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2020 Census PL 94.171 Data
Joel Ibbotson
I dislike that this map in how it splits Barry County in three districts. The people of Barry County are very much like minded with many of the same goals. We should be represented in a way we can unify our voice to implement effective change the way we have been.
Drew Anthony Beckman
I like the way that Sterling Heights is kept in two districts. However, this map is not as fair as the Hickory or Szetela maps.
Bob Knaack
We in Allegan don’t want to be split up like this and believe it will unfairly diminish our voice. We say no.
Sue Hadden
This map is very disappointing. it's as if the creator did not realize his/her constitutional duty. There is a huge amount of partisan bias and does not adequately reflect communities of interest. you can do better than this!
Sharon Houck
The Pine V5 Is NOT a good map for Jackson County. It combines Jackson To Ann Arbor. Why do this? Jackson needs fair representation too, that differs from Ann Arbor. Leave Jackson County whole. Please do not mix us with communities that we have nothing in common with. If this is the plan, we will have no voice. Bad Map
John Chapman
No good choice for house. not this one.
Marie Johansen
I do not like this Pine V5 map as it still reflects a bias to favor Republicans with a partisan fairness score above 5%. That remains unacceptable. Again, this map totally disregards the reasoning and decisions reflected in the Senate and Congressional maps to align Midland with its Tri-City sisters-Bay City and Saginaw. Why would you now decide to separate Midland from the Tri-Cities concept and also separate Saginaw and separate Bay City into districts that do NOT provide for partisan fairness. None of the House maps have been drawn to ensure partisan fairness. The House district map should be drawn in a way that may change the status quo, abide by COI and, foremost, have a partisan fairness score closer to the goal of 1%. And if some Congressional seats end up at risk for a challenge, then that is good and that is the point of partisan fairness and democracy. If the commission is not going to redraw the House maps, then I would reluctantly vote for the Hickory map over the Pine V5 map.
Mark Klein
Leelanau County and Grand Traverse County have very different communities based on the standard of living and income. I think putting these communities together would not make much sense.
Chris Wingate
Far too much division of communities of interest. Very unhappy with most of the choices given to us. Magnolia would be my choice in this category
Kim K Lindsey
This map does not serve the communities of interest or give the best representation to a majority of the people.
Stephen J Young
ALLEGAN County belongs together, not in several parts.
Jay R Taylor
Terrible split of Oakland County just to please and reward Democrat strongholds. Need to keep large cities intact and have smaller townships intact.
Michael VanDenBerg
Please keep Allegan County together! I'm totally against splitting Gun Plain Charter Township in half. If you split Gun Plain Charter Township in half, the township will have to pay for multiple ballots styles to be printed increasing the cost to elections for the township.
Dolan Bair
The Kent City bubble here is gross. Should be grouped with Sparta and maybe Cedar Springs.
Constance Lippert
This map does nothing for political fairness. Please keep working so that all voters are fairly represented and both parties have an equal chance of competing.
Pamela Bycraft
Every one of these 3 maps does large areas of Oakland County a disservice. In particular area 30. Lake Orion, township and village has no COI with the area to the south. It belongs together with Oxford and other communities of the North County area.
Suzanne L Zavala
This doesn't make any sense as far as Southgate is concerned. How was this division created? Most of the State House maps are identical as far as Downriver is concerned, except this one.
Abbie Egherman
This map like the other state house maps unfairly distorts the legislative body in Lansing by giving an unfair advantage to a single party and makes our state appear much more partisan than it actually is. We live in a purple state and our legislative body should reflect that.
Matthew Petree
Yet another terrible draw of Monroe county splitting it into four House districts shared with multiple other counties. These are clearly drawn to pull rural parts of Monroe county into urban areas they have not common ground with. Monroe county currently has two House districts that don't reach across county lines and it should stay that way.
Melanie Kurdys
I have asked you to reconsider all your maps. Although OH results are not supported by The Democrats, it is clear the new maps are fair and not gerrymandered. Starting with a goal of compactness around existing boundaries like cities, townships and counties offers the most positive results for communities of interest. Ohio Gov. Signs Redistricting Bill Shaking Up State’s Political Map
Joseph Michael Zane
Every one of these State House maps creates a series of long narrow districts that connects disparate communities on either end and carves up northern Detroit. As a Birmingham resident, I want to retain a district that has a coherent political identity. As someone who follows mapping closely, these districts are way more gerrymandered than the current 2010 districts.
Melanie A Kurdys
Voters approved this Independent Commission to REDUCE gerrymandering. Clearly, Allegan County, as well as many others, have been divided then combined with communities who share no common interests. The weird lakeshore district is a prime example of gerrymandering. Please respect the will of the people. Draw maps that maximize the retentionof intact counties.
Matthew D. Horwitt
The Pine map is unfair and doesn’t address issues raised at Detroit hearing. All maps are bad. Consider going back to drawing board. If you won’t, choose Hickory
Donni Steele
Although it is appreciated that Orion Township and Village are kept whole, taking pieces of Oakland Twp, Auburn Hills Bloomfield Hills and Bloomfield is converging "un-like" communities together. Orion community aligns most similarly to communities to the North, East and West not South. All three map versions have the same flaw.
Mark A Evans
Please don’t create a Lake Shore districts. I understand the Lake shore has unique challenges. however, everyone in the Allegan County has a stake in this lakeshore. Allegan County is very cut up. County lines need to be respected as best they can be. (All these maps have same issue for Allegan)
Greg Mayville
None of the House maps reflect true partisan fairness and they all lean in favor of Republicans. The Pine V5 has the same partisan fairness scores as Hickory, but it does not contain the changes made to the Detroit area by Commissioners Kellom and Curry. Hickory has the same partisan fairness scores as Pine V5 but also has the Detroit changes to honor COI's and improve majority-minority districts. If you are not going to improve the partisan fairness of the maps please select Hickory as the best map for Michigan.
Susan Andrews
All the state House maps have unacceptable Republican bias. Pine is terrible. You should draw better House map. If you won't, Hickory is far better than Pine or Magnolia, which lock in Republican majorities.
Kirk Laskowski
Enough of the re-districting for Political gain. This is so immoral and unethical. Allegan County should remain as Allegan County and not be split up along the Lakeshore. This is just more election cheating! District 60 and 56.
Kirk Laskowski
I am completely against these re-districting changes. The only reason to break up Allegan County is for explicit, partisan reason and is the definition of gerrymandering. This must STOP NOW!
Cal Morton
I agree with Kristine S Detmers comment posted in this map, "... All these maps should have been drawn with a color blind eye and based on population alone! Gerrymandering at its worse!". The data shown in these maps should have only provided the "Total Population" and the "Voting Age Population". All other numbers are injecting race and ethnicity which overlooks the most important fact, "We are ALL Americans"!
Carol Ingall
This map is extremely unfair. You need to choose Hickory or go back to the drawing board in fairness to voters.
Angie Kelleher
This map does not contain the changes made to the Detroit area. Hickory is a much better option for State House districts.
Carrie Hatcher-Kay
This is a terrible map. PLEASE go back to the drawing board. Please Keep Working! There are no fair house maps to choose from! This and the others give the majority of seats to the minority of voters! THANK YOU!
Richard Burney
Completely unacceptable.
Cal Morton
I agree with Kristine S Detmers comment, "... All these maps should have been drawn with a color blind eye and based on population alone! Gerrymandering at is worse!". The data shown in these maps should have only provide the "Total Population" and the "Voting Age Population". All other numbers are injecting race and ethnicity which overlooks the most important fact, "We are ALL Americans"!
Kasey Helton
I dislike this map because it does not represent the unique COI that encompasses both Washtenaw County and Livingston County to the south, known as the Chain of Lakes, which has experienced a great deal of pollution, and shares the common interest of preserving the local ecosystem as well as recreational activities surrounding the chain. It also does nothing to unpack Livingston County which needs to be done, just as Washtenaw needs to be unpacked. East Brighton residents identify with Oakland County and Washtenaw County in the sense that many, many people work, shop and play there - more than they do with the far west or north parts of Livingston County.
Allison M Wilcox
This is a bad map. The Midland district is not competitive and the map overall has bad partisan fairness. Lots of bad districts in this map. If you must choose one of the proposed House maps, choose Hickory.
Sue Macrellis
Here yet again we have a map that "gives" Jackson County four different representatives and reaches into Ann Arbor. I'll be the folks in Brooklyn are trying to figure out how their needs with all their small town and love of lakes matches those of the big university city of Ann Arbor. Same for the people in NE Jackson County. I do not like this map.
Margaret Schankler
This is one of the worst house maps, along with Magnolia. Please Keep Working! I know that you are tired and may want to pick from the existing maps. But an extra 45 days to get fair maps for 10 years is worth it. Each proposed House map gives the majority of seats to the minority of voters. No MI House map addresses the concerns heard from Detroit voters about majority minority representation.
Daniel Jones
Please Keep Working! There are no fair house maps to choose from! Each proposed House map gives the majority of seats to the minority of voters! No MI House map addresses the concerns heard from Detroit voters about being able to elect their own candidates
Carrie Hatcher-Kay
PLEASE keep working. This map gives the most seats to the party who had the least number of votes. Please, please please, PLEASE continue working! You've come this far. We want house maps that are actually fair. THANK YOU!!
Virginia Preuss
Most unfair. • Please Keep Working! There are no fair house maps to choose from! • Each proposed House map gives the majority of seats to the minority of voters! • No MI House map addresses the concerns heard from Detroit voters about being able to elect their own candidates
Nomi Joyrich
This is the worst of the House maps. NONE of the House maps are fair. Less unfair is still unfair. Please fix the House maps. I know we don't want to delay the process, but having unfair maps is not acceptable.
Ellen Anne Teghtmeyer
This is not a fair map and doesn't take care of the issues raised in the Detroit meeting. All of these maps are bad and need to be redone if not choose Hickory!
Lisa Kay Hathaway
Correction to the district number, incorrectly referenced new District 9 and should be new District 16.
Lisa Kay Hathaway, City Clerk GPWoods
The City of Grosse Pointe Woods is split into 2 separate districts alienating a section known as Precinct 4. The section of the Grosse Pointe Woods community not included in the new District 9, the missing area (all of Precinct 4 boundaries), is placed into District 6 on the map. I submitted a map correction previously. The description is that area bounded on the south by the southerly city limits line; on the west by the westerly city limits line; on the north by the centerline of Huntington Boulevard commencing at the westerly city limits line and continuing easterly to the centerline of Mack Avenue; thence southerly on the centerline of Mack venue to the southerly city limits line respectively. Attached is the map for Oak House District, which clearly defines the boundaries missed in order to encapsulate the entire City of Grosse Pointe Woods.
Sally Beyer
This is Gerrymandering and needs to stop. This will break up the Allegan community and we need to stay together. This is carving out and I do not agree with this caterpillar district down the lakeshore. We belong together as we have always been.
Bill Zdeblick
Allegan County belongs together. I do not agree with the 'caterpillar' district down the lakeshore. This does not represent my community. Looks like the Chicago owners on the lake have the power.
Ellen Teghtmeyer
This map is very unfair and doesn’t address issues raised at Detroit hearing. All of the maps are bad and should be revised If you won’t make a more suitable make please choose Hickory.
Ross Vandercook
This map is not fair.
Philip Martinez
Pine V5 is another unfair map and does not address the concerns raised at the Detroit hearing. Hickory is better. All of these maps for the State House are unfair, but if you can't go back to the drawing board, choose Hickory.
Richard Michalski
Does not create as many competitive seats as Hickory plan. Competitive is defined as races with 5% or less margin. This plan only creates 30 competitive seats. Hickory creates 34.
Victoria Gutowski
This map does not meet the criteria of partisan fairness. Other groups have submitted maps that are fairer to voters.
Laura Misumi
I agree with Jamila Martin.
Marla Weber
Allegan County belongs together. I do not agree with the 'caterpillar' district down the lakeshore. This does not represent my community.
Tamilyn Poll
Please keep Allegan County as one district. Carving it up for political gain is just gerrymandering and that is what we are trying to prevent!
Ed Saunders
I know drawing 110 State House districts is inherently hard. But, unfortunately none of the current maps is fair. They ALL give a majority of seats to the minority of voters! I hope you can find a way to do much better. Pine shows clear partisan bias and no respect of Communities of Interest.
Cherylyn Conklin-Reed
Allegan county needs to kept together as one district. Multiple counties in one district and the a the finger district combining the lakesshore is gerrymandering.
Sara Fink
I appreciate how difficult meeting all the criteria is for each kind of map, but fairness is a vital criterion which none of these House maps meet. The MICRC has met that criterion in its State Senate and Congressional map proposals, but none of the proposed State House maps are fair in apportioning the most House seats to the party which wins the most votes, based on the last two Presidential elections. Instead all of the maps have a strong lean toward one party, though that lean is slightly less pronounced than currently enacted maps. I'm sure the Commission can do better.
Janice Sovak
This map (Pine V5) is unfair from a partisan perspective. No house map adequately achieves this goal. Commissioners, please keep working on this to achieve real fairness. You can do it, as you've done with US Congressional and Mich State Senate maps.
Do not like. Strange dissection of Jackson County. Clearly not based on COI.
James Bantjes Jr.
The commission is intentionally carving up counties into multiple districts for political gain. This is gerrymandering! Leave it alone!
Ronald Emaus
This map does not represent the voices of the people. It is partisan and non-competitive in its district compositions. None of the house district maps are balanced. A new map should be constructed to provide batter balance. It can be done.
Anna Hicks
Almost every map you've proposed tries to split Jackson County in half and combine it with Washtenaw County. This will result in Jackson County, in particular its rural areas, being drastically underrepresented. It is gross to see this barely veiled attempt at gerrymandering. Just say NO. Please vote for the Magnolia map. Thank you.
Lori Ross
The revised house map does not serve the City of Flint well, as our city should not be placed in a single district. Today, Flint has two districts (the 34th and the 49th) with the 34th guaranteeing Flint representation and the 49th allowing a second opportunity for representation. The map proposed here completely forecloses the chance for two representatives, instead packing all of Flint into a single district which also would have the effect of creating a clear partisan gerrymander since Flint is an overwhelmingly Democratic city. The commission should look to submitted map P7273 which would allow for Flint to have confidence in one seat with the opportunity for a second seat. Flint should not have to suffer another decade in a partisan gerrymander. Please do not pack all of our city into a single district.
Essence Wilson
Flint should not be grouped into one single district. Doing so creates a clear partisan gerrymander that packs Democratic voters into a single district, something that this commission was created to prevent. “Keeping Flint Whole” did not and does not mean to keep the city in a single state house district. Rather, it means ensuring that the city has a chance to elect a representative of its own. This can be accomplished in submitted map P7273 while also allowing for an opportunity for a second seat as Flint has today. Please, revise this map to ensure that Flint has a clear opportunity for representation with a chance for a second representative as we have today, and please do not pack Flint into a single district. We don’t need 10 more years of a partisan gerrymander.
Susan Vandercook
This map is unfair. Should look at redrawing House map, if not Hickory is better.
Gregory Newman, City Clerk
A section of the City of Grand Ledge is separated from the rest of the City. This will create a precinct split in Ward 3. Please consider placing the entire City of Grand Ledge in a single State House district.
Russell Jennings
I dislike this map. I do not agree that a state legislator that represents my rural lake environment in Jackson County, could possibly represent my area and the different interests of the citizens of Ann Arbor, the same
Patricia J. Petersen
Upon first glance of Pine map one can immediately can see the gerry-meandering across the whole state, especially along the Lake Michigan shore line. in all counties along the shoreline . They created new districts where none were needed. These new districts are largely Democrats, The supposed "independent" committee effectively sliced the Republicans from the shore line. The committee did not consider the like-minded communities, farmers and urban voters. These new districts could have been been just slight amendments to the current districts.
Steve Revor
Keep Allegan County together! Please do not chop out any part of the county. Leave us as a whole.
Ronda VanStempvoort
Please put Jackson County back together again. With this map, the residents of Jackson County will not be represented fairly. Please do not vote for this map.
Katie Juros
Keep ALLEGAN COUNTY Together!!
Allen R Wolf
None of the House maps provide partisan fairness. None of the maps are balanced based on the percent of votes each party received. This must be fixed.
Leah Folkert
The only reason to break up Allegan County is for explicit, partisan reason and is the definition of gerrymandering. Keep Allegan Co. together!
Chris Andrews
Pine does not make the changes recommended by Detroit voters. Hickory is better. All of the House maps have too much bias and you should consider going back to the drawing board. But if you don't, Hickory is best.
Aaron Haury
This map contains substantial partisan bias and does not adequately reflect communities of interest.
Kevin Miedema
I really don't think having these Lake Shore districts makes sense. I understand the Lake shore has unique challenges. however everyone in the County has a stake in this lakeshore. Allegan County is very cut up. County lines need to be respected as best they can be. This map has my district being a hour + drive wide - meanwhile my neighbors in laketown township are not represented by same person.
Paul Hauglie
I dislike this map. It does not keep Jackson county whole and needlessly divides it. How do you justify Jackson county going from 2 representatives to 4? Jackson county should never be lumped into the same district as Ann Arbor, unless gerrymandering is the goal.
Paul Hauglie
I dislike this map. It does not keep Jackson county whole and needlessly divides it. How do you justify Jackson county going from 2 representatives to 4? Jackson county should never be lumped into the same district as Ann Arbor, unless gerrymandering is the goal.
Paul Hauglie
I dislike this map. It does not keep Jackson county whole and needlessly divides it. How do you justify Jackson county going from 2 representatives to 4? Jackson county should never be lumped into the same district as Ann Arbor, unless gerrymandering is the goal.
Paul Hauglie
I dislike this map. It does not keep Jackson county whole and needlessly divides it. How do you justify Jackson county going from 2 representatives to 4? Jackson county should never be lumped into the same district as Ann Arbor, unless gerrymandering is the goal.
Jared Boot
This map contains substantial partisan bias and does not adequately reflect communities of interest.
Dylan J Pescarolo
This district has been gerrymandered and cracked in the name of fairness. Grand Blanc does not belong with the Township's of both Holly, Rose, Fenton, and Tyrone. It should be connected with Atlas and Davison Township. The proposed map for Genesee County in Szetela House Map makes a whole lot more sense and represents the communities of interest a whole lot better than the maps presented by Pine, Magnolia, and Hickory.
Lindsey Brayton
This map is not balanced and unfairly represents urban areas
Casey Adams
Dislike, the other two maps are better.
Katie Valencia
I do not agree with this re-districting. The 'caterpillar' district down the lakeshore does not keep Allegan county together and does not represent my community. No this is not good.
Mark Forbes
Keep Allegan County together! Preserve and respect geographical boundaries, specifically county lines The commission is intentionally carving up counties into multiple districts for political gain. This is gerrymandering! Allegan County belongs together. I do not agree with the 'caterpillar' district down the lakeshore. This does not represent my community. The only reason to break up Allegan County is for explicit, partisan reason and is the definition of gerrymandering.
Mary L Stull
The commission is intentionally carving up counties into multiple districts for political gain. This is gerrymandering!
melissa vandermeulen
Allegan county belongs together
Cynthia Richardson
The Pine V5 State House map is is absolutely the WORST reflection of my community. It combines rural Waterloo Township/ Jackson County with much of the City of Ann Arbor. Ann Arbor has more public service offerings, widely available broadband, and public transportation. Most rural areas, like Waterloo Township, have none of these things. Rural communities have VERY different needs and require different legislative representation. Please use the SZETELA State House map. It better represents our community. Thank you.
Brian Boyer
This proposed map unnecessarily splits up Jackson County with other neighboring areas, greatly disassembling our current Community of Interest. Please do adopt this map.
Denzel A McCampbell
You must recognize the historic imbalance of putting Detroit communities in a district with Livonia. With this map, it seems a like a great possibility that interests of Detroiters will be ignored. None of these maps are good.
Kristine Yeutter
I don't agree with this map. You have gerrymandered our little county to get your "correct" number of voters at the cost of splitting communities of interest previously submitted. This violates the constitutional rules the committee agreed to abide by.
You have split our county (Lenawee) into four house districts. This will be a nightmare for elections and our county clerk. This undermines the principle of communities of interest when you take small portions of our county and place them with other counties. This is especially true when you place townships in our rural northeast with metropolitan Washtenaw County. This map looks more gerrymandered than when the House did the redistricting,
jill adams
In regard to the current State House Pine map: I am dumbfounded by the deliberate dissection of counties that should remain intact. Allegan county (120K) is being divided into SIX districts. Lenawee County (99k) is being divided into FOUR districts. I realize that those counties need to have a portion of their constituents in a separate district but this is beyond RIDICULOUS. As for districts 11-19 (among others)... what would possess you to think it's a good idea to cross county lines when there is no justification to do so? In both of these examples how can any representative effectively represent their constituents? You are literally breaking up communities for the sake of partisanship which results in serious gerrymandering. If that's what this commission was tasked to do, then I want my vote back and I'd like common sense restored. Apparently the Banglatown group is happy. They should be kept whole as they are a small community.
Vicky Kay Gorsuch
Stop splitting Jackson County up. We are a unique area and work well together. We need fair representation and issues that the other areas do not share with us. LEAVE JACKSON WHOLE. Please stop mixing us with communities that we have nothing in common. We are rural and small city people with very specific needs and wants. If you continue on this wave, you will completely stifle our voices. I say NO
Jonathan Levine
This map fails criterion d, no disproportionate advantage to any political party. Please ensure that the State House maps distribute representatives in line line the parties' statewide vote.
Jennifer Biddinger
This is a poorly drawn map for contiguous areas. Please keep Jackson County areas together for fair representation.
Susanne Courtade
Regarding the proposed change to the House 104th. Please note that this map cuts current township jurisdictions into pieces represented by multiple House seats. It is unfortunate that the drafter feels that this is a viable option.
Allison L Brink
Allegan County belongs together. I do NOT agree with the carving out of the lakeshore. This does not represent our community, and appears to be for explicit, partisan reasons. Preserve and respect geographic boundaries, specifically by keeping county lines.
Roger Lundberg
This map makes no sense for Northville Township. Splitting Northville down the middle, separating 1/2 of Northville Twp from the city of Northville. We are one community of interest. Keep Northville Twp and Northville City as one.
Bernard Allore
City folks don't understand the issues and needs of farming communities. This map lumps urban and rural areas together and this will leave farmers without a voice because there is such a lack of ties to agriculture today. Please keep Jackson County together in one district. I am a senior citizen and I rely on services in my community of Jackson. Thank you.
Barbara Dame
This maps splits up Jackson County and the community of interest it serves in! Priority should be based on community of interest. This is partisan gerrymandering. Please remember that the law states that districts should not provide a disproportionate advantage for any political party.
Margaret Bayless
While none of the State House maps are truly fair, Hickory is much fairer than this one. Please do not choose this map.
Bill Richardson
I do not like the Pine V5 State House map. It combines rural Waterloo Township in Jackson County with much of the city of Ann Arbor. Ann Arbor has public utilities, widely available broadband, and public transportation. Waterloo Township has none of these things. These different communities have different interests and needs and require different legislative representation. Please adopt instead the “Szetela” State House map. It does a much better job of satisfying the ‘communities of interest’ objective for Jackson County. Thank you.
Better than most, keeping Muskegon with the southwestern counties. I think the interactive outline of the district is not corresponding with the colors on the map.
Craig Michael Flietstra
This map looks like you are trying to pick winners and losers. Sorry, but that's what it looks like
Justin Voss
This map makes no sense. Rural areas of Clinton County should be with other like communities in Ionia, Montcalm, and Gratiot County rather than with urban areas of Lansing which have different interests.
Jazmine Early
WHY DON'T YOU LEAVE STERLING HEIGHTS for itself? It doesn't make sense that you keep joining it with Warren. Our community is unique and fairness for us should be that we have a representation that will work for us. If you need to add more population, join to Shelby area and not the south side. I am an immigrant and I want fairness for our district.
Luke Dornon
Splitting Zeeland from Holland looks like packing to me.
This map general looks very gerrymandered still. Cutting up GR like this looks like someone with a agenda did it. There has to be a better way
Joel Arnold
This map does not serve the needs of Flint well, and it certainly does not advance the goals of partisan fairness. For most of the last decade, Flint has had not one but two representatives in the state house. Rather than follow the example provided by map P7273 which provided for Flint to have one district that would clearly be represented by a Flint resident with a chance for a second seat as exists today, this map ensures that Flint will have only one representative with no chance for a second. Additionally, this map does not advance partisan fairness and packs Democratic voters into a single, overwhelmingly Democratic district. This kind of mapping is the very definition of partisan gerrymandering. Please change this district line to allow for two chances for a Flint representative, following the example of map P7273.
Joe Fresard
This map looks very gerrymandered. People voted for an amendment that prioritized COI's over many other factors, and also looked at compactness and municipal boundaries. This map doesn't seem to consider any of those and is not what people voted for. Don't slice up SCS into so many districts, and keep Harper Woods with the Grosse Pointes, they are a community of interest.
Catherine L Mitzel
Gerrymandering is not necessarily when district lines are drawn in weird shapes, it is when they are drawn to favor one party over the other. To this point all of the maps still lean republican! For those saying, keep our area together so we get representation to complete the flood recovery, I say you might not have experienced the horrible flooding had you had good representation enforcing regulations and caring about the dam infrastructure, not sitting back in a “safe” seat! Please Commissioners, continue to review the scores until Partisan Bias measures as close to zero as possible! To be rid of gerrymandered districts, this must be the main criteria for determining if a map is fair. Fair district lines provide the best opportunity for competitive districts which require legislators to listen to all of their constituents!
merlin steffes
If one goes to and plugs in the districts for Kent County, they will find out that the democrat controlled "Independent Commission" has created 5 democrat leaning districts and the equivalent of 2 republican leaning districts. Kent County is a republican leaning county but an uniformed person who views the district majorities would think Kent County is just like Wayne County. Now the democrat controlled "Independent Commission" has been creating this type of districting around the whole state. Actually the democrat controlled "Independent Commission" hired a company with democrat party connections to create these districts. The democrat controlled "Independent Commission" just gives the maps created their stamp of approval. Gerrymandering it is called.
Mark Theobald
The municipality of Detroit had a 2020 census population of 639,111 according to the 2020 census, making it the 27th-most populous city in the United States. State House 91,612 Ideal per District 639,111 / 91,612 = 6.97 (rounds to 7) ? 14 cross into Detroit ??? I see many comments already but I would be very angry if I lived in Oakland or Macomb Counties.
Who drew the proposed 104th Jim Carruthers? Leelanau does NOT belong with Grand Traverse County! The only way you can define Leelanau paired with northern Grand Traverse County as a "community of interest" is if that COI is composed of trust-fund babies who moved here from Illinois with a pocket full of money -- they've already priced the working class people right out of Leelanau County! Keep Grand Traverse County together and don't inflict the Leelanau elites on northern Gr. Traverse County!
Chris Roosen
This is a very bad map for Western Wayne County, splitting Livonia, Northville and Plymouth into four districts. This mess was caused by you ignoring the concerns of Detroit Voters, and "unpacking" Detroit into the suburbs. Go back, listen to Detroit voices, and give them what they want. You can then keep Livonia in one district and Northville/Plymouth in one district. There is NO REASON to split these communities, which already have very competitive House Districts 19 and 20 in the present State House.
Michael O'Donnell
I concur with Jennifer Austins comment look at the original Pine map.
Robert Brandenburg
LOL. The amendment was passed using existing maps that looked "odd." These districts have all of them beat. District 14 cuts up numerous communities of interest for the sole purpose of diluting black votes to elect as many white Democrats as possible.
Zach Rudat
At the very least I would understand a Lansing or East Lansing based seat dipping into Bath or DeWitt, but anything beyond that into Clinton County makes no sense from a COI standpoint. The Clinton County/Grand Ledge district you guys initially had maintained the County COI and created a competitive seat. Had you kept that, took Delta Township and the western part of Lansing Township into the rest of Eaton County, you still would have ended up with 4 dem seats and a swing seat like you have on this. If we're going to accept that cities can be COIs we should be doing the same with counties too. Please take Capital region COIs into more consideration.
Kristine S Detmers
That there are so many comments that that one map favors an ethnicity or race is better than another is apprehensible. All these maps should haver been drawn with a color blind eye and based on population alone! Gerrymandering at its worse.
Districts 52,53 and 54 are still bad, no matter what number you give them. You have not, in months, addressed the concerns of the Waterford, Auburn Hills, Pontiac, Oxford, Lake Orion and Bloomfield residents, who have asked that these districts be corrected. The comment I heard several times was it was too much work. All these residents will be stuck with inadequate representation for 10 YEARS using these districts; FIX THIS!
Catherine Daligga
Thanks, Sharon Baseman, for the correction! I grew up in Royal Oak and have misunderstood that boundary then for a *very* long time. Glad to know of my error now. That said, I withdraw my objection to this aspect of the map, though I would agree that the suggestions that you, Sharon, make otherwise about this area are well-founded.
Sharon Baseman
This new map doesn't address many of the issues that have existed all along. The SE portion of Oakland is terribly split up and each district goes down into Detroit. This hurts people in Detroit terribly, as there is a good chance they will have no or very little representation in the State House. It also splits cities unnecessarily--Southfield, Lathrup Village, Oak Park and RO Township are examples. It just makes no sense. Cities should not be split for State House Districts unless they need to be because the population is too large for a district. I've said all along that these districts should be horizontal in configuration, not skinny vertical districts. The communities in the SE corner of Oakland County have much in common and work together. They typically have been in the same district and still should be. I would like to address one comment I saw by Catherine Daligga regarding that little corner of Huntington Woods. That corner is actually part of Royal Oak, so although many cities have been poorly split, this is actually correct and that corner of HW does belong with Royal Oak.
Paul Kittinger
Royal Oak is in FOUR districts? Each also including other cities, including cities in two other COUNTIES? This unnecessarily breaks up the Royal Oak community of interest for no apparent purpose.
Paul Kittinger
Royal Oak is split between 3 districts? And each includes portions of other cities AND counties? Royal Oak should be in a single district as a community of interest.
cheryl scales
overall this is good, but you should not split Plainfield township, they should be included in district 94
Linda J Pell
16% of the county population is black with the overwhelming majority of POC living in the cities of Albion and Battle Creek. This greatly diminishes their voice in state governance. The current State House District 62 is a competitive seat -- equally shared by Democrat and Republican representation over the past 3 decades -- I urge you to keep Battle Creek and Albion together in a State House District which clearly meets the standard for partisan fairness.
Kevin Dolin
I think I live in district 8 on this map, or is it 7, or 26? My own city has a population of 93000 and is carved into 3 districts. Will we win 3 seats with this map, or zero? The Community of Interest of 93000 is divided here, as in many other maps. You would think that a non-gerrymandered COI of 93000 would get 1 seat, since 91600 is the target population.
Brenden Boudreau
Why put one precinct from Tyrone Twp into this district? This adds a third county to this district which seems unnecessary.
Soh Suzuki
I appreciate that the three neighborhoods on the east side of Detroit (EEV, Morningside, Cornerstone Village) are in the same district. However, I'm concerned that all of the districts on the east side are stretched out into Macomb County. I don't believe this serves the interests of Detroiters, nor Macomb County residents, as all of our municipalities are split into different districts. Why not try to contain each district within municipal boundaries when possible?
Margaret Schankler
I think this map is an improvement over previous maps, yet I don't understand why any efficiency gap of over 4% republican is acceptable for the house. The latest senate map reduced that gap to 2%. Please rework until you reach that number at least. Thank you.
You seem to be ignoring all the comments from the Orion, Pontiac, Auburn Hills, Bloomfield and Waterford residents. As stated numerous times: Lake Orion should be in a district with Oxford, Pontiac, should be in a district with Auburn Hills and Bloomfield and Waterford should be whole. You have the comments, have been given the census, demographic, economic and employment based information for this area and yet still continue to combine communities in ways that will make their house representation basically useless. Why is that? Fix this area!
Joshua Davis
The west side of 31 should fall into district 92, not 102.
Diane Randall
It is my opinion that there is more continuity to District 105 if it included all of Kalkaska County, Missaukee County, Roscommon County and Crawford County and the south end of Otsego County - not including the city of Gaylord.
Lynn Pottenger
So disappointing to see the skewed approach lacking partisan fairness that is shown in Map#251 for District 97. In your original Pine map, you combined City of Midland with Bay City—a stroke of genius pairing these clear communities of interest and resulting in near zero for bias. In this map, you have gone back to providing a safe Republican district by putting the definitely not-rural City of Midland in with Midland/Gladwin Counties. This is not adhering to your mission of providing for partisan fairness and communities of interest. This compromise takes away the voice of about half the voting public in City of Midland—please go back and provide the option from the Pine map, City of Midland with Bay City. No appeasement needed! Thanks for your consideration of my comments and for your hard work.
Catherine Daligga
What's the logic behind including this tiny portion of Huntington Woods [the far SE "corner" of the town, abutting the Zoo] in HD 13 instead of in HD 12 with the rest of the town? I can see that both HD 12 and 13 are both a little underpopulated, but adding these few folks to 13 instead of keeping them in 12 makes no sense. Carving off this very small section of HW to add to a district whose representative will be charged with addressing the concerns of several other, larger, communities is an unnecessary burden on those few dozen HW residents who will be separated from the rest of their townspeople. I'm all for dividing larger municipalities, but breaking off well under 1% of the population of a very small city (~6200) from the rest of it makes no sense to me. Much better to put this area back into HD 12. Thanks.
Noah Walker
I do not like the idea of combining Lansing with Clinton County. The two counties have different communities of interest.
Griff Drew
This map has a wholly unnecessary split of Oneida Township and divides the greater Grand Ledge area into two different districts. Any part of Oneida Township should not be separated from Grand Ledge in any map. The two are a textbook community of interest. Additionally, it makes no sense to put Grand Ledge with north Lansing instead of similar communities in Eaton, Clinton or Ionia counties.
Angie Miller
Please review Saginaw County to help improve partisan fairness scores. With the movement of the lines within this county, you could improve partisan fairness for the area, which in turn improves the state numbers. Please review the numbers for this county. Thank you.
Mary Jo Durivage
In this map, the Fitzgerald-Marygrove (Part of Detroit District 2) is divided between 12 and 13. Please keep this very vibrant community together. District 2 is bounded by Lodge, McNichols, Livernois and Fenkell.
Christine Kosmowski
I strongly disagree with the newly-drawn District 66. The previous maps had a more fair map for the Community of Interest of Battle Creek and Albion, District 74. This newest map does not keep the college connections between Kellogg Community College and Albion College. In addition, it does not keep black populations together, which should be a factor using the criteria of the constitutional amendment. By separating the communities, the industrial corridor and the downtown revitalization efforts are not being considered. Retaining the previously drawn District 74 provides better partisan fairness. Please do not use this newly drawn District 66.
Linda Weaver
Please keep the cities of Bay City and Midland together. These two cities share many commonalities including a manufacturing base and school athletic leagues. They have far more in common than the rural areas surrounding them and deserve to be treated fairly as communities of interest.
Peter Sutliff
This little finger jutting into Madison Heights from Warren unnecessarily complicates the job of whomever is elected to 15th State House District, which would then be comprised of 3 cities and 3 counties. That would be a lot of work for a good representative to stay abreast of the problems, opportunities and politics of the cities of Madison Heights, Warren and Detroit as well as Oakland County, Macomb County and Wayne County, not to mention the State of Michigan. Surely you could make District 14 a little less gerrymandered and modify District 15 by adding a little more of Warren or Detroit.
Carol Heron
Why has the Commission acceded to one commissioner’s demand to “”compromise” for the sake of rural Midland and Gladwin? That area is now dictating the representation for Midland City. Citizens of Midland City who requested to be kept with Bay City for this purpose looked forward to having representation of their choice for the first time. In my view, Midland City, as a COI have the right to identify their own COI and preferences. A different group with other interests doesn’t have the right to take that away. The amendment says that COI’s are subject to population requirements and VRA requirements. .Compactness, contiguity are less important when compared with wishes of a COI. They are not owned by other Groups who want them. And especially by those who want them for partisan reasons. Please return To the Midland/ Bay City House district of the original Pine Map.
Ashlea Phenicie
Midland and Bay City should be together.
Christine E Kitzman
I see you have reworked Pine v5 in central and southeast MI. But have you run the metrics for HD103 yet? A number of people spoke in Gaylord to say it looks like the new 103rd is not compact, seemingly gerrymandered, gives a disproportionate advantage to one party and favors incumbents. Benzie County works best with counties to the south, sharing the economics of shoreline towns and transportation corridors. Linking it with Kalkaska and Antrim counties negates this all. It makes more sense to add more of Wexford--since the major transportation flow is M115 to the south and east. I know you have bigger fish to fix, but please look at the metrics again. We have nothing in common with Kalkaska and Antrim except we're all rural and we use their roads as byways to northern MI and the UP. Thanks
Carol J McPherson
I agree with Jennifer Austins comment look at the original Pine map
Cassandra M Foley
Even though this map looks fair, it is not! This map has a partisan advantage for Republicans. Gerrymandering is not identified by the shape of the district; it is identified by districts drawn to favor one party over the other. The original Pine map that puts Midland and Bay City together in one House district is not an example of gerrymandering. It is the best in meeting the goal of partisan fairness. Please add that option for consideration and keep the goal of fair districts.
Jennifer Austin
Please give us the option of a Midland-Bay City house district as drawn in the original Pine map. Do not make concessions to appease people but stick to your mission of partisan fairness. The Midland-Bay City district was near to zero political bias. You can't get a fairer district. It will improve the overall partisan fairness of your maps which still lean toward Republicans in an unacceptable manner and will give the people of Midland and Bay City the chance to elect the best candidate, no matter their party.
Jamila Martin
What is the point of having an independent commission if you're going to draw maps that skew towards one party? Please do your job and get the partisan fairness right for the State House. You did it for the Senate, you can do it here.