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2020 Census PL 94.171 Data
Joel Ibbotson
Just like the Pine V5, I dislike this map in how it splits Barry County into three districts. The people of Barry County are very much like minded with many of the same goals and needs as a community. We should be represented in a way we can unify our voice to implement effective change the way we have been able to do so.
Drew Beckman
This is the worst map for the state House. This map breaks up Sterling Heights significantly, and still doesn't achieve partisan fairness. Reject this map.
Carol Phyllis Allie
I am sorry, but this map does not serve my community of interest well! Living in the east side of Dearborn, we have almost nothing in common with north west Detroit. The I96 corridor is as far from us as the earth to the moon. Please keep all of Dearborn together!
Robin Knaack
I see no reason to carve up Allegan county like this. Respect the county the way it is which is why we live here.
Sue Hadden
This map is very disappointing. it's as if the creator did not realize his/her constitutional duty. There is a huge amount of partisan bias and does not adequately reflect communities of interest. you can do better than this!
Sharon Houck
Magnolia is another BAD map. This continues to lump Jackson to Washtenaw of which they are two separate distinct communities. This Map is a Bad Option. Please discard it? Thank you
John Chapman
No good choice for house, not this one.
Marie Johansen
This map-Magnolia-has the worst partisan fairness score of the 3 House maps. Again, that score alone, should be an indicator that this map is not meeting one of the key goals of reducing the occurrence of gerrymandered voting districts in MI. And my town, Midland, would have no chance of having a competitive race due to partisan unfairness, per this map. Unless the commission decides to revise the maps for the House, of the 3 current maps proposed, I would encourage you to use the Hickory map over this one, even though that map also reflects many of the same partisan unfairness concerns.
Nathan Halder
This district is clearly Gerrymandered to favor dems. Albion and Battle Creek have nothing in common. Including the Battle Creek suburb of Emmett Township instead would make so much more sense. I have lived in Battle Creek my entire life and have only gone to Albion twice.
Brian C. Alexander
Huron, Sanilac, Tuscola counties should be grouped together.
Stephen J Young
The zig-zag along the lake shore is not realistic. Breaking up Allegan County in this many pieces defeats the purpose of county representation.
Anne Arendt
Reviewing populations and the map in general, this map seems to keep most related communities intact. No perfect, but better.
Stephen J Young
Allegan County belongs all together, not diced up into sevarl parts.
Michael Smith
This map breaks up the Thumb of Michigan. Huron, Tuscola and Sanilac are very similar and should stay as a district.
Pamela Trask
Quick correction on previous comment. Districts should be 110, 109, 108, and 107. All other suggestions remain. I strongly oppose the proposed map you have offered and urge you to consider the alternative in my original comment below.
Pamela Trask
The redistricting in the Upper Peninsula is not at all well-considered. Dickinson County should not be divided. The lower part of Marquette County is more in line with Dickinson County culture and that should be divided. The Keweenaw, Houghton, Baraga and northern Marquette counties should be in district 109. Gogebic, Iron, Dickinson, south Marquette, and Menominee counties in district 108. Delta, Schoolcraft, Alger, Luce and Chippewa counties in district 107. Mackinac and the three counties just over the bridge should be in district 106. These would be fairly balanced population wise and would be much more suitable in terms of local culture, concerns, and values. The committee should seriously reconstruct the redistricting map in the U.P. I believe they will understand it will be least disruptive in terms of current representation.
Mary Elizabeth Harp
This is the best of all the options, but I like it less than how I'm districted now. My area has nothing in common with the area's of Wayne county that this map shows. I live closer to Macomb county and would rather be districted that way.
David Kirk
This proposal is awful. The idea of having three districts within one county is a fantastic recipe for failed effective representation. Clinton County should remain within one district and include similar communities. I wonder if anyone subscribes to if it isn't broken please don't attempt to fix it philosophy.
M. Radtke
This map is bad for Sterling Heights, as it is a racial gerrymander. The SE corner of Sterling Heights, South of 15 mile, west of Hayes is the most racially diverse area of our city. This plan takes it out of Sterling Heights proper, and merges it with Clinton Twp and Mt. Clemens. This racial gerrymander cuts up Sterling Heights for no reason than to remove the black population.
Phil Marsh
I can accept the Magnolia map I am not pleased with this process. It may be difficult but Redistricting should be open and fair. I expect to this process to be open and fair. Unfortunately it doesn't look to be the case.
David Solda
Dickinson county should not be split up.
Constance Lippert
Please keep working! These maps guarantee the majority of seats to the minority of the actual voters. We need to see political fairness in our maps. Thank you
Sarah Hehir
While this is the best overall of the proposed maps, none of these proposed state house maps are appropriate for Grand Traverse County. Splitting up district 104 and combining Grand Traverse County with Leelanau places unfair advantages to transplant voters (dominant in Leelanau county) who bring different ideals and values than that of the majority of Grand Traverse County voters. Please consider re-working these maps to keep Grand Traverse County together.
Abbie Egherman
This map like the other state house maps unfairly distorts the legislative body in Lansing by giving an unfair advantage to a single party and makes our state appear much more partisan than it actually is. We live in a purple state and our legislative body should reflect that.
Matthew Petree
This map is a terrible gerrymander of Monroe county to dilute our votes into strong Democrat areas that we share no community values with. It makes no sense to take a county that has two districts inside its boundaries and split it into four that are all shared with other counties.
Barbara J Kramer
Just not fair. Not fair at all. 109th is under population by 2202. 110 is under by 824. Why split Dickinson County when another county can fully meet the population requirements???
Nancy M Howk
Same as Hickory. Battle Creek has nothing in common with the rural portion of Calhoun County it's paired with. Should have expanded directly around Battle Creek and combined the remaining rural areas together. Feels like an attempt to cancel voices. Please DO NOT support this map. Thank you.
Nancy M Howk
Battle Creek and the rural area across the top of Calhoun County have nothing in common. Why wouldn't you expand directly around Battle Creek into an area and then the balance of Calhoun County together. Please DO NOT Support this map. Thank you.
Dan Fox
Nope. Not a viable plan.
Frederick Beiermeister
Farmington and Farmington Hills should be connected for State Representation. We share many civic assets and nothing is gained by separating our representation.
Melanie A Kurdys
This map splits Allegan County into 6 (I think) districts! As a county, we are a community of interest with many similar communities. Even the lakefront, which is a treasure of the county. We voted for this Commission to reduce gerrymandering and this clearly cuts up our county and the state into communities without mutual interest.
Jeff Alan Schaeper
Why is the largest city in Oakland County being split? This makes no sense and violates COI guidelines. I fail to see how West Sterling Heights have a stronger connection to East Troy as we don't share schools, library, police, fire and other essential services. This map should be rejected.
Matthew D. Horwitt
The Magnolia map is very unfair and should be rejected. Makes Republican control likely even in Democratic years. Hickory is better. Consider going back to drawing board. These maps should be better.
Donni Steele
Although it is appreciated that Orion Township and Village are kept whole, taking pieces of Oakland Twp, Auburn Hills Bloomfield Hills and Bloomfield is converging "un-like" communities together. Orion community aligns most similarly to communities to the North, East and West not South.
Mark A Evans
Please don’t create a Lake Shore districts. I understand the Lake shore has unique challenges. however, everyone in the Allegan County has a stake in this lakeshore. Allegan County is very cut up. County lines need to be respected as best they can be. (All these maps have same issue for Allegan)
Greg Mayville
While I respect the changes made to this map to improve the COI representation and majority-minority districts in the Detroit area, it has the worst partisan fairness scores and doesn't give Midland a competitive district. Hickory keeps all of Curry and Kelloms changes to Magnolia but also improves the partisan fairness scores. If you aren't going to improve the partisan fairness scores of the maps please select Hickory as the best map for Michigan.
Cheryl Hayes
None of the House maps are consistent with Prop 2. Magnolia is one of the most biased. Please give us a House map or maps that prioritize partisan fairness.
Cheryl Hayes
None of the House maps achieve partisan fairness. Please give us a new House map or maps that prioritize partisan fairness and are consistent with the VRA.
Susan Andrews
You should draw new state House map. All have unacceptable Republican bias. Magnolia and Pine are terrible. If you choose one, please make it Hickory or Szetela.
Allen Salyer
No, no, no, keep all of Troy, Michigan together, not split and not any part in Macomb County.
Carol Ingall
This map should be rejected as it is too biased toward Republican voters. Hickory is definitely more fair.
Mollie Schairer
Splitting a county (Washtenaw) into 7 districts by slicing up like a pie that county's major urban area (AA/Ypsi) is not "unpacking" districts--it is GERRYMANDERING. I live in rural Saline Twp. Every map I've seen has this disenfranchising arrangement for Washtenaw County. Communities of interest must remain together!! A rural farmer in Washtenaw County has completely different interests and needs from that of a downtown Ann Arborite or Ypsi resident in a condo or apartment. Both stand to be disenfranchised. I am angry.
Kelly Jones
Why would you split a SMALL part of Troy and Clawson and merge it with Macomb County? This map is terrible and would not be fairly represented at all. Troy is the largest and most diverse city in Oakland County and we are a cohesive city. We should be represented as such. Do NOT split Troy!
Angie Kelleher
This map has an awful score for partisan fairness. My district (Midland) would definitely not have a competetive State House race if this map is chosen. Of the three proposed state house maps, Hickory is the way to go.
Carrie Hatcher-Kay
This map is terrible. Please go back to the drawing board. This map does NOT achieve partisan fairness.
Richard Burney
Bizarre is the best word for this. Unacceptable.
Cal Morton
I agree with Kristine S Detmers comment posted in Michigan State House Pine V5 map, "... All these maps should have been drawn with a color blind eye and based on population alone! Gerrymandering at its worse!". The data shown in these maps should have only provided the "Total Population" and the "Voting Age Population". All other numbers are injecting race and ethnicity which overlooks the most important fact, "We are ALL Americans"!
Dave Morgan
Why would a school district be split is two? Marshall and Albion share the same school district. Why would they not be kept together? Also Battle Creek, Emmett, Pennfield, Bedford, and Springfield share Police and Fire with Mutual Aid, they all are members of BCATS, and AMASA, share the same Library, Sewer system, Chamber of Commerce and on and on. Albion and Battle Creek share nothing in common including having separate Chambers of Commerce, Separate NAACP Branches, not to mention with this map you have to drive through another district to get from one side to the other. This map is obviously gerrymandered and stretched and is no different than what currently exist which says enough sing the district was one used as an example of a gerrymandered district and a reason why this commission was needed.
Allison M Wilcox
This is a bad map overall. None of the House maps in the final list have good partisan fairness, but Hickory is the best of a bad lot. Don't pick this map.
Sue Macrellis
Four different representatives for one county? How can this be good?
Nomi Joyrich
This is the WORST of all the maps. None of the House maps are fair
Virginia Preuss
There are no fair house house maps to choose from, but this is the worst of the worst. This does not have partisan fairness and does not address the concerns of Detroit Voters. Please create new house maps to consider, but at the very least DO NOT choose this one.
Margaret Schankler
This map does not address the concerns you have heard from hundreds and hundreds of Detroit voters about majority minority districts.
Daniel Jones
This is the worst map that has been presented! This map has no partisan fairness, it does not address prison gerrymandering, and it fails to address the concerns of Detroit residents.
Carrie Hatcher-Kay
This is the WORST of the House maps. Please keep working. This map awards the most seats to the party that got the least votes. It does not address concerns from Detroit voters about choosing their own candidates. Please Keep Working!
Margaret Schankler
Please Keep Working! There are no fair house maps to choose from. This is the worst of all the proposed house maps because it gives the majority of seats to the minority of voters - more so than any other map. It is especially unfair to Detroit.
Kasey Helton
I dislike the Magnolia map. Everyone is talking about how Ann Arbor needs to be unpacked (which I agree with) but Livingston County also needs to be unpacked on the opposite side. There is more to COI than simple county lines. East Brighton and Hamburg are becoming bedroom communities for Ann Arbor and Oakland County where these residents work and shop. They are much more connected to western Oakland than they would be northern or western Livingston in terms of employment connections, commerce and roads. Please consider rejecting Magnolia in favor of maps that unpack both Livingston and Washtenaw.
Sally Beyer
This is Gerrymandering and needs to stop. This will break up the Allegan Community and we need stay connected and aligned. This is carving out and I do not agree with this catepillary district down the lakeshore. We belong together as we have always coexisted before.
Bill Zdeblick
Allegan County belongs together. I do not agree with the 'caterpillar' district down the lakeshore. This does not represent my community. Looks like the Chicago owners on the lake have the power.
mira edgerton
I am very concerned that this map is partisan with gerrymandering qualities. I supported the legislation to redraw our congressional districts to attain fairness, and I do not feel this map meets that goal in that republican interests seem to be favored.
Ellen Teghtmeyer
This map is very unfair and should be rejected. It makes Republican control likely even in Democratic years. Hickory is better. Please redraw the map and make it a fair map. These should be better.
John Cameron
This is unfair to everyone in the tri-county capital region. Consider revisions to not split up Eaton County in its current boundary.
Ross Vandercook
This map is not fair at all.
Judy Oake
This map makes no sense to me. Chelsea is more aligned with the rest of Washtenaw County than Jackson County as far as COIs go. Not sure what the point of this map would be and very much dislike it. Please go back to the drawing board!!
The Magnolia map is very unfair. It should not be chosen. It would give control of the House to Republicans even if Democrats were to win more votes for the House state-wide. Hickory is better.
Victoria Gutowski
This map does not achieve partisan fairness required by the Michigan constitution. Others groups such as the AFL and Promote the Vote have submitted maps that are much more fair. Please keep working.
Marla Weber
Allegan County belongs together. I do not agree with the 'caterpillar' district down the lakeshore. This does not represent my community.
Tamilyn Poll
Allegan County needs to remain as 1 district. Carving it up and eliminating the lakeshore from the district is a form of gerrymandering for political gain.
Ed Saunders
I know drawing 110 State House districts is inherently hard. But, unfortunately none of the current maps is fair. They ALL give a majority of seats to the minority of voters! I hope you can find a way to do much better. Magnolia shows clear partisan bias and no respect of Communities of Interest.
Cherylyn Conklin-Reed
Allegan county needs to be kept together not split up and combined with other counties as much as two counties away. Existing geographical boundaries need to be respected, not dividing Allegan county into as much as 6 districts.This division and the fingerling district along the lake looks like political gerrymandering.
Ruth A Kell
The only acceptable House Map for my district is Pine V5, because it does not split the city of Troy. Troy is a COI and should not be divided, least of all to be combined with part of Macomb County, which has different business needs.
Fred Trexler
Dividing Jackson County into 4 districts looks like playing politics. Our COI does not match Ann Arbor. I don't like any of the State House maps.
Sara Fink
I appreciate how difficult meeting all the criteria is for each kind of map, but fairness is a vital criterion which none of these House maps meet. The MICRC has met that criterion in its State Senate and Congressional map proposals, but none of the proposed State House maps are fair in apportioning the most House seats to the party which wins the most votes, based on the last two Presidential elections. Instead all of the maps have a strong lean toward one party, though that lean is slightly less pronounced than currently enacted maps. I'm sure the Commission can do better.
Helen Goyings
This is a crazy map breaking up Allegan county into 5 different districts. There are other House maps that provide a much better COI grouping.
Janice Sovak
This map (Magnolia) is unfair from a partisan perspective. No house map adequately achieves this goal. Commissioners, please keep working on this to achieve real fairness. You can do it, as you've done with US Congressional and Mich State Senate maps.
James Bantjes Jr.
The commission is intentionally carving up counties into multiple districts for political gain. This is gerrymandering! Leave it alone!
Ronald Emaus
This map does not represent the voices of the people. It is partisan and non-competitive in its district compositions. None of the house district maps are balanced. A new map should be constructed to provide batter balance. It can be done.
sally jo nelton
why are we (in Grand Ledge) included with places like Charlotte and Potterville, even Vermontville which are rural areas like us. We have more community of interest with them than with Lansing. You have included a chunk of Lansing our district which will unbalance the political input. I moved to Grand Ledge 20 years ago because the west side is closer to farming communities.
Lori Ross
The revised house map does not serve the City of Flint well, as our city should not be placed in a single district. Today, Flint has two districts (the 34th and the 49th) with the 34th guaranteeing Flint representation and the 49th allowing a second opportunity for representation. The map proposed here completely forecloses the chance for two representatives, instead packing all of Flint into a single district which also would have the effect of creating a clear partisan gerrymander since Flint is an overwhelmingly Democratic city. The commission should look to submitted map P7273 which would allow for Flint to have confidence in one seat with the opportunity for a second seat. Flint should not have to suffer another decade in a partisan gerrymander. Please do not pack all of our city into a single district.
Essence Wilson
Flint should not be grouped into one single district. Doing so creates a clear partisan gerrymander that packs Democratic voters into a single district, something that this commission was created to prevent. “Keeping Flint Whole” did not and does not mean to keep the city in a single state house district. Rather, it means ensuring that the city has a chance to elect a representative of its own. This can be accomplished in submitted map P7273 while also allowing for an opportunity for a second seat as Flint has today. Please, revise this map to ensure that Flint has a clear opportunity for representation with a chance for a second representative as we have today, and please do not pack Flint into a single district. We don’t need 10 more years of a partisan gerrymander.
Susan Vandercook
This is the worst House map. If you don’t redraw House map, go with Hickory.
Jay T.
This is gerrymandered. Stop giving this district to Flint's suburbs. It's a solid red district, quit giving Dems an edge.
Gregory Newman, City Clerk
A section of the City of Grand Ledge is separated from the rest of the City. This will create a precinct split in Ward 3. Please consider placing the entire City of Grand Ledge in a single State House district.
Steve Revor
Dislike the idea of the lakeshore counties being grouped together. Keep Allegan Co. as a whole district.
Katie Juros
Preserve and respect boundaries, specifically county lines
Allen R Wolf
None of the maps for the Michigan House demonstrate partisan fairness. You need to keep working on these.
Leah Folkert
This is gerrymandering! The commission is intentionally carving up counties into multiple districts for political gain.
Chris Andrews
Magnolia is very unfair. All state House maps are unfair but this is the worst. Consider starting over. If you don't, Hickory is by fair the fairest option.
There have been numerous requests from the residents of Pontiac, Waterford and Auburn Hills regarding this messed up district, why have you not fixed it? Pontiac and AH residents have asked that they be combined and Waterford has asked to remain whole, with all communities noting that the current layout does NOT reflect any of the local COIs. Why are you splitting the communities and combining them in unusual and ineffectual ways? Appears to be laziness or partisanship, either way needs to be corrected. Fix this!
Kevin Miedema
I really don't think having these Lake Shore districts makes sense. I understand the Lake shore has unique challenges. however everyone in the County has a stake in this lakeshore. Allegan County is very cut up. County lines need to be respected as best they can be. This map has my district being a hour + drive wide - meanwhile my neighbors in laketown township are not represented by same person.
Paul Hauglie
I dislike this map. It does not keep Jackson county whole and needlessly divides it. How do you justify Jackson county going from 2 representatives to 4? Jackson county should never be lumped into the same district as Ann Arbor, unless gerrymandering is the goal.
Paul Hauglie
I dislike this map. It does not keep Jackson county whole and needlessly divides it. How do you justify Jackson county going from 2 representatives to 4? Jackson county should never be lumped into the same district as Ann Arbor, unless gerrymandering is the goal.
Paul Hauglie
I dislike this map. It does not keep Jackson county whole and needlessly divides it. How do you justify Jackson county going from 2 representatives to 4? Jackson county should never be lumped into the same district as Ann Arbor, unless gerrymandering is the goal.
This Map Sucks
Thomas Moore
I live in Grand Blanc. I don't want to be in the same district as Fenton and Holly. Stop gerrymandering us into solid Red districts, I want to be more towards Flint. Maybe give us two districts and split Flint.
Howard Zwick
Map needs work. I live in Fenton. We don't want Grand Blanc or Rankin. We do want more Holly. Holly and Fenton, and just go east from there, maybe a bit South and incorporate parts of Highland. Also, Chris Khorey, we still don't want Grand Blanc or Linden, and especially not Rankin. Give those to 71, like Bob Brewer said.
Jim Ridgway
This map is garbage. Nobody in Fenton wants Grand Blanc in the district. Quit trying to draw smaller areas into the Flint area.
Jared Boot
This map contains substantial partisan bias and does not adequately reflect communities of interest.
Lindsey Brayton
This map is not balanced and unfairly represents urban areas
Katie Valencia
I do not agree with this re-districting. The 'caterpillar' district down the lakeshore does not keep Allegan county together and does not represent my community. No this is not good.
Mark Forbes
Keep Allegan County together! Preserve and respect geographical boundaries, specifically county lines The commission is intentionally carving up counties into multiple districts for political gain. This is gerrymandering! Allegan County belongs together. I do not agree with the 'caterpillar' district down the lakeshore. This does not represent my community. The only reason to break up Allegan County is for explicit, partisan reason and is the definition of gerrymandering.
Mary L Stull
The commission is intentionally carving up counties into multiple districts for political gain. This is gerrymandering!
melissa vandermeulen
Keep Allegan County together
Cynthia Richardson
I do not like the Magnolia State House map. It combines RURAL Waterloo Township/ Jackson County with much of eastern of Ann Arbor which absolutely makes no sense. Ann Arbor communities have more public service offerings, widely available broadband, and public transportation. Most rural areas, like Waterloo Township, have none of these things. Rural communities have VERY different needs and require different legislative representation. Please use the SZETELA State House map. It better represents my community. Thank you.
Brian Boyer
This proposed map unnecessarily combines Jackson County with other neighboring areas, greatly splitting up our current Community of Interest. Please do adopt this map.
Doug Swartz
The Magnolia State House map does not keep the counties whole. It instead combines the eastern portion of Jackson County with Washtenaw County. Hickory and this map were the worst for Jackson County. Please do not adopt this map. The alternate Pine State House map is the better map to go with please. Thank you.
Denzel McCampbell
You must recognize the historic imbalance of putting Detroit communities in a district with Livonia. With this map, it seems a like a great possibility that interests of Detroiters will be ignored.
Kristine Yeutter
I don't agree with this map. You have gerrymandered our little county to get your "correct" number of voters at the cost of splitting communities of interest previously submitted. This violates the constitutional rules the committee agreed to abide by.
You have split our county (Lenawee) into four house districts. This will be a nightmare for elections and our county clerk. This undermines the principle of communities of interest when you take small portions of our county and place them with other counties. This is especially true when you place townships in our rural northeast with metropolitan Washtenaw County. This map looks more gerrymandered than when the House did the redistricting,
Jonathan Levine
This map fails criterion d, no disproportionate advantage to any political party. Please ensure that the State House maps distribute representatives in line line the parties' statewide vote.
Jackie Leslie
This map is not good for Jackson County
Karen Land
I don’t care much for any of the house senate maps for Ann Arbor but this is the least objectionable. The other maps cut Ann Arbor into too many separate districts; it looks too much like cracking to me. And all the proposed districts for west Ann Arbor include too many areas too far west of AA which don’t have much in common with us. Having said all this, I want to commend all of you for putting in the time to do this. I tried creating just 1 of these maps myself and it was extremely difficult!
Jennifer Biddinger
This map is terrible for fair representation in Jackson Co. They poorly split up the main communities into four districts with other communities for obvious political reasons.
Allison L Brink
Allegan County belongs together. I do NOT agree with the carving out of the lakeshore. This does not represent our community, and appears to be for explicit, partisan reasons. Preserve and respect geographic boundaries, specifically by keeping county lines.
Bill Schultz
We must avoid dem packing into urban districts, especially in the statehouse
Bernard Allore
City folks don't understand the issues and needs of farming communities. This map lumps urban and rural areas together and this will leave farmers without a voice because there is such a lack of ties to agriculture today. Please keep Jackson County together in one district. I am a senior citizen and I rely on services in my community of Jackson. Thank you.
Barbara Dame
This maps splits up Jackson County and the community of interest it serves! Priority should be based on community of interest. This is partisan gerrymandering. Please remember that the law states that districts should not provide a disproportionate advantage for any political party.
William Richardson
I do not like the Magnolia State House map. It combines rural Waterloo Township in Jackson County with much of the city of Ann Arbor. Ann Arbor has public utilities, widely available broadband, and public transportation. Waterloo Township has none of these things. These different communities have different needs and require different legislative representation. Please adopt instead the “Szetela” State House map. It does a much better job of satisfying the ‘communities of interest’ objective for Jackson County. Thank you.
Can you chop up the southwestern counties a little more, please? No need to coordinate any economic progress in this area.
Michael Lynn Haueisen
Still the wrong district number for Muskegon. should be 92nd not 87. All of your house maps have gerrymandered this district Democratic for 10 years. You were created to stop that. None of the house maps stop this.
Michael Haueisen
This map still has Muskegon as District 87. It should return to the 92nd. But I see that all of your maps have the same shape for here.
Ellen Beal
I hate this map. Muskegon voters have been disenfranchised by splitting us into small pieces and attaching us to Ottawa County. Despite earlier comments, no one on the Commission can explain why Fruitport Township is cut out of the “Lakeshore District” of Spring Lake, Grand Haven and Norton Shores instead of drawing a straight line south and putting the rural townships of Robinson, Olive and Crockery in proposed District 85. This would give Muskegon County a bigger voice in the Lakeshore District (43% vs.27%) and would put communities of interest (suburban vs. rural together. Fruitport is not a rural district. It is a growing charter township with over 14,000 residents on the northern edge of Spring Lake. It is accessed by Exit 4 off of I-96 unlike Nunica (currently in the Lakeshore District) which is Exit 10. That means the Fruitport is six miles closer to Lake Michigan and yet is excluded from the Lakeshore District. I think a Lakeshore District should include Fruitport Township along with Norton Shores with a Eastern boundary that is the same as the Fruitport Township boundary, extending south along Spring Lake Township boundary and move Robinson, Crockery and Olive Township into District 85. The population of those three Township is comparable to Fruitport and have much more in common with the rural nature of eastern Muskegon and Ottawa Counties. Thank you.
Craig Michael Flietstra
Better. but is still looks a little like winners and losers are being chosen before the election
Justin Voss
This map makes no sense. Rural areas of Clinton County should be with other like communities in Ionia, Montcalm, and Gratiot County rather than with urban areas of Lansing which have different interests.
What a mess you want to create here. I read the regulations for the districts, and this is nothing to what it was described there. Supposedly, this map is to make things more fair and equitable, and if you knew the cities you are working with, you would not draft something like this. For example, Sterling Heights. Do you know the diverse/immigrant community that is there? There were other maps that have been proposed and I dont' see those ideas here. As an immigrant, I do not support this map. Shame on the people who were chosen to draw this.
William Harris
This fundamentally destroys representation of Grand Rapids. In particular the black community would find its voice significantly lessened.
Luke Dornon
Splitting Zeeland from Holland looks like packing to me.
Joel Arnold
This map does not serve the needs of Flint well, and it certainly does not advance the goals of partisan fairness. For most of the last decade, Flint has had not one but two representatives in the state house. Rather than follow the example provided by map P7273 which provided for Flint to have one district that would clearly be represented by a Flint resident with a chance for a second seat as exists today, this map ensures that Flint will have only one representative with no chance for a second. Additionally, this map does not advance partisan fairness and packs Democratic voters into a single, overwhelmingly Democratic district. This kind of mapping is the very definition of partisan gerrymandering. Please change this district line to allow for two chances for a Flint representative, following the example of map P7273.
Md. Asif Hasan
It doesn’t go with our community.
There is no valid justification or explanation for carving, inexplicably, the Emerald Lakes neighborhood out of Troy. First, Troy should be kept as one district, and the commission should not rely on an arbitrary line of John R. However, to the extent the commission relies on John R as a boundary, there is no explanation for why the map should reach across the road and carve out the Emerald Lakes. The neighborhood is closely related to the rest of Troy and I can imagine no reason to distinguish it from other areas west of John R. No rhyme or reason for this change, which was not included in the original maps. It constitutes an unnecessary division of basic communities of interest, municipal and county boundaries.
Steve Haag
I do not like this layout at all, because it splits my Detroit neighborhood, East English Village, into 2 districts.
Christopher Khorey
This Flint configuration chops up the suburbs and gives all the power to the rural surroundings.
Joe Fresard
This map looks very gerrymandered. People voted for an amendment that prioritized COI's over many other factors, and also looked at compactness and municipal boundaries. This map doesn't seem to consider any of those and is not what people voted for. Don't slice up SCS into so many districts, and keep Harper Woods with the Grosse Pointes, they are a community of interest.
merlin steffes
If one goes to and plugs in the districts for Kent County, they will find out that the democrat controlled "Independent Commission" has created 5 democrat leaning districts and the equivalent of 2 republican leaning districts. Kent County is a republican leaning county but an uniformed person who views the district majorities would think Kent County is just like Wayne County. Now the democrat controlled "Independent Commission" has been creating this type of districting around the whole state. Actually the democrat controlled "Independent Commission" hired a company with democrat party connections to create these districts. The democrat controlled "Independent Commission" just gives the maps created their stamp of approval. Gerrymandering it is called.
Aram Nersesian
Melvindale should be with Allen Park and Lincoln Park, not with Detroit and Eastern Dearborn
Chris Roosen
This is a very bad map for Western Wayne County, splitting Livonia, Northville and Plymouth into four districts. This mess was caused by you ignoring the concerns of Detroit Voters, and "unpacking" Detroit into the suburbs. Go back, listen to Detroit voices, and give them what they want. You can then keep Livonia in one district and Northville/Plymouth in one district. There is NO REASON to split these communities, which already have very competitive House Districts 19 and 20 in the present State House.
Kelly Jones
Please do NOT split Troy up - we should be represented as a CITY. We are the largest city in Oakland County, and if you know anyone from Troy you know that we should be represented together. There is NO part of the city of Troy that should be represented with Macomb County residents. We are vastly different in our demographics. Please keep Troy in Oakland County
Kelly Jones
This map makes no sense. Troy is the largest city in Oakland County, and yet parts of Troy are linked with Macomb. The City of Troy should remain together. Please do not split a part of Troy with Sterling Heights. Cross County and cross city lines do not make any sense for our community. Please keep Troy's representation together!
Ehsan Taqbeem
Bad map, doesn't serve the COI, Please delete
merlin steffes
Badly gerrymandered to gift the democrats permanent control and silencing the voices of opposition to the left wingers. Do not use.
Zach Rudat
At the very least I would understand a Lansing or East Lansing based seat dipping into Bath or DeWitt, but anything beyond that into Clinton County makes no sense from a COI standpoint. The Clinton County/Grand Ledge district you guys initially had maintained the County COI and created a competitive seat. Had you kept that, took Delta Township and the western part of Lansing Township into the rest of Eaton County, you still would have ended up with 4 dem seats and a swing seat like you have on this. If we're going to accept that cities can be COIs we should be doing the same with counties too. Please take Capital region COIs into more consideration.
Terri McCormick
Disagreeing with Daniel Grams, Troy is a solidly cohesive community. This map unnecessarily splits the east edge into Sterling Heights, which dilutes the votes of Troy's diverse demographic blocs. Please keep Troy whole!
Districts 52,53 and 54 are still bad, no matter what number you give them. You have not, in months, addressed the concerns of the Waterford, Auburn Hills, Pontiac, Oxford, Lake Orion and Bloomfield residents, who have asked that these districts be corrected. The comment I heard several times was it was too much work. All these residents will be stuck with inadequate representation for 10 YEARS using these districts; FIX THIS!
Angelo D Guarnieri
Separating Allen Park and Melvindale does a HUGE disservice to the children that attend school in the Mel-NAP school district. Having two Reps wouldn't help them when one would be mainly focused on Dearborn issues.