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2020 Census PL 94.171 Data
Drew Beckman
I am not a fan of this configuration for Sterling Heights. While this map does take into account important communities in Detroit and Wayne county, it appears to sacrifice partisan fairness to achieve this goal.
Vernon Butler
The Northend and Boston Edison should stay with Hamtramck and the Eastside of Detroit. Cornerstone village would fit better in the lower eastside district.
Sharon Houck
The Kellom Senate May is Not a good choice. It divides Jackson County and combines it with Ann Arbor. How is this fair? These two diverse communities require opposite legislative representation and this Map should be discarded. The Palm State Senate Map is a much better choice. Thank you
Deandre M
Prop 2 promised to end drawing lines for political reasons, or gerrymandering. This map makes it even worse by breaking up united communities for blatant political purposes. This map is not TRULY fair to both parties like we were promised.
Michael Novak
District is stretched out from Detroit to the southern border. It looks unusual.
Chris Wingate
Do not like the division in my county. Splits up communities of interest. Palm is the best option.
Kim K Lindsey
This map has way too many illogical divisions and is not suitable. The Palm map is a much better choice.
Terri McCormick
The east side of Troy is heavily diverse. these voices will be drowned out in a mostly Macomb district. Please keep Troy whole. The Szetela map is far better for Troy's COI. Thank you
Penny K Wingate
I absolutely do not like the division of Hillsdale County, and also seeing Ann Arbor divided. This is complete gerrymandering! This does NOT respect comunities of interest. I'm agreeing to Palm only.
Jay R Taylor
Terrible split of Oakland County just to please and reward Democrat strongholds. Need to keep large cities intact and have smaller townships intact.
Constance Lippert
The partisan fairness score is unacceptable on this map. Please choose the Cherry V2
Don't split Ann Arbor into Jackson
Suzanne L Zavala
District 5 is not good representation for Wyandotte and the other Downriver communities. To be lumped in with Detroit will generally make it more difficult for Downriver to get representation.
Lisa Lamancusa
Not impressed with the partisan fairness of this map for Michigan overall.
Yim Kong
Not partisan fair for Asians or Michigan. Please choose the Linden.
Yim Kong
Not partisan fair for Asians or Michigan. Please choose the Linden.
Deandre M
Any map that Splits Ann Arbor is an insult to the people of Ann Arbor, Jackson, and Michigan. Creating a democratic majority at the expense of communities of interest is a joke.
Pat Dawson
This map is not fair for Michigan voters. Not any better than the current district Gerrymandered Senate map. City folks won’t be represented well. Linden is the best.
Dan Fox
Cherry and Linden are both better than Kellom.
Matthew D. Horwitt
The Kellom map has more partisan bias. It makes it less likely that the party with the most votes wins the seats. I want fairness, not bias. Please do not adopt this map.
Sam Chu
This map is not fair representation for Michigan or our Asian area. Linden map has the best districts.
Zach Rudat
Please keep Clinton County whole
Bruce Roller
This map is not partisan fair for Michigan
Susan Andrews
This map is less fair than Cherry or Linden. It is better than Palm or Lange
Allen Salyer
Do not split Troy, Michigan in half.
Karen Lawrence
This is an unfair partisan map for West Michigan and the state as a whole. This map has similar effects to the current district Gerrymandered Senate map. It dilutes the influence of large population Grand Rapids metro city areas by combining with rural townships in Barry, Allegan and Ionia Counties. These townships do not want to be in the same district with Grand Rapids city as well. Better to go with Linden or Cherry V2 to better represent all these areas.
Mollie Schairer
Does not respect communities of interest. I live in rural Saline Twp. Western Jackson County extending to eastern Washtenaw?! Do your duty under the MI Constitution and respect communities of interest.
Mollie Schairer
Again, this map does not respect communities of interest. I live in rural Washtenaw Co. District 16 extending from western Jackson Co. to eastern Washtenaw will DISENFRANCHISE voters. Do your duty under the Michigan Constitution and respect communities of interest.
Alan P
Seriously? Breaking up Jackson and Ann Arbor? What community of interest can justify that?! Answer = none. This is ridiculous.
Cal Morton
I agree with Kristine S Detmers comment posted in Michigan State House Pine V5 map, "... All these maps should have been drawn with a color blind eye and based on population alone! Gerrymandering at its worse!". The data shown in these maps should have only provided the "Total Population" and the "Voting Age Population". All other numbers are injecting race and ethnicity which overlooks the most important fact, "We are ALL Americans"!
Kristine Yeutter
Your constitutional duty is to consider communities of interest. This map divides our rural voices with that of metropolitan areas. We ask for fairness, not divisions with attempts to divide us and give unfair advantage to big cities. Please consider the PALM map, which allows our rural voices to have fair representations.
Kathleen Goodin
This splits Troy so much, our votes will not count.
Don Bishop
Map addresses concerns in the Detroit area , but is less fair for the Lansing tri-county area .
Carrie Hatcher-Kay
This map is does NOT achieve partisan fairness. It will assure victories for the party with the least votes.
Nomi Joyrich
terrible partisan fairness score
Nomi Joyrich
This map does the best job of creating minority-majority districts. But it has a terrible partisan fairness score
Sue Macrellis
This map leaves western Jackson County completely split off from the rest of the county and then wierdly extends into Washtenaw County and Ann Arbor and a little projection to the north like a child's drawing of a boxy, long snouted dog. (Sorry, that was the closest description I could conjure.) Whatever is the creator of this map was trying to achieve, it was not to keep communities of interest intact.
Bill Richardson
I do not like the Kellom State Senate map. It divides Jackson County, which is mostly rural, and combines it with half of the city of Ann Arbor. Ann Arbor has public utilities, widely available broadband, and public transportation. Most rural areas have none of these things. These different communities have different needs and require different legislative representation. Please adopt instead the “Palm” State Senate map. It does a much better job of satisfying the ‘communities of interest’ objective of this committee. Thank you.
Ruth A Kell
Of all the Senate Districts, this is the worst for me. How can you split my city of Troy and stick my portion into an otherwise, completely Macomb County district? Eastern Troy does not share more interests with Macomb County than it does with its other Troy neighbors. This map makes no sense from a COI point of view.
This map does not align with the "communities of interest" principle as well as the Palm map. Too much combining of rural and metropolitan areas. Looks like lots of gerrymandering to favor the Democrat Party it appears. I thought the commission was about "people and not politics".
Catherine Upton
I do not like the Kellom State Senate map. It turns its back on the rural residents of Jackson County by dividing it and combines it with half of the city of Ann Arbor. I thought the commissions objective was to at least avoid the appearance of gerrymandering! Ann Arbor has public utilities, widely available broadband, and public transportation. Most rural areas have none of these things. These different communities have different needs and require different legislative representation. Please adopt instead the “Palm” State Senate map. It does a much better job of satisfying the ‘communities of interest’ objective of this committee. Thank you.
Do not use this map. Totally cut off from my COI.
Richard Michalski
Does not create as many competitive districts as Palm proposed plan.
Anna Hicks
This map completely turns its back on the rural residents of Jackson County. This committee was put in place to take the politics out of redistricting. This map puts the politics right back in. Say yes to the PALM map.
Ronda VanStempvoort
Jackson County should not be split in this manner. This leaves the rural residents of Jackson County totally in the cold. No one to represent their interests. Please do not vote for this map. Thank you.
Paul Hauglie
I dislike this map. It does not keep Jackson county whole and needlessly divides it. Jackson county should never be lumped into the same district as Ann Arbor, unless gerrymandering is the goal.
Sarah Abbott
Kellom's map still defies the jackson voice by splitting ann arbor. This is unfair to both communities, who should both have their own voice. There is no community of interest argument for such a bizarre split.
Richard Wochoski
It must be hard to draw a map. Without some guidance, such as the partisan voting map from the last presidential election. Maybe it's just coincidence, but in District 9, the political leaning of the eastward voters in Troy would be completely cancelled out by the rightward voters in Sterling Heights. If bringing partisanship back to the process is the point, this is the map for you.
Lindsey Brayton
This map is not balanced and unfairly represents urban areas
Cynthia Richardson
I do not like the Kellom State Senate map. It divides Jackson County and combines rural areas of Jackson County with half of the City of Ann Arbor. Ann Arbor has more public service offerings, widely available broadband, and public transportation. Most rural areas, like Waterloo Township, have none of these things. Rural communities have VERY different needs and require different legislative representation. Please use the PALM State Senate map. It better represents my community. Thank you.
Brian Boyer
This proposed map unnecessarily combines Jackson County with other neighboring areas greatly enlarging the population of our current Community of Interest. Please do adopt this map.
Russ Jennings
Do not like
Doug Swartz
The Kellom State Senate map combines rural areas of Jackson County way too much with the urban area of Washtenaw County. I am disappointed to see how unfair these map options are for those of us living here in Jackson County. This map appears to have been designed to drown out our rural Jackson voice as the Senate representatives would be too busy bending to the specialized needs, demands, and ultimately ‘dollars’ of Washtenaw County. Please do not adopt this map. The alternate Palm State Senate is the better choice. Thank you.
Jackie Leslie
This map is not good for Jackson County as a whole
Keep Ann Arbor/Washtenaw separate from Jackson Co.
Jennifer Biddinger
PALM is a better map, which includes our western communities in Jackson Co. We DO NOT HAVE COMMON INTERESTS WITH ANN ARBOR. Please give us fair representation!
Bernard Allore
City folks don't understand the issues and needs of farming communities. This map lumps urban and rural areas together and this will leave farmers without a voice because there is such a lack of ties to agriculture today. Please keep Jackson County together in one district. I am a senior citizen and I rely on services in my community of Jackson. Thank you.
Barbara Dame
This maps splits up Jackson County and the community of interest it serves! Priority should be based on community of interest. This is partisan gerrymandering. Please remember that the law states that districts should not provide a disproportionate advantage for any political party.
Caron Maria Wootten
Once again this map hurts our most vulnerable by not keeping our alligned relationship with Hillsdale county for those that depend on the services of our Region 2 Department of Aging and Lifeways Community Mental Health.
This map divides one of the smaller top ranked school Districts (Saugatuck Public Schools) into two different senate districts. Moving the northern line up to the Ottawa/Allegan County line would correct this issue. The Allegan County Saugatuck area is a neighbor of Holland and Ottawa County, but our community issues are as different as night and day. Please move the Allegan County Laketown Township and Saugatuck Township areas out of District 31 and into District 20
Dr. Adam Duberstein
This is the only map that doesn't break off Hazel Park and Madison Heights from other similar communities. While I wish Hazel Park and Ferndale were together, this will do.
I thought we were trying to escape the imprisonment of political gerrymandering. Totally ignores the economic needs and opportunities of the southwestern shoreline.
Ulanda Charise Caldwell
I am sorry but this map is not a good coverage of the voting block/constituents.
D Caruso
This map disconnects from the other LSC communities. Not a good map.
Patrick Maguire
Salem Township should be associated with Lyon Twp and South Lyon, as opposed to Ann Arbor, Plymouth and Northville. The majority of Salem Twp is South Lyon Schools. Most residents of the township would consider themselves part of the South Lyon area (especially since most have a South Lyon address). They go to South Lyon/Lyon Township for shopping, dining, church, etc.
Md. Asif Hasan
Not a good one for our community.
Angelo D Guarnieri
Sorry, but this map is garbage.
Christopher Khorey
Something is wrong in the partisan fairness excel document, because it has District 2 as 85% Democratic, which is definitely not the case.
Joe Fresard
This breaks up a COI with very strong support, and also crosses municipal boundaries more than necessary. Districts like #4 look as badly gerrymandered as anything we have currently.