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George Higgins
This is the map I support, but I agree with others that more of Warren should be included in HD 13. Specifically, Precinct 13 and Precinct 16 make more sense in HD 13 than they do in HD 11 if you walk the neighborhoods and look at the housing stock and COIs in the area. Precinct 13 is home to the Warren Woods Education Center, and the rest of the WW district is already in HD 13 on this map. This change would also have the effect of making HD 11 an even more solid opportunity district, but I know the numbers have to balance for that district too and that is something you have to consider if you take those precincts out of 11 and put them in 13. But I think it would also put the Detroiters who voiced concerns about a district crossing 8 mile more at ease with 2 less precincts of Warren in 11. Precinct 20 and 37 in HD 14 also belong in HD 13 as they are east of Van Dyke, which serves as the dividing line between east and west Warren. This map makes HD 13 an east Warren/Roseville and SCS district, so anything in Warren east of Van Dyke and north of 696 that's not already in 58, which should not be changed, should go into district 13. This change would keep the neighborhoods that cluster around Martin Road from Hayes to Van Dyke in Warren together.
Nicholas D. Barnes
See Motown Sound Redraw 16-18 in the other comment portal to see how we can get better VRA districts in the West Detroit, Redford, and Southfield areas. I attached the shape file for reference.
Diane Kinnamon
The Motown Sound map meets the criteria for the VRA, but modifications to increase partisan fairness would be an improvement.
Karl T. Dorn
Like I spoke about yesterday, this district 13 could look similar to how you drew district 13 on your Willow map. It would include the same parts of Warren and Roseville as this map, the only switch would be including part of Eastpointe since the St. Clair Shores area would now be included in the lakeshore COI of district 10. To do that, you can narrow the boundaries of the district closer to Edsel Ford Hwy, and use the city lines between Roseville and St. Clair Shores as a boundary. If you do that you see Groesbeck Ave. and Gratiot Ave. are the main thoroughfares that pick back up at the south end of this district. When you look up to the next district, district 62, you can see that the main roads flow right into that district and show again the transportation routes.
Karl T. Dorn
I like this map overall, but Motown Sound district 12 sticks out when it comes to the eye test. It stretches from the middle and east side of Detroit, upward and then cuts horizontally out to the shoreline. With it starting in the middle of Detroit, it picks up various neighborhoods but it then cuts through some main traffic routes and excludes other city neighborhoods nearby. The commission should look at how it drew this district number in your Water Lily and Willow maps - it is more compact in those maps. To adjust it, you can just follow the main roads in the district. Gratiot Ave., Harper Ave., and Kelly Rd. are all major roads that help people get to work and home and to businesses, places of worship, etc. When you widen the boundaries to include the rest of the east side you can keep those community COI together, you will just have to adjust the northern district boundaries. This new district 10 extends the Motown Sound lakeshore COI district that you created by following the main roads north. District 10 would now have territory that was previously included in district 12. To account for that, there is a logical split you can use by following municipal lines between Detroit and the Grosse Pointes, and St. Clair Shores in the north end of the district. If you use the main roads and track boundaries at road markers (9 Mile Rd as a barrier at Gratiot, Stephens Rd. as the north boundary for Kelly Rd., and follow Harper Ave up to 10 Mile Rd.) you could keep the district more compact. Just by moving the district boundary line east to the Detroit city line, you could then bring back more of those Detroit neighborhoods into one district.
Karl T. Dorn
This configuration recognizes the lakeshore COI between St. Clair Shores and the Grosse Pointes, and keeps all five Grosse Pointe cities in the same district. From the original Motown Sound map, if you just follow the main roads - Jefferson Ave until it turns into Lakeshore, along with Harper Ave., - you can extend the boundaries of the district north to capture much of the lakeshore COI. Once you get to St Clair Shores, Greater Mack and Little Mack are the main north-south roads, and once you get to 12 Mile Rd. you are close to enough population size for one district. These boundaries can accommodate a lakeshore COI that spans Wayne and Macomb counties.
Charlene Vanacker
This appears to be the best map but it should be tweaked to provide more partisan fairness.
Joe Hunt
Bad map. My district 14 leeches into Oakland County and District 11 South Warren / North Detroit are examples of the compact mapping spanning into other counties. Any thoughtful acceptable map would not cross county borders where a candidate has to deal with multiple city/ county election officials.
Niko Barnes
I believe while the current map shows promise, there is room for improvement, particularly in adjusting the districts to better reflect and enhance Black Voting Age Population (BVAP) representation (refer to the attached image). Through strategic restructuring of these districts, it is possible to elevate BVAP while maintaining the cohesion of Communities of Interest (COIs) and ensuring partisan fairness remains unaffected. For a comprehensive examination, please review the Passion Fruit map available on another portal.
Michael Howard II
I know this is not one of the districts a part of the lawsuit, but this district breaks Warren up and does not give Warren a fair shake. It breaks up several COI
Michael Howard II
This breaks up the Fitzgerald School into two different house districts and splits up the Bengali community. This area it close to being drawn well, but more of Warren needs to be in the district
Michael Howard II
This will break Warren into 4 districts which will effectively do to Warren and SC Shores what just happened to Detroit.
Lori Stone
Warren is the third largest city in Michigan this map cracks Warren into 4 districts and it is unclear if Warren would have a majority representation in ANY of the districts
This map does keep some COIs together but splits others. Especially districts 5 and 8, right down the Livernois Avenue of fashion.
Jeremy Singer
I don't support the way contiguous communities are divided here.
Joseph Fresard
Disregards the lakeshore COI and dilutes Detroit districts by going up into the suburbs, basically very similar to the unconstitutional maps, just with different areas of Detroit combing with the GP's and SCS
Lizzy Metry
Don't split Grosse Pointe Woods. Don't Split the Grosse Pointes. Don't split St. Clair Shores. The Grosse Pointes should be with St. Clair Shores.
AWFUL. Splits St Clair Shores into 3 crazy districts. Splits up the Grosse Pointes. Separates St. Clair Shores from the Grosse Pointes, even though everyone knows they belong together. This district is just plain awful.
Robert Dindoffer
As an additional note - The two folks from Harper Woods, who are most adamant about being tied-in with the Grosse Pointes are both elected politicians. They are both residents, so their opinions count, but not more than the dozens of residents of St. Clair Shores and the Grosse Pointes, who said they wanted to be together throughout the first round of redistricting.
Gerianne LaPratt
This map keeps the COI together except for a potion of Grosse Pointe Woods. It's important to keep all of Wayne County with Wayne County.
Robert Dindoffer
This district and the neighboring districts break up multiple Communities of Interest. It breaks up the traditional Lakeshore COI between the Grosse Pointes and St. Clair Shores. In fact, St. Clair Shores is split across 3 different districts and the Grosse Pointes are split across 2 districts. And, despite all of that, the District fails to perform as an opportunity district based on the data provided to the commission. Thus, there is no VRA compliance reason to create a district that hacks up our community in this way.
Vivian M Sawicki
Although this map does keep the traditional COI in place between Harper Woods, Grosse Pointe Woods and Shores, it seems to arbitrarily cut a portion of the city of Grosse Pointe Woods and does not include the traditional interest with St. Clair Shores.