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George Higgins
As a Fraser resident, I'm not a fan of this map. Specifically, SD 12 and 11. SD 12 lumps Fraser and Roseville in with lakeshore communities we don't have much in common with. It looks like someone took a bite out of south east central Macomb and lumped it in with an exisitng lakeshore district that we already give exaggerated representation to in the state house in SH 62. Fraser has many commonalities with Saint Clair Shores in terms of neighborhood feel and age of housing stock, but not many shared COIs exist that overlap between Fraser and Roseville on one hand and New Baltimore and Harrison Township on the other. I personally live in Fraser and have my real estate office in Saint Clair Shores at 10 Mile and 94 that I commute to. The center of gravity in Fraser and Roseville is anchored further south and more centrally and we have more in common with eastern Sterling Heights and Saint Clair Shores and Grosse Pointe than we do with Harrison Township or New Baltimore, which are more rural and more developing communities with different challenges. Fraser and Roseville do not share in Harrison Township's aspiration to be "Boat Town, USA".