dolin
Each of these proposed maps chestnut, birch, apple separates an L shaped bite from my own Community of Interest, which is Western Wayne county and removes my own suburban city of 100,000 from that COI and into an urban district, with urban needs.
Judy Maiga
Please add Wyandotte and Southgate to this map. They are downriver cities described in our communities of interest and are in every other proposed congressional map for that reasons. The far western cities on this map would likely prefer being in a district with more rural concerns.
Judy Maiga
Wyandotte and Southgate should be included with Grosse Ile, Trenton, Riverview, etc. as a COI that share waterfront concerns, a superfund clean up, the clean up of the abandoned McLouth Steel plant (EPA) shared police and fire services (through a federally funded program), DRANO, hospitals, and bridge and train issues all that should be addressed together as a community of interest. Downriver should be kept together as much as possible. Thank you. If you need to move people out, the communities to the far west would probably prefer not to be in with downriver.
sheryl devries
This is by far the worst map!! Taking a district from Holland to Kzoo/Battle creek & putting GR & Muskegon together looks like someone is trying to stack the deck against conservatives & Republicans. This is political gerrymandering & very unfair to us in Ottawa county. I thought the purpose of redistricting was to create fair maps not to make sure the Democratic party had the majority. Please please do not accept this map.
sheryl devries
This is by far the worst map!! Taking a district from Holland to Kzoo/Battle creek & putting GR & Muskegon together looks like someone is trying to stack the deck against conservatives & Republicans. This is political gerrymandering & very unfair to us in Ottawa county. I thought the purpose of redistricting was to create fair maps not to make sure the Democratic party had the majority. Please please do not accept this map.
Anne Van Hulle
Midland county and Gladwin county should be kept together as a whole and intact so that the collective need of all communities of interest who suffered great losses during the 2020 floods will bet met in any future decisions.
Stephanie Hoekstra
This looks like gerrymandering to some :(
Mary Jo Durivage
Map splits the Fitzgerald/Marygrove neighborhood (part of Detroit District 2). Boundaries are Lodge, McNichols, Livernois, and Fenkell. This is a very vibrant community, especially since the advent of the Marygrove Conservancy. PLease keep Fitzgerald/Marygrove together.
Lisa Daws
This map does not allow Midland to stay with Gladwin and it's surrounding areas with common interests. This is a partisan map designed to water down Midlands vote and should not be allowed by a nonpartisan commission.
Denise Weisbrodt
Midland and Gladwin Counties have just been awarded federal funds for flood recovery and restoration. Apparently the federal government understands how these two counties are linked. Yet somehow the redistricting committee has overlooked the common interest between these two counties. PLEASE rethink this.
Jim DeBoer
This is a terrible map and the worst of all three. Does not represent and only divides. do not use please!!
Edwin Vander Zwaag
This is a terrible map. Do not use this. Ottawa county must stay whole, don’t split Ottawa county please
Michael L Kuras
This proposed map is awful. It may actually be malicious. It completely ignores and even tramples on the principles behind the formation of the redistricting commission. It ignores real communities of interest and the supposed imperative that redistricting should be following - ensuring that the voices of those communities are collected together and heard in the political arena. Treating bits and pieces of Ottawa County as mere political appendages to other areas of Michigan is a blatant attempt to silence the communities of interest here on the Lakeshore. It breaks up Ottawa County into three parts. It treats one of those parts as a suburb or Grand Rapids (along with Muskegon). It is NOT a suburb of a growing urban area. It is part of an existing and real community. It treats another part as the outskirts of Kalamazoo. Kalamazoo is a great place - but its interests do not focus on the Lakeshore; ours do. And it treats another portion of Ottawa County as a mere and tiny appendage to a district dominated by those in the eastern part of our great state. Ottawa County's and the Lakeshore's REAL communities of interest need to be protected, not drawn and quartered like this map does. UGH!!!
Brandy Mayer
This is a terrible map. Chestnut map does not make sense. it is a deliberate attempt to gerrymander a district from Holland to Kalamazoo/Battle creek and forcing Grand Rapids and Muskegon together is an intentional and deliberate attempt to gerrymander a democrat district out of a predominantly conservative West Michigan. this is not a fair map
Chestnut is a bad map. Grand Haven, Grand Rapids, and Muskegon should not be linked together. This is obvious political Gerrymandering.
Douglas Door
The proposed Chestnut is the worst map under consideration. It is obviously a highly partisan Democrat attempt to dilute by gerrymandering away the votes of traditionally conservative Ottawa County. Chestnut makes no sense except as a blatant attempt to siphon away the value of Ottawa County votes. Gerrymandering a district from Holland to Kalamazoo/Battle Creek and forcing Grand Rapids and Muskegon together is an intentional and deliberate attempt to gerrymander a Democrat district out of predominantly conservative West Michigan. The Chestnut map goes against the basic purpose of the redistricting to create fair maps. Chestnut is an unfair and politically gerrymandered map obviously designed to solely benefit the Democrat party. It is designed to stifle and to nullify, gag and stifle the voices of Ottawa County voters.
Paula Bojsen
The Chestnut map is straight up political gerrymandering to make predominantly conservative areas into Democrat districts. Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo will dominate. This goes against the purpose of redistricting into fair maps.
Natalie Gingras Hazen
Midland and Gladwin must stay together in any version of mapping. The City of Midland is vastly different than Flint for a variety of reasons the main one being the watershed that Midland is a part of.
Adam Kroczaleski
This is the first citizen redistricting commission and it was hoped that you would set an important precedent of keeping similar communities together so that Michigan could have fair representation. Sadly, you have consistently ignored communities of interest data and have focused on gerrymandering districts for partisan reasons. Arenac and Bay counties could not be better examples of different communities who are strongly connected. They constitute a strong community of interest. But you consistently have kept us separate so that you can try to carve out Republican areas such as Midland and stretch them down to Flint in order to ensure a Democrat keeps his seat. You are failing the purpose of what this commission was supposed to be.
Kurt Gernaat
This map is an absolutely awful representation of districts
Jenny Anway
Midland and Gladwin counties should stay together in any version of the Congressional and State Senate maps.
Please Commissioners: Midland and Gladwin counties should stay together in any version of the congressional and State Senate maps. There are at least 3 major reasons: I can see the dam repair and flood reduction efforts will be diminished if the City of Midland is fractured from Midland County and if Gladwin and Midland counties are NOT together; 2) The gerrymandering contemplated lines would cut off Mid-Michigan Health’s main campus in Midland from the rest of the service territory which runs north and west through Gladwin, Gratiot, Clare and Isabella counties and 3) Environmental benefits of flood reduction-reducing soil sediment and fertilizer runoff into the Saginaw Bay Watershed-would be jeopardized if Gladwin and Midland are split/separated. I also thought one of the guidelines for map lines should have approx 95,000 citizens in each district. Combining Midland with Flint greatly exceeds this. So far if I have to support a map, I support "Oak" Statehouse map. This is a map that keeps Midland County whole.
Jose C Gomez
Terrible, splits Ottawa count and the lakeshore. Slap in the face to citizens of Ottawa county.
Aaron Majorana
The City of Midland should not be in the same Congressional district as Flint. As someone who has lived and worked in both communities, these are two completely different communities with different interests. Midland County should be kept together.
Jennifer Majorana
Please, Commissioners: The City of Midland and Flint should not be in the same Congressional district. Anyone who lives in this area can tell you, these communities share little in common and deserve separate representation! My parents-in-law live in Genesee County and we drive almost an hour to visit them. It's a completely different community. Not one of your maps provide an option that addresses this! Your maps simply cater to Democrat demands. Independents and Republicans live in these areas too and deserve to be heard in this process. Please, we are begging you - stop ignoring us. A city of 40,000 has vastly different needs than a city of 100,000. Please change one of your 3 congressional maps to separate Midland from Flint. I personally voted for this MIRC commission a few years ago and you are making me regret my decision. Please listen to the voices of Independents and Republicans who want fair representation!
Judy Davis
Out of all of the maps presented, the Chestnut is the most workable. Yet, we strongly advocate that more of the west side of Detroit and the city of Oak Park be included in this map. African American representation will be lessened with the Birch V2 and Apple V2 maps. We encourage you to continue to work to make the revisions to the maps within the confines of your VRA Consultant’s comments which indicate that the commission can exceed 50 percent BVAP within a district. We also encourage you to continue to remember the COI relationships among the contiguous communities of Detroit, Southfield and Oak Park; and Southfield, Lathrup Village and Oak Park. Thank you!
Brent Rhoads
You are gerrymandering for Democrats under the guise of partisan fairness.
Chris Moultrup
This map continues to dismiss the comments from Midland community members that verify our Community of Interest is more aligned with Gladwin. Even the Federal Government just awarded $54mm to the "Midland, Gladwin Region" for flood mitigation and recovery. We are one region and need our voices heard. The consistent rhetoric from political activists trying to gerrymander our county needs to be dismissed. Keep Midland and Gladwin whole.
Cathy Leikhim
Over half of our community voices have been completely dismissed – please give Midland a congressional district that puts Midland back together and in a separate district from Flint. Our communities are vastly different. Why is there no alternative map that provides this option for the public’s consideration? Read this Detroit News article to see a great example of how unified voices and representation helps our community: ‘Feds award Midland, Gladwin region $54M to aid in flood recovery, mitigation’. After you read it, then tell me that Midland and Gladwin are not a Community of Interest!
Marian Mahoney
This makes no sense ! Novi belongs with its Oakland county community !
D. Atara
The Chestnut map is better than the Apple and Birch maps that will disfranchise African Americans. I wish that more of Detroit was included in District 12, which will provide a great chance of a candidate that will represent African American interests. Also, I would recommend added Oak Park to the map.
Marie Karsemeyer
This map makes no sense for how West Michigan is divided. The awkward shape of trying to include Grand Rapids through Ottawa County and then carving out Muskegon all in one district is mind boggling. It could best be described as a clear attempt to gerrymander West Michigan. Furthermore, Ottawa county is further divided to be included with Kalamazoo and Battle Creek. Ottawa County is very different than Kalamazoo and Battle Creek and the residents of that county will lose their voice to those residents in the cities. This is a very clear attempt of Democrats trying to squash the voices of Republicans.
Sharon Baseman
Southfield, Lathrup Village, Beverly Hills and Franklin should be kept with Oakland County, not cut out and put with Wayne County.
jane scott
Breaks up Midland County and separates city of Midland from our watershed. Please respect the watershed community and keep Midland county whole and with Gladwin and Isabella Counties.
The only reason why I dislike this map is it doesnt include Troy in District 10.
Daniel Harris
There are far too many unnecessary county splits in this map, especially in western Michigan. Ottawa is chopped into 3 pieces for no good reason. Muskegon is absurdly put into the same district as much of Kent County. Those are two completely different metro areas. Kent plus part of Ottawa is enough for one district without having to draw awkward lines into Muskegon. The US Census Bureau recognizes Kent and Ottawa as being part of the same metro area while Muskegon is in its own metro area. Grand Rapids Community College is based in Kent County with some satellite classes held in Ottawa while Muskegon has its own separate Community College. Please revise this map to both reduce county breaks and improve communities of interest.
merlin steffes
The birch map is better than this map. Grand Rapids and Muskegon have nothing in common. This map is as bad as the apple map which has Grand Rapids in a district with Kalamazoo.. The same people who were complaining that Grand Rapids is in a district with Battle Creek, which I agree it shouldn't have been in a district with Battle Creek, are just thrilled to have Grand Rapids in a district with Kalamazoo?
Heidi Pronk
This map appears to be a deliberate attempt to compromise the character of West Michigan. Grand Rapids has nothing in common with Muskegon, Hudsonville has nothing in common with Battle Creek. Splitting Ottawa County in half is ridiculous given the interconnectedness of these lakeshore towns and villages and their commerce. This is a terrible map for the west side of the state.
Nabil Chamra
I do not understand why the district lines for district 9 include this particular area, I live in this neighborhood and it is zoned into Rochester Community schools, yet the majority of my classmates are going to be zoned into a different district than I am while I am zoned into the thumb with people I have nothing in common with. I am asking that this neighborhood be zoned into the district that Rochester and Rochester Hills are in for the sake of continuity among constituents who all have common characteristics.
This is the best version of District 10 of the congressional maps. But, Rochester Hills really belongs more with Auburn Hills, Bloomfield Hills, Farmington Hills, etc. Why not put Rochester/Rochester Hills with District 11 and take into District 10 more of Macomb to the east? Thank you for your tireless work!
I agree with the other commenter. All of these maps include communities with very diverse needs, concerns & infrastructure. These districts will result in little to no support for most the communities from their rep. This is ridiculous.
Sandra J Marsh
How AWFUL to look at this! Can you imagine any candidate trying to address the needs and wants of the voters? This encompasses every type of life Michigan can offer. Great Lakes, farming, city life, populous and sparse. Put yourselves in this position!