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2020 Census PL 94.171 Data
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Claire S Vial
this map blatantly seeks to disadvantage democratic voters. Please reject this map!
Carrie Hatcher-Kay Ph.D.
This is a bad map!! It doesn't answer the need for Voting Rights Act districts. Please reject!
Darryl Conliffe
This map does poorly on COI wrt Farmington and Farmington Hills.
Katie Olsson
Once again, worse than our current map. Unacceptable VRA and partisan fairness scores.
lori A Boyce
This offers fewer opportunities for black voters than the Linden, it is low on partisan fairness and most likely does not comply with the VRA. Oddly, it lumps part of Sterling Heights with northern Macomb. I am not sure what they might have in common. I urge the committee to reject this map and adopt 404 or 376 with some tweaks.
Mary Coffey
Poor on VRA. More gerrymandered than current map.
Wendy Steadman
This is a bad map. It provides fewer opportunities for people of color to have a voice. It divides the Chaldean community. It has an unacceptably low partisan fairness score. This map should absolutely not be chosen.
Judithe Stone
This map offers fewer Voting Rights Act districts for communities of color. It's one of the worst maps in terms of partisan fairness scoring--so low in fact it should not be up for consideration.
Robert McCraight
The elected officials of Romulus have voted unanimously to oppose any maps that remove us from district 4. Romulus is a member of the DCC and consider us to be a downriver community.
Robert Piper
By combining Sterling Heights and Rural Macomb County , two very different communities, it weakens the interests of both.
Claudia Kraus Piper
I do not like this map. It has a low partisan fairness score as well as less opportunity for representation of communities of color. It is worse than the status quo. It also puts Sterling Heights together with rural Macomb County- two communities that are not at all connected- doesn't make sense. It also dilutes the voice of the Caldean community
Laurie Krauth
This is an extraordinarily unfair map, diluting Chaldeans in particular.
Emily Jernberg
Another awful map for the Chaldean community! It suppresses their vote. It's bad for Black voters as well -- worse than the Linden map. Please don't pick this one.
Lisa F Peers
This map is too broad and partisan and doesn't represent the Birmingham community well. Please do not use this map.
Cory Joyrich
This lumps Sterling Heights with rural Macomb County and is highly partisan. It is unfair to the voters and should not be used.
Eve Mokotoff
This is another poor map choice. Too partisan- not fair to non white voters and goes against the whole reason that we undertook the redistricting process. It should not be approved.
Anna Kristina Johnson
This map is extremely unfair and does not comply with the voting rights act.
Pam Shore
This map seems very unfair to blacks, and Caldeans. It has bad partisan fairness, and seems to restrict representation and misrepresent.
Leora Mira Druckman
This is one of the worst maps. It probably violates the voting rights act and splits the Chaldean community.
Lynda L Pawloski
This map does not help the Black Voters. Please do not adopt
Tim Sawmiller
Fails at communities of interest and partisan fairness
Janet Prange
Terrible map, please reject. Any map that puts Wolverine Lake and southern Commerce in with rural areas like Highland, White Lake, Rose Twp and Davidson. Are you kidding me?
Brian L Burnett
Not even labeled well. This is not good.
This map violates the intent of Prop 2. Reject this district.
Carol J Polverini
This map s worse and more gerrymandered than our current maps. It should not be considered because it is not fair.
Shannon Falkenhagen
I dislike this map as it links suburban and urban communities that do not have common interests.
Lauren LIsi
This map is not fair. The people of Michigan voted for fair maps.
Carol Lessure
This map heavily favors one party over the other in a way that would distort and dilute representation in the state Senate. It also divides communities of interests as others have noted. I would reject it.
Allegra Pitera
Most likely does not comply with the Voting Rights Act.
Frances E Chudnow
This map should not be considered as it does not show a partisan fairness.
Erica Brown Ackerman
In my understanding, this map violates the voting rights act. It lumps E. Sterling Heights in with rural N. Macomb, areas with no shared community of interest. It is worse for black voters than the current map.
Violet E. Anderson
This map does not reflect the voting members that live in this area, it is right out of gerrymandering to dilute the residents in this area. The neighborhoods are not represented fairly looks very partisan.
Nomi Joyrich
dilutes the Chaldean voice.
Lori Orel
I do not think this map reflects the best redistricting.
Deborah Kraus
I'm terribly sorry that my previous comment implied I liked this map. I do not. This is a DISLIKE. Thanks....
Shadia Martini
This map does not solve the issue of representation. It is not a good map.
Allen Ralph Wolf
Reject. Not a fair map.
Rena Seltzer
This map is actually worse than the current map. It will dilute the voices of Black voters and Chaldean voters by putting them all together into one district, and has a terrible score on partison fairness.
Jonathan T Weinberg
This appears to be a step backwards from the Linden map.
Charles Hodgman
This map scores poorly in terms of Voting Rights Act partisan fairness and should be rejected.
This map isn't partisan reflective and wouldn't reflect my community
Abby Schwartz
This map does not improve racial equity sufficiently and is more partisan than the current map.
Alexander J Owski
This map does not offer fair representation to the residents of Southfield and Detroit.
Elizabeth Buckner
this map is not fair to all parties, and does not address the needs of black communities
Virginia Preuss
This map does not maintain partisan fairness. Please do not select this map.
Nomi Joyrich
Please do not adopt this map. It does not have partisan fairness and it's not good for my community.
Sherry B Trezise
This map does not effectively address issues of racial equity. It also does not improve statewide partisan fairness. In fact, it makes the statewide map less fair. Please do not adopt.
Mary Ann Fontana
This map does not correct the issue of the lawsuit. It is not a fair map.
lori A Boyce
this map does little for the black voters this lawsuit was about and should not be adopted.
Karen Adams
This map does not represent the best interests of the voters in Oakland County.